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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3186 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3186

Yang Kai had no way of perceiving all of this, or even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop Wu Heng. Wu Heng was the Star Field’s Master, and in this Great Desolate Star Field, he could display the power of a god. Yang Kai had no chance of winning against him here, so the one who could fight him now was not him, but Gun Gun.

On the other hand, Gun Gun lived up to his expectations. No matter how many Star Field power Wu Heng condensed, they were all swallowed into its stomach.

Two figures, one big and one small, shuttled back and forth in the Star Field, chasing each other.

No, this couldn’t continue, Wu Heng’s heart was burning with anxiety.

Every time he delayed here for a breath of time, the Great Desolate Star Field would be swallowed up, and the shrinking of the Starry Sky would directly affect the strength he could mobilize. If this continued, he would definitely lose.

He had actually lost! Although this was only a possibility, Wu Heng still found it unbelievable. Before coming to find Yang Kai, he had never imagined such a situation would occur.

But now, he was in a dilemma.

Yang Kai also felt something was wrong.

He took some time to investigate Gun Gun’s situation and finally discovered the changes in the Small Mysterious Boundary.

Just like how Gun Gun needed to rest and digest the three Cultivation Stars he had swallowed before, Wu Heng’s Star Energy condensed attacks weren’t easy to swallow. Compared to directly swallowing the Cultivation Stars, the pressure Wu Heng gave Gun Gun was much greater.

If this continued for a long time, the Mysterious Small Boundary would definitely not be able to withstand it. At that time, it would be bad, so he had to let Gun Gun rest for a while and find an opportunity to digest the Star Energy.

The two enemies had different concerns, but at this moment, they made the same choice and flew towards the edge of the Great Desolate Star Field.

Wu Heng was in a hurry to contain the devouring force of the Heng Luo Star Field and drive away Yang Kai, a bandit, while Yang Kai was in a hurry to find a safe place to rest.

The speed of both sides was extremely fast. Wu Heng was the Star Field’s Master, so it was needless to say that he could cover a distance of millions of kilometers with a single thought. Although Gun Gun’s body was fat and bloated, every time it leapt forward, it would be able to cover a terrifying distance. In addition, Wu Heng was intentionally or unintentionally guiding it, giving it the ability to teleport.

In less than an hour, the endless darkness appeared before his eyes.

Soon, the two sides arrived at the border between the two Star Fields. Yang Kai’s spirit shook as he immediately established a connection with his Embodiment and felt the support of Heng Luo Star Field.

Although he was still in the Great Desolate Star Field, this was already a place where two Star Fields intersected, so the suppression wasn’t so obvious.

He couldn’t help laughing out loud, “There’s a road to heaven, but you refuse to take it, and instead insist on going to hell. Wu Heng, I really must thank you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rode Gun Gun past Wu Heng and rushed back to Heng Luo Star Field.

After sending away this powerful enemy, Wu Heng didn’t feel happy but instead was shocked. His heart sank as he felt that he had done something wrong.

In the next instant, a terrifying pushing force suddenly came from the endless darkness, giving him a feeling that it was difficult to resist.

In the darkness, Yang Kai’s smiling face appeared before his eyes.

“You really are the Star Field’s Master!” Wu Heng couldn’t help crying out in alarm, a deep sense of regret filling his heart. If he had known this would happen, he would never have sent Yang Kai back. Previously, he had considered that Yang Kai wasn’t the Star Field’s Master and couldn’t allow him to cause trouble behind his back, so he had sent him away. This way, he could focus on dealing with the pressure from Heng Luo Star Field without any worries.

But from the looks of it, this was a terrible move!

Yang Kai was really the master of Heng Luo Star Field!

However, no matter how Wu Heng thought about it, he couldn’t understand. Since he was the master of Heng Luo Star Field, who was the one responsible for controlling the devouring of the Great Desolate Star Field? Could it be that Heng Luo Star Field had two masters? But that was impossible. There was only one Star Field Source, how could it be refined by the two of them?

An extremely bold conjecture appeared in Wu Heng’s mind, his face ashen as he grit his teeth and shouted, “Clone!”

Only by doing so would he be able to explain his doubts. He definitely had an avatar that could act as he pleased, which was why he was able to maintain the absorption of the Star Field while breaking into the Great Desolate Star Field.

The Clone Technique wasn’t a secret, nor was it a Secret Technique that was difficult to cultivate. Many masters had cultivated it before, but ordinary clones couldn’t display too great of an effect. At most, they could only probe some dangers, so it was quite useless. Moreover, cultivating this Secret Technique required extremely precious materials and a large amount of time.

Under normal circumstances, no one would spend too much effort on the Clone Technique, nor would they use this Secret Technique in a life or death battle.

But now, it seemed that Yang Kai’s avatar was incredibly powerful, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to use the power of the entire Heng Luo Star Field.

The darkness was like a tidal wave that spread out in all directions, causing the vast expanse of the starry sky to disappear. Wu Heng retreated again, as if he had been defeated!

Previously, when his Embodiment had used the Star Field’s Source to devour the starry sky, he had found it difficult to resist and could only try his best to contain it. Now that Yang Kai had returned to the Star Field and his true body was controlling the Star Field’s Source, its power had naturally increased.

Coupled with the fact that the Great Desolate Star Field had recently lost a large part of its Star Field and Heng Luo Star Field’s territory had expanded, Wu Heng was even less of a match.

Wu Heng’s face was ashen. He had never imagined that his sudden decision to swallow an ownerless Star Field would lead to such a disaster. He had just become the Star Field’s Master not long ago, so how could he display such power?

As Star Field Master, he should have been the one to gain the upper hand in this battle, but the reality was completely different.

Wu Heng’s figure flickered as he retreated a million kilometers.

In the darkness, Yang Kai’s condensed face stared back at him and sneered, “Run? Wait until this Great Desolate Star Field is finished, I’ll see where you run to!”

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy. It was no wonder Wu Heng wanted to devour the Heng Luo Star Field. As the master of the Star Field, swallowing other Star Fields actually gave one a great sense of joy, allowing one to clearly feel the changes in the world’s power.

Once he made up his mind, he would swallow the entire Great Desolate Star Field and merge the two Star Fields together. At that time, he would become the master of the two Star Fields.

Facing his ridicule, Wu Heng’s face remained calm, as if he had already accepted his fate, but his eyes flashed with determination.

He suddenly took out a piece of jade from his Space Ring. This jade piece was filled with countless stars and seemed to be branded with countless stars, exuding a profound aura.

A million kilometers away, Yang Kai saw this scene and couldn’t help frowning.

Although the distance wasn’t far, Yang Kai could feel that it wasn’t some kind of artifact, so what was the point of taking it out at this time? In any case, Yang Kai didn’t know what it was, but it didn’t look like an ordinary thing.

Wu Heng’s expression became solemn as he formed a few mysterious hand seals and pointed his finger towards the jade, raising it up high as he shouted, “Star Envoy Summon!”

Specks of light suddenly shot out from the jade, like hundreds of millions of fireflies, condensing into a dazzling beam of light that shot into the sky.

Above Wu Heng’s head, at the top of the beam of light, a brilliant white light condensed into a circle that covered a radius of several kilometers. This circle was filled with complex patterns that rotated in an irregular manner, dazzling anyone who saw them.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was stunned for a moment, because the patterns seemed somewhat familiar.

Taking a closer look, he was immediately dumbfounded.

Wasn’t that the Formation Diagram he needed to set up the Cross-Domain Space Law Formation? What the hell was that jade thing? How could he have created such a diagram in an instant?

The power of space surged.

Yang Kai suddenly felt uneasy.

Combined with what Wu Heng had just said and what he had seen, Yang Kai keenly felt that there seemed to be someone coming from the pattern.

Sure enough, in the dazzling light, a giant foot suddenly stepped out from the circular formation, like a descending immortal, slowly revealing itself.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he stared at this man. He was a handsome man wearing a feathered crown and a feathered fan. This man had a jade-like appearance and was so handsome that Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling nauseous. On his waist hung a long sword that gave off the aura of a Confucian scholar. When he looked down from the circular pattern, his eyes were closed.

Wu Heng, on the other hand, stood there with a solemn look on his face as he looked up.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes, like thunder and lightning, clearly understanding all things. Wu Heng quickly lowered his head, as if even glancing at him would be disrespectful.

On the other hand, Yang Kai felt his hair stand on end as a great pressure descended upon him.

He wasn’t too clear about Wu Heng’s true strength, probably a 3rd order Emperor Realm master, but Yang Kai had seen many 3rd order Emperor Realm before, so he didn’t feel any pressure facing him. However, this feather haired man who had descended from the sky had caused his breathing to stagnate, and this was under the premise that the other party hadn’t deliberately targeted him.

There was only one person who could give him such a feeling!

This person was not a Emperor Realm, but a Great Emperor!

Which Great Emperor was it? The names of these Great Emperors flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, but he found that none of them matched this man. What made him even more puzzled was that Wu Heng was actually able to summon him.

What was the Star Envoy he just mentioned? Star Soul Palace also had a Star Envoy, Xiao YuYang was a Golden Star Envoy, but that wasn’t a position in Star Soul Palace, Xiao YuYang was an Elder.

The so-called Star Envoys were a kind of title established throughout the entire Southern Territory. The Star Envoys of Star Soul Palace were mainly responsible for communicating with and mediating the conflicts between the various great Sects in the Southern Territory. The Star Envoys also held other positions in Star Soul Palace. The two were independent but did not conflict with each other.

This Star Envoy was obviously not from Star Soul Palace, and he is like the Bright Moon Emperor. No, he seemed to be slightly worse than Bright Moon Emperor, but Yang Kai’s experience was limited, so he didn’t know what the difference was.

“Sir!” Wu Heng cupped his fists and saluted.

The crowned man looked down at him and asked lightly, “Wu Heng?”


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