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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3138 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3138
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She was an extremely charming woman, and when she was still in the Central Capital, she was known as the Demon Queen. Now that her cultivation had risen, this kind of charm was even more soul-stirring. Just her pretty face alone was enough to make any man fall head over heels for her.

Red was a common color, but when worn on her, it complemented her beauty even more.

At this moment, she was holding a wine jar in her hand, her beautiful eyes narrowing slightly as she stared up at the stars, as if she was staring at the moon, but upon closer inspection, her eyes were unfocused, as if nothing in this world was worthy of her attention.

Raising her head slightly, she poured the wine into her mouth. The clear liquid flowed down the corner of her mouth and rolled down her slender and fair neck, dripping onto her chest and wetting her clothes. If a man were here, his blood would immediately boil and he would be unable to control himself.

Raising her hand, she reached out towards the Starry Sky, as if he wanted to grab hold of a star and grip it tightly.

When she opened her hand, it was empty.

Throwing away the wine jar, she ruffled her hair and gnashed her teeth, “Smelly man!”

The sound of the wine jar falling to the ground startled the people outside. The door was pushed open and a graceful figure walked in. Looking at her and then at the broken pieces of porcelain on the ground, she squatted down and began cleaning up.

“Bi Luo, come here!” Shan Qing Luo beckoned to her, her voice so charming that even though Bi Luo was a woman, when she heard this, she couldn’t help feeling her heart tremble, as if something was stirring within her tender body.

Holding her forehead, Bi Luo asked, “Senior, what are you trying to do?”

“Come here!” Shan Qing Luo shouted.

Bi Luo had no choice but to step forward, but before she could even stand, Shan Qing Luo pulled her into her embrace and placed half of her body on her lap.

Looking up, she saw that beautiful face right in front of her, her red lips as lustrous as gemstones, and a mesmerizing fragrance lingering in her nose. Shan Qing Luo looked down at her with a smile, her beautiful hair falling across her face, tickling her.

* Gulp * Bi Luo swallowed hard, her face turning red, “Great… Great Lord…”

Shan Qing Luo smiled but didn’t say anything, causing Bi Luo to feel even more nervous. Was her long-cherished wish about to be fulfilled? ‘I still hadn’t mentally prepared myself, what should I do? Should I ruthlessly refuse her?’


As a maid who had followed Shan Qing Luo all the way here from the Central Capital, Bi Luo had already handed over her body and mind to her. Her current cultivation was not low, at least at the 1st oder Origin King Realm. The only reason she was able to achieve this was because of Shan Qing Luo’s strong support and careful guidance over the years.

She could do anything for Shan Qing Luo, even if it meant death, she wouldn’t bat an eye.

Bi Luo’s breathing became rapid and her blood began to boil. Bi Luo felt as if she had been struck by lightning and her body became extremely stiff.

“Do you like me?” Shan Qing Luo suddenly asked with a smile, her eyes filled with confusion. As she spoke, she stretched out a jade finger and brushed it across Bi Luo’s red lips.

Bi Luo almost couldn’t help licking her lips, but at least she didn’t lose her rationality, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “My lord, you’re drunk.”

“Nonsense.” Shan Qing Luo pressed a finger against her red lips and said lazily, “It’s just a few jars of wine, how could i be drunk? En, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Bi Luo pursed her red lips and nodded lightly, “Bi Luo is my lord’s.”

Shan Qing Luo giggled and said, “Little Bi Luo is still the best.” She leaned towards her, her red lips releasing a sweet fragrance.

Bi Luo’s eyes widened and just as she thought something was about to happen, she suddenly felt Shan Qing Luo kiss her on the forehead and was immediately disappointed.

However, Shan Qing Luo said, “But we’re both women! If I were a man, I would eat you right now!” She reached out and brushed her nose.

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Bi Luo looked away and faintly said, “I can…”

“Of course not!” Shan Qing Luo sighed, “It’s still better to be a man, leaving without a care in the world, not knowing how to take someone else’s heart away. I don’t know how he spend his time outside, I’m afraid he already had a lot of wives and concubines, even children, so he have forgotten all about me.”

Bi Luo immediately said angrily, “My lord, that kind of man is not worth entrusting to, there’s no need to think about it.”

Shan Qing Luo grabbed her hand and placed it on her chest, smiling as she said, “But i don’t agree here.”

Bi Luo’s heart ached so much that tears almost fell from her eyes as she said sadly, “Senior, no matter how the world changes, Bi Luo will always accompany Senior. If Senior doesn’t drive me away, I will never leave.”

“Why would I chase you away?” Shan Qing Luo smiled sweetly.

Bi Luo also smiled happily and suddenly said somewhat awkwardly, “If Senior really can’t bear it… this servant can think of a way to help Senior… relieve her worries and relieve her pain.”

Shan Qing Luo Qi asked, “Do you have any ideas?”

Bi Luo replied, “I’ve recently learned some Transformation Techniques.”

“Oh?” Shan Qing Luo was surprised.

“I can transform into that person’s appearance.”

Shan Qing Luo was silent for a moment, seemingly somewhat moved.

Seeing this, Bi Luo quickly struck while the iron was hot and said, “Perhaps I can’t display its charm, but it shouldn’t be a problem to imitate seventy to eighty percent of it.”

“Who are you imitating?”

A voice suddenly came from outside the window, startling the two women.

Bi Luo immediately jumped up and shouted, “Who is it!”

This was the most central location of Half Moon Mountain, the Queen’s palace, so how could it be possible for someone to sneak in here?

Looking up, Bi Luo’s jaw dropped, “You, you, you…”

She actually saw a face she could never have imagined.

Shan Qing Luo was also stunned as she turned her head to look at the face she had missed for decades, her face filled with a dazed look.

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“Luo’er!” Yang Kai smiled as he stretched out his hand to greet her before turning to look at Bi Luo and saying, “Little girl, taking advantage of others when they’re in the corner is immoral!” He had long known about Bi Luo’s attitude towards Shan Qing Luo. Back in the Central Capital, it had been like this. He didn’t expect that after so many years, this woman’s interests had not changed at all.

Yin and Yang harmony was the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, but she was doing the opposite.

But then again, back in the Central Capital World, Yang Kai and Bi Luo had encountered some kind of strange situation. As soon as they met, Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing at her red lips.

This kind of thing could make one yearn for the taste of it.

Saying so, Yang Kai walked in through the window.

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With a bang, Shan Qing Luo closed the window, and the hard wood of the window smashed against Yang Kai’s nose, causing him to stop in his tracks.

“Hmph!” Liu Yan snorted lightly, a hint of ridicule in her voice.

Inside the room, Shan Qing Luo rubbed her temples.

Bi Luo stared at her blankly, “Senior, what are you doing?” The person she had been thinking about for so many years had suddenly appeared in front of her, so why had he been rejected? Shouldn’t she have immediately thrown herself into his arms and complained about the pain of longing?

Shan Qing Luo frowned, “I drank too much and it seems I’m hallucinating.”

As she spoke, she opened the window again and looked out. When their eyes met, the window closed again.

“This wine is quite strong, Bi Luo, where did you find it?”

Bi Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Foolish woman!” Outside the window, Yang Kai couldn’t bear it any longer and pushed open the window, striding in and looking around arrogantly, “Your husband has returned, yet you dare to avoid me, you’re simply revolting!”

Shan Qing Luo turned to look at him, sizing him up before asking in surprise, “Husband?”

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It was as if she had just seen him.

Yang Kai took a step forward, pinched her cheek, and pulled her to the side, causing her beautiful face to immediately change shape, fiercely saying, “Speak, what do you want!”

“It’s really You!” Shan Qing Luo muttered, “I thought i was drunk, did you really come back? This mistress is so happy, I’m overjoyed.”

How could she look happy?

The corner of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched. This was quite different from what he had imagined. With a light snort, he released his grip.

Shan Qing Luo rubbed her cheeks and glanced at him timidly, a guilty look on her face as she carefully asked, “Husband, how long have you been here? Did you hear anything… you can’t hear?”

Yang Kai snorted, “I’ve heard everything I shouldn’t have.”

Shan Qing Luo sighed as a look of determination flashed across her eyes, as if she had made an extremely important decision. Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around Bi Luo’s shoulders and pulled her into a tight embrace, as if she was a piece of meat on a chopping board, “Since that’s the case, there’s no need to hide anything. To be honest, this Mistress and Bi Luo are now in love with each other, living happily ever after. I don’t know how much freedom I’ve led, but I’ve long since forgotten about you. Please forgive this Mistress for being lonely all these years and falling in love with someone else.” Saying so, she bent down and said deeply, “I’m sorry.”

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched even harder.

Bi Luo was still in a daze when Shan Qing Luo stretched out her hand and pressed down on her back, immediately bending down and hurriedly saying, “I’ve been trying to poach you, I’m really… sorry.”

Shan Qing Luo straightened her body and held Bi Luo’s hand, tilting her head to look at her with a tender expression, “Husband, no, Little Brother Yang, as long as you don’t break us up, anything is fine.”

“Yang, little, Little Brother?” Yang Kai grit his teeth and said slowly.

Shan Qing Luo smiled, “You’re younger than me, so it’s not a problem to call you that. If you feel like you’ve suffered a loss, I’ll just call you Big Brother Yang. In any case, you won’t lose any flesh.”

Before she could finish speaking, Yang Kai reached out and grabbed her cheeks, her pretty face once again changing shape, “Are you done?”

“Stop!” Shan Qing Luo shouted, “Our relationship as husband and wife is already over, why are you still touching me? You’re acting like a rogue!”

“Alright, let’s be serious,” Yang Kai said as he savored her for a while, pretending to be dignified as he stared at her, not quite understanding what she was trying to do. He hadn’t seen her for several dozen years, yet she had come all the way here to put on a big show for him. What was the meaning of this?

“Hmph, I’m being serious.” Shan Qing Luo’s face was filled with dissatisfaction, “What, you’re allowed to play around outside, so I can’t fall in love with someone else?”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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