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Martial Peak Chapter 3124

Above the clouds, under the sunlight, Yang Kai’s eyes were closed as he spread out his hands. A golden light enveloped him, giving him a sense of holiness.

Screams rang out one after another as hundreds of cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field were killed in less than half a cup of tea.

When Tu Feng and the others returned and saw Yang Kai, they all showed excited expressions.

Qiu Yimeng raised a finger to her lips and whispered.

A moment later, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at everyone.


“Sect Master!”

Everyone bowed.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the familiar faces. Tu Feng, Tang Yuxian, Ying Jiu, and the other Yang Family Blood Warriors who had followed him to participate in the Yang Family’s Inheritance War all those years ago had grown greatly, and the disciples of the Eight Great Families had also shed their innocence and matured. There were also the disciples from the various Sects in the Central Capital World. Even though they had not seen each other for several decades, these faces all had familiar names.

Yang Kai didn’t forget because they were the group of companions he had met when he was at his weakest.

The past was still fresh in his mind.

“Your sister is back,” Yang Kai said to Su Mu.

Su Mu was stunned for a moment before quickly becoming ecstatic, “Elder Sister…”

“She has other opportunities.”

Tears welled up in Su Mu’s eyes as he jumped up and down like a monkey. After calming himself down, he asked Yang Kai, “Where is she?”

“High Heaven Sect.”

“I want to go back.” Su Mu couldn’t wait and turned around to leave.

Su Yan had disappeared for twenty years, whether she was alive or dead was unknown, so he was extremely worried. Now that he heard that Su Yan had returned safely, he was naturally excited.

However, he couldn’t take a single step forward, as if he was being restrained by someone. Su Mu turned his head to look at Yang Kai and awkwardly said, “Brother-in-law, I admit that I haven’t scolded you in my heart all these years, but since Elder Sister has returned, I’ll just treat it as a fart. I’ll apologize to you another day, so please let me go now.”

“Are you cursing me?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Su Mu scratched his head and laughed dryly.

Naturally, he had scolded Su Yan many times, and he felt that Su Yan had gone to investigate the Void Tunnel because she wanted to find Yang Kai. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have disappeared there, and the culprit behind all of this was naturally Yang Kai.

“I’ll ask your sister to deal with you later,” Yang Kai snorted.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as she is safe,” Su Mu looked like a dead pig that didn’t fear boiling water, no longer having the frivolousness he had when he was young. “Can you let me go now?”

“I’ll send you on your way,” Yang Kai waved his hand and Su Mu suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a ripple of spatial energy.

Yang Kai turned to look at Qiu Yimeng and said, “Now that everything here is settled, you should return to the Sect. Shadowed Star will no longer have any foreign invaders.”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed.

“Where are you going?” Qiu Yimeng asked anxiously.

“There are some things I need to take care of, so I’ll be back soon,” Yang Kai smiled at her before also disappearing.

Qiu Yimeng stretched out her hand and grabbed nothing but air, her face filled with disappointment.

A group of people looked at her with complicated expressions. Everyone knew what she was thinking, but it was a pity that the Goddess had a dream and the King didn’t have any intentions, so no one dared to say anything.

Tu Feng grinned and said, “We can finally relax for a while. Elder Qiu, shall we go back?” However, he couldn’t bear to see her dejected look and wanted to change the subject.

Qiu Yimeng nodded and turned her eyes towards High Heaven Sect, “It’s indeed time to go back.”

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he dove into the ground.

Not long after, he arrived at the Earth’s core.

This was the place where he had refined the Star Source of the Shadowed Star, the birthplace of Shadowed Star’s Source.

After leaving for a few dozen years and suddenly returning, he suddenly noticed that the Star Source of Shadowed Star had some unusual reactions, especially when it was communicating with the World Laws.

Inside the Cave of the Earth’s Core, as soon as Yang Kai entered this place, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of familiarity as if he was a wanderer returning to his hometown. This sense of familiarity couldn’t even compare to the feeling he had when he first returned to High Heaven Sect, as if this place was the home of everything, the beginning and end of everything.

The Star Source of Shadowed Star in his body also became much more active, constantly stirring.

Yang Kai walked up to a stone bed and sat down cross-legged, letting his mind relax and allowing the Star Source in his body to gradually resonate with Shadowed Star.

A moment later, he lay down again and slept on the stone bed. A moment later, he changed from lying flat to lying on his side, his expression serene, like an unborn baby being born in the womb of its mother.

It was as if a voice was gradually entering his ears. At first, he couldn’t hear it clearly, but gradually, this voice became clearer.

The sound was chaotic and endless, forming an indescribable melody in his mind.

This was…

Yang Kai was surprised and focused his attention on capturing it.

Soon, he realized that these voices were coming from all corners of Shadowed Star. He didn’t use any of his strength to communicate with the World Laws, nor did he use any of his various conveniences as a Star Master. He simply lay there, listening to everything on Shadowed Star.

Insects chirped and birds chirped, and the voices that were usually unclear were now extremely clear.

The two dung beetles were fighting over a ball in the wilderness, their antennae touching each other as they argued, “This is my shit, get out of my way! This is mine, get out of my way! If you don’t get out of my way, I’ll beat you up! Just try it, try it!” The quarrel developed into a brawl, and the brawl became a fight. Neither side was willing to show weakness, and the fight became even more intense.

As the moth struggled in the spider web, the Eight Feet Spider let out a happy laugh and quickly climbed to the center of the spider web, injecting its poison into the moth’s body and eating heartily, “Delicious, delicious, delicious, if only I could eat it every day.”

A pair of ants, shouting their slogans, lined up and moved the food they had collected from several kilometers away back to their nest.

As the sound of begging reached his ears, Yang Kai looked for the source of the sound and found that it was a place that had been in a drought for many years. The people there had been starved to death and had become food for their children. A mortal was currently asking a master to perform a ritual, begging for rain to fall from the sky and relieve the poverty of the land.

Yang Kai, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, waved his hand impatiently.

In the sky, several thunderclaps rang out, and the cloudless sky suddenly became gloomy and dark. Dark clouds gathered above their heads, covering a radius of thousands of kilometers. As lightning flashed and thunder roared, a heavy rain began to fall.

The mortals all looked up towards the heavens, kneeling and kowtowing, calling out to the gods!

In Colored Glass Sect, Dai Yuan had transformed into her Colored Glass Body and was now engaged in a fierce battle with several times her strength. Just as she was about to be defeated, the World Energy suddenly fluctuated and a few gusts of Qi swept across the bodies of these people, reducing them to blood and organs.

Dai Yuan was stunned, not understanding what was happening.

The enemies who had been cut in half also wore looks of shock, not knowing who was the one who had plotted against them.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Energy fluctuated wildly as one enemy after another fell to the ground. All the disciples of Colored Glass Sect were stunned as they watched these strange forces kill the enemies in front of them one by one without harming any of them.

“Senior Sister, what’s going on?” Yin Su Die flew over and stood beside Dai Yuan, asking suspiciously.

Dai Yuan shook her head, “I don’t know.”

The two of them turned to look at Gong AoFu.

Gong AoFu also wore a look of surprise on her face, and after all the invaders had died, she cupped her fists and said in a sweet voice, “The Expert that helped us, please show yourself, the entire Colored Glass Sect is deeply grateful!”

She called out three times in a row, but no one responded, as if the Expert who had secretly helped them did not exist.

Gong AoFu let out a sigh, knowing that since the other party didn’t want to reveal himself, she probably wouldn’t be able to find him, so she could only silently remember this favor. When she learned the name of her benefactor one day, she would definitely repay him.

The same scene appeared in every corner of Shadowed Star.

Originally, because the Starship of the Great Desolate Star Field had been destroyed, these cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field had wanted to flee, so how could Shadowed Star’s side let them off so easily? Naturally, they took the opportunity to pursue and fight.

Strangely, one powerful enemy after another was killed, and in less than an hour, the entire Shadowed Star became clear and no longer fought.

Countless people were confused, not knowing what had happened or who this hidden master was.

At a certain moment, the World Energy suddenly fluctuated, and from an extremely distant place, a blurry shadow suddenly appeared. When this shadow first appeared, it wasn’t too clear, so no one could clearly see what it was. They only knew that it was incomparably huge, like a black curtain that covered half the sky.

All living beings on Shadowed Star, no matter where they were, as long as they looked up, they could see this shadow.

An indescribable feeling welled up in everyone’s hearts. This shadow actually gave them the urge to prostrate themselves in worship.

Under their stunned gaze, the shadow gradually underwent a transformation. It had a head, hands, and legs.

Shockingly, it had transformed into the appearance of a person, a figure that seemed to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Heavens and Earth. Such a scene shocked everyone, making them unable to recover from their shock.

After a while, the figure gradually became clearer.

Everyone’s eyes became dull, excited, and happy, all of their faces filled with surprise.

Many people recognized this person’s appearance.

Yang Kai!

It was actually Yang Kai who had left Shadowed Star several dozen years ago!

When the giant shadow appeared, where was the real person?

What made these people even more confused was that the giant figure that covered the sky was actually lying in the sky with its eyes closed, seemingly in a deep sleep.

As his chest rose and fell, the World Energy fluctuations continued.

Specks of starlight suddenly shot out from the Starry Sky and scattered in all directions towards Shadowed Star. At first glance, it looked like a meteor had fallen, causing everyone to panic.

However, when the starlight fell, it did not cause any damage. Instead, it was like a mysterious force had poured into the Shadowed Star, nourishing this Cultivation Star that had given birth to billions of lives.

As Yang Kai’s giant figure breathed in and out, more starlight began to fall from the sky.

The World Energy on Shadowed Star became denser and purer at a discernible rate, and even the World Laws that were impossible to grasp became clearer.

Star Master reciprocated!


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