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Martial Peak Chapter 3150

In the past, Violet Star’s Lord Zi Long had become enemies with Yang Kai because of his son’s death, and Yang Kai had joined forces with his Embodiment to kill him in the Starry Sky. As a result, the Violet Star’s group had been leaderless for many years, resulting in constant internal friction. However, in the end, Zi Wuji took over and became the new Violet Star Lord.

However, before Zi Wuji could enjoy the joy of becoming an overlord, the Great Desolate Star Field invaded.

Because of the years of internal friction, the Violet Star’s strength had greatly decreased compared to the past, and it was completely powerless to resist the masters of the Great Desolate Star Field. In less than half a year, it had been completely uprooted by the Great Desolate Star Field and had lost several Cultivation Stars.

Seeing that the situation was not looking good, Zi Wuji brought some of his subordinates to join Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and spent some peaceful days there.

But with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce unable to hold on, he could only rush to Tongxuan Continent with Xue Yue and the others.

The situation of the Sword Union was similar. Over the years, the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field had become lawless in Heng Luo Star Field, and even Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce had been unable to resist them. Naturally, the Sword Union had no way to resist them, and the top forces of the past had fallen one after another.

This was also why everyone had gathered here.

Nine Heavens Holy Land was the last pure land for all of them, and also their last hope. If they couldn’t even protect this place, then there would probably be no place for them in the Star Field.

Over the past few years, they had not sat back and waited for death. After discovering that the Underworld Sect had set up the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation, they had gone to disturb them many times, but unfortunately, the power of the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation was too great, so they were unable to break through its defences. In fact, if they were contaminated by the black Qi for too long, they would feel dizzy and their Saint Qi would run out. Although they had killed a few people, they were all insignificant pawns and had little effect on the Underworld Sect’s plans.

It could be said that this group of people, along with Nine Heavens Holy Land, had reached the end of their road. Although they didn’t know what the effects of the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation were, they could sense that once it was activated, even Xia Ning Chang would no longer be able to protect them.

Tongxuan Continent’s foundation was too shallow after all. If it was a star like Shadowed Star or Moon Water Star with a Star Master overseeing it, how could the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators act so presumptuously?

“How is Miss Xia doing?” Zi Wuji asked quietly.

Gu Jianxin hugged his ancient sword and slowly shook his head, “It’s been two months since I last saw her. The last time I saw her… sigh, let’s not talk about it.”

Such a beautiful woman had suffered such torment because of the Great Desolate Star Field, causing Gu Jianxin to feel a bit sorry for her.

“Is Lady Xue Yue taking care of her?”

“En,” Gu Jianxin nodded, “They are like sisters, taking care of her is only natural.”

“That Brother Yang Kai is quite lucky,” Zi Wuji chuckled lightly before continuing, “It’s just that he’s a bit too unmanly. He ran away and left his woman here to suffer.”

Gu Jianxin frowned when he heard this. He was a Sword Cultivator with a straightforward and decisive personality, so he didn’t like hearing others speak ill of people behind his back. However, this was his freedom, so even if he was a bit unhappy, he didn’t want to refute.

Speaking of which, he also felt that Yang Kai had gone too far.

After leaving for a few dozen years, there had been no news of him, leaving behind a few women who were struggling in the Star Field. It was unknown if he was unable to return or if he had long forgotten about these women. If it was the latter… it would be too sad.

Zi Wuji said sourly, “That Miss Xia is beautiful on the outside but gentle and quiet on the inside. If this Zi can win her favor…”

“Brother Zi!” Gu Jianxin suddenly raised his head and shot him a warning look.

Others may not know, but he was well aware that ever since Zi Wuji had first met Xia Ning Chang, he had been shocked and had secretly expressed his admiration for her many times. Gu Jianxin also acted as if he didn’t know. Now that they were in a bad situation and Zi Wuji was a 2nd order Origin King Realm, it wasn’t worth it to make such a scene.

But today’s words were too blunt.

But then again, although this Young Lady Xia had always been wearing a veil, making it difficult to see her true appearance, anyone who saw her would feel their heart palpitate. Xue Yue was also extraordinary, but because she had been in a high position for many years, it was inevitable that she gave off a somewhat arrogant and domineering aura, causing others to feel somewhat distant from her. On the other hand, although Xia Ning Chang was a Star Master and a 3rd order Origin King Realm, she had never put on any airs, and her temperament was also extremely gentle. Which man wouldn’t want such a woman? This was a model example of a virtuous wife and mother. If anyone could obtain her as a wife, it would be a blessing of ten lifetimes, so it was inevitable that Zi Wuji would fall in love with her.

Perhaps Zi Wuji also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to rise to the top. Xia Ning Chang was a Star Master after all, if they could achieve good things together, it would be impossible for him to break through to the 3rd order Origin King Realm in the future.

Gu Jianxin and Zi Wuji’s relationship wasn’t too deep, and before coming to Tongxuan Continent, they had only met a few times, so he didn’t know much about the nature of the other party’s character. However, seeing that Zi Wuji’s words were completely unfounded, he had no choice but to warn him.

Putting everything else aside, if Zi Wuji were to show such intentions in front of others, Xue Yue and Meng Wuya would definitely reject him.

Zi Wuji also knew he had misspoken, so he smiled awkwardly, “Good fortune, good fortune.” It was unknown who he was referring to.

At the same time.

Inside a room in the inner hall, Xia Ning Chang lay weakly on the bed, her body shrouded in a faint black aura, as if she was seriously ill.

Tongxuan Continent had been poisoned by Underworld Sect, and as a Star Master, she had suffered the most direct impact. The Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation was like a shackle on her body, and the eight formations were like poisonous boils that constantly eroded her vitality.

The veil had been removed, revealing a face that could mesmerize all living things. Her face was pale, causing one’s heart to ache as she gently exhaled.

Xue Yue sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand tightly, her heart filled with self-reproach.

At that time, Moon Water Star had been destroyed and she had no choice but to come to Tongxuan Continent to seek Xia Ning Chang’s protection, but now it seemed that this was an extremely wrong decision.

Tongxuan Continent was located in the periphery of the Star Field, so it wasn’t very important to the Great Desolate Star Field. It was because she had brought a group of people here that the pursuers had been drawn here. If it weren’t for her, Tongxuan Continent wouldn’t have been poisoned, so how could Xia Ning Chang have suffered such torture?

The more she thought about it, the more guilty she felt.

A man’s figure appeared in front of her, gritting her teeth as she shouted in her heart, Where are you now!

Suddenly, Xia Ning Chang, who was lying on the bed, let out a moan as her delicate brow furrowed and her breathing became unstable.

Xue Yue was startled and quickly raised her hand to gently press her forehead while simultaneously pouring Saint Qi into her body. Her tightly knitted brow slowly relaxed and her unstable aura stabilized.

Xue Yue didn’t stop, thinking that she was feeling unwell.


Xia Ning Chang suddenly opened her eyes and a brilliant light flashed across them.

“Ningchang!” Xue Yue called out in a low voice, not happy but shocked. It had been a long time since she had seen Xia Ning Chang show such an expression. For the past few years, she had always been sickly, even her figure had become thin and weak.

What was going on? Had the Great Desolate Star Field finally taken action?

“He…” Xia Ning Chang raised her hand and grabbed Xue Yue’s arm with all her strength, using so much strength that Xue Yue actually felt a trace of pain. Although she was still weak, Xia Ning Chang’s face was filled with joy.

“Speak slowly, I’m here,” Xue Yue quickly comforted.

“He… he’s here!” Xia Ning Chang said.

“Who’s here?” Xue Yue asked suspiciously, but as soon as the words left her mouth, a thought that she couldn’t believe appeared in her mind.

Xia Ning Chang smiled, “He’s here!”

These same words, Xue Yue clearly understood the meaning behind them, her heart suddenly pounding as she pursed her lips, “He… really came?”

Xia Ning Chang nodded slightly, “I can feel him coming this way. Sister Yue, go pick him up, but don’t let him come to me.”

After reminding her, Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes and seemed to fall asleep, but a faint energy fluctuation radiated from her body.

At the same time, tens of thousands of kilometers away, Yang Kai suddenly let out a soft cry and stopped moving.

The surrounding World Energy seemed to be reacting strangely, flickering like countless fireflies.

These specks of light quickly converged towards the center and transformed into a beautiful, colorful butterfly that danced around Yang Kai.

Yang Kai grinned and pointed.

The butterfly immediately landed on his finger.

“Little Senior Sister!” Yang Kai looked at the colorful butterfly and called out softly.

This butterfly couldn’t have appeared out of nowhere, it could only be someone who had used some kind of Secret Technique, but besides Liu Yan, there was no one else besides Xia Ning Chang who could do this.

It seemed that Xia Ning Chang had also noticed his arrival, so she had given him some special instructions, fearing that he would not be able to find them. As the Star Master, it was not strange for Xia Ning Chang to be able to sense his arrival.

However… why didn’t Xia Ning Chang show herself? Yang Kai didn’t have time to think about it before the butterfly spread its wings and flew forward, leading the way in the direction of Nine Heavens Holy Land. Although its movements weren’t big, its speed was extremely fast, clearly demonstrating Xia Ning Chang’s urgency.

Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it. In any case, he would be able to see Xia Ning Chang soon, and at that time, everything would be clear.

Inside Nine Heavens Holy Land’s main hall, the originally noisy hall suddenly became quiet as a person walked out.

Meng Wuya hurriedly stood up and asked Xue Yue anxiously, “Madam Yue, how is Ningchang now?”

Xia Ning Chang had been brought up by him, just like his own daughter. Now that she was in danger, he naturally couldn’t sit still.

It was just that Xia Ning Chang’s current condition was not an ordinary injury or illness, but was instead related to the vitality of the entire Tongxuan Continent. There was no cure, unless all the cultivators in the Great Desolate Star Field were driven away and the entire Star Field was properly managed. Perhaps after a few dozen or a hundred years, when the Star’s vitality was restored, Xia Ning Chang would not be able to heal herself.

Xue Yue gently shook her head.

Meng Wuya immediately knew that the situation wasn’t looking good, so he slapped his palm in frustration and the chair he was sitting on shattered.


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