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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3129 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3129
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How could a man who had been away for decades not make mistakes? Dong SuZhu also knew what kind of personality Yang Kai had. The only reason she did this was to inquire on Su Yan’s behalf. She had even anticipated Su Yan’s attitude.

It wasn’t that she was scheming, it was just that as Yang Kai’s mother, she had to put on an act to defend Su Yan.

Su Yan smiled lightly, “Although the three sisters and I don’t mind, Junior Brother should know that not all women can enter the Yang Family’s gates. She must have a clean family background and a kind heart. Otherwise, once she enter the family, you won’t be enjoying a life of luxury but instead find trouble for you, right?”

She suddenly put on the airs of a big sister, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat uncomfortable, quickly nodding, “Senior Sister is right.”

Su Yan said, “Since Father and Mother are also here, why don’t you tell us about the situation of the Sisters in the Star Boundary, so that Father and Mother can help you?”

Dong SuZhu said solemnly, “That’s right, if there’s anything you want to say, say it now. Don’t try to hide it, otherwise you’ll die a horrible death.”

Fourth Master Yang also glared at him.

It was as if there would be a third trial.

Yang Kai felt a great pressure as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and raised a finger, “Just one, it’s not as much as you think.”

“Only one?” The three of them were stunned.

This answer was beyond their expectations. They had thought that Yang Kai had been away for so many years and had provoked many women, but who would have thought that it was just one of them? It was obvious that he was extremely restrained. It was extremely rare for a man to act like this.

Dong SuZhu said, “What kind of person? Tell me.”

Yang Kai replied, “She’s not human.”

“Not human?” Fourth Master Yang’s eyes flashed brilliantly, “Could it be a Monster Race?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, this little brat’s taste is quite heavy, but speaking of which, the Monster Race’s women indeed have a different kind of charm than the Human Race’s women. ‘I’m really envious! This little brat really has great luck with women.’


“It’s not a Monster Race…”

Dong SuZhu frowned, “Not a human but not a monster, could it be that it’s the essence of plants and vegetation?” She slapped her chair. Damn, how could he be so thirsty? Although the essence of plants and vegetation also had a chance to transform into a human form, how could it be combined? It was better to just find a random Monster Race woman.

“It’s a Dragon!” Yang Kai braced himself.

After several breaths of silence, Dong SuZhu asked, “What dragon?”

“It’s a dragon, literally,” Yang Kai explained. Seeing that they still didn’t understand, he continued, “There is a Dragon Clan existence in the Star Boundary, the head of the ancient Holy Spirit. En, I had an accident with one of the Dragon Clan Women, and then…”

Dong SuZhu and her husband both gasped, finally understanding what Yang Kai meant.

Dragons! These were truly legendary existences. Among the Ancient Holy Spirit, dragons and phoenixes were revered, but in the current Star Boundary, there was no such powerful race. Only in the ancient books could one occasionally see such mighty figures.

Their son had actually managed to deal with a Dragon Lady? They couldn’t believe it.

Dong SuZhu gulped and asked, “That Dragon Lady… does she have a big family?”

Yang Kai replied, “Star Boundary Dragon Clan, about twenty members, all living in a place called Dragon Island.”

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“Twenty dragons!” Dong SuZhu was stunned. A giant dragon was already hard to imagine, what kind of scene would it be when more than twenty dragons gathered together? Her thoughts were somewhat lacking.

“You actually managed to come back alive,” Fourth Master Yang broke out in a cold sweat as he stared at Yang Kai in amazement.

Although he didn’t know what kind of existence the Dragon Clan in the Star Boundary was or what kind of status they had, it was definitely not low. It could even be one of the strongest races in the Star Boundary. Yang Kai had managed to subdue a Dragon Lady while only being a Human Race, yet he had not been killed. This was simply a stroke of luck.

Yang Kai grinned, “I still have some authority on Dragon Island.” Strength was the right to speak.

Dong SuZhu was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “No matter what your Dragon Lady does, if she want to enter my Yang Family, she must admit that Su Yan is the mistress of the family.”

Su Yan said, “Mother, when sisters interact, there’s no such thing as a hierarchy. We’re all family.”

Dong SuZhu shook her head and said, “It’s not the same, it’s not the same. That’s the Dragon Lady we’re talking about, we need to make things clear to her first.” Looking at Yang Kai, she asked, “Do you understand?”

Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Understood, understood.”

“What if she doesn’t agree?”

Yang Kai raised his fist and said, “Then i’ll beat her until she agrees!”

Dong SuZhu slapped him, “You know how to hit women now!”

Ten days later, in front of High Heaven Sect’s Space Law Formation, Yang Kai stood in the middle of it, his eyes closed as he quietly sensed the surroundings.

For the past ten days, he had been accompanying his father and mother on Jade Tree Peak with Su Yan. He had been travelling outside for so many years without fulfilling his filial duties, so now that he was back, he naturally had to compensate them. If it weren’t for Dong SuZhu urging him to leave, he would have stayed longer.

It wasn’t that Dong SuZhu didn’t want to keep Yang Kai here for a while longer, but the Star Field was currently in a dangerous situation, and the flames of war were raging everywhere. No one else mattered, and their life and death had nothing to do with Yang Kai, but Shan Qing Luo and the others were still on their own Cultivation Star, so how could Yang Kai not care?

On this day, Yang Kai was driven away by Dong SuZhu and asked to see his three wives. Yang Kai readily agreed, honestly speaking, he also missed Xia Ning Chang and the other two.

On Shadowed Star’s side, the overall situation had been decided. The invaders had been completely wiped out, and not a single one of them had managed to escape. Presumably, after this battle, the Great Desolate Star Field would not be able to invade Shadowed Star again until they had thoroughly investigated its situation.

What’s more, Su Yan was still guarding this place, so even if any foreign enemies came, they would not be able to escape.

When Yang Kai left the Star Field back then, he had set up more than a hundred Space Law Formation in the Star Field, allowing him to connect the entire Star Field together. However, over the past ten years, many Space Law Formation had been destroyed, and some of them had been seized by the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field. As a result, the various forces in the Star Field were unable to quickly and effectively support each other and could only fight on their own. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so passive.

As for High Heaven Sect’s Space Law Formation, it was the starting point of the entire Star Field’s Space Law Formation, so it has been targeted the most. High Heaven Sect’s transmission channels to the outside world were all destroyed or occupied, causing Shadowed Star’s connection with the outside world to be cut off.

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The Space Law Formation was set up by Yang Kai, so he naturally had absolute authority over it.

As his Divine Sense surged, the Space Principle fluctuated wildly as Yang Kai released his full strength.

Although this was a Lower Plane Star Field, he was the Star Master of Shadowed Star. On Shadowed Star, he could use some of his strength without worrying about being repelled by the World Laws.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and sensed a Space Tunnel.

A group of people stood nearby and stared at him.

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Yang Kai said to Su Yan, “Senior Sister, I’ll leave this place to you.”

Su Yan nodded and said, “Don’t worry!” She now had a 2nd order Dao Source Stage foundation. Although she had suppressed her cultivation, a 3rd order Origin King Realm is definitely not her opponent. With her guarding Shadowed Star, there was nothing to worry about.

“Come back soon!” Dong SuZhu urged reluctantly.

Yang Kai nodded and took a deep breath. As his Law surged, the Spirit Law Formation flashed and his figure disappeared.

On a dead star hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Shadowed Star, deep underground, a Space Law Formation suddenly emitted a faint light.

Several pairs of eyes suddenly opened in the silent darkness and stared towards the Spirit Law Formation.

These people were all Origin King Realm masters from the Great Desolate Star Field, and they had been waiting here to kill the cultivators who had been teleported from Shadowed Star. They had succeeded several times before, and now that Shadowed Star was under siege, they naturally sent people to deliver news.

However, they had all been killed here and obtained a few of Yang Kai’s special transmission tokens.

Not everyone could use the Space Law Formation Yang Kai had set up. If one wanted to use it, they would need to have a Teleportation Token, otherwise they would be banished to the endless Void.

With these few Transmission Tokens, it was much more convenient for cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field to travel, and they could even directly teleport to High Heaven Sect. However, there were too few Transportation Tokens, so they didn’t have the courage to do so. All they had to do was leave these Transportation Tokens and some Space Law Formation to transmit information.

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However, it had been several years since anyone had come to this place. Obviously, Shadowed Star knew that the messenger had been killed, so they didn’t make any unnecessary attempts to prevent the enemy from benefiting.

Now, someone actually dared to repeat the same mistake.

In the darkness, the few pairs of eyes released a bloodthirsty light as they quietly withdrew their auras and quickly surrounded the Space Law Formation from all directions.

A figure suddenly appeared on the Space Law Formation, a handsome young man.

As soon as his figure appeared, five black shadows pounced towards him like hunting cheetahs, each of them filled with murderous intent and their methods extraordinary. In the blink of an eye, the dark mine became as bright as day and the energy fluctuations became chaotic.

The five of them were either calm or smiling maliciously as they stared at Yang Kai as if he was a dead man.

It wasn’t that they were confident that their strength was unparalleled, all five of them were only 1st order Origin King Realm, not even 2nd order. With such a lineup, even if they joined forces against a 2nd order Origin King Realm, it would still be difficult, let alone a 3rd order Origin King Realm.

But how far was Shadowed Star from here? Anyone who was teleported from such a great distance would experience a period of disorientation, and even a 3rd order Origin King Realm would not be able to escape.

This period of adaptation might only take a few breaths, but between life and death, a few breaths was enough for them to kill a thousand times over.

They didn’t hold back at all, determined to kill him on the spot.

They had always done this and had never failed before.

They didn’t care about Yang Kai’s life or death, what they cared about was the Transportation Tokens he carried with him. Those who could use this kind of Spirit Law Formation would definitely have a Transportation Token on them, and the Great Desolate Star Field was currently collecting these Transportation Tokens. Once ten of them were gathered, ten top masters would be sent directly to the headquarters of the top forces on Shadowed Star or other Cultivation Stars to directly attack the root.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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