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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3158 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3158
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“This is the place with the richest World Energy and the most perfected laws in the entire continent. It can be used as the eye of the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation.” Li Jiao waved his hand and a bright red light appeared where the Nine Heavens Holy Land was projected, as if he had marked it.

The people of the Great Desolate Star Field had been rampaging about Tongxuan Continent for several years now, and only Nine Heavens Holy Land remained safe and sound. Moreover, with Xia Ning Chang here, it was the most suitable place to act as the eye of the Formation.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, indicating that he would remember.

Li Jiao waved his hand and eight small black dots immediately appeared on Tongxuan Continent’s projection, matching the position of the Eight Trigram Spirit Locking Formation that Yang Kai had broken earlier. Li Jiao said, “These eight spots have suffered the most damage. If this Li’s guess is correct, someone must have set up a great formation in these eight spots, if we want to restore the star’s vitality, these eight spots must not be missed and must be treated seriously.”

“Brother Li is right.”

Li Jiao raised his hand again and red dots appeared on the projection of the sphere. “This Li has been travelling for a few days and has scouted a number of places, selecting a total of one hundred and eight Formation set up. In addition to these Formations, there are also ninety-nine other places, each of which requires Brother Yang to personally visit and bury a sufficient number of Source Crystals. When the Formation is activated, these Source Crystals will be transformed from the Formation into World Energy to nourish this Star.”

“Brilliant!” Yang Kai clapped his hands and praised. Over the past few days, he and Xia Ning Chang had been studying the 108 Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation and had some understanding of the operation and arrangement of these Spirit Formation. After listening to Li Jiao’s plan, Yang Kai suddenly felt that things were going well.

If Xia Ning Chang wanted to recover quickly, she would need to rely on Tongxuan Continent’s transformation, or if she could do what Yang Kai had done on Shadowed Star and receive the support of a Star Master, drawing in the power of the stars from outer space to pour into Tongxuan Continent. If that was the case, she wouldn’t need the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation.

However, Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, so it was impossible for her to accomplish what Yang Kai had accomplished. The Star Master’s feedback was too distant for her. The only reason Yang Kai was able to accomplish this so easily was because his own cultivation far exceeded the limit of Shadowed Star’s ability to nurture.

“If Brother Yang thinks there’s no problem, then this Li will go all out.”

“Thank you, Brother Li.”

Li Jiao nodded lightly and paused for a moment before saying, “There is one more thing I need Young Lady Liu Yan’s help with.”

Yang Kai grinned, “As you wish.”

Li Jiao needed to refine all kinds of Spirit Formations, so Liu Yan could use this opportunity to prevent her from idling all day.

The two of them immediately handed over their supplies and Yang Kai took the Source Crystals with him. The rest of the materials were handed over to Li Jiao, the materials he needed to refine the foundation of the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation.


After dividing up the work, Yang Kai didn’t stop and immediately found a suitable place in Nine Heavens Holy Land. Stepping on the ground, he looked up and smiled, “Little Senior Sister, please help me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the solid ground beneath his feet suddenly transformed into quicksand as he continued to fall without any resistance.

Yang Kai remained motionless, not showing the slightest panic as he silently calculated his position.

A moment later, he called a halt and descended a thousand meters underground.

He took out a large number of Source Crystals and scattered them around, filling the depths of the earth with them. The Nine Heavens Holy Land’s location was the eye of the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation, so there was a high demand for Source Crystals.

Although Yang Kai didn’t count, he still left behind a million high-grade Source Crystals before stopping.

A million High-Rank Origin Crystals was a massive amount of wealth even in the Star Boundary, let alone the Star Field of a Lower Plane. The Star Field was only filled with Crystal Stones, and even the highest quality Crystal Stones weren’t worth a single Low-Rank Source Crystal.

If the Spirit Qi contained in these million Source Crystals were to be drawn out, it would instantly transform Nine Heavens Holy Land into a paradise no less than the Star Boundary Sect.

After setting up the formation core, Yang Kai immediately flew up into the sky and flew off in another direction.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he compared the information in the jade slip in his hand and stopped at a certain spot. This was the outskirts of a city, but the originally noisy city was now deserted and dilapidated.

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Yang Kai called out to Xia Ning Chang again and did the same, leaving behind a large number of Source Crystals.

For the next few days, he spent all his time on Tongxuan Continent, following the instructions given to him by Li Jiao to arrange Spirit Formations.

In the desert, deep in the sea, in the jungle, on the plains, Yang Kai’s figure could be seen everywhere.

He didn’t ask Xia Ning Chang to intervene when they were traveling, even though she could easily teleport him anywhere in Tongxuan Continent with a single thought, doing so would consume some of her energy.

Only when he buried the Source Crystals did he ask Xia Ning Chang to help him.

The amount of Source Crystals he had consumed along the way was uncountable, and he had used up almost ninety percent of his total wealth. It wasn’t that he didn’t have enough wealth, but this matter was related to Xia Ning Chang’s future, so he wouldn’t be stingy about it.

A few days later, the one hundred and eight locations were all taken care of.

Scratching his head, Yang Kai communicated with Xia Ning Chang, who had been paying close attention to him, before leaping towards the ground.

The earth parted to allow him to pass freely.

Soon, he arrived at the Earth Core.

This place was the birthplace of Tongxuan Continent’s Source and also the place where Xia Ning Chang refined the Source. It could be said to be the core of Tongxuan Continent.

The hot lava flowed, seemingly capable of burning everything.

Yang Kai raised his hand and pulled out a giant Source Crystal mineral vein from the Mysterious Small Boundary, dropping it into the earth’s core and sinking it into the magma. He only had one Source Crystal mineral vein in his possession, and it was one he had obtained outside Maplewoods City. He had kept it in the Mysterious Small Boundary for his personal cultivation, so it had cost him quite a bit, but for the current Tongxuan Continent, it was still a huge sum.

It was easy to imagine that with so many Source Crystals from Yang Kai, once the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation was activated, the entire Tongxuan Continent’s situation would immediately become much better. Although it would still take some time to restore itself, it would no longer take as long as a few dozen or a hundred years. In other words, Xia Ning Chang’s recovery time would also become shorter, perhaps a few years or even ten years.

However, this was not all. As long as the Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation continued to operate, Tongxuan Continent’s situation would become better and the World Energy would become richer. At that time, this Star would definitely grow to a level comparable to Shadowed Star and Moon Water Star, would no longer be the same as before, only able to produce Saint Realm cultivators.

It could also give birth to Saint Kings, Origin Returning Stage, and Origin King Realm masters… until this Star Field peak is reached. If it became better, Xia Ning Chang would also receive greater benefits.

Filled with longing for the future, Yang Kai returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Li Jiao and Liu Yan were currently refining the Formation Foundation, and even with Liu Yan’s help, Li Jiao had consumed a great deal of energy. If he hadn’t consumed a large number of Spirit Pills, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on.

Yang Kai stood off to the side to assist.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed. One day, Li Jiao handed the last item to Yang Kai, with a dim look in his eyes, “I didn’t disappoint you.”

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After refining one hundred and eight Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation, Yang Kai had also completed his task. During this time, he had made a few mistakes and wasted a lot of materials, but Yang Kai had made ample preparations, so it didn’t matter if he wasted some.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to receive it and thanked him before placing Li Jiao back into the Mysterious Small Boundary, allowing him to rest and recover.

Playing with the foot-long Profound Heaven Pillar in his hand, Yang Kai looked towards the core of Nine Heavens Holy Land and smiled, “Are you ready?”

A cool breeze brushed past his face, as if an invisible hand was caressing his cheek. This was Xia Ning Chang’s response.

“Then let’s begin!”

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Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he immediately arrived at the place where the Source Crystals had been buried. Taking a deep breath, he circulated his Emperor Qi slightly and tossed the Profound Heavenly Pillar forward, quickly changing his hand seals and pointing towards the Profound Heavenly Pillar.

Streams of light entered the Profound Heavenly Pillar.

The Profound Heavenly Pillar that was falling towards the ground seemed to have been injected with stimulants as it grew longer and thicker.

In the blink of an eye, the foot-long Profound Heavenly Pillar transformed into a ten-thousand-meter-long pillar that was barely enough for dozens of people to wrap their arms around.

The complicated patterns on the Profound Heavenly Pillar flickered as it fell straight down, as if an invisible hand was gripping it, leading to the ground.

Inside Nine Heavens Holy Land, countless people looked up, their eyes filled with shock.

Although this Profound Heavenly Pillar was not some kind of artifact and was only the foundation of the Spirit Formation, it was still emitting a terrifying aura. If such an existence were to be struck by it, not to mention being struck, even if it were to be struck by it, it would likely be reduced to nothing.

The earth transformed into a whirlpool, revealing a passage that led the Profound heavenly Pillar deeper.

Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, “The Pillar of the Formation’s eye is six hundred and sixty-six meters deep and three hundred and thirty meters wide. Little Senior Sister must be careful.”

Silently, the Profound Heavenly Pillar continued to descend, but when it reached a certain point, it suddenly stopped and the ground condensed again, tightly binding the Profound Heavenly Pillar.

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Three hundred and thirty meters, no more, no less.

Yang Kai checked his surroundings and after confirming that there were no mistakes, he flew off in another direction, Liu Yan following closely behind.

The Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation was set up with a hundred and eight Profound Heavenly Pillar as its foundation, and each Profound Heavenly Pillar’s positioning was extremely precise. The slightest difference would result in a thousand miles of difference. Fortunately, Li Jiao was quite familiar with this Formation, and it seemed that the Fire Dragon Palace had once set up this Formation, but it wasn’t one hundred and eight, but seventy-two Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation.

Although the quantity was different, it was essentially the same, so the information he provided wouldn’t be wrong.

The Profound Heavenly Pillar was also refined by him and Liu Yan together, so as long as he finished setting it up, he should be able to smoothly open the Great Formation.

Two months later, Yang Kai returned to the place he had visited before and buried the Profound Heavenly Pillar above the Source Crystals.

It took Yang Kai seven days to complete all one hundred and eight Profound Heavenly Pillars. After that, he and Liu Yan made a trip to the Nine Heavens Holy Land to investigate and make sure there were no mistakes.

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