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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3155 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3155

Just as the Nine Heavens Holy Land and the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators were engaged in a life and death battle above the clouds, a sneaky figure suddenly appeared from the empty Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The figure was dressed in a long purple robe, like a purple cloud from the East, incomparably luxurious.

Zi Wuji!

He didn’t follow Gu Jianxin and instead returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land. Gu Jianxin and the others were focused on defending themselves, so how could they pay attention to him? Although the Holy Land was protected by Xia Ning Chang and outsiders couldn’t invade it, he was still one of them, so the impregnable defense was useless to him.

He easily returned to the main hall, muttering under his breath as if he was cursing something, his face filled with hatred and resentment.

A moment ago, he had received a secret order which had caused him great difficulty, but for the sake of his own life, he had no choice but to go all out. If he could succeed, not only would he be able to preserve his life, but he would also be able to kiss a couple of birds with one stone.

He carefully approached the inner hall and tried his best to conceal his aura.

He knew that in the eyes of a Star Master, it was impossible for him to hide his whereabouts, especially when he was so close to her. However, the prerequisite was that the Star Master was in a good condition and had enough strength to perceive his surroundings.

The condition of that Young Lady Xia was quite bad, each day getting worse than the last. Previously, he had confirmed this from Gu Jianxin, so even though he was somewhat nervous, he still had some confidence in his objective.

Passing through the inner hall, he soon arrived at a room not far from the main hall. Looking around the corner, he was overjoyed.

The door to this room was actually open, and there were no signs of a Spirit Formation protecting it.

This was truly a blessing from the Heavens!

Before he could rejoice, he suddenly heard a crisp laughter.

Zi Wuji was greatly shocked and froze in place.

Because he could tell that this laughter was Xia Ning Chang’s voice. Although it was still weak, it was obviously not as bad as he had imagined.

What was going on? Logically speaking, wasn’t it because she was lying on the bed that she didn’t even have the strength to speak? Why was she still laughing? Who was the one who was joking with her? In an instant, Zi Wuji wanted to retreat. Although he couldn’t disobey that order, if his life was in danger, he had to consider whether he should carry it out.

A light flashed across his mind as he recalled the identity of the person who had spoken to Xia Ning Chang.

That seven or eight year old little girl! Of all the people who had entered, only she had not left. It seemed like she was the only one.

Zi Wuji let out a sigh of relief, this was truly a false alarm. If it was that little girl, he wouldn’t need to worry too much. The only thing he needed to worry about now was how Xia Ning Chang was doing. If she had the strength to smile, would she have the strength to mobilize her Star Energy? If that was the case, he might not even be her opponent.

Just as he was hesitating, Xia Ning Chang’s voice suddenly rang out, “If you have something to say, come in and say it. Hiding outside… cough cough, what are you doing?”

He had been discovered!

Zi Wuji was shocked at first, but soon calmed down.

Since Xia Ning Chang wasn’t in a coma, it was only natural for her to discover him. After all, he was so close to her. Moreover, listening to her voice, he could tell that she was extremely weak. After struggling for a moment, he immediately made up his mind and no longer hid himself, hurriedly rushing towards the room while shouting, “Miss Xia, something bad has happened.”

Entering the room, a look of anxiety appeared on his face.

Xia Ning Chang’s expression changed and she couldn’t help straightening her back as she asked anxiously, “What happened!”

Zi Wuji said bitterly, “That Brother Yang, he… he… sigh!” He beat his chest and stomped his feet, deliberately trying to whet his appetite.

Even though Xia Ning Chang was suspicious, she couldn’t help turning pale. With a thought, she turned her attention to the battle above the clouds.

At this moment, Zi Wuji suddenly attacked, his palms flashing with a purple light as he pushed his palms towards Xia Ning Chang, “Miss Xia, don’t blame me, this Zi was forced to do so, but don’t worry, I won’t take your life, it’s just…”

Before he could finish, his expression froze.

All of a sudden, a small figure appeared in front of him and stared at him with her clear black and white eyes, not showing any emotion at all, as if she was looking at a stone or a lump of dirt.

However, Zi Wuji felt a sense of unease.

“Scram!” Zi Wuji roared. Since he had already made his move, he would not turn back. This little girl didn’t know the immensity of the Heavens and Earth, so he would take the initiative to attack first.

A palm strike landed on Liu Yan’s head.

With his palm firmly planted, Zi Wuji flashed past Liu Yan’s side, but when he turned his head to look at her, his eyes trembled.

She was completely unharmed!

This delicate little girl, after being struck by his full strength, was actually completely fine, standing there quietly without even swaying.

A chill ran down his spine. Had he… made a mistake?

Before he could figure it out, a fire snake wrapped around him and bound him.

As a result, after Yang Kai finished dealing with the cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field and returned, he saw Zi Wuji tied up in a corner, shivering. The fire snake was spitting out its tongue, and although the flames were raging, they did not release any heat. If not for this, he would have been burned to ashes.

“It really is you!” Yang Kai glanced at him as if he had already expected this.

Although the Third Elder’s words were unclear, how could Yang Kai not understand? Sweeping his eyes over the battlefield, Yang Kai immediately understood what the Third Elder meant.

Liu Yan tugged at the corner of his shirt and pointed at herself, indicating that this was her contribution, before putting on a ‘praise me’ expression.

Yang Kai rubbed her little head, “Good job.”

Liu Yan narrowed her eyes in enjoyment.

“Aiya, Little Senior Sister, why are you sitting up? Quickly lie down!” Yang Kai walked over to the bed and wanted to help Xia Ning Chang lie down.

Xia Ning Chang smiled slightly, “I’m fine.”

Receiving the nourishment of the Eternal Tree’s essence, Yang Kai even broke through the seven Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation and stopped the spreading of the ‘Ink Point’ poison. She now felt much better than before. Originally, she should have been carefully recuperating, but she was very curious about Yang Kai’s experiences in the outside world, so she sat up and pulled Liu Yan over to chat with her.

Liu Yan also empathized with her and only talked about some of the interesting things Yang Kai had experienced outside, not mentioning the dangers he had faced for so many years, naturally making Xia Ning Chang laugh.

“Did you count to a hundred?” Yang Kai reached out and pinched her nose.

Xia Ning Chang replied, “Not yet.”

How could she really count? She only cared about chatting with Liu Yan.

Yang Kai laughed, “It seems I didn’t break my promise.”

As he spoke, Xue Yue also walked in from outside. When she saw Zi Wuji, she was stunned, “What happened?”

Zi Wuji cried out, “Lady Yue, save me!”

Xue Yue’s brow wrinkled as she looked at him and then at Xia Ning Chang. Although she didn’t know what had happened, with her intelligence, she quickly guessed what had happened and her pretty face sank, “You dare do this?”

Before this, there had been no signs at all. It wasn’t that he had hidden himself well, it was just that after all these years of internal and external troubles, coupled with his identity, no one had expected him to join the Great Desolate Star Field.

But now that she thought about it, this person had indeed seemed suspicious in recent years.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I was forced to do so!” Zi Wuji said bitterly.

“It’s just a restriction!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

Previously, Yang Kai hadn’t carefully examined him, but now that there was a problem, Yang Kai immediately discovered that there was an extremely well-hidden restriction on his body. The person who had placed this restriction was very skilled, and with the strength of a Star Field cultivator, it was impossible to find any clues without carefully examining him.

Moreover, this restriction had been planted for at least seven or eight years. It seemed that when the Violet Star was broken, this restriction had been planted.

Zi Wuji said, “If it was possible, how could I have done such an immoral thing? Miss Xia has protected me for so many years, this Zi is extremely grateful, but this seal is too difficult to break. This Zi has tried many years to break it, but to no avail. On the contrary, if I were to be discovered, I would suffer greatly. If…”

A beam of light shot over and interrupted him.

Zi Wuji’s face was filled with shock, thinking that Yang Kai was about to kill him, but after the light entered his body, he immediately felt his body lighten, as if some shackles had been broken.

With a thought, he stared at Yang Kai in shock.

The restriction planted by the masters of the Great Desolate Star Field had actually… disappeared!

This was supposed to be something worth celebrating, but Zi Wuji wasn’t happy at all. A thick wave of regret washed over him as he thought that if he had told Yang Kai about his situation before, he would have long since regained his freedom. But now…

His lips moved slightly, but no sound came out. A bitter taste filled his mouth.

“Kill him!” Yang Kai said coldly.

“No, let me go!” Zi Wuji cried out in horror.

With a thought from Liu Yan, the Fire Snake wrapped around his body immediately came to life and a scorching aura began to spread out.

“Wait!” Yang Kai said again, shooting Liu Yan a look, “Throw him out and kill him, don’t dirty this place.”

Liu Yan nodded and controlled the Fire Snake to fly out with Zi Wuji. A moment later, a miserable scream rang out.

Xue Yue shook her head and sighed. This was True Heaven, a place where there was no road to walk, a place where there was no gate to hell, a place where the situation was already set in stone, yet he still insisted on seeking his own death. Since a few decades ago, Violet Star had suffered one blow after another, and now it was likely they would never be able to recover.

Although Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s current situation wasn’t good, its foundation was still there. As long as they could collect these Cultivation Stars, there would be a day when they could make a comeback.

“Little Senior Sister, it’s time for you to rest!” Yang Kai held Xia Ning Chang’s soft hand and laid her down.

Xia Ning Chang showed a helpless look and could only listen to him. Her cold little hand held onto Yang Kai’s hand, as if he would disappear if she let go.

Her red lips moved, but before she could speak, Yang Kai said, “I’ll stay here with you, I won’t go anywhere.”

Xia Ning Chang nodded before closing her eyes.

Yang Kai turned to look at Xue Yue, then smiled and opened his other hand.

Xue Yue glared at him before walking over and leaning into his embrace.

Liu Yan pouted and walked out reluctantly, but still gently closed the door.

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰, 무련전봉
Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: , Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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