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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3144 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3144
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Bi Luo even saw Su Yan!

Su Yan had disappeared twenty years ago and had disappeared without a trace, but at some point she had returned to High Heaven Sect. Not daring to neglect her, she quickly stepped forward and bowed to Su Yan, “Bi Luo greets First Lady!”

Although there were many women by Yang Kai’s side, if you wanted to rank the first, it would definitely be Su Yan. It wasn’t because of their deep relationship or because she was Yang Kai’s first woman, but because she had a convincing temperament.

Xue Yue and Shan Qing Luo would occasionally bicker with each other, but in front of Su Yan, both of them were well-behaved, so Bi Luo naturally had to show proper respect to this First Lady.

Su Yan smiled and replied, “Long time no see.”

Bi Luo replied, “It’s been twenty years, the Queen has been constantly talking about Madam. If she can learn that Madam is safe and sound, she will definitely be able to put down a load on her mind.”

Su Yan turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Didn’t you tell Luo’er?”

Yang Kai rubbed his face, “I forgot.”

“You’re not free, are you?” Su Yan teased. Even with Yang Kai’s thick skin, he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

He had been together with Shan Qing Luo for three days and had been completely reckless, so he didn’t have the time to say anything else. Now that Su Yan had exposed him, he naturally felt a bit embarrassed.

Fortunately, Su Yan was not someone who liked to be entangled in such matters, so she turned to Bi Luo and said, “This time, we came here to help Luo’er. Where is she? Bring us to her.”

Although all the masters of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Villa had been killed, it had been operating on the Monster Emperor Star for more than a decade and occupied nearly ninety percent of the Monster Emperor Star’s territory. Relying on the Scarlet Moon Territory to recover the lost land would probably take a lot of time. The reason Yang Kai had returned to High Heaven Sect was firstly to test the effects of the Space Law Formation, and secondly to get help from Shadowed Star.

Su Yan and the other masters were just the vanguard forces, so there would be more cultivators coming to assist Shan Qing Luo.

Recovering the Monster Emperor Star was only a matter of time.

“Yes!” Bi Luo replied.


Su Yan looked at Yang Kai and said, “Little Sister Yue and Ningchang will depend on you.”

“I know, I’m ready to set off,” Yang Kai nodded. The encounter with Shadowed Star and Monster Emperor Star had made him understand the harsh situation of the entire Star Field, so he was quite worried about Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue. He desperately wanted to see them and know if they were safe.

After exchanging a few words, they didn’t bid each other farewell because everyone knew that they would be reunited soon. Su Yan led the group from High Heaven Sect away, while Yang Kai and Liu Yan returned to the Space Law Formation and set off again.

Moon Water Star, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s main star.

When Yang Kai arrived here, it had been a month since he set out from the Monster Emperor Star. Looking up into the sky, a puzzled look appeared on his face. He had originally thought that this place would be filled with smoke and fire, just like the other stars he had encountered, and that it would be filled with the flames of war, but he hadn’t expected that Moon Water Star would be so peaceful without any signs of war.

This caused him to feel a sense of unease.

Outside the nebula, a few Starships floated in the air. Yang Kai keenly noticed the symbol of the Underworld Sect on these Starships, and the uneasiness in his heart grew stronger.

He directly passed through the Starships and entered the atmosphere.

A violent explosion rang out behind them, and several of the Starships belonging to the Underworld Sect were destroyed without even seeing the shadow of their enemy, releasing a dazzling light. This abnormal movement immediately alerted the masters on Moon Water Star, and as they looked up, many of them clearly realized what was happening and their expressions changed.

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The line of sight was soon attracted by a stream of light which fell straight down from the sky, piercing through the clouds and into Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s main city.

With a loud bang, the city shook, the ground cracked, and a series of ravines spread out, causing the surrounding buildings to collapse.

* whoosh whoosh whoosh… *

Numerous figures flew over from all directions and stood in the air, staring at this uninvited guest.

Yang Kai looked around coldly, his heart sinking. His previous worries had come true, Moon Water Star… had fallen! None of the cultivators around him looked familiar, and some of them wore clothes that clearly showed traces of the Underworld Sect. Even if the others were not from the Underworld Sect, they were likely from the Great Desolate Star Field.

How could it have fallen? Yang Kai couldn’t understand.

He wasn’t surprised that Green Hills Star had fallen. After all, Green Hills Star didn’t have any powerful masters or powerful forces, but even Shadowed Star and Monster Emperor Star hadn’t fallen, so how could Moon Water Star have fallen? This was Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s main star, and Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was one of the three most powerful forces in the Star Field. Before Shadowed Star and High Heaven Sect had risen to prominence, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s strength was even higher than Violet Star and Sword Union’s.

Such a star had actually completely fallen, and the current situation was even worse than Green Hills Star.

What had happened here in the past decade? Where had Xue Yue gone? Where were the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s people?

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Kai’s aura became bone-chillingly cold, causing all the surrounding cultivators to feel as if they had fallen into an icehouse. This person had come from the Starry Sky, so it was obvious that he was a skilled and courageous man. Even though he hadn’t taken action yet, just his cold aura alone was enough to make one tremble in fear.

“Those who can speak, step forward.” Yang Kai swept his eyes across the crowd like a fierce tiger, not putting anyone in his eyes.

There was a moment of silence, and no one answered. The cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field all stared at him as if they were facing a great enemy.

“I said…” Yang Kai slowly raised his fist, bent his arm back, and fiercely swung it, “Those who can speak, step forward. Are you deaf?”

With a loud bang, it was as if something had exploded. Everyone turned their heads and gasped, only to see that in the direction Yang Kai had punched, a cultivator had exploded into a bloody mist without even his bones remaining.

And that person… was a Origin King Realm!

At a distance of a thousand meters, Yang Kai had managed to kill a Origin King Realm with a single punch. How tyrannical was this? Everyone who had been extremely vigilant towards Yang Kai now felt their hearts turn cold. With such a powerful enemy, who could possibly be his opponent? Almost simultaneously, everyone took a few steps back.

Only one person stepped forward, a thin middle-aged man with an aura of death all over his body. Suddenly, an array disc appeared in his hand and he poured his Saint Qi into it. In an instant, the world began to hum as the Great Formation in the city was activated.

The Underworld Sect had occupied Moon Water Star for several years now and had been living peacefully for the past few years, no one daring to come looking for trouble. As a result, their daily lives had become a bit more casual, but no one had been able to prevent them from entering the city.

Others might be afraid of Yang Kai’s might, but this tall and thin man was not, because he controlled the entire city’s Spirit Formation.

If you had acted so presumptuously outside, it would have been fine, but you just had to recklessly charge into the city and wait for me to activate the Great formation to deal with you. As he activated the Great Formation, he shouted, “What are you all standing around for? Capture this person for me and I’ll help you with the formation.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, the entire city’s Spirit formation began to revolve, pouring all of its power towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s figure suddenly became shorter, as if two mountains had fall on his shoulders.

Seeing this, everyone was overjoyed and no longer hesitated, quickly activating their Secret Techniques and artifacts to attack Yang Kai.

The tall and thin man, however, was first surprised, then delighted, shouting out at an inappropriate time, “Let him live!”

It wasn’t that he didn’t like killing, but Yang Kai had killed a Origin King Realm from their side as soon as he arrived and had even spoken disrespectfully, so how could he let him off so easily? It was just that when he had activated the Spirit Formation, Yang Kai hadn’t been pressed to the ground, and he hadn’t shown any signs of using his Saint Qi. This made him understand that Yang Kai’s physique was extremely strong, and it was highly likely he had cultivated some kind of profound Body Tempering Art.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Body Tempering Techniques were not rare, but those with such powerful physiques were extremely rare.

As an Elder of the Underworld Sect, he was proficient in the Art of Corpse Refining and was most fond of cultivators with powerful physiques. If he could capture Yang Kai alive and slowly refine him with medicines and Secret Techniques, he would definitely be able to refine a Heavenly Corpse. This was an extremely precious material that he could only come across by luck, even better than the materials he had obtained on Moon Water Star years ago.

With this reason, how could he bear to see Yang Kai be killed? Although one could refine a corpse after death, the effects of refining a living person would be much better, allowing them to display greater strength.

With this interruption, many of the cultivators who had attacked Yang Kai began cursing. If you wanted to hold back, you should have said so earlier. Now that the offensive had been completed, how could it be so easy to hold back? However, this person’s orders had no choice but to obey, so everyone could only desperately withdraw some of their strength. Some of them were even injured by the backlash and vomited blood.

With a loud bang, many Secret Techniques and artifacts landed on Yang Kai’s body, causing a burst of energy and light to shoot out.

Seeing this, the tall and thin man’s heart skipped a beat as he thought to himself, This is bad, I’m afraid I won’t be able to refine anything without an intact corpse. His face became gloomy and his heart ached.

However, when the light faded, he was shocked to find that Yang Kai was still standing in place, safe and sound. Not only him, but even the little girl standing next to him had a calm look on her face, as if she hadn’t been hurt at all.

The tall and thin man suddenly felt a chill run down his spine as a sense of unease began to well up in his heart.

“There’s no need to act so impolitely. Since everyone is so enthusiastic, take this Young Master’s attack!” Yang Kai shouted as his fists flew out in all directions.

Boom boom boom…

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One body after another exploded in midair, none of them able to withstand a single blow. In the blink of an eye, the dozen or so people who had gathered around them were all wiped out.

Only the thin and tall man remained unscathed. At this moment, he felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse, his limbs turning cold.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him, “It seems you’re someone who can speak. Don’t be afraid, I have some questions for you. If you answer them well, I’ll give you a quick death!” The thin man’s black hair fell over his forehead and his eyes became gloomy. He suddenly felt like he was being stared at by a prehistoric beast and even breathing became difficult.

Although he was extremely shocked, he didn’t lose his courage. Lifting his hand, he took out a bronze ring and quickly shook it, gritting his teeth as he stared at Yang Kai, “No matter who you are, if you dare offend my Underworld Sect, you will die today!”

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