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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3154 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3154
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Starships had always been the best weapons to attack cities, and their Crystal Cannons were incredibly powerful.

A dozen or so Starships and hundreds of Crystal Cannons, the amount of damage they could inflict was something the Third Elder of the Underworld Sect couldn’t easily predict.

The only thing he was certain of was that Nine Heavens Holy Land’s people couldn’t stop them!

Xue Yue and the others really couldn’t stop them, but they had no choice because behind them was Nine Heavens Holy Land, Tongxuan Continent. If they tried to avoid them, they would hit Nine Heavens Holy Land and Xia Ning Chang.

Xia Ning Chang’s condition had just stabilized, so if she were to be shot by hundreds of Crystal Cannons, it would only make things worse.

Xue Yue’s figure flickered as her long hair fluttered in the wind.

Numerous figures gathered around her, forming an impenetrable defense.

The Third Elder was stunned for a moment before being overjoyed, “Since you won’t dodge, then all of you can die!”

With a wave of his hand, he was about to order the cannons to fire.

The light from the Crystal Cannons was extremely dazzling as they gathered their energy.

With a loud bang, the world seemed to tremble.

The scene of the Crystal Cannons firing together did not appear, but instead, a terrifying aura rapidly approached from behind.

Third Elder suddenly turned his head, his eyes trembling.

On the other side, a young man with fluttering black hair had appeared out of nowhere and charged towards the dozen or so Starships of the Great Desolate Star Field. Compared to the giant Starship, this young man was like a firefly compared to the bright moon, filled with a solemn and resolute aura.

However, when the man crashed into the Starship, the Starship’s defences were like paper to him.


The Third Elder saw him casually waved his fist and a huge hole appeared on the side of one of the Starships. With a violent bang, flames burst out from the hole and the inside of the Starship was filled with miserable screams as one life force after another was destroyed.

In the blink of an eye, the young man rushed out from the other side of the Starship and headed straight for the second Starship.

He was like a meteor falling from the sky, carrying an unstoppable momentum as he pierced through one Origin King Grade Starship after another.

Boom boom boom…

Each of the Starships was emitting explosive sounds, and by the time he rushed out of the last one, the dozen or so Starships had all been destroyed. The crystal cannons that had been flashing with dazzling light were now extremely unstable, flickering with light.


One of the Starships suddenly exploded and was engulfed by the flames. The huge hull of the Starship fell down with a creaking sound.

Another Starship was engulfed in flames…

The third ship…

The fourth ship…

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In just a few breaths of time, none of the dozen or so Starships had survived.

All the cultivators in the Great Desolate Star Field were scared out of their wits as a chill ran down their spines. They felt a chill run down their spines and their limbs went cold as they stared at the young man in horror.

Just who was this person? How could he destroy more than a dozen Starships so easily? Was this even possible?

An idea flashed across Third Elder’s mind and he cried out, “It’s you!”

He had always wondered who had broken the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation’s eye and why Vice Sect Master Xin XuanMing had been killed, but now that he had witnessed such a shocking technique, he finally understood.

It was him! It was definitely him!

With such methods, there was no one else who could break the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation’s eye and kill the Vice Sect Master.

Just who was this person? How could he be so powerful?

Xue Yue let out a sigh of relief. She had already made up her mind that even if she died here, she wouldn’t allow those crystal cannons to hit Tongxuan Continent. She hadn’t expected that at this critical moment, he would finally arrive and instantly give her something to rely on. This great rise and fall had caused her emotions to roil and her face to fill with pride. This was the man she had chosen!

Gu Jianxin’s face was blank and his mouth was filled with bitterness. No wonder his long sword had warned him. Was this guy already so strong? When he first met him, his cultivation was not even as high as his own. Although Gu Jianxin knew that his future was limitless, how could he have expected him to be so far ahead of him in just a few decades?

He had completely thrown him off his feet. What was his current cultivation? Was he comparable to the legendary Starry Sky Great Emperor?

It was no wonder he had asked them to hold back the cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field. With the strength he had displayed so far, even if the Great Desolate Star Field’s side rushed forward together, they would not be his opponent.

In an instant, the situation had taken a sharp turn because of the arrival of one person.

Many cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field wore ashen expressions. Facing this young man’s figure, none of them had the courage to fight back.

“Kill!” Yang Kai coldly spat out a single word. When he opened his mouth, Yang Kai was still standing in place, but when his voice fell, he had already appeared on the other side. The Third Elder only saw a faint shadow pass through his camp, and before he could react, Yang Kai had already left.

Startled, he instinctively felt as if he had just walked through the gates of hell.

* Chi… *

A strange sound rang out and many cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field looked towards the source of the sound, only to see a scene that caused their hearts to tremble.

A headless corpse stood in the air, blood spurting from its neck like a fountain. The corpse was still in a defensive posture, but its head was nowhere to be seen.

Turning his head stiffly, he saw the corpse’s head, which was now held in the hands of the young man who had suddenly appeared. The head’s expression was blank, as if it hadn’t understood what had just happened.

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That was a 3rd order Origin King Realm!

The master who had just fought with Meng Wuya and beaten him to a pulp was now beheaded by Yang Kai.

No one saw how he did it.

“Kill!” Xue Yue shouted. The anger and resentment she had accumulated over the past few years, as well as the guilt she felt towards Xia Ning Chang, all burst out at this moment, transforming into a thick murderous intent as she rushed towards the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators.

How could the remaining people hesitate? After witnessing Yang Kai’s methods with their own eyes, they immediately knew that there was no chance of failure in today’s battle, so they all used their movement techniques to leap forward.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The great battle began again, but the situation had reversed. The Great Desolate Star Field was intimidated by Yang Kai’s divine might and no longer had any will to fight. On the other hand, Nine Heavens Holy Land’s anger was unparalleled as they bravely advanced.

The outcome of the battle had been decided at the beginning.

Yang Kai didn’t remain idle either. Xia Ning Chang’s suffering was like a fish bone stuck in his throat, how could he not collect some interest?

Like a fierce tiger, he charged towards the 3rd order Origin King Realms, punching them left and right. These 3rd order Origin King Realms, who were normally high and mighty, all exploded into a bloody mist, unable to resist at all. In the blink of an eye, only the Third Elder remained.

The Third Elder looked around in shock, not knowing that he had lost.

This person was so strong that no one in the Star Field was his opponent. In a flash, the other party was already half a foot away from him.

Unable to retreat in time, his neck was grabbed and lifted high into the air, unable to lift his Saint Qi at all. Even his bones seemed to be crushed.

Only when facing him personally could Third Elder fully understand how terrifying this person was.

“When I wasn’t at home, you all were quite lively,” Yang Kai looked at him coldly and exerted a little force to end his life.

“Wait!” Third Elder shouted with a red face.

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Yang Kai grinned maliciously, “If you have any last words, hurry up and say them. If you don’t, you won’t have a chance.”

However, the Third Elder’s face was filled with ruthlessness as he said, “Release me, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Yang Kai looked at him in surprise, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly, say it again.”

The Third Elder coldly said, “Your Star Master! Don’t you want to go back and check on her? If nothing goes wrong, she should have been captured by now.”

Activating the seven Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation and luring the snake out of its hole was just one of his preparations. He still had a second plan, and that was to target Xia Ning Chang! The Nine Heavens Holy Land’s masters had all come out, and at this moment, their defences were practically non-existent, so there was no chance of this plan failing. It was also his greatest trump card, but unfortunately, before he could use it, the 3rd order Origin King Realm on his side had died, leaving him alone.

In his heart, he hated Yang Kai for his decisiveness and ruthlessness. Originally, he only wanted to lure the snake out of its hole, but who would have thought that he would draw out a man-eating tiger.

“Really?” Yang Kai tilted his head.

“You can go and confirm! My Underworld Sect has fallen today, this old master will not ask for anything else. If you let me live, I will spare your Star Master.”

“Idiot!” Yang Kai exerted some force and the Third Elder’s neck was immediately severed, blood spraying out in all directions. The head that flew up was filled with disbelief, as if it had never understood what had happened to Yang Kai even in death. He had clearly told him the truth, so why didn’t Yang Kai confirm it?

His thoughts were interrupted and he fell into eternal darkness.

Standing in mid-air, Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd and curled his lips, “Sure enough, it’s hard to guard against a family thief.”

Suddenly, he remembered Long Tianshang’s warning before losing his rationality. It seemed that Long Tianshang had learned some secrets after being refined into a Heavenly Corpse.

Looking down at Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai raised his brow, “Forget it, I’ll go back later.”

He wasn’t worried about Xia Ning Chang’s safety at all. This Third Elder had done everything he could think of, but he had never imagined that Liu Yan would be by Xia Ning Chang’s side. With Liu Yan around, who could hurt Xia Ning Chang!

Yang Kai attacked again, his figure flashing through the void as one Great Desolate Star Field master after another fell.

Many people saw that the situation was not looking good and wanted to flee, but how could Xue Yue and the others let them escape so easily? All of them used various methods to intercept them.

Coupled with the fact that the number of masters in the Great Desolate Star Field was decreasing, it soon became a massacre.

A short hour later, the battle ended. None of the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators survived, all of them killed. As for Nine Heavens Holy Land’s side, besides some casualties when they first intercepted them, after Yang Kai came to support them, no one was injured.

Most of them were covered in blood as they gasped for breath.

All eyes were on Yang Kai, filled with admiration and amazement. Everyone was curious about just how strong he was now. In today’s battle, it seemed like he had just casually used his strength.

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