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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3142 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3142
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Huang Tudao shouted, causing Bi Luo’s heart to tremble. Fortunately, she had thought of an excuse while walking just now, so she didn’t panic. Stroking her hair behind her ear, she smiled and said, “Villa Master Huang, please calm your anger. Today, this Mistress has come to deliver a message to Villa Master Huang.”

If she wanted to survive tonight, she could only rely on Shan Qing Luo’s name. Just like how Shan Qing Luo was wary of Huang Tudao, Huang Tudao was also extremely wary of Shan Qing Luo. After all, her cultivation was no weaker than his.

Huang Tudao’s eyes narrowed as he asked, “Shan Qing Luo’s message? What is it? Could it be that she has agreed to give herself to me? Hahahaha!”

Bi Luo grinned.

“She said all of you will die tonight!”

Huang Tu Dao’s laughter came to an abrupt halt, and all the cultivators in the hall were shocked. They all stood up and glared at Bi Luo.

Bi Luo’s smile froze on her face as she looked down, because the words she had just spoken had not come from her, but from Liu Yan.

Huang Tu Dao looked at Liu Yan, then at Bi Luo, faintly saying, “You can’t pretend you didn’t hear this.”

Cold sweat dripped down Bi Luo’s forehead as she hurriedly said, “A child’s child’s words don’t mean anything, she’s just spouting nonsense.” At the same time, she glared fiercely at Liu Yan, warning her not to speak again.

“A child’s words?” Huang Tu Dao coldly snorted, “I think you came here to find trouble tonight. Very well, since you’re a woman, I don’t want to lower myself to your level. Since that’s the case, don’t blame this King for not showing mercy to a woman.”

“Villa Master Huang, please calm down!” Bi Luo’s mouth was filled with bitterness. She really didn’t know what kind of sin she had committed to suffer such torture, so she quickly pushed Liu Yan, “Be good and apologize to Villa Master Huang.”

Liu Yan said, “He’s about to die, why apologize?”

Huang Tu Dao smiled in anger and sat up straight, propping himself up on the table with both hands, his upper body slightly bent as he stared at Liu Yan and said, “Little girl, you’re quite interesting. This King wants to see how I die tonight.” Another shout rang out, “If I don’t die tonight, all of you will die!”

Regardless of whether she was a child or not, this little girl had repeatedly offended him, so naturally she should be taught a lesson. He wasn’t a kind-hearted person, so killing a child wasn’t too much of a burden to him.

“You won’t be able to see it,” Liu Yan lightly replied, suddenly raising her small hand and igniting a small flame on her fingertip. This flame was just a small flame, flickering as if it could be extinguished by a casual blow.


This caused everyone to burst into laughter.

Huang Tu Dao didn’t laugh, but instead wore a solemn expression because the moment this small flame appeared, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Liu Yan flicked her finger and a small flame flew towards Huang Tu Dao.

Huang Tu Dao suddenly stood up, as if he was facing a great enemy, and with a low roar, a dozen thick beast tattoos suddenly appeared on his body. At the same time, one of the beast tattoos flashed, and a giant gorilla-like beast appeared in front of him. This Monster Beast was full of viciousness and had the aura of a Tenth-Order Monster Beast. As soon as it appeared, it beat its chest with both hands and bared its teeth while roaring.

The howls came to an abrupt halt as a pitch-black bloody hole appeared on the giant beast’s chest. The edge of the wound was stained with a faint flame which quickly spread out and began burning.

After the flame pierced through the giant beast’s body, it didn’t slow down in the slightest and easily destroyed Huang Tu Dao’s protective Saint Qi and artifact.

As if a piece of dry wood had encountered a raging fire, Huang Tu Dao’s entire body burst into flames, his screams piercing the clouds.

After a while, the people from the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa who had been laughing loudly just a moment ago all stood up in shock, the wine and food on the table in front of them scattered all over the ground, and the dancing women in the hall also screamed and fled.

Bi Luo’s body stiffened as she stood in place, her eyes flashing with the light of flames, almost believing she was in a dream.

The screams didn’t last long, only three breaths later, Huang Tu Dao collapsed to the ground, turning into a pile of black ash. Not even his bones remained, and the fate of the giant beast he summoned was the same.

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In the blink of an eye, Huang Tudao had fallen!

The entire scene was silent, not even the sound of breathing could be heard. Everyone was dumbfounded. No one had expected that the previously awe-inspiring and arrogant Myriad Beast Mountain Villa Master would be killed by a seven or eight year old little girl.

A small flame had burned a 3rd order Origin King Realm into ashes. Who was this little girl? What kind of flame was this?

After a brief silence, the sound of clothes fluttering could be heard as one figure after another fled in all directions, creating more than a dozen holes in the hall.

Although they didn’t know what kind of cultivation the little girl had and what methods she had, if she could kill Huang Tu Dao so easily, taking the lives of everyone present would be as easy as flipping her hand.

If they wanted to live, they could only flee as far as possible.

“Thirteen…” Liu Yan didn’t seem to notice, only calmly muttering, “Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix!”

With a shake of her small body, a burst of flames suddenly shot out in all directions, each of them transforming into the shape of a small bird that flew out of the hall and disappeared.

Screams rang out one after another, all of them extremely short and hurried as powerful auras were annihilated.

Bi Luo’s tender body trembled, not from joy, but from fear.

The little girl, who she thought was harmless to humans and animals, suddenly displayed an unimaginable strength, causing her to feel a sense of fear. Instinctively, her figure flickered and she dashed out of the hall, staring blankly into the distance.

Inside this huge city, Firebird after Firebird flew through the air. These birds were no longer small and delicate, but instead had transformed into giant creatures, swaying their dazzling flaming tails and burning everything in their path.

In such a short time, with the hall as the center, there was not a single living creature in a thousand-meter radius apart from her and Liu Yan. All of them had been killed, and the ones who had been acting arrogantly in the hall had long since been reduced to ashes. At this moment, not even a shadow could be seen, while the Firebird continued to expand its power.

A chill ran down her spine!

The Myriad Beast Mountain Villa was finished, now they were truly uprooted.

Although she didn’t know what the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa was celebrating tonight, allowing so many masters to gather together, it seemed that this was an extremely wrong decision, giving Liu Yan a chance to wipe them all out.

Only now did Bi Luo realize what was happening.

No wonder the little girl insisted on her bringing her to the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa. No wonder she wasn’t afraid at all and instead repeatedly spoke arrogantly in the main hall. With such powerful strength, what was there to be afraid of?

As the cold wind blew, Bi Luo’s chaotic thoughts became a bit clearer, and he returned to the main hall in a daze, only to see Liu Yan sitting quietly in the same position as Huang Tu Dao, casually yawning, seemingly bored to death.

Bi Luo’s eyes twitched violently.

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Three days later, Yang Kai struggled to pull his arm out from under Shan Qing Luo’s body, he didn’t want to be entangled with her again.

Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai slapped her on the chest, leaving behind a bright red palm print. Yang Kai asked, “Still not full?”

Shan Qing Luo narrowed her eyes and lazily said, “Am I such a difficult person to satisfy?”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Isn’t it?”

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These three days had been extremely close. The Great Queen seemed to want to make up for all the decades she had lost, taking the initiative to make love to Yang Kai time and time again, as if she wanted to squeeze him dry, but in the end, her skills were naturally inferior and she was defeated again.

Yang Kai’s current cultivation was two whole realms higher than hers, and he also had a half dragon body, so how could she possibly withstand this kind of tribulation? However, the more she suffered, the braver she became, allowing Yang Kai to enjoy her for a few days.

She and Su Yan were simply two different.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Shan Qing Luo glared at him and pinched him hard.

Yang Kai smiled and placed his hand on her flat belly, “If you choke me to death, the child in your stomach will have no father.”

Shan Qing Luo suddenly opened her eyes and muttered, “Child…” She stretched out her hand and touched her belly. Yes, perhaps she already had a child in her belly. If that was the case, she would be able to comfort herself when he wasn’t around.

With a flip of her body, Shan Qing Luo straddled him, her beautiful hair falling down to cover her chest as she pursed her lips, “Give me more, this time I must get pregnant.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I was just saying it casually, you took it seriously.”

“Your words are like spilled water, how dare you not take responsibility!” Shan Qing Luo reached out and grabbed Yang Kai’s neck, her face filled with hatred.

Yang Kai replied, “Of course not, it’s just that someone is looking for you right now!” He pointed towards the door.

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“Who is it!?” Shan Qing Luo frowned, “No!”

“Yu Xiong!” Yang Kai smiled.

Chi Yue had once taken in an adopted son and an adopted daughter. Naturally, the adopted daughter was Shan Qing Luo, while the adopted son was Yu Xiong. He and Shan Qing Luo were also siblings.

When Yang Kai came to Monster Emperor Star, he had interacted with Yu Xiong before and was an extremely forthright man, so he was no stranger to him.

Hearing that Yu Xiong had come to find her, Shan Qing Luo naturally couldn’t refuse and could only get up to put on her clothes.

A moment later, the door opened and Yang Kai immediately heard Yu Xiong shouting, “Bi Luo, you go away, I have something to tell my little sister, do you dare stop me?”

Bi Luo hurriedly said, “Sir, the Queen is currently unable to see guests, please wait a moment, I’ll go inform her.”

Yu Xiong angrily said, “Why is it inconvenient for her to see guests…” Just as he was thinking about this, seeing the door open, Yu Xiong immediately threw aside Bi Luo and rushed forward to greet her. Seeing Shan Qing Luo’s radiant face, he couldn’t help being stunned and swallowing the words he was about to say.

Looking up again, he saw Yang Kai walking out from behind Shan Qing Luo.

“It’s you little bastard!” Yu Xiong’s brow twitched as he threw a punch towards Yang Kai and shouted, “Brat, give your life!”

Shan Qing Luo dodged to the side and smiled.

She was not worried that Yang Kai would suffer a loss, nor was she worried that Yang Kai would hurt Yu Xiong, so she had no intention of interfering.

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