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Martial Peak Chapter 3118

“Congratulations,” Ruan Biting returned to her senses and said to Su Yan.

The cultivation of the disciple she accepted was the same as her own, so all Ruan Biting felt was joy. This proved that her judgment back then was correct.

Su Yan said, “It’s all thanks to Master’s protection all these years.” Without Ruan Biting helping her from time to time over the past ten years and secretly sending her some Spirit Pills, Su Yan’s cultivation would likely have fallen, and it would have been impossible for her to maintain her cultivation in this place filled with hot air.

“Many thanks, Elder Ruan!” Yang Kai bowed respectfully, his expression sincere. Ruan Biting had nothing to say to Su Yan. During their conversation these past few days, Yang Kai had learned some things about Ruan Biting from Su Yan, so he was naturally very grateful to her.

Ruan Biting waved her hand and said, “There’s no need for that. Su Yan is my disciple, so I should naturally take care of her. I can only blame myself for being indecisive back then and not taking her away from Red Cloud Sect, dragging her down for ten years in vain. Now that the hardships have passed, I can consider it a blessing, otherwise I would have committed a great sin.” Turning to Yang Kai, she said, “Treat her well. Although my cultivation is inferior to yours, if you let her down one day, I will definitely not let this matter rest.”

Yang Kai grinned and stretched out his hand to gesture at his neck, “If that day really comes, this little brat will offer his head to you, Senior doesn’t need to do anything.” Although his cultivation was higher than hers, she was still Su Yan’s master, so calling him Senior was only natural.

Ruan Biting smiled, “I’ll remember this.”

Su Yan seemed to sense something, “Master, where are you going?”

Ruan Biting held her hand and sighed, “The Red Cloud Sect is gone. Before this, I was also expelled from the Sect by Han Zhengyuan. Now that the world is so big, I should go out and take a look. After staying in one place for a hundred years, I’ve become moldy. Moreover, your cultivation has already caught up to mine. If I don’t work harder, how can I become your master?”

Su Yan said, “Master may as well accompany me.”

Ruan Biting smiled, “The two of you have been separated for a long time, why would you want me to accompany you? I’ll just say it like this, if fate wills it, we’ll meet again.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “If Senior leaves, I’m afraid we won’t be able to meet again in this life.”

Ruan Biting said, “Although the Ancestral Domain is large, we can naturally see it when we want to meet.”

“We will soon leave the Ancestral Domain.”

Ruan Biting stared blankly at Su Yan and asked, “You want to leave the Ancestral Domain? Where are you going?”

Su Yan said, “Star Boundary!”

“Star Boundary?” Ruan Biting was stunned for a moment before a look of surprise flashed across her eyes, “You have a way to reach the Star Boundary?” From her expression, it was obvious she knew about the existence of Star Boundary.

This was not surprising. The Ancestral Domain was connected to countless Star Field, and in these Star Field, there were more or less some rumors about Star Boundary. Ordinary cultivators in the Ancestral Domain might not know about these things, but once one’s cultivation reached a certain level, they would naturally come into contact with more profound information.

The Star Boundary was a legendary existence. It was rumored that there was an even wider world there, filled with even more abundant Spiritual Energy, a more complete world, and a more profound Martial Dao!

That place was the final point of the road of martial dao, and a 3rd order Dao Source Stage master was actually nothing in that place.

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“Master, please come with me,” Su Yan pleaded. She had received many favors from Ruan Biting, if they were to part like this, she would never have the chance to repay them.

Ruan Biting’s expression changed drastically. She had originally wanted to travel the world, but who would have thought that a large door would open for her, and the scenery inside the door was filled with endless temptation.

Taking a deep breath, Ruan Biting looked at Yang Kai and asked, “What realm… are you at now?”

“1st order Emperor Realm!” Yang Kai smiled.

“Emperor Realm!” Ruan Biting’s face showed a look of yearning, “Above the Dao Source Stage is Emperor Realm?” Stroking her hair, she smiled, “If I go with you, will I disturb you?”

“No, no, I’ve already eaten my fill… uh…”

Su Yan nudged Yang Kai’s stomach with her elbow.

Ruan Biting smiled at her, “Then Master will have to rely on you to support me.”

The scenery of Red Cloud Sect was still the same, but there was no sound of people.

The entire Sect’s vast territory was completely silent, and not a single person could be seen in the square palace. This place seemed to have become a dead zone, with even the birds and beasts in the mountains hiding in their caves, no longer daring to show their faces as if they had sensed danger.

On the steps in front of the main hall, Liu Yan sat with her hands on her face, staring forward, her eyes dull and empty, as if she didn’t put anyone in her eyes, but at the same time seemed to be able to contain the entire world.

He Yunxiang walked over and glanced at her, her heart slightly cold.

Who would have thought that such a cute little girl would be able to kill so quickly? Ten days ago, everything that had happened in the hall was still vivid in her mind. She had only used a single fire snake-like attack to incinerate the Red Cloud Sect’s Sect Master and many Elders, all in less than ten breaths’ time. Those Dao Source Stage masters, who she had regarded as unreachable, had no strength to resist.

“Did you find something good?” Liu Yan suddenly looked up at her and waved her hand, following behind He Yunxiang. A palm-sized Firebird flew into her palm and disappeared into her skin.

He Yunxiang was startled, “I emptied their treasury.”

As an extraordinary force in the Ancestral Domain, the Red Cloud Sect naturally had its own treasury. Normally, only the Sect Master and several Elders had the qualifications to open it, but the deaths of the Red Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Han Zhengyuan and the Elders had been too sudden and the disciples had fled quickly, so the treasury was left unattended.

There were many layers of restrictions in the treasury, and He Yunxiang’s cultivation was only at the 3rd order Origin King Realm, the kind that had only recently broken through, so she naturally didn’t have the ability to open the treasury. However, thanks to the Firebird that Liu Yan had given her, she was able to easily open the door to the treasury with just a light touch.

He Yunxiang had never thought that there would be a time when her hands would be filled with treasures. This was the accumulation of the Red Cloud Sect for thousands of years, including Spirit Pills, rare flowers, rare herbs, and countless Secret Artifacts.

As the head of Wild Wind, she had wreaked havoc throughout the Everlasting Star Field for so many years. It was only now that He Yunxiang realized how much of a country bumpkin she was. The wealth that Wild Wind had looted was simply incomparable to the treasures of Red Cloud Sect.

There were more than a dozen Space Rings, all of them filled to the brim.

She had struck it rich!

She handed over a dozen Space Rings to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan raised her head to look at her, her black and white eyes clear.

“I’ll just take one and leave the rest for you and the lord,” He Yunxiang explained. With so many good things, she naturally couldn’t monopolize them all. She was someone who knew her limits, so leaving one of them was enough for her to use for many years.

“Keep it,” Liu Yan waved her hand.

She didn’t care about such trash, and neither did Yang Kai.


Liu Yan suddenly turned her head to look in a certain direction, her small body also standing up, her expression becoming strange as a trace of excitement and awe appeared on her face.

He Yunxiang was surprised and followed her gaze, only to see a few figures rapidly flying over, the one leading them was Yang Kai.

When they arrived, the three of them landed.

He Yunxiang’s eyes were instantly attracted by this unfamiliar face, and her heart was filled with shock. What a pure person! Was she the Su Yan who had made Sir so angry after hearing about her?

The first time He Yunxiang saw Su Yan, she felt that she was pure and flawless, as if the Creator had given her the most beautiful things in the world, causing her to feel a sense of inferiority.

Only then did she notice her appearance. This was probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

Suddenly, she understood why Yang Kai had no interest in her.

If there was such a person, it was likely that the other women in this world would not be able to stir up any waves in his heart.

“Sir!” He Yunxiang quickly bowed, feeling somewhat uneasy, not knowing if this Madam would have any complaints about her. After all, she had always been by Yang Kai’s side, and if she were to become jealous of him, it would be bad. It seemed she would have to restrain herself a bit in the future, at least she wouldn’t have any strange thoughts about Yang Kai.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai looked at Liu Yan in confusion and walked up to rub her head, grinning, “Don’t you recognize her?”

Liu Yan and Su Yan naturally knew each other. When they were in Heng Luo Star Field, they had interacted quite a bit. Yang Kai found it strange that Liu Yan would look at Su Yan with such an expression, as if this was the first time they had met.

What surprised him even more was that Su Yan was also staring at Liu Yan, her beautiful eyes filled with interest.

Yang Kai looked around, confused, “What are you doing?”

Liu Yan took a few steps forward and stood in front of Su Yan, her small nose gently sniffing the air like a little dog. After a moment, she lifted her small face and looked up at Su Yan with a smile.

Su Yan was also smiling, as if she had just seen a close relative. She reached out and gently rubbed Liu Yan’s head, gently asking, “What is your name?”

Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat, “She’s Liu Yan.”

Su Yan’s movements paused for a moment before she asked in surprise, “Liu Yan?”

How did it become like this? In her impression, Liu Yan was a beautiful woman dressed in revealing clothes, so how could she have imagined that when they met again, she would become a child?

Su Yan turned to look at Yang Kai, her eyes filled with inquiry.

“It’s hard to explain, in short, all kinds of things happened and she ended up like this,” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “On the other hand, what kind of riddle are you playing?”

He really couldn’t understand what these two women were doing. He had never seen them so close before.

Su Yan and Liu Yan looked at each other and smiled knowingly, but didn’t explain.

‘Just you wait!’ Yang Kai secretly swore in his heart and didn’t dwell on this issue any longer. Looking around, he said, “Let’s go.”

With a wave of her white hand, Ruan Biting immediately summoned a ten-meter long and four-layered flying ship. The craftsmanship was exquisite, and it was obvious that it was the work of a master.

A group of people boarded the ship, and Ruan Biting let out a shout as the runes on the ship flashed and flew away.

The goal was to return home!


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