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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3115 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3115
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“That was just a warning!” Su Yan stared at Han Qiancheng indifferently, obviously warning him.

“You’re good!” Han Qiancheng had just escaped death, his expression fluctuating as he stared at Su Yan maliciously, slowly retreating until he stood outside the cave before waving his hand, “Capture her!”

No matter what, he had to get intimate with her today. His patience had long since been worn out, and he didn’t want to wait any longer. If she refused a toast, she would have to drink a forfeit!

The two Elders who had come with him stood side by side, blocking the entrance to the cave. These two looked somewhat similar, probably brothers. Both of them were burly, and had big waists. As the Source Qi in their bodies circulated, a faint red glow appeared on their bodies, like burning flames.

How could Han Qiancheng not be prepared when he brought people to the Fire Cloud Mine to find trouble with Su Yan? The two Elders he had chosen were both people who cultivated fire-attribute cultivation techniques, so in this Fire Cloud Mine, they could display strength far beyond their own.

As the two of them stood there, the only exit was sealed. If Su Yan wanted to escape, she could only kill her way out.

The Elder on the left said solemnly, “Su Yan, my Red Cloud Sect has given you a new lease on life. When you first came to the Ancestral Domain, if my Red Cloud Sect hadn’t accepted you, how could you be here today? Since you owe us a favor, you should repay us. Is this how you repay the Young Sect Master?”

Su Yan said, “The one I owe a favor to is Master, what does that have to do with Red Cloud Sect?”

The Elder on the right snorted coldly, “Young Sect Master is a dragon amongst men, he will definitely take over the position of Sect Master of Red Cloud Sect in the future. What part of him is not worthy of you? If you know what’s good for you, you should quickly agree to Young Sect Master’s request, or at least avoid any physical pain.”

Su Yan slowly shook her head, “Impossible!”

“Stubborn fool!”

“Courting death!”

The two Elders shouted, one from the left and the other from the right, the Source Qi in their bodies to tremble and causing the rubble to fall.

Han Qiancheng even cursed angrily, “What nonsense are you spouting? Hurry up and capture her, I want her to regret it for the rest of her life! En, don’t ruin her face and body, lest you ruin this Young Master’s mood.”

“Young Sect Master, don’t worry, it’s just a little girl, the two of us can easily capture her,” The Elder on the left coldly snorted, the Source Qi in his body suddenly surging as he rushed towards Su Yan. Opening his hand, he made a grabbing motion, causing the surrounding flames to gather in his palm and increase his might.


The Profound Frost Divine Sword shook and a semi-circular sword curtain appeared three meters away from Su Yan, emitting a deep blue light as it shielded her behind it. The sword curtain looked extremely weak, as if it had been broken by the wind, but it was actually formed from a dense amount of Sword Qi.

When the Elder’s hand made contact with the sword curtain, he felt a sharp pain as he spat out some Source Qi from his palm towards it.

Ripples spread out and the sword curtain remained intact, but the Left Elder’s figure was blocked. He raised his brow, a look of surprise appearing on his face. Although everyone here was a 1st order Dao Source Stage master, he had been promoted for many years, and Su Yan had been stationed in the Fire Cloud Mine all these years, so it was impossible for her to increase her strength. With the help of the environment, the Left Elder thought he could easily defeat her.

After one move, he discovered that he had made a big mistake. Su Yan’s Sword Barrier was actually impregnable. As expected of a cultivator from the Lower Planes Star Field, the purity of this Source Qi was simply beyond his imagination.

But so what?

When Left Elder’s attack failed, he immediately flew three steps away and circled behind Su Yan.

At the same time, the Right Elder took a step forward and a bronze hammer appeared in his hand. This bronze hammer was three feet in diameter and was obviously a powerful artifact. Holding this artifact, the Right elder took two steps towards the sword curtain and smashed it down.

Su Yan’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly as she also felt the power of this move. If she was outside, she could still use her nimble body to dodge, but in this cave, how could she avoid it?

The sword curtain suddenly dispersed and the Profound Frost Divine Sword released a million rays of cold light, which condensed into a single point and stabbed towards the right elder.

Sword intent soared into the sky and Sword Qi filled the air. Su Yan’s face was cold and indifferent, her eyes filled with ruthlessness and decisiveness, completely disregarding the bronze hammer that was smashing towards her head, as if she wanted to perish together with the Right Elder.

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The right elder was shocked and didn’t dare to continue attacking. This strike of his could certainly kill Su Yan, but he was afraid he would die even faster. Feeling the power of the sword, he was shocked. How was this woman so strong?

This was the result of being suppressed for ten years. If she had been cultivating peacefully in the Red Cloud Sect and had been enjoying the supplies provided by the Red Cloud Sect, how far would she have grown today?

Such talent was simply terrifying. It was no wonder the Sect Master had banished her to this Fire Cloud Mine to guard it for ten years. Otherwise, no one in Red Cloud Sect would be her opponent today.

In the blink of an eye, the copper hammer swung down and blocked the fatal blow.

However, the Prpfound Frost Divine Sword nimbly turned around, brushed past the right elder, and flew straight towards Han Qiancheng.

The right elder’s face went pale with fright. How could he not know that Su Yan’s mutual destruction just now was just a ruse to capture the enemy’s leader? With the two Elders working together, it was impossible for Su Yan to leave this place today, but if she could capture Han Qiancheng, she would have the absolute advantage.

At this moment, it was already too late to turn around and save Han Qiancheng. At this critical moment, the Right Elder raised his foot and stomped on the ground, causing the earth to crack and gravel to fly up into the sky, filling Su Yan’s vision. Even the biting cold sword aura seemed to slow down.

“Get back here!” Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Right Elder finally swung his hammer and blocked Su Yan’s path.

The Prpfound Frost Divine Sword struck the bronze hammer and Su Yan used it to rebound back to her original position, a look of pity appearing on her face. If she had been a bit faster just now, everything would have been different, but she was a 1st order Dao Source Stage master who had been suppressed for ten years. Being able to achieve such a feat under the combined attacks of the two Elders was already unexpected. Whether it was Han Qiancheng or the two Red Cloud Sect Elders, they couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat.

After a series of exchanges, the scene of the rabbit rising and the ray falling was simply too dazzling.

Left Elder, who had long since circled behind Su Yan, finally found an opportunity to attack. A fiery red whip flew towards Su Yan like a fiery snake, wrapping around her.

Su Yan didn’t even turn her head as she used her long sword to block the Fire Snake’s attack, but the Fire Snake still managed to turn around and climb up the sword. In an instant, the Fire Qi and Ice Qi clashed fiercely, filling the cave with a thick fog so thick one couldn’t even see their own hands.

Su Yan turned around and pointed her finger towards the fiery red whip that had transformed into a fire snake. In that instant, her slender jade finger suddenly became crystal clear, like an ice sculpture or jade pecking, no longer a body of flesh and blood.

Left Elder let out a cry of surprise. In that instant, he felt that his artifact’s spirituality had been damaged, and this damage was rapidly deepening. Not daring to be negligent, he quickly withdrew his artifact and stared at it, his expression changing.

The tip of his soft whip was covered in a layer of ice that quickly spread out.

Left Elder didn’t dare to be negligent, immediately activating his Source Qi and releasing his whip to shatter the ice crystal, his face filled with shock.

So powerful, so powerful!

Although they had only fought for a few breaths of time, both the Left and Right Elders could tell that if they were to fight one on one, they would not be Su Yan’s opponent! This kind of situation was beyond their understanding.

Amidst the thick fog, the Divine Sense of the three parties surged as they probed each other’s positions. After exchanging blows, none of them dared to rashly attack. Su Yan was being attacked from both sides, and although she had displayed great strength, if she didn’t come up with a foolproof plan today, she definitely wouldn’t be able to leave this place safely.

The Left and Right Elders didn’t dare to act rashly, only wanting to find an opportunity to capture the enemy.

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The scene suddenly became silent, appearing extremely strange.

Han Qiancheng angrily shouted, “What the hell are you doing? Each one of you is more diligent than the last, but now you’re dragging your feet like this? You’re all trash!”

The Left and Right Elders were enraged by this insult, thinking that if this piece of trash wasn’t the Young Sect Master, he would have long since killed him. He didn’t even know what was going on, yet he was still acting so arrogantly.

However, no matter what, the two of them were unable to gain any advantage despite joining forces. Whether it was the Left or Right Elders, both of them felt ashamed. After secretly communicating with their Divine Sense, they seemed to have reached a consensus. In an instant, their Divine Sense surged and two invisible forces rushed towards Su Yan.

Divine Soul attack!

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This woman’s Source Qi was extremely pure, not inferior to the two of them in the slightest. If they were to fight head-on, it was very likely she would be able to drag one of them down with her, but a Divine Soul Attack was different. It had only been a dozen or so years since she had broken through, so how strong could her Divine Sense be?

Using one’s own strength to attack the enemy’s weakness was the common practice of smart people.

Sure enough, when the two Divine Soul attacks struck, Su Yan let out a muffled groan, obviously unable to endure it any longer, and her Divine Soul defense only lasted for a moment before being broken.

The Left and Right Elders were overjoyed. This opportunity would never come again, so the Right Elder no longer hesitated and swung his bronze hammer towards Su Yan.

Faintly, a cold light flashed in front of him as Su Yan’s Divine Sense swept over him, her face filled with determination as she thrust her sword forward, completely giving up on defending herself.


The Right Elder sneered in his heart. Just now, he had been tricked by Su Yan’s mutual destruction aura and had lost face, so how could the same trick work now?

Gritting his teeth, he gave up on defending himself and instead sent his bronze hammer straight towards the Profound Frost Divine Sword.

The Copper Hammer was a Dao Source Grade Low-Rank artifact while the Profound Frost Divine Sword was only a Origin King Grade High-Rank artifact that Su Yan had brought from the Star Field. The two were of different grades, so if they were to fight head-on, Su Yan would be the one to suffer.

The right elder smiled proudly.

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This smile suddenly froze.

The moment the two artifacts collided, Su Yan’s long sword nimbly avoided the bronze hammer, wrapping around it as if it was a living creature. The cold aura on the edge of her sword made one shiver.

The sound of a sharp blade piercing flesh rang out as the righ elder let out a muffled groan.

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