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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3119 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3119
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The vast Star Field was silent.

In the void, there was a Void Tunnel that seemed to have existed since time immemorial. This Void Tunnel was not ordinary and gave off an extremely unstable feeling, as if it could collapse at any moment, exuding a dangerous aura.

The existence of this Void Tunnel wasn’t a secret in the Star Field, but very few people dared to investigate it because a 3rd order Origin King Realm had disappeared here.

So after so many years, even though some people guessed that this Void Tunnel led to an unknown world, no one showed any interest in it. Even a 3rd order Origin King Realm master’s life or death was unknown here, so who would dare approach?

This place had been desolate for decades.

At this moment, the Void Tunnel suddenly underwent some kind of abnormal change. The opening of the Void Tunnel suddenly contracted and then opened up, releasing a burst of multi-colored light.

Along with the ray of light, another figure shot out from the tunnel like an arrow from a bow, only barely stabilizing after shooting a hundred kilometers.

This person was naturally Yang Kai.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s face was covered in dust, and he looked quite miserable.

Returning to Heng Luo Star Field from the Star Path entrance of the Ancestral Domain and passing through multiple layers of Void Cracks had taken quite a bit of effort. One couldn’t use too much strength, otherwise it was very likely they would shatter the Void and their strength couldn’t be too weak, otherwise it would be impossible to break through the barrier.

He had also tried many times to find his way home.

After stabilizing his body, Yang Kai immediately immersed himself in sensing his surroundings, a look of joy appearing on his face as he laughed loudly.

He sensed the existence of Shadowed Star.

He stretched out his arms and embraced the universe!

Heng Luo Star Field, this Young Master has returned!


When he left his homeland all those years ago, when had he ever thought he would be able to return so quickly? He had originally set a time limit of a hundred years, but now he didn’t even need to spend half of that time. All the trials and tribulations he had experienced along the way, the life and death battles, everything had become extremely meaningful. The faces he had been thinking about day and night became clearer. He wished he could fly to Shadowed Star right now and present himself in front of them to see their surprised expressions.

Looking back, Yang Kai stared at the Void Tunnel and knew that it was the place where Su Yan had entered the Ancestral Domain. Feeling the aura coming from the Tunnel, Yang Kai felt a lingering fear in his heart. Su Yan must have been extremely lucky to be able to safely enter the Ancestral Domain.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai raised his hand and Su Yan appeared in front of him.

Seemingly meditating, she opened her beautiful eyes after discovering something unusual and glanced around, smiling, “We’re back?”

On the way back to their homeland, all of them were taken into Yang Kai’s Mysterious Small World. Firstly, it would consume a great deal of energy to travel between dimensions, and secondly, Su Yan was now a 2nd order Dao Source Stage master. She had long since surpassed the limits of what the Heng Luo Star Field could contain, so she needed to suppress her cultivation.

Now, it seemed that she had done a good job, but her suppression was too strong, and she only had the aura of a 2nd order Origin King Realm.

“We’re back!” Yang Kai took a deep breath. There was naturally no air in the starry sky, but he could smell a familiar scent.

Stretching out his hand, holding Su Yan’s.

Holding her hand tightly, as if they would never separate again, Yang Kai held her hand and excitedly said, “Let’s go home!”

There was no need for him to determine which direction he should take. The close connection between him and Shadowed Star was enough to point him in the right direction. With a flicker of his body, the two of them transformed into a streak of light and flew towards Shadowed Star.

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With beauty accompanying him, the journey would no longer be lonely.

As such, he dragged Su Yan to a nearby Dead Star or Meteor Stone, and after a few rounds, Su Yan had no choice but to activate her Ice Crystal Jade Body to destroy Yang Kai’s interest.

A few days later, a giant star appeared in front of them.

The Star Source of the Shadowed Star in his body began to beat more happily, as if it was returning home.

Yang Kai’s mood once again became inexplicably tense, suddenly feeling a sense of homesickness. His hand tightened, but Su Yan held his hand instead. As their eyes met, Yang Kai’s heart became clear.

Reaching out to hold her, he kissed her on the forehead and shouted, “Let’s go!”

Half a day later, they were very close to Shadowed Star.

Yang Kai and Su Yan, on the other hand, suddenly turned their heads towards a certain direction in the void. Over there, there were more than a dozen giant Starships, and from those Starships, a powerful aura could be vaguely felt.

“Which Sect is this?” Yang Kai asked, pointing to a skeleton-like symbol on the Starship.

Perhaps it was because he had been away for too long that he didn’t recognize which force this symbol represented.

Unexpectedly, Su Yan also shook her head, “No idea.”

She had been gone for many years now, so the changes in Heng Luo Star Field or Shadowed Star were also unknown.

A figure suddenly appeared on the deck of the largest Starship in the middle, its aura deep and profound, possessing the aura of a 3rd order Origin King Realm. It was a half-grown old man, and from several hundred kilometers away, his sharp gaze seemed to be able to pierce through space and see through everything.

Yang Kai grinned at him.

The old man raised his hand and pointed a Star Cannon towards Yang Kai and Su Yan from the Starship. A dazzling light began to gather and a beam of light shot towards them.

“Hahahaha!” Yang Kai laughed, “As soon as I returned, I ran into a madman. Let’s go talk to him.”

When the light dissipated, Yang Kai and Su Yan were nowhere to be seen. The half-grown old man stood on the deck and stared for a while before letting out a light snort and turning around to return to the ship.

However, his steps suddenly became stiff as a chill enveloped his entire body as he stared forward in shock.

Behind him, a man and a woman had appeared out of nowhere, and these two were the two people he had seen a few hundred kilometers away, the two who should have been annihilated by the Star Cannon’s might.

However, they had appeared behind him completely unscathed! He didn’t feel any trace of them.

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“Old Sir, your killing intent is quite strong,” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile. If it was any other time, he would have long ago punched this old man to pieces, but today, Yang Kai was in a good mood and his killing intent was insufficient. In addition, he didn’t know this old man’s identity, so he couldn’t act rashly. It would be bad if he killed someone he shouldn’t kill.

He had many connections in Heng Luo Star Field, so naturally he could not act freely.

The old man didn’t answer, instead staring at Yang Kai with a solemn expression, instinctively feeling that this young man in front of him was not someone he could provoke. A drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he quickly formed a hand seal, preparing to counterattack.

“Senior, who are you? Which family do these Starships belong to? Why are they parked here?”

Yang Kai looked around and casually asked a few questions, but received no answer.

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He walked forward and circled around the old man a few times before suddenly stopping in front of him and lowering his head slightly, “Old Sir, you seem quite nervous.”

More sweat dripped from his forehead.

Yang Kai patted his shoulder and grinned, “Don’t worry, as long as it’s not an enemy, I won’t do anything to you. Are you an enemy?”

“No… no!” The old man spat out these two words with great difficulty.

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s for the best. En, I forgot to introduce myself, I am the master of this place, my name is Yang Kai!” He stretched out his hand and pointed at the giant star beneath his feet.

The old man’s eyes narrowed as a look of shock appeared on his face. He had never heard that this Cultivation Star belonged to a Star Master, but Yang Kai had said it so seriously that he didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

“I’ve been away from this place for several decades now, but today is the first time I’ve come back. There are still a few women waiting for me to return home. Old Sir, what gift should I bring them?”

[You’re asking me?] The old man cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to refuse. After thinking about it carefully, he said, “It’s good enough that you’ve returned, I’m sure they won’t care about any gifts.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin and nodded in agreement, “Senior’s words make sense.” Suddenly, he laughed, “I am the best present, right, Senior Sister?”

Su Yan replied, “Yes!”

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“Many thanks for Senior’s guidance!” Yang Kai gave the old man a big hug and took a deep breath, “I should hurry back, otherwise they’ll be anxious.”

[You should leave quickly, where did this crazy man come from? And there’s a woman following him.]

Fortunately, Yang Kai was in a hurry to return, so he left immediately.

Suddenly turning around, he looked at the old man and asked, “Is this old man really not an enemy?”

“It really isn’t!”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded, “If you make an enemy of me, your fate will be miserable.”

The old man’s heart skipped a beat as a chill ran down his spine. When he looked up again, he found that the man and woman had disappeared without a trace, and when he swept his Divine Sense over, there was no trace of them.

Swallowing hard, the old man took out a communication compass and poured his Divine Sense into it, his pair of old hands trembling uncontrollably.

High Heaven Sect.

As a new force, the rise of High Heaven Sect could be said to be a miracle. A few dozen years ago, the Sect was founded, and now, it was filled with powerful masters and Origin King Realms. There were nearly four or five 3rd order Origin King Realm, making it the most powerful Sect in the Star Field. Even old forces like Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and Violet Star, and Sword Union couldn’t compare.

At this moment, in High Heaven Sect’s Conference Hall, many masters had gathered.

The High Heaven Sect’s Great Elder Ye Xiyun who act on behalf of the Sect Master, Elder Chu Lingxiao, Ling Taixu, Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, Lin Yurao, Qing Ya, and the others, all of them were Origin King Realm masters.

Further down, Wu Yi, Yang Wei, Dong Qinghan, and the dozen or so young masters were all at the Origin Returning Stage, many of them at the peak of the Origin Returning Stage and could break through to the Origin King Realm at any time.

Discussions broke out in the hall. Not only were the older generation divided, but even the younger generation were arguing amongst themselves.

Ye Xiyun didn’t say anything and just sat there quietly, listening to all of this.

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