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Martial Peak Chapter 3114

The Young Sect Master had actually come. This was a rare guest. It had been several years since he had come here. Ten years ago, he had come here every now and then, but every time he came, he would return in disappointment. After that, he had disappeared. Why was he here today?

Moreover… there were actually two Elders following him.

The steward’s disciple had a suspicious look on his face, but he didn’t dare to be negligent, quickly greeting the two Elders.

“It’s none of your business, get out,” Han Qiancheng waved his hand impatiently.

The steward’s disciple lowered his head and quickly left.

Han Qiancheng took a few steps forward and stood in front of the white-clothed woman, his pair of eyes like a newly mined Fire Cloud Ore as he stared at her graceful figure. After so many years, she was still as enchanting as ever.

Suddenly, he felt a little regretful. He should have come to see her more often, perhaps he would have been able to achieve his goal. This thought was quickly tossed aside as he thought about how, as the Young Sect Master of Red Cloud Sect, he could have any woman he wanted, but this slut just had to be so cold to him. If it weren’t for Red Cloud Sect, how could she have broken through to the Dao Source Stage? Most likely, when she first arrived at the Ancestral Domain, she would have been eaten up by many masters.

Thinking back to what that young man had said today, Han Qiancheng became even more annoyed. He had thought that this woman was pure and innocent, but he hadn’t expected that she had already married someone else and was angry that he hadn’t been able to drink the soup.

“Junior Sister Su, I hope you’ve been well since we last met,” Han Qiancheng smiled as he looked at Su Yan. Although Su Yan’s cultivation was a realm higher than his, he was still the Young Sect Master of Red Cloud Sect, so how could he call her Senior Sister?

“Young Sect Master.” Su Yan calmly stared forward before slowly standing up and bowing, “Greetings, Elders.”

The two Red Cloud Sect Elders remained silent, standing behind Han Qiancheng like wooden stakes. The light in the cave was dim, as if they were hiding in the shadows, making it impossible to see their expressions.

“I wonder what Young Sect Master is here for?”

Han Qian Cheng smiled and said, “I missed you so I came to see you. It’s been many years since we last met.”

Su Yan’s expression remained unchanged, “Eight years.”

“It’s actually been eight years,” Han Qiancheng sighed, “Time really flies, I can’t help thinking about the days when Junior Sister Su first joined Red Cloud Sect. At that time, you weren’t so cold to Senior Brother.”

Su Yan said, “Su Yan did not deliberately target anyone. If Senior Brother feels uncomfortable, please forgive me.”

Han Qiancheng laughed, “It’s fine, Junior Sister’s personality is like this, how could Senior Brother blame you?” His body leaned forward slightly, like a cheetah preparing to pounce on its prey, full of aggression, “Eight years have passed, I wonder if Junior Sister has seriously considered my previous proposal?”

Su Yan asked, “May I ask what Senior Brother is referring to?”

Han Qiancheng pointed at her with his hand and smiled, “Junior Sister, there’s no need to act dumb. Don’t you know what this Young Master wants?”

“Su Yan has no interest in romance.”

Han Qiancheng smiled meaningfully, “Is that so?” Stretching out his hand, he looked at it for a moment before rubbing his fingers and casually asking, “I don’t think it’s because Junior Sister doesn’t care about love, but rather because she already has someone in her heart?”

Su Yan said, “Since Young Sect Master knows, there’s no need to waste your breath.”

[Bitch!] Han Qiancheng cursed. How could my Red Cloud Sect’s Young Sect Master be inferior to that country bumpkin! After not seeing him for so many years, you still can’t forget about him? I’ll teach you a lesson later and let you know the consequences of disobeying this Young Master. This Young Master will play with you until you become a smelly piece of meat that even wild dogs can’t be bothered to sniff before abandoning you.

“That person’s name is Yang Kai?”

Su Yan’s calm face finally showed some slight changes, “How does Young Sect Master know?”

She had only mentioned this matter to Ruan Biting and had never mentioned Yang Kai’s existence to anyone else. Her first reaction was that Ruan Biting had told her about this matter, but she also felt that it was a bit impossible. Ruan Biting was her master in Red Cloud Sect. Although the two of them were master and disciple, they were as close as sisters and she treated her extremely well. Why would she mention this for no reason?

“Of course I know,” Han Qiancheng chuckled. This was the first time something had attracted Su Yan’s attention, so Han Qiancheng didn’t have any achievements. Instead, he felt a sense of defeat, simply because he mentioned the name of a country bumpkin, so he pretended to be confident, “Also, I may as well tell Junior Sister that Yang Kai is currently in Red Cloud Sect.”

“What?” Su Yan exclaimed, “What did you say?”

Unable to believe her ears, she forced herself to calm down and said, “Young Sect Master, please don’t joke around.”

“Whether I’m joking or not, you might as well ask the two Elders.”

Su Yan’s expectant gaze immediately turned towards the two Elders behind him.

One of them nodded and said, “Young Sect Master’s words are correct. Today, there was a young man who called himself Yang Kai and came to the Sect to find you. He also said…”

“Say what?”

“He said he was your husband.”

Su Yan staggered, no longer having any doubts in her heart. Yang Kai was really in the Red Cloud Sect! Was he looking for her? Could it be that he had really been in the Ancestral Domain all these years? Her cold face couldn’t help breaking into a smile, and the entire world seemed to have lost its brilliance, leaving behind only a faint smile.

Han Qiancheng’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he stared at this woman, wishing he could hold her in his arms right now, wantonly taking advantage of her. Such an ice beauty, toying with her must be a different feeling from the past, right?

“It seems he really is your husband.” Han Qiancheng’s heart was filled with jealousy as he coldly snorted.

Su Yan said, “Young Sect Master, I request to return to the Sect.”

Han Qiancheng shook his head, “I’m afraid that won’t do. Unless my father gives the order, you can’t go back.” Pausing for a moment, he grinned, “Besides, what use is there in going back?”

“What do you mean?” Su Yan frowned.

“It’s like this,” Han Qian Cheng sighed lightly, “That Yang Kai doesn’t know what’s good for him, coming to my Red Cloud Sect to look for you is one thing, but he actually dares to speak such arrogant words and ruin the Great Mountain Defending Formation. My Red Cloud Sect has stood strong for thousands of years, how could any cat and dog dare to humiliate us? At this time… En, I’m afraid he has already been captured. Tsk tsk tsk, he must have suffered quite a bit.”

The scorching hot cave suddenly gave birth to a cold chill that froze one’s heart.

Han Qiancheng stared at Su Yan smugly, afraid that she wouldn’t get angry. It would be best if she got angry and begged him later. Perhaps she could satisfy his request and let him meet her before he died.

However, this change quickly turned into shock because the cold aura came and went quickly. In the blink of an eye, Su Yan’s expression returned to normal.

Han Qiancheng asked, “Junior Sister, aren’t you worried?”

“What is there to be worried about?” Su Yan asked.

“…” Han Qiancheng was at a loss for words. Su Yan’s reaction had far exceeded his expectations. Wasn’t this a bit too heartless? After all, he was her man, and now that he was imprisoned, she should at least show some concern. How could she be so indifferent?

“Of course worried about Yang Kai!”

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Su Yan brushed her hair behind her ear.

When he left the Star Field that year, he was already a 2nd order Origin King. Now that so many years had passed, with his aptitude, he should have already stood at the peak of the Ancestral Domain, right? Although the Red Cloud Sect was not weak, it would still be difficult to deal with him, not to mention that he was proficient in Space Force and was best at escaping.

Han Qiancheng was stunned for a moment before saying, “I’m afraid Yang Kai’s fate won’t be good.”

“He only has himself to blame.”

“Junior Sister, he is your husband after all, how can you just ignore him? If no one pleads for him, I’m afraid my father will punish him severely, if he dies…”

“Life and death are predestined by the Heavens, Young Sect Master is worrying too much.”

“Junior Sister, I am willing to beg my father to let him go. Junior Sister should know that my father will listen to me.”

“I appreciates Young Sect Master’s good intentions, but there is no need to trouble Young Sect Master with this matter. The Fire Cloud Mine is too hot, Young Sect Master, please return.”


“En, if Young Sect Master returns to see my husband, please tell him that I will be waiting here for him and ask him to come over.”

“Bitch!” Han Qiancheng finally couldn’t hold back and cursed.

Everything was different from what he had imagined. He had thought that by coming over to tell her this news, he could take advantage of her confusion to make some more requests. Presumably, she wouldn’t refuse. As long as she still cared about that country bumpkin, he would definitely be able to fulfill his wish for so many years.

However, everything was unexpected and she seemed to have no concern for the life or death of this country bumpkin.

How could a person be so heartless? Even Han Qiancheng felt a chill run down his spine for Yang Kai. Such a heartless woman should be taught a harsh lesson and taught a lesson.

Suddenly, he couldn’t help laughing. It seemed that Yang Kai wasn’t a very important person in Su Yan’s heart, but since he was already here, he couldn’t just return empty-handed. Lifting his eyes, he stared at Su Yan.

Su Yan asked, “Does Young Sect Master have anything else to say?”

Han Qiancheng said, “Although the conditions here are a bit crude, I’m sure it’s quite interesting.”

Su Yan frowned.

“This Young Master has never tried to play around with women in this kind of place before, so I’m suddenly looking forward to it. I wonder if Junior Sister will scream when I strip her naked.”

Shing, a cold light flashed as the Profound Frost Divine Sword was unsheathed.

A sword light rapidly expanded in front of Han Qiancheng’s eyes as the aura of death enveloped him. Although his cultivation was at the Origin King Realm, he had relied on the accumulation of his Spirit Pills and had no experience in life and death battles. He was unable to resist Su Yan’s sword strike, and if no one came to his aid, he would immediately die.

A large hand suddenly grabbed Han Qiancheng’s shoulder and pulled him back. At the same time, the other hand passed through Han Qiancheng’s body to meet the cold light.

With a clank, the cold light shattered and Su Yan withdrew her sword, a middle-aged man in gray robes appearing in front of her. It was he who had blocked Su Yan’s attack at the critical moment. This man’s cultivation was at the 1st order Dao Source Stage, similar to Su Yan’s.

Han Qiancheng was rescued by another Elder, and although he was unharmed, he felt as if he had just walked through the gates of hell. When he regained his balance, cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he angrily shouted, “Bitch, you want to kill me?”

That sword strike just now was no joke. If he had really been stabbed, he would have definitely died.


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