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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3149 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3149
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A moment later, the ground was filled with corpses, and besides Yang Kai and Liu Yan, no one else was alive.

In the end, not everyone was a tough nut to crack. Although the surviving Origin King Realm had joined forces at the last moment, they were still like ants trying to shake a tree. After witnessing Yang Kai’s ruthless killing, one of them couldn’t bear the pressure and told Yang Kai the answer he wanted. Although he didn’t manage to escape death, he was still able to be happy.

“Nine Heavens Holy Land?” Yang Kai turned his head towards a certain direction, this name was quite familiar.

Speaking of which, back in Tongxuan Continent, he was the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land. Later, a group of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s subordinates were taken to Shadowed Star by him, but this time, he didn’t see any trace of them on Shadowed Star.

Now that he thought about it, they had probably returned together with Xia Ning Chang.

After all, this was their homeland, and with foreign enemies invading, they naturally couldn’t ignore it.

Xia Ning Chang choosing Nine Heavens Holy Land as her foundation was also a kind of nostalgia for him.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai waved to Liu Yan, and Liu Yan rushed to his side, flying side by side with Yang Kai towards Nine Heavens Holy Land.

After Xin Xuanming was killed and the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation was broken, at the location of another “ink dot” on Tongxuan Continent, a 3rd order Origin King Realm old man’s body suddenly shook and his eyes opened from meditation, revealing a look of horror.

In that moment just now, he had faintly felt something, as if a great crisis had descended upon him. Frowning, he took out a disk array and used his Saint Qi to perceive it for a moment before his expression suddenly changed.

This Array Disk was used to control the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation, but because of the uniqueness of the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation, this Array Disk was able to communicate with the other seven Formations and sense each other.

At this moment, the old man was able to sense through the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation and discovered that the remaining six locations were safe and sound, with only the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation’s eye remaining unresponsive. It was as if he had lost contact with it.

In an instant, an inconceivable thought appeared in his mind. Not daring to delay, he stood up and quickly arrived in a secret room. This secret room was filled with runes, obviously a Spirit Formation that had been meticulously arranged.

Activating the Spirit Formation, the entire secret room began to flicker.

A moment later, a blurry figure suddenly appeared in front of him. This figure only had the outline of a human, and its face couldn’t be seen. It was as if it was made from water and was constantly changing. The moment this figure appeared, he said, “Third Elder, it just so happens that I have something I need to talk to you about. Just now, Vice Sect Master Xin sent a message to me. I tried to contact Vice Sect Master Xin to ask about the situation, but I didn’t receive any response. Now, even the connection between the Spirit Formations has disappeared. Does Third Elder know what happened to Vice Sect Master Xin?”


When the Third Elder heard this, the sense of unease in his heart grew stronger. If he had lost contact with the Formation’s eye, there was a possibility that some minor accident had occurred, and it would only take a while for him to recover. But now, even this person was the same as him.

Coupled with the fact that he was the closest to the eye of the formation and had noticed some movement, this was obviously a big problem.

The Third Elder said, “This old master summoned all of you because of the Formation Array. I don’t know the specifics, but Vice Sect Master Xin didn’t respond. Let’s wait and see how the others are doing.”

As the two of them were talking, several illusory figures appeared in the secret room one after another. Although they were quite far away from each other, under the guidance of this Secret Room’s Spirit Formation, everyone was still able to gather together, as if they were communicating with one another.

In addition to this Third Elder, there were a total of seven figures inside the secret room. These were the masters from the Great Desolate Star Field who were guarding the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation.

After a brief exchange, everyone discovered a shocking truth.

They had completely lost contact with the Spirit Formation, and even Vice Sect Master Xin had disappeared.

After a moment of silence, someone said in horror, “Could it be…”

“Impossible!” The other man immediately refuted, “Vice Sect Master Xin is a 3rd order Origin King Realm, even if we were to fight him one on one, we wouldn’t be his opponent. He also controls the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation’s eye, so who could possibly be his opponent? It’s impossible for Vice Sect Master Xin to be harmed.”

“Old Third, you’re the closest to the eye of the formation. Tell me what you saw just now.”

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Everyone turned their eyes towards the figure who had first arrived.

Old Third said in a low voice, “A streak of light fell from the sky, causing the earth to tremble. After that, there was no news from the Formation’s Eye.”

The secret room became even more silent.

Old Third said, “Although I can’t believe it, with the current situation, I’m afraid Vice Sect Master Xin really has a chance…” As he spoke, he couldn’t help shivering. If that was really the case, then the Underworld Sect had really provoked a powerful enemy this time, but… who could have such astonishing means?

“Third Elder, what should we do now?”

The Third Elder’s expression became solemn, and after a moment of silence, he let out a long sigh, as if he had made a difficult decision, “Break all means to retreat!”

Everyone was shocked and someone immediately said, “Third Elder, I’m afraid this isn’t a good idea. We’ve been operating here for several years, and in half a year we’ll have succeeded. If we do this now, all our previous efforts will be in vain.”

“That’s right, it’s not too late to make plans after confirming the situation with Vice Sect Master Xin.”

“Fool!” The Third Elder coldly snorted, “This old master knows that none of you are willing to believe this, but the truth is right in front of us, so how could we not believe it? If Vice Sect Master Xin is really safe, how could he not have sent a message back? How could the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation’s eye not sense anything? I’m afraid that over there… the odds are against us. No matter who it is, I’m afraid we won’t be able to resist this person’s strength.”

“It takes courage to break a man’s wrist, not to mention that our efforts won’t be in vain.”

“Third Elder means…”

The Third Elder sneered, “It’s time to lure the snake out of its hole. Moreover, it’s time for that hidden chess piece to take effect. At that time, as long as we can subdue that Star Master, it doesn’t matter if we have the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation or not. Once we command the Star Master’s strength, it’s not impossible to fight against that unknown enemy.”

Hearing this, everyone pondered for a moment before understanding his intentions. Old Third was the first to agree, “I agree with Third Elder’s decision.”

Mainly staying in the Spirit Formation would give him no sense of security, so he might as well give it his all.

Everyone present was a Origin King Realm and had lived for many years, so they quickly understood the pros and cons. Naturally, no one raised any objections and nodded in agreement.

“Since that’s the case, everyone should go and prepare. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, we’ll work together to catch them off guard!”

Everyone nodded and their figures disappeared like flowing water. Soon, only the Third Elder remained in the secret room, his brow furrowed as he stood in place, the uneasiness in his heart not dissipating, instead becoming stronger after he made this decision.

Gritting his teeth, he pushed aside the distracting thoughts in his mind and left the Secret Room. Now that things had reached this point, there was nothing he could do.

Yang Kai, who was rushing towards Nine Heavens Holy Land, frowned as he looked down at the ground below, his expression gloomy.

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Tongxuan Continent’s current situation was quite unsatisfactory. The World Energy here was even thinner than when he had left, and the so-called Spirit Mountain and Great River had lost their former charm. It was as if the entire planet had fallen ill.

If this situation continued, even if the cultivators from the Underworld Sect and Great Desolate Star Field didn’t wreak havoc, it would likely take less than a hundred years for the Spirit Qi in this place to be completely drained. At that time, it would be impossible for a cultivator to be born, and the lives of mortals would become more difficult until the World Energy was completely exhausted and the Star Source collapsed, turning into a dead star with no living creatures left.

Many of the countless dead stars in the Star Field had been transformed step by step like this. Perhaps in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years ago, these stars had still been full of vitality and flourishing, but as time passed, no matter how brilliant a star was, it would still die. Humans would live, grow old, fall sick, and die, and the stars were no exception.

The world of cultivators had been greatly affected, not to mention the mortal world. Calamities and man-made disasters were constantly occurring, and countless people had lost their homes.

Even if he could drive away the cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field this time, Tongxuan Continent would need at least a hundred years to recover.

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Although he had not returned to Tongxuan Continent for many years, as the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, he was still quite familiar with this land. Thinking about how he would be able to see Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue later, his mood improved greatly.

Moreover, after seeing them, he would be able to resolve his longing for them and then deal with these miscellaneous fish from the Great Desolate Star Field.

Among the nine peaks, birds chirped, flowers bloomed, and spiritual energy filled the air. Thousands of cultivators gathered here, but many of them wore worried expressions.

This was the last pure land of Tongxuan Continent. As the Star Master, although Xia Ning Chang was powerless to stop the invasion of the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators, she was unable to stop them from setting up the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation to poison Tongxuan Continent’s Spirit Qi, but she could still protect Nine Heavens Holy Land.

With her here, the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field could forget about stepping into the Nine Peaks.

At this moment, in the main hall, a figure appeared.

With Meng Wuya and Old Demon as the leaders, Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Saintess An Ling’er, Elder Qian Ning, Ancient Demon Clan’s Li Rong, Han Fei, Gemini Pavilion’s Hu Jiao’er and Hu Mei’er, Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master, and Netherworld Sect’s Wu Jie…

Inside the main hall, there were more than thirty people Yang Kai was familiar with. Aside from a few who were familiar with the Central Capital, the rest were all friends he had made in Tongxuan Continent.

In addition, there was another familiar figure.

Sword Union’s Young Union Master, Gu Jianxin, the son of Gu Cangyun. This person had a special physique, the Universe Sword Body, and was naturally a good material for sword training. After not seeing him for so many years, he was still as elegant as ever. The two Sword Servants, Ling Yue, and Dark Star served him at his side, and after many years of tempering, he had become more stable, no longer possessing the imposing Sword Intent of the past. His entire being was like a sharp sword hidden in a sheath, and although he didn’t show off any of his sharpness, when he used his sword, it was like lightning.

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At this moment, he was whispering to another person.

This man was the current leader of the Star Field’s top force, Violet Star, Zi Wuji.

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