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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3136 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3136
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Ten kilometers outside Yang He City, inside a pavilion, Yang Kai looked up towards the clouds.

A white figure flew over and landed in front of him, revealing Xu Bin Bai’s vigorous figure.

Yang He City had been reclaimed, and the foundation of the Underworld Sect on Green Hills Star had been completely uprooted. Although there were still some who had managed to escape, it was no longer a big deal. The haze that had covered Green Hills Star for more than ten years had been swept away, and even the sky had become much brighter.

Looking at the figure in the pavilion with some reverence, Xu Bin Bai’s heart was in turmoil, as if he had returned to a dozen years ago.

At that time, he and Yang Kai had both participated in the Blood Prison Trial. At that time, both of them were at the Origin Returning Stage, and there was not much of a difference between them. Xu Bin Bai even thought he was better because his master was Wu Dao!

This was the publicly acknowledged strongest powerhouse in the Star Field, of course, without counting the Starry Sky Great Emperor.

With the protection of such a master, his future was limitless, and the truth was that after a few dozen years, he had already broken through to the 2nd order Origin King Realm. His potential was still there, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach the 3rd order Origin King Realm in the future.

But compared to this person in front of him, this achievement was like the light of a firefly, insignificant.

In today’s battle, he had not seen Yang Kai fight, but the reinforcements he had brought with him were all unfathomable. Even the seemingly harmless little girl had been able to kill a 3rd order Origin King Realm in the blink of an eye.

So Xu Bin Bai was certain that Yang Kai’s strength was not something he could estimate.

“Brother Yang!” Xu Bin Bai cupped his fists, “Many thanks for Brother Yang’s help. Today’s killing of the Underworld Sect Thief was all thanks to Brother Yang’s good fortune, please accept this humble Xu’s bow.”

Unable to kneel down, an invisible force held him up and Yang Kai smiled, “In that case, we’re even.”

Xu Bin Bai looked at him suspiciously.

Yang Kai said, “When I left Blood Prison that year, if you hadn’t spoken up for me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to leave Green Hills Star safely.”

During the Blood Prison Trial, Yang Kai had already attracted the attention of Star Master Luo Hai. When he came out, he was intercepted and interrogated. It was Xu Bin Bai who spoke up for Yang Kai, allowing Luo Hai to settle this matter peacefully.


Although Xu Bin Bai’s cultivation wasn’t high at that time, the one standing behind him was Wu Dao, so Luo Hai had no choice but to give him face.

Although Luo Hai had chased him all the way to Scarlet Billow Star, if it weren’t for Xu Binbai’s words, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had the time to escape. He might have been captured by Luo Hai on Green Hills Star. On Green Hills Star, the might of a Star Master was not something Yang Kai could resist at that time.

Only then did Xu Bin Bai remember and laugh, “It’s just an old story, not worth mentioning.”

At that time, who would have thought that today’s identity would change?

“Sit!” Yang Kai gestured.

Xu Bin Bai hesitated for a moment, but still sat down in a carefree manner. Looking up at Liu Yan’s eyes, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat incredulous. How could such a small little girl kill a 3rd order Origin King Realm? Moreover, from beginning to end, she didn’t show the slightest bit of emotion, as if she was just casually crushing an ant.

Shaking his head, he turned to look at Yang Kai.

Before he could ask the question he wanted to ask the most, Yang Kai said, “Senior Wu Dao has died.”

Xu Bin Bai’s body trembled as he swallowed hard.

Yang Kai replied, “Senior fell under the might of the Heavens and Earth and did not die in battle.”

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Among the people who had gone to the Star Boundary, only Wu Dao had died alone. According to Chi Yue and the others, when Wu Dao broke through to the Origin King Realm, he was unable to withstand the baptism of World Energy and eventually fell under the might of Heaven.

Yang Kai hadn’t seen this with his own eyes, so he didn’t know much about it and couldn’t tell Xu Binbai much about it, but the death of a Wu Dao was truly regrettable, and it also made people sigh at the impermanence of the Heavenly Dao. He was the strongest cultivator in the Star Field back then, and a few of them had gone to the Star Boundary together, but he was the only one who had died, while Chi Yue and the others had all safely broken through.

A thick sense of sadness immediately enveloped Xu Bin Bai, and the joy of his victory disappeared. This old man was both his master and father, the most important person in his life. If it weren’t for him, Xu Bin Bai would never have achieved what he had today.

However, he had experienced many great storms over the past few years, especially over the past decade or so, he had become accustomed to life and death, even disregarding his own safety. Quickly calming down, he asked with slightly reddened eyes, “Can you tell me more about it?”

Yang Kai shook his head and told him the specific reason.

Xu Bin Bai understood, “Brother Yang being able to tell me this news, this Xu is extremely grateful.”

“Meeting you today is also a coincidence, Brother Xu, please restrain your grief.” Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai changed the subject, “Is the White Shirt Sect yours?”

Xu Bin Bai took a deep breath and said, “That’s right.” He didn’t have any intention of establishing the White Shirt Sect. Over the past few years, he had only seen many life and death separations, and after taking action a few times, he had gained some fame and gathered a number of people around him. Under the leadership, under his name, the White Shirt Sect was born and heroes emerged from the chaos. Rather than saying that Xu Bin Bai and his companions had founded the White Shirt Sect, it would be more accurate to say that the current Green Hills Star needed the White Shirt Sect. With the White Shirt Sect’s emergence, its development was extremely rapid, and now it had become the most powerful force that resisted the Underworld Sect on Green Hills Star. After today’s battle, the White Shirt Sect would definitely rise to prominence and truly dominate everything on Green Hills Star.

“Brother Yang, would it be possible to stay here and relieve the suffering of all the spirits on Green Hills Star?” Xu Bin Bai looked at Yang Kai earnestly. If he was here, what about the bullshit like Underworld Sect?

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m just passing by, I can’t stay here for long.”

Xu Bin Bai immediately showed a look of disappointment.

Although today’s battle had injured the vitality of the Underworld Sect and the foundation of Green Hills Star had been uprooted, no one could guarantee that the Underworld Sect wouldn’t send an even stronger cultivator here. If a 3rd order Origin King Realm really appeared, Xu Bin Bai wouldn’t be his opponent, and all his previous efforts would be in vain.

But now that things had come to this point, he didn’t have any reason to try to persuade Yang Kai. A man should beg others instead of himself. Although he was grateful to Yang Kai, he didn’t feel like he was inferior.

“But I can stay here for two days,” Yang Kai added.

Xu Bin Bai was speechless. What could two days do? Moreover, if the cultivators from Underworld Sect or Great Desolate Star Field really wanted to make a comeback, they wouldn’t have come so quickly.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “No one has refined the Star Source of Green Hills Star yet, right?”

As soon as these words came out, Xu Bin Bai’s body trembled violently as he stared at Yang Kai in disbelief, “Brother Yang means…”

No way? It shouldn’t be possible, right? Even if your methods were extraordinary, you shouldn’t be able to do such a thing.

“Follow me!” Yang Kai suddenly reached out and grabbed Xu Bin Bai’s shoulder, but before he could react, his body flickered and he disappeared.

Xu Bin Bai only felt the scenery in front of him flash wildly. Even with his current cultivation, he couldn’t see how Yang Kai was moving. All he knew was that there was an earthy smell blowing towards him from all directions, and his field of vision had also become pitch black. He instinctively felt that he was deep underground.

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After just a dozen breaths of time, he suddenly stopped.

A dazzling light filled his vision.

Turning his head towards the light source, Xu Bin Bai’s eyes narrowed.

In the next moment, a dazzling halo of light began to undulate, dazzling everyone who saw it. Sweeping it with his Divine Sense, he immediately felt an extremely terrifying energy contained within it.

“This is…” Xu Bin Bai had some guesses, but he couldn’t be certain.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Green Hills Star’s Star Source!” Yang Kai said.

Sure enough! Xu Bin Bai sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Yang Kai hesitantly, “Brother Yang, you’re not asking me to refine it right now, are you?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “If you can refine it, you will become the master of the Green Hills Star. With the help of Green Hills Star, who would dare violate it?”

“But I…”

“Hold your breath and focus, this is the key to whether or not you can refine it!” Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand and tapped his forehead. Immediately, a massive amount of information rushed into his mind and a series of words appeared in his mind. Not daring to hesitate, he quickly immersed himself in comprehending.

After a while, Yang Kai stood up.

Xu Bin Bai was still standing there, not moving.

The Star Refining Art had already been passed down, and with the assistance of this Secret Technique, Yang Kai believed that it shouldn’t be difficult for Xu Binbai to refine the Star Source of Green Hills Star. Of course, he still had to take care of him.

This was a Secret Technique he had obtained from Yang Yan’s Court. Yang Kai had refined Shadowed Star and Xia Ning Chang had used this Secret Technique to refine Tongxuan Continent.

What’s more, Yang Kai had not only imparted the Star Refining Art’s incantation, but also his own comprehension and various other essentials, saving Xu Bin Bai a lot of time.

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After four hours, Xu Bin Bai finally opened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai in excitement.

“Let’s begin,” Yang Kai urged.

Xu Bin Bai nodded and immediately sat down cross-legged before activating the Star Refining Art to communicate with the Star Source.

Specks of light flew out like fireflies and surrounded Xu Bin Bai.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling speechless. He hadn’t expected him to be able to communicate so easily.

On second thought, it wasn’t strange. Over the past few years, Green Hills Star had been plagued by the Underworld Sect’s cultivators and the World Energy had been contaminated, but Xu Bin Bai had always taken the responsibility of saving the common people and led White Shirt Sect to resist the Underworld Sect, following the Heavenly Dao.

The Star Source was the will of the entire Cultivation Star. Although it was not a living being, it was still able to sense something.

Xu Bin Bai was a living being, and this was why he was so close to the Star Source on Green Hills Star. The Heavenly Dao was impermanent, and the Heavenly Dao was natural.

After realizing this, Yang Kai realized that he had been worrying too much. If it had been anyone else, it would have been impossible for them to refine the Star Source of Green Hills Star so easily. Only Xu Bin Bai could do so.

Perhaps… it wouldn’t be long before Green Hills Star gave birth to a new Star Master. At that time, Green Hills Star would have the ability to protect itself and wouldn’t need to worry about Underworld Sect invading and plundering it.

Yang Kai originally wanted to leave, but after thinking about it for a moment, he walked to the side and took out various materials.

Setting up a Space Law Formation here wasn’t a bad choice, in case he couldn’t directly teleport here next time.

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