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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3170 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3170
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With the moonblade in his hand, Yang Kai concealed himself and didn’t attack. At the same time, the Void Shocking Beast King closed in.

Seemingly having sensed something, the Void Shocking Beast King’s figure suddenly stopped. It was difficult to imagine how it was able to freely control its massive body, from extreme movement to extreme stillness in an instant.

Then, the two eyes above his head glanced downwards towards the spot where Yang Kai stood.

“Hmph!” Yang Kai’s nostrils flared as the aura of the Moon Blade in his hand became even more dangerous.

The Void Shocking Beast King’s mouth suddenly closed as if it had just discovered him, its eyes flashing with a human-like light.

Yang Kai raised his chin towards it, seemingly ready to fight if it didn’t retreat.

The two figures, one big and one small, stared at each other in the starry sky for more than ten breaths of time before the Void Shocking Beast King suddenly leapt up and flew past Yang Kai’s head. The giant figure seemed to have plunged into an invisible lake and melted into the void, quickly disappearing, leaving only a giant Void Corridor slowly closing.

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief and dispersed his Space Ability.

Just like how the Void Shocking Beast King had discovered he was not to be trifled with, Yang Kai also realized how difficult this guy was to deal with.

At the critical moment of refining the Star Field, how could he be willing to cause trouble? The Void Shocking Beast King’s retreat was the best result. Otherwise, if they were to fight, not only would he not be able to kill this Void Shocking Beast King, but his attempt to refine the Star Field would likely fail.

“What other moves do you have?” Yang Kai laughed as he gripped his waist and pointed his finger towards the sky.

At the same time, Yang Kai noticed that the tens of thousands of Star Sources in his body had also eased up.

This discovery made him quite happy. It seemed… after all that had just happened, the will of this world was showing signs of acknowledging with him.

This was for the best. Yang Kai was a sensible person, so he naturally couldn’t do anything to stimulate the will of Heaven and Earth. Without any hesitation, he closed his eyes and began refining the Star Source.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s body gradually shrank, but the light radiating from his skin became less, a clear sign that the refinement was progressing well.


At some point, the last ray of light faded and Yang Kai returned to his original appearance.

He suddenly opened his eyes, a trace of exhaustion appearing on his face, but his spirit was extremely excited.

The refinement had yet to be completed, so there was only one step left.

He spread out his arms and shouted, “Let’s go home!”

Thousands of rays of light suddenly overflowed from all over his body, transforming into clusters of Star Source which hovered around him a few times before flashing away.

Over the years, he had been refining the Star Source everywhere in order to turn the entire Star Field into a piece of jigsaw puzzle so that it would be easier for him to refine it in the end. Now, letting these Star Sources leave was also the last step.

A simple suppression could not accomplish anything, only true recognition could allow one to communicate with one another.

Thousands of Star Sources flew out in all directions, disappearing in the blink of an eye. With Yang Kai at the center, it was as if a meteor shower had descended upon the Star Field.

The last remaining Star Source flew around him, filled with longing and dependence.

The Star Source of Shadowed Star!

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It didn’t immediately leave like the other Star Source, instead remaining behind, seemingly having its own thoughts.

Yang Kai smiled and stretched out his hand to lift it up. The Star Source in his hand began to wriggle and transform.

“Go!” Yang Kai said softly before the Star Source of Shadowed Star transformed into a stream of light and flew towards Shadowed Star.

“Come!” Yang Kai shouted in his heart as he closed his eyes and immersed his Divine Sense into his Consciousness Sea.

The Seven Colored Treasure Island transformed back into the Soul Warming Lotus and released its suppression of the Star Chart. The Star Chart slowly rose from Consciousness Sea and interweaved with Yang Kai’s Divine Sense.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai felt his entire body shake, as if something had exploded. Looking around, the Star Chart once again hung high in the sky above his Consciousness Sea, and when he looked up, the sky was filled with stars.

However, this Star Chart was very different from that day. Although it had been placed in Yang Kai’s Consciousness Sea and could be of some use to him, it did not truly belong to him.

But now, this Star Chart was already his. Every inch of this Star Chart contained his aura.

“So that’s how it is!”

After completely refining the Star Chart, Yang Kai suddenly gained a new understanding.

It was only at this moment that he understood why the Great Desolate Star Field was able to invade Heng Luo Star Field. It was because of him!

Back when he had gone to the Star Boundary, he had taken away the Star Chart, which had also taken away the Origin Energy of this Star Field. Without the Origin Energy, the originally impregnable Star Field barrier had become somewhat weak.

It was this seemingly insignificant flaw that formed a channel connecting the Great Desolate Star Field and Heng Luo Star Field, allowing the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field to invade. [TL: Yet another invasion caused by YK. LOL]

Yang Kai scratched his head, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field had invaded and killed many people, bringing disaster to many Cultivation Stars. Yang Kai had never thought that there would be a reason for this, but now that things had come to this, he could only feel embarrassed.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, Yang Kai’s heart surged as he tried to experience the feeling of becoming a Star Field Master.

It was somewhat similar to the feeling of becoming the master of Shadowed Star. With a single thought, everything was under his control, but this range was thousands of times larger.

Yang Kai’s consciousness continued to radiate outwards, allowing him to sense everything he wanted to.

Soon, he saw Tongxuan Continent.

After all these years, Tongxuan Continent had indeed recovered quite a bit. In the early years, there had been no trace of creatures. With the 108 Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation and Xia Ning Chang personally overseeing it, ten years was enough for Tongxuan Continent to recover.

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However… this was far from enough.

Tongxuan Continent’s foundation was weaker than other Cultivation Stars to begin with, so it couldn’t produce any powerful cultivators. The reason why Yang Kai was so eager to refine the Star Field Origin and become the Star Field’s Master was partly because he needed it, but also because of Xia Ning Chang and Tongxuan Continent.

Only by becoming the Star Field’s Master could he borrow the power of the entire Star Field to bring great benefits to Tongxuan Continent, allowing Xia Ning Chang to rise in status.

Now was the time to experiment.

Yang Kai stood in place, waving his hands.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Tongxuan Continent, Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Xia Ning Chang was talking with Xue Yue. Since the end of the war three years ago, the entire Star Field had returned to normal and there was no need to worry about being invaded by powerful enemies. Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and Sword Union were both being rebuilt. As for Violet Star… there was no Violet Star in this Star Field anymore. The three great forces, had been replaced by High Heaven Sect and had become the most powerful force!

Xia Ning Chang’s aura had returned to normal and was no longer as weak as it was before. Her skin was rosy and her aura was restrained. Obviously, she had reached the peak of the 3rd order Origin King Realm, and Xue Yue was not weak either. Although she was not a Star Master, she had a special physique and enough resources, so her cultivation progress was naturally not inferior to others.

Suddenly, Xia Ning Chang raised her head and glanced outside, seemingly sensing something.

“What’s wrong?” Xue Yue asked suspiciously.

“This is…” Xia Ning Chang stood up and took a step forward, arriving outside the hall. Xue Yue also floated over and stood beside her.

The two pairs of eyes looked towards the sky and were immediately stunned.

Under the blue sky and white sun, streaks of light could be seen streaking across the sky. Each streak of light contained an unimaginable amount of energy and fell like a meteor.

Xue Yue’s face couldn’t help turning pale. Although she was far away, she could still feel the killing power of these meteors. Even if only one of them had fallen, Tongxuan Continent would have suffered heavy damage, but as far as she could see, there was more than just one. The sky was filled with countless streams of light.

Not only did they see this, but all the living beings on Tongxuan Continent were also shocked by this scene.

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Xia Ning Chang’s expression became solemn, and just as she was about to activate her Star Source to block this attack, she suddenly noticed a huge cloud in the sky distort and transform into a clear human face.

“Ah!” Xia Ning Chang cried out.

“Husband!” Xue Yue was also stunned.

The face formed by the clouds was undoubtedly Yang Kai’s face. Although she didn’t know how far away he was from the two of them, he seemed to be able to see her, smiling at her and even blinking his eyes.

In that moment of hesitation, she had lost the opportunity to intercept.

Moreover, the moment she saw Yang Kai’s face, Xia Ning Chang knew that this was Yang Kai’s doing, so she didn’t try to stop him.

However, she was very curious about what Yang Kai wanted to do. This world-destroying momentum was not fake.

The meteor fell to the ground, but it did not cause any damage, instead silently disappearing.

A stream of light fell straight towards Nine Heavens Holy Land, filling everyone’s vision with light.

When the light dissipated, the World Energy in Nine Heavens Holy Land became noticeably denser, and… there were other things that were quietly changing.

Xia Ning Chang’s perception was the deepest. As a Star Master, she could clearly sense that the World Laws of Tongxuan Continent were gradually becoming more complete and more solid.

A more complete set of Laws meant that a stronger cultivator could be born and could display greater strength.

The entire planet was filled with a joyful atmosphere, causing Xia Ning Chang to feel a sense of joy.

“Ningchang, this is…” Xue Yue saw her smile and couldn’t help asking.

“He succeeded!” Xia Ning Chang replied.

Xue Yue came to a sudden realization as a strange light flashed across her beautiful eyes, “Finally succeeded?”

After leaving ten years ago, there had been no news of him, but she had occasionally heard that someone had seen Yang Kai in the Star Field.

No one looked for him, everyone knew what he was busy with something.

However, she hadn’t expected him to succeed in just ten years.

Tongxuan Continent’s current abnormality was the best explanation. Only by successfully refining the Star Field and becoming the Star Field’s Master would one have the qualifications to draw in the power of the stars from outer space to transform Tongxuan Continent.

It could be said that this kind of modification was not without cost. Tongxuan Continent’s promotion was at the cost of extracting strength from other places, but since it concerned Xia Ning Chang, how could Yang Kai be stingy?

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