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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3167 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3167
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In the Desolate Star Field, a pitch-black Starship slowly sailed forward like a giant ghost.

On the Starship, the symbol of a skull showed its origins.

It was the Starship belonging to the Underworld Sect of the Great Desolate Star Field.

The huge Starship drifted through the Starry Sky like a homeless wanderer. Although it was an inanimate object, it exuded an extremely bleak aura, as if it had reached a dead end.

The direction it was heading towards was a Void Corridor that had appeared two years ago and was connected to the Great Desolate Star Field. As long as one could reach this Void Corridor, they would have a chance to return to the Great Desolate Star Field.

Since Heng Luo Star Field’s counterattack five years ago, the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators’ lives had begun to deteriorate. All the invaders had been eliminated one by one, causing panic to spread in the hearts of all the cultivators in the Great Desolate Star Field. They didn’t even understand why Heng Luo Star Field, which should have been powerless to resist, had suddenly risen.

All the sects and forces that had invaded this Star Field had paid an extremely heavy price. The Myriad Beast Mountain Villa had been wiped out, Heavenly Sword Sect had been wiped out, and Mad Thunder God Sect had also been wiped out…

Which one of these Sects wasn’t a top existence in the Great Desolate Star Field? But in front of this ferocious beast from Heng Luo Star Field, they couldn’t even resist.

The surviving cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field even suspected that this was a plot by Heng Luo Star Field.

The previous ten years of showing weakness was just to lure the enemy in so that they could lure more cultivators here to kill them.

Although the Underworld Sect hadn’t been completely wiped out, it was more or less the same. Right now, the only Starship left in the entire Sect was this one and only Starship, which was still suffering from the flames of war. The Starship was riddled with holes and bloodstains, all of which had been left behind from the battle.

It had managed to escape the encirclement with great difficulty, and after wandering around the Star Field for a long time, it managed to escape the pursuit.

Go home! Must go home!

This Star Field was definitely not a place one could casually invade.

The Void Corridor was just a thousand kilometers away. Inside the Starship, the surviving cultivators of the Underworld Sect could even clearly see the existence of the Void Corridor through the crystal window. The aura of their homeland lingered at the tip of their noses, as if their long-lost relatives were waving at them. Everyone was overjoyed and excited.


A white figure suddenly appeared in front of the Starship and blocked its path.

The cultivators on the Starship soon discovered the existence of this white shadow. A cultivator controlled the Formation inside the Starship and projected the figure of this white shadow onto the Starship. In an instant, a beautiful woman with long hair and snow-white clothes appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Her face was indifferent, but her aura was noble and pure, making people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

A sharp intake of breath rang out as the entire Starship fell silent, everyone holding their breath.

It was her!

The people of the Great Desolate Star Field did not know her name, but this woman was their nightmare.

This was because a 3rd order Origin King Realm was as weak as a child in front of her, and no one could match her sword.

Inside the Starship, the air was cold, and everyone’s limbs were cold, their bodies shivering. The huge Starship was a stark contrast to the small figure, but in front of that figure, the Starship creaked and groaned in fear.

“Bitch, are you really trying to kill us all!?”

Inside the Starship, an old and angry voice rang out.

Su Yan stood in the air, her beautiful eyes like fire as she stared at the approaching Starship, not showing any intention to respond.

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“Quickly get out of the way, or this place will become your burial ground today!” The old voice threatened in a stern voice, but it was clearly trying to act tough.

How could Su Yan give in? She raised her hand and pressed down on the hilt of her sword.

“You’re courting death, crash into her!” The old voice was undoubtedly enraged. Although this woman had displayed an extraordinary cultivation and strength in the past few years, how could her individual strength compare to a Starship?

These people from the Great Desolate Star Field were in a hurry to escape back to their homes, so they didn’t want to cause any more trouble here, which was why they had decided to threaten her.

Since she didn’t know how to appreciate kindness, she might as well die here.

The Starship let out a loud hum as it accelerated and crashed towards Su Yan!

The distance between the two sides rapidly shortened, but Su Yan still stood there quietly, neither dodging nor attacking, not even showing the slightest fluctuation in her expression, as if the one who had crashed into her was not a giant monster but a breeze.

When it was thirty kilometers away, a sword light suddenly flashed and struck the massive Starship.

At the same time, the thirty-kilometer radius of the Starship was also flattened as it flew past the spot where Su Yan was standing.

“Hahaha, you overestimate yourself!”

The old voice continued to laugh, but the laughter suddenly stopped because he suddenly discovered that Su Yan, who should have been smashed to pieces, had appeared behind the Starship.

The long sword hanging from her waist had been unsheathed at some point, and now, with her back facing the Starship, she sheathed her sword and flew off into the distance as a streak of light, not sparing the Starship another glance.

“What the hell!” The owner of the old voice was confused.

But soon, he realized something was wrong.

The speed of the Starship suddenly slowed, as if an invisible force was restraining it. At the same time, an astonishing chill spread out from the Starship, causing cracking sounds to ring out.

Turning his head, he was shocked.

Inside the Starship, a flurry of snowflakes, each about the size of a fist, began to bloom in every corner of the Starship and spread out, instantly freezing the Spirit Formation that were in operation. The cultivators who were caught off guard also froze in place, their bodies covered in pure white snowflakes.

Suddenly feeling a chill on his hand, the old man looked down and saw a snowflake appear on the back of his hand. This snowflake caused him to instantly lose consciousness. One, two, three…

It was the same inside and outside the Starship.

A dense layer of snowflakes wrapped around the Starship, as if a naughty child had sewn a coat of snow onto it, turning it white and flawless.

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The sound of something shattering rang out as the huge Starship suddenly disintegrated, transforming into chunks of ice. Even the cultivators inside the Starship weren’t spared as they continued to drift through the endless void.

A few streaks of light flew through the Star Field, one chasing the other. The three streaks of light in front all had profound auras and were at least 1st order Origin King Realm, with the leader being a 3rd order Origin King Realm.

Behind him, a stream of light’s aura converged, making it impossible to see any signs of cultivation, and it was just a seven or eight year old little girl.

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However, the three people flying in front of them didn’t even dare to turn their heads, fearing that they would see something terrifying. All they could do was desperately flee.

One day, two days, three days…

After a full ten days, the three fleeing Origin King Realm were all exhausted. Although their cultivations were quite good, running for such a long time had consumed a great deal of their energy. If it weren’t for the constant consumption of pills, they would have long since died from exhaustion.

Should they be able to escape? The three of them thought in unison.

Turning back to take a look, they were immediately frightened out of his wits.

The small figure was like a maggot clinging to their bones, her delicate face expressionless, her clear eyes reflecting their fear.

What was even more despairing was that after chasing for such a long time, she didn’t react at all, her face remaining calm and indifferent.

Monster! This little girl was simply a monster.

“Fight her to the death!” The leader decisively turned around and sent a palm strike towards Liu Yan.

The remaining two also knew that escaping was useless and immediately cooperated. In an instant, a torrent of energy engulfed the small figure.

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Did they kill her? The three of them were overjoyed, but after seeing it clearly, their joy immediately turned into deep despair.

“How boring,” A tender voice rang out, seemingly tired of playing some kind of game. Liu Yan raised her hand slightly.

A great sense of crisis enveloped the three of them, causing their bodies to stiffen, unable to move.

A flame burst into existence, leaving behind a dark red trail in the eyes of the three. This was the last scene they had seen before their deaths.

In the Starry Sky, Li Jiao and his family were in a harmonious mood. Although Yang Kai had assigned them an extremely boring task, even though they had been stationed here for seven or eight years, neither Li Jiao nor Lu Sanniang felt bored.

Li Jiao had even found a huge meteorite from somewhere and placed it in the Starry Sky. He had built a simple stone house on the meteorite where the family of three lived.

A thousand kilometers behind the meteor was a deep and chaotic Void Corridor.

This was the passage that led to the Grand Desolate Star Field’s first invasion of Heng Luo Star Field, and it was through this passage that the people of Grand Desolate Star Field were able to reach this world.

Li Jiao had been stationed here for seven or eight years and had killed countless cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field. These people had probably heard that the cultivators from Heng Luo Star Field were easy to bully, so they had all come here from the Star Field. Unfortunately, before they could obtain any benefits, Li Jiao had sent them to meet the King of Hell.

It wasn’t just the cultivators who had come from the Great Desolate Star Field that had been killed, but more cultivators who wanted to escape back to the Great Desolate Star Field.

Over the past few years, Heng Luo Star Field had launched a fierce counterattack, and with the help of several powerful allies, the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators were simply no match for them. The Cultivation Stars they had snatched before were all taken back one by one, each of them fleeing like stray dogs.

Many people wanted to escape, but with Li Jiao guarding this place, who could escape?

If one came, he would kill one; if two came, he would kill two. Li Jiao was like a millstone that stood in front of this Void Corridor. No matter who entered or left, they were all crushed into minced meat by him.

Since Yang Kai’s return, the turbulent situation in the Star Field had stabilized in a mere seven or eight years. The invading enemies had basically been wiped out, and even if some of them managed to slip through the net, they wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble.

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