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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3128 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3128

When she put on her clothes, it was a beautiful scene.

Looking at the finger marks on her snow white body, Yang Kai’s heart ached, feeling more that he wasn’t a good person. How could he have been so careless as to use such a heavy hand? With a wave of his hand, pure energy poured into Su Yan’s body, greatly reducing the number of red marks.

With great difficulty, the two of them dressed up and flew to Jade Tree Peak together. On the way, Su Yan’s cheeks were flushed red, and Yang Kai kept glancing over at her, feeling as if he had discovered another side of his Senior Sister that no one knew about.

That side… was only for himself!

When he arrived at Jade Tree Peak’s house, he saw his father arranging the flowers and plants in front of the house.

Yang Kai greeted him, and the father and son looked at each other. Fourth Master Yang secretly made a reassuring gesture.

Father, you’ve worked hard! Yang Kai couldn’t thank him enough.

Turning around, Fourth Master Yang called out, “SuZhu, your son is here.”

“Tell him to scram!”

Yang Kai sniffed and looked at Fourth Master Yang with a bitter expression. Is this what you mean by ‘rest assured’? Father, I really believed you wrongly. Give me back my Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Pill!

“Mother!” Su Yan called out.

“Su Yan is here?” Dong SuZhu was stunned for a moment before hurriedly asking, “Come in quickly.”

Su Yan gave Yang Kai a look and the two of them walked in together.

The interior of the house was very simple. It was obvious that only his parents lived on Jade Tree Peak, and there was not even a servant. After passing through the main hall, he entered a room where Dong SuZhu was sitting in front of a dressing mirror combing her hair. Her black hair was like a waterfall, soft and smooth.

Seeing this, Su Yan immediately stepped forward and gently said, “Mother, let me help you.”

Dong SuZhu smiled and handed her the comb, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Su Yan replied, “It’s no trouble, it’s only natural.”

Dong SuZhu said, “A daughter is still the best. Little Su Yan, how good would it be if you were my daughter? Mother would not go crazy if she had a daughter.”

Su Yan pursed her lips and smiled, “I’m your daughter, and Mother, I’m not your only daughter. Although the other sisters aren’t by your side, they will definitely remember you.”

“Of course, Xiao Qingluo, Xiao Ningchang, and Xiao Xue Yue, send me a message every few days to send their greetings.” The smile on her face suddenly disappeared as she stared at Yang Kai’s back through the bronze mirror in front of her and snorted, “Unlike some people who are born after ten months of pregnancy and fly away when their wings is stiff, they don’t have a mother like me in their heart.”

Yang Kai stuttered, “Mother…”

“Oh…” Dong SuZhu wore a look of surprise as she said in a strange tone, “Who is this? Why did he come to my room? This little brat really doesn’t know the rules. Did I let you in? Su Yan, beat him out.”

Su Yan lowered her head, “I can’t beat him.”

Dong SuZhu immediately glared at him and slapped her chair, “The little brat is willing to hit you? This brat!”

“No, no,” Su Yan’s face turned blood red as she couldn’t help thinking about last night’s madness and her body went weak.

Didn’t she get beaten up last night? Moreover, she had been beaten for a long time and even now, her butt was still burning.

Dong SuZhu said, “Don’t be afraid of him. So what if his cultivation is high? So what if he’s a Star Master? If he bullies you, tell me and I’ll beat him up.”

As they were talking, Yang Kai walked over, squatted down next to Dong SuZhu, and leaned over.

“What are you doing!” Dong SuZhu glared at him.

“Mother wants to beat someone up, so this son will offer his body. Otherwise, Mother will have to walk a few more steps,” Yang Kai grinned.

“Take your head away from me, you shameless thing,” Dong SuZhu’s attitude alternated between cold and hot as she glared at Yang Kai and Su Yan, causing the temperature in the room to rise.

Yang Kai grabbed Dong SuZhu’s hand and placed it above his head.

Dong SuZhu said coldly, “Don’t think this old lady can’t bear to hit you.”

“As long as Mother can calm down, it doesn’t matter how you hit me.”

“You’re the one who said that!” Dong SuZhu clenched her teeth and raised her hand, fiercely slapping down.

Yang Kai didn’t even blink.

The slap stopped on his head and a gust of wind blew, causing Dong SuZhu to glare at him, “Sooner or later I’ll be angered to death by you!”

How could she bear to hit him? Ever since he was born, all of her life’s hopes had been placed on this little brat. Even if he had a scratch on his skin, her heart would still ache, so how could she bear to hit him personally?

“Just take advantage of me doting on you.” Saying so, she actually wiped her eyes.

Yang Kai stood up and wrapped his arms around her shoulders before turning to the woman in the mirror and saying, “Mother, don’t cry, don’t be angry, if you cry too much, you might get wrinkles.”

“Wrinkles?” Dong SuZhu was startled, the tears in her eyes forced back as she stared at the mirror, “Where are the wrinkles? Where are they? Did you see them?”

“There is no need to be afraid of wrinkles,” Yang Kai stretched out his hand, as if he was already prepared, and a jade box appeared in front of Dong SuZhu.

“What is this?” Dong SuZhu took the jade box and asked.

Yang Kai said seriously, “Find a chance to take it, Mother, you’ll be forever young, forever twenty eight years old.”

Dong SuZhu immediately smiled, “So good?” She quickly put the jade box into her Space Ring and said insincerely, “It’s fine if you came back, why did you bring gifts?”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s not anything valuable, as long as Mother likes it.”

“I like it, I like it.” How could Dong SuZhu not like it? She grabbed Yang Kai’s hand with one hand and stroked his cheek with the other, “You must have suffered a lot these years outside, right?”

“No,” Yang Kai quickly shook his head, “Your son has always been the one showing off, who dares to shit on my head?” Those who dared to do so were all slaughtered.

“What are you talking about?” Dong SuZhu knocked Yang Kai’s head, knowing that Yang Kai didn’t want her to worry and didn’t want to talk about these things with her.

Although he had returned safely, although the outside world was exciting, it was also fraught with danger. After a few dozen years, how could he not suffer? The life and death were probably not uncommon.

“Are you leaving again?” Dong SuZhu asked.

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

Dong SuZhu’s expression suddenly became gloomy and she let go, “Go, go now. If you leave again this time, don’t ever come back, just let your mother die here.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “I will leave, but i will bring you along.”

Dong SuZhu came back to her senses and stared at him, “Little brat, why didn’t you make yourself clear?” She paused for a moment before asking, “Where are you taking us?”

“Star Boundary.”

“Is that where you’ve been for the past few decades?”

“En, I’ve established a High Heaven Palace over there. There are many masters inside, so once Mother and Father arrive there, you just need to focus on your cultivation and there won’t be any disputes or dangers.”

“You also have a Sect over there?” Dong SuZhu was surprised. Although she didn’t know what kind of place the Star Boundary was, it was definitely much more powerful than Shadowed Star. In just a few dozen years, Yang Kai had actually established a Sect there. How could an ordinary person have such means?

A sense of pride welled up in her heart. ‘This is my son!’

Dong SuZhu was very curious about the Star Boundary and High Heaven Palace, so she held Yang Kai’s hand and talked non-stop.

Outside the room, Fourth Master Yang listened attentively and smiled slightly, thinking to himself that this old master had used everything he had learned in his life last night and even unlocked eighteen different positions. With the Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Pill, how could it not have some effect?

This sacrifice was indeed worth it. [TL: I bet YK get his stamina from his mother. haha]

As the sun set and the moon rose, this conversation lasted until night.

Most of the time, it was Yang Kai who spoke about his experiences in the Star Boundary. Dong SuZhu and Su Yan listened quietly, both of them filled with yearning. In fact, as long as this man was here, it didn’t matter where they were, they were all gathered together.

Fourth Master Yang came in a few times and was busy serving tea and pouring water. He was quite dissatisfied and didn’t dare act out due to Dong SuZhu’s tyrannical attitude.

“Right, Mother wants to ask you something, so just answer honestly.”

Dong SuZhu’s expression suddenly became serious.

Yang Kai said, “Mother, just ask.”

Dong SuZhu glanced at Su Yan, but Su Yan misunderstood and quickly said, “I’ll go back first.”

Dong SuZhu grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t go, this matter is also related to you, just stand aside and listen.”

“Yes.” Although Su Yan didn’t know what Dong SuZhu wanted to ask, she could only sit quietly.

For some reason, Yang Kai felt a bit nervous, not knowing what his mother wanted to ask him to make such a grand affair.

“Mother asks you…” Dong SuZhu looked at Yang Kai with a serious expression, “In the past few decades, have you attracted any women?”

Su Yan’s expression became serious as she looked towards him.

Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat.

“Good!” Seeing this, how could Dong SuZhu not know the answer? She was instantly enraged and stretched out her hand to poke Yang Kai’s forehead, “You really did it!”

Yang Kai lowered his head and remained silent.

Dong SuZhu said, “You have Su Yan, Ning Chang, Qing Luo, and Xue Yue, aren’t you satisfied? Why are you men acting like this? Tell me, what are you thinking?”

Yang Kai muttered, “An accident, an accident.”

“Accident?” Dong SuZhu sneered, “There are so many beauties in this world, don’t tell me you want to have an accident every time?” Reaching out her hand, she pointed at Fourth Master Yang who was standing next to her and said, “Why can’t you learn from your father? Look at him, he never messedd with flowers.”

Fourth Master Yang muttered, “Three wives and four concubines isn’t a bad thing.”

“What did you say?” Dong SuZhu glared at him.

Fourth Master Yang glared at Yang Kai and said, “Boy, you went too far this time.”

Only then did Dong SuZhu’s expression relax slightly as she said in a low voice, “I don’t care what kind of accident happened to you, this time when you return to the Star Boundary, chase those women away for me. Su Yan and the other three are enough, I will only acknowledge the four of them.”

“Mother,” Su Yan held Dong SuZhu’s arm and smiled, “Junior Brother is not a heartless person, nor is he someone who likes to attract bees and butterflies. He must have experienced many things with those girls to reach this point. Moreover, he has been alone for so many years and should have someone by his side to take care of him. Ningchang and I have to thank those sisters, so don’t make things difficult for Junior Brother.”

Dong SuZhu said, “It’s good for you to be tolerant, but not everything can be tolerated, especially when it comes to matters like this. You must make a clear distinction between black and white.”

Su Yan smiled lightly, “Junior Brother knows his limits, he’s not a child anymore, it really doesn’t matter.”

Dong SuZhu looked at her and sighed, “My Yang Family has let you down.”

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