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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3143 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3143
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The giant fist was blocked by Yang Kai’s finger, causing Yu Xiong’s eyes to widen in disbelief as he sent out another punch.

Yang Kai flicked his finger at Yu Xiong’s fist, causing Yu Xiong’s strong arm to fall limply to the ground, unable to muster any strength. Taking a few steps back, he examined Yang Kai from head to toe, “You…”

Although Yang Kai was quite rough, it didn’t mean his thoughts were the same. Even if he hadn’t used his full strength in these two punches, it wasn’t something anyone could easily block. Yang Kai’s Lightness-in-Heaviness movement naturally made him think about many things.

Yang Kai stood there with a smile on his face.

Yu Xiong shook his head, no longer bothering to argue with him, instead calling out, “Little Sister, something big has happened.”

Shan Qing Luo was startled, “What is it?”

Yu Xiong also had a Origin King Realm cultivation now, so something that could cause him to panic like this was definitely not small. And now, how many of the so-called major events on the Monster Emperor Star were there? These events were definitely related to the Scarlet Moon Territory.

“The Myriad Beast Mountain Villa was destroyed.”

Shan Qing Luo was stunned for a moment before turning her head to look at Yang Kai, as if asking if he was the one who had done this. Scarlet Moon had fought with the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa for more than ten years and had always been suppressed. She had fought with Huang Tu Dao more than once, so she naturally knew how powerful he was. To be able to destroy the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa, Scarlet Moon did not possess such strength, nor did anyone in the entire Monster Emperor Star Continent.

The only person who could do this quietly was the man beside her, but… during these three days, she had not taken a single step away from him, so how did he do it? Or perhaps, before he came to see her, he had gone to the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa?

Yu Xiong said excitedly, “When I first heard this news, I also couldn’t believe it and even went to investigate. Guess what? Myriad Beast Mountain Villa has been razed to the ground, and there’s not a single living person inside. Although I don’t know who the culprit is, he’s definitely proficient in Fire Attribute Divine Abilities. Also, according to the information I gathered, when Myriad Beast Mountain Villa was destroyed that night, Old Dog Huang was holding a banquet. Not only were there Myriad Beast Mountain Villa’s Origin King Realm Elders, there were also two traitors, Qian Yan and Kuang Shi. Good death, good death! Hahaha, as expected, good and evil will always be rewarded.” Yu Xiong clenched his fists tightly as a terrifying light flashed across his eyes, “Little Sister, it’s time to act!”

The Myriad Beast Mountain Villa had been completely destroyed and all its masters had been killed. Scarlet Moon had no more scruples, so it was time to reclaim the entire Monster Emperor Star.

“It’s not me.” Seeing Shan Qing Luo staring at him, Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and smiled before turning to look at Liu Yan.

When he heard that the Myriad Beasts Mountain Villa had been destroyed by the Fire Attribute Divine Ability, Yang Kai immediately knew who was behind it. Liu Yan and Bi Luo’s night out had been able to deceive Shan Qing Luo, but not his perception, so it must have been that night.

Coincidentally, Liu Yan also turned to look at him with narrowed eyes, with a look of ‘praise me’ on her face.


Yang Kai gave her a thumbs up and Liu Yan smiled sweetly.

“Did you do this?” Shan Qing Luo observed Liu Yan’s expression and also stared at her in amazement. She had thought that this little girl was the illegitimate daughter of Yang Kai and some woman, but now it seemed she had been overthinking things.

“Her?” Yu Xiong’s chattering was interrupted as he stared at Liu Yan in shock, his mouth twitching as he asked, “Are you joking?”

It wasn’t that his ability to accept this was weak, but rather that he simply couldn’t accept it.

Bi Luo weakly said from the side, “Lord Yu Xiong, Myriad Beast Mountain Villa was indeed destroyed by her.”

Yu Xiong glanced at Bi Luo and laughed, “These words aren’t funny at all.”

Bi Luo stared at him solemnly.

Yu Xiong’s laughter gradually subsided, “Are you serious?”

Bi Luo said, “I was just about to report this matter to the Queen, on that night three days ago, she and I…” Immediately, she began narrating what had happened that night. Although she was just speaking casually and without exaggeration, the events of that night continued to play out in front of their eyes, causing Shan Qing Luo and Yu Xiong to tremble in fear.

When they heard that Huang Tu Dao had been burned to death by a small flame, they broke out in a cold sweat.

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That was a 3rd order Origin King Realm! What kind of fire could burn him to death in just three breaths?

Yu Xiong’s face couldn’t help turning pale as he stared at Liu Yan with a look of awe and fear. When he saw Liu Yan’s cute appearance just now, he casually patted her head.

Now that he thought about it, he was really lucky. If he had provoked this little girl just now, wouldn’t he have to face the consequences of Huang Tu Dao’s actions? If that fire could kill Huang Tu Dao, he would have no way to resist, so killing him would definitely not be a problem.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he pulled away from Liu Yan, seemingly trying to find a sense of security.

“Who is she?” Shan Qing Luo turned to look at Yang Kai, “Isn’t she your daughter?”

Yang Kai spread out his hands and said, “You should have listen to me earlier, but you didn’t listen at all. She’s Liu Yan.”

“Liu Yan!” Shan Qing Luo was shocked. She was naturally not unfamiliar with Liu Yan, but no matter what, she could not associate this Artifact Spirit with this little girl in front of her. This person in front of her was a living person with flesh and blood.

She immediately understood that Liu Yan must have obtained some kind of amazing opportunity by following Yang Kai all these years, even forming her own body.

After a moment of shock, Shan Qing Luo’s beautiful eyes lit up. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The masters of the Myriad Beast Mountain Villa were all dead and no longer had the strength to fight with the Scarlet Moon Territory. If they were to attack at this moment, who on the Monster Emperor Star could stop them?

She smiled apologetically to Yang Kai, “Husband, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you anymore.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “You can go about your own business. There will be plenty of time in the future, so there’s no need to rush.” This time, he had come back to take everyone to the Star Boundary. He would no longer be gone for a few dozen years, and there would be plenty of time for romance.

Not to mention, both he and Shan Qing Luo would need to rest for the next three days.

Shan Qing Luo and Yu Xiong quickly left to recover the Monster Emperor Star, leaving behind Yang Kai.

Bi Luo looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, “Sir, what instructions do you have?”

Who would have thought that the boy who had been trapped in Fragrance City by Her Lady Queen would one day grow to such an extent that even Her Lady Queen would be protected by him?

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “I remember there’s a Space Law Formation here in Scarlet Moon Territory. Take me there.”

Shadowed Star was now completely clear, so the Monster Emperor Star should be arriving soon, but Yang Kai still needed to be on guard against any powerful masters from the Great Desolate Star Field coming back. Shadowed Star had Su Yan guarding it, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried about it. On the other hand, the Monster Emperor Star needed to strengthen its forces, and the best way to do so was to connect the two Cultivation Stars together so that they could help each other. At that time, if any ignorant fool dared to try to attack the Monster Emperor Star, he would be doomed!

The group of three immediately headed towards the depths of Scarlet Moon Territory.

According to Bi Luo, the Space Law Formation in the Scarlet Moon Territory had been destroyed by Shan Qing Luo more than a decade ago, just in case someone teleported into the Scarlet Moon Territory through it.

At that time, they had already lost contact with Shadowed Star and had no other choice.

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Along the way, they encountered many Monster Race members from the Scarlet Moon Territory, all of whom respectfully bowed to Bi Luo. Although she was only Shan Qing Luo’s maidservant, she was still a Origin King Realm cultivator, so she naturally received the respect of a master. What’s more, who among the Scarlet Moon Territory’s Monster Race didn’t know that the Queen had never truly regarded her as a maidservant? She and the Queen were like sisters.

However, when they looked at Yang Kai and Liu Yan, their eyes were filled with amazement.

Since Bi Luo didn’t say anything, they naturally didn’t dare ask.

Soon, they arrived at the Space Law Formation.

The Space Law Formation here were also arranged by Yang Kai in the past. Looking at them now, he found that there were many simple and crude places. This was partly because his cultivation had improved and his horizons had broadened, but also because his attainments in the Space Laws had become more profound.

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“Sir, do you need any materials?” Bi Luo asked. She vaguely remembered that setting up this Space Law Formation required a lot of precious materials.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “There’s no need, you can go about your business.” In his early years in the Star Field, the main material used to arrange the Space Law Formation was the Space Spirit Stone, but the grade of the material wasn’t high. He had brought countless Space Spirit Crystals and Space Spirit Jades from the Star Boundary to arrange the Space Law Formation.

Bi Luo smiled slightly, “It’s my duty to serve Sir well.” Shan Qing Luo had given her instructions, so she naturally put in a lot of effort, but as soon as she spoke these words, she felt that there was something wrong with them.

Coincidentally, Yang Kai’s gaze fell upon her, and Bi Luo could clearly feel his lips linger on hers for a moment before she quickly lowered her head, her long eyelashes casting a shadow over her face, making it impossible to see her expression clearly.

When she looked up again, Yang Kai was already focused on the Space Law Formation in front of him.

From the side, a pair of eyes glanced over and saw Liu Yan staring straight at her, her hands spreading out in a wide circle.

“What?” Bi Luo was really afraid of her, especially when she was making all kinds of gestures.

“So many women, so many,” Liu Yan said.

Bi Luo thought about it for a moment before regaining her composure and asking with a red face, “What are you talking about?”

“Haha…” Liu Yan smiled lightly.

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Bi Luo really wanted to rip her mouth open.

“Liu Yan, come help!” Yang Kai called out.

Liu Yan nodded and skipped over to Yang Kai’s side, blowing on the pile of Space Spirit Crystals and Space Spirit Jades Yang Kai had taken out. A flame immediately flew out and wrapped around the materials.

With Liu Yan’s help, setting up a Space Law Formation became easier.

In less than half a day, a brand new Space Law Formation was erected.

With Yang Kai’s adjustments and positioning, this Space Law Formation could directly connect to Shadowed Star. There was no need for any transit in between, so it was undoubtedly much more convenient.

After instructing Liu Yan to stay behind to look after him, Yang Kai stepped onto the Space Law Formation and activated his Space Force, disappearing in a flash of light.

Bi Luo and Liu Yan only waited for half a day before the Spirit Formation began to glow and one could vaguely see numerous figures within, each of them exuding a powerful aura.

When the light faded, Bi Luo found many familiar faces, all of them masters from High Heaven Sect and Shadowed Star. She had lived on Shadowed Star with Shan Qing Luo for some time, so she was naturally familiar with these people.

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