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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3111 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3111
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Yang Kai grinned at him while Han Qiancheng wore a puzzled look on his face, feeling that this guy’s smile had some profound meaning behind it, but he couldn’t be bothered to think about it. With a gloomy face, he said, “Little brat, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t speak nonsense, otherwise you’ll easily get yourself killed.”

In the entire Red Cloud Sect, who didn’t know that Su Yan was his Exclusive Property? Although many of his Senior and Junior Brothers were interested in Su Yan, they only secretly admired her and didn’t dare show any excessive intimacy. There were some who didn’t know what was good for them, but because of a few words with Su Yan, their bones were broken the next day and their meridians were broken, turning them into cripples.

Since then, not a single man in Red Cloud Sect dared to speak to Su Yan.

There was actually someone who dared to call himself Su Yan’s husband? Han Qiancheng laughed in anger, sizing up Yang Kai from head to toe, his eyes as sharp as blades, as if he was trying to figure out how to make Yang Kai suffer.

He turned around and said to Han Zhengyuan, “Father, this person has trespassed on our Sect’s main gate and doesn’t put my Red Cloud Sect in his eyes at all. He even dares to break our Sect’s Great Formation, this is simply unforgivable. Kill him, this is the only way we can serve it as a warning to others. Otherwise, if word of this gets out, I’m afraid others will laugh at my Red Cloud Sect’s weakness.”

Han Zhengyuan’s expression remained indifferent as he replied, “Withdraw, I have my own plans.”

“Father!” Han Qiancheng called out.

“Retreat!” Han Zhengyuan’s face became stiff.

Only then did Han Qiancheng step back, his expression somewhat ugly as he muttered a few words, seemingly cursing Yang Kai. Since he was young, he had been doted on by Han Zhengyuan and had developed a domineering personality. Since he didn’t like Yang Kai and wanted to kill him, Han Qiancheng couldn’t help wanting to fulfill his wish. He didn’t know why his father, who always gave him what he wanted, would refuse him at this time.

This made him lose face.

If an ordinary person was so arrogant and despotic, Han Zhengyuan naturally wouldn’t let them off so easily. Even if it was for the sake of the Red Cloud Sect’s face, he would still fight with Yang Kai. However, although this young man in front of him didn’t have the slightest bit of Spiritual Energy fluctuations, he gave off a very strange feeling.

It seemed that if they were to fight here, the one who would suffer a loss would be Red Cloud Sect.

Han Zhengyuan had to be careful.

“Little brother, how should I address you?” Han Zhengyuan asked.

Yang Kai introduced himself.


Han Zhengyuan frowned and pondered for a moment. He had never heard of this name before, it was a completely unfamiliar name. Turning his head to look at the various Elders, he found that all of them were also confused. En, since none of them had heard of this name before, it was obvious that he didn’t have any backers. Today’s matter was much easier to handle.

“You say you’re Su Yan’s husband? Do you have any proof?” Han Zhengyuan asked again, then added, “I’m not questioning you, but Su Yan is now a disciple of my Red Cloud Sect. As the Sect Master of Red Cloud Sect, I have to ask a few questions.”

Yang Kai said, “Call Su Yan over and ask her.”

Seeing his confidence, Han Zhengyuan believed him somewhat, while Han Qiancheng’s expression became even more unpleasant. It shouldn’t be true, right? That woman actually had a husband? When did this happen? She had been in the Sect for more than twenty years and had never interacted with any outsiders, so where did this husband come from? It was simply a big joke.

“Su Yan has been in my Red Cloud Sect for twenty years and has never interacted with any outsiders. How can you become her husband?”

“I come from Heng Luo Star Field!”

“What?” Han Zhengyuan was surprised when he heard this, but he couldn’t help laughing at himself in his heart. Had he lived too long and been too timid? He had been too cautious and overcautious, no longer as straightforward as when he was young.

It was not a secret that Su Yan came from Heng Luo Star Field, and many people in the Red Cloud Sect knew about it. As the Sect Master, Han Zhengyuan naturally knew about it. Moreover, according to Su Yan, she was the first person to leave Heng Luo Star Field and enter the Ancestral Domain.

In other words, didn’t this brat also enter the Ancestral Domain after Su Yan? If that was the case, it was likely he had only entered the Ancestral Domain not long ago. How high could such a person’s cultivation be? How strong could he be?

At most, he was only a 1st order Dao Source Stage cultivator, so the reason he couldn’t sense his cultivation was probably because he cultivated some kind of concealment technique or was wearing some kind of artifact.

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Shaking his head slowly, Han Zhengyuan couldn’t help chuckling to himself, “So you came from the same Star Field as Su Yan.”

On the other hand, Han Qiancheng’s face was ashen and he couldn’t stop cursing in his heart. What a slut! Normally, she looked as pure as ice and as pure as jade, but who would have thought that she was already a withered flower. To think that he still cared so much about her. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have wasted so many years, he would have just used force.

“That’s right, Su Yan and I have already decided on a lifetime in the Star Field, and she and I are fellow disciples,” Yang Kai said impatiently, “Sect Master Han, please call Su Yan out.”

He was here to find Su Yan, so how could he have the time to waste with this group of people?

Han Zhengyuan said, “En, that’s fine.” He then changed the subject, “However, Su Yan’s residence is quite far from here, so it will take some time for her to arrive.”

“It’s fine, I’ll wait.” After waiting for so many years, why would he be afraid of waiting for so long? No wonder he couldn’t sense Su Yan’s aura, it was because she was too far away.

“Elder Chen, lead this little brother to the side hall to drink some tea and wait, then send a message to Su Yan and ask her to come over,” Han Zhengyuan said to the red-faced man.

The red-faced man was stunned for a moment before cupping his fists again, “Yes!” Turning to Yang Kai, he gestured, “Please.”

Originally, a cultivator from the Lower Planes Star Field wasn’t worthy of such courtesy, but the strength Yang Kai displayed just now was quite extraordinary, so he was qualified to receive him.

Yang Kai nodded and left with Elder Chen.

All of the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples stared at this scene in disbelief. Was today’s matter over just like that? Someone had forced their way into their Sect and even destroyed their Sect’s Sect Guarding Formation, yet the Elders and Sect Master had no intention of pursuing this matter? Moreover, they even wanted to invite him over for tea? Since when had their Sect Elder and Sect Master become so friendly?

Moreover… Senior Sister Su Yan was not even in the Sect!

Many people smelled the scent of a conspiracy and felt somewhat ashamed of their Elders and Sect Master’s actions, but they were powerless to change it. They could only sigh and look at Yang Kai’s departing figure with some sympathy.

If this person was really Senior Sister Su Yan’s man, he would likely suffer today.

Inside the side hall, Yang Kai sat down casually, with He Yunxiang standing behind him and Liu Yan sitting directly below him.

Inside the hall, only the red-faced Elder Chen was entertaining them, but he didn’t say anything to Yang Kai, only saying, “Wait a moment, I’ve already sent a message to Su Yan, she’ll be here soon.” After that, he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, apparently still holding a grudge against Yang Kai for grabbing his collar.

‘I’ll let you act arrogant for a while. Later, I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me.’ If he open his eyes, he may reveal some hostility, allowing him to see through his flaws.

A female disciple offered a cup of fragrant tea, filling the hall with its fragrance.

The red-faced Elder Chen opened his eyes and smiled slightly, “This is the Red Cloud Tea unique to my Red Cloud Sect and is famous even in the Ancestral Domain. Little brother, you should drink it. Ordinary people can’t drink it, the Spirit Tea of the Star Field can’t compare to it.” There was a hint of arrogance in his words as he looked at Yang Kai as if he was looking at a country bumpkin.

Yang Kai stared at him without saying a word.

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Elder Chen’s smile didn’t falter, but his heart was filled with vigilance. Could it be that he had seen through it? That shouldn’t be the case, even he couldn’t tell what kind of colorless and odorless thing it was. How could a little brat from the Star Field have such keen eyesight?

The Sect Master was making a mountain out of a molehill. Even if this little brat had displayed his tyrannical strength before, how could he not be able to defeat him with so many people from Red Cloud Sect? It was simply unnecessary to use such a method to deal with him.

Even if he was dissatisfied, he could only act seriously. After all, this was something the Sect Master had secretly ordered him to do, but then again, the Sect Master was too indulgent towards the Young Sect Master. This little brat was just like Su Yan, both of them should be talents. If he could appease them, he might be able to recruit them into the Red Cloud Sect and add them to the ranks of the Sect’s Tiger Generals. Unfortunately… he actually wanted to snatch the Young Sect Master’s woman, so he couldn’t live to see tomorrow’s sun.

Thinking quickly, Elder Chen asked, “Does Little Brother think this tea is bad?”


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“Since you haven’t, why don’t you drink?” Elder Chen’s face sank, and together with his red face, there was a dignified air about him, “Could it be you don’t want to give my Red Cloud Sect face?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly and reached out to pick up his teacup, “Since Elder Chen has said so, the kid will respectfully accept it! I’ll use this tea in place of wine to thank Red Cloud Sect for taking care of my Senior Sister Su all these years.”

No matter what, Su Yan being able to break through to the Dao Source Stage and gain a foothold in the Ancestral Domain was a benefit of the Red Cloud Sect.

After this tea, gratitude is gratitude, resentment is resentment, and in a life and death struggle, I hope you won’t have any complaints.

“Boy, put it down!” A fierce shout suddenly came from outside.

Hearing this, Elder Chen’s expression changed and when he looked up, he saw a figure rush in from the outside and in the blink of an eye appear in front of Yang Kai, snatching the teacup from his hand.

Enraged, Elder Chen slammed the table and shouted, “Elder Ruan, what are you doing!”

Yang Kai’s wrist only trembled slightly before he managed to avoid the blow. Lifting his head, he drank the tea in one gulp.

Elder Chen was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter.

The person who had barged into the hall was also stunned. With her 2nd order Dao Source Stage cultivation, she had not been able to snatch the teacup from Yang Kai’s hand. The other party had not even stood up and easily avoided it. What kind of reaction speed was this?

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Looking around, just as she had expected, there was no energy fluctuation from his body, as if he was an ordinary person who had never cultivated.

“Elder Ruan?” Yang Kai raised his head to look at the person who had just arrived and saw that it was a beautiful middle-aged woman. Her rough clothes couldn’t conceal her unparalleled beauty, and her curvaceous figure was quite alluring.

Eh, it was completely different from what he had imagined!

In the entire Red Cloud Sect, with such a cultivation and the surname Ruan, she could only be Su Yan’s master.

“Boy, you said you’re Su Yan’s husband?” Ruan Biting asked with a frown.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

“How to prove?”

“Profound Frost Divine Sword, Snow As the Blue Sky!”

Ruan Biting’s expression became serious, “It really is you!”

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