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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3194 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3194
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Immediately, Yang Kai began to explain everything. From the moment he entered the Star Boundary, he had wandered to the Blue Feather Sect, encountered Wu Mengchuan, and learned the Heavens Devourer Battle Law as a condition to help him escape. After that, he went to the Star Fragments Sea to kill Wu Mengshan and perfected his Embodiment’s Secret Art.

Yang Yan listened quietly, her brow furrowing and relaxing at times. After listening, she turned to look at Yang Kai’s summoned Embodiment, a thoughtful look on her face.

The Embodiment had been hiding nearby all this time, and Yang Kai had planned to wait until he broke the seal on his dantian before summoning it to fight with the feathered crown man. However, at the last moment, Yang Yan suddenly appeared and stopped him, causing the Embodiment’s Secret Weapon to lose its effect.

“Does this mean that your clone cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law?”

“That’s right,” Yang Kai looked at her vigilantly, “You don’t want to cripple its cultivation, do you?”

Speaking of which, Embodiment wasn’t made of flesh and blood and didn’t have any meridians or Dantian, so even if Yang Yan wanted to cripple it, it would be difficult for her to do so unless she destroyed it completely.

“Using the Stone Puppet’s body to cultivate the Heavens Devourer Battle Law,” Yang Yan walked around the Embodiment a few times, a look of amazement on her face, as if she had discovered a new toy, “How did you come up with this idea?”

“It was just a coincidence,” Yang Kai laughed, “Back then, when Wu Mengchuan imparted the Heavens Devourer Battle Law to me, although I didn’t know why, I had a feeling it wasn’t a good thing, but that cultivation technique was too profound and I couldn’t bear to discard it, so I let my Embodiment try it out. Who would have thought that I would be able to benefit from it?”

Yang Yan nodded, “It’s not necessarily a coincidence, but it’s an opportunity. The Stone Puppet Clan is born with a natural earth and stone Body, so they don’t have the seven emotions and six desires of other living creatures. Their innate Divine Abilities are also easy to refine and repel all kinds of impurities, so it might be best to let them cultivate the Heavens Devourer Battle Law.” She understood the Stone Puppet Clan and also knew some of the drawbacks of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law. She had a vague feeling that the Heavens Devourer Battle Law was a cultivation technique tailored for the Stone Puppet Clan and not a cultivation technique that could be cultivated with flesh and blood.

Wu Kuang might not have been born so cold-blooded and ruthless, but after cultivating the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, his temperament had been distorted, making him view all living things as ants. For the sake of his own strength, he was willing to destroy countless Star Fields.

However, the Stone Puppet didn’t need to worry about this at all. Its innate Divine Ability was enough to refine all the impurities it absorbed into its body, so it wouldn’t be affected at all.

“No wonder many people who cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law had always encountered bottlenecks. It turns out that they needed to swallow another person who cultivated this Evil Art as a catalyst to break through their bottlenecks,” Yang Yan’s beautiful eyes flashed as she suddenly understood many things.

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Is there anyone else who cultivates the Heavens Devourer Battle Law?”

“It happened many years ago.”

When she said many years, it was definitely not a few dozen or a hundred years, nor was it a few thousand years, but that was tens of thousands of years ago! Wu Kuang had relied on a Heavens Devourer Battle Law to stabilize his position as the number one master of all time, so this cultivation method was naturally coveted by others. For some unknown reason, the Heavens Devourer Battle Law’s cultivation method had been passed down to some people who were interested in it, and there were even some Emperor Realm who, in order to cultivate this cultivation method, had abandoned their own cultivation and started over again.


However, those who cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law were all stuck at the 3rd order Dao Source Stage, never having any hope of advancing to the Emperor Realm.

It wasn’t because they had cultivated incorrectly, nor was it because of the cultivation technique they had obtained, but rather because of the Heavens Devourer Battle Law characteristics. Wu Mengchuan was Wu Kuang’s descendant after all, and even he had been stuck at the 3rd order Dao Source Stage for many years, let alone others.

It was easy to break through. Devouring another cultivator who cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law and taking everything for himself would be enough. It was like raising a poisonous insect, killing one another, and only then would the one who survived have a chance to advance.

Wu Mengchuan had taught Yang Kai the Heavens Devourer Battle Law in the past, firstly because he wanted Yang Kai to save him from the Bone Prison, and secondly because he wanted to cultivate someone he could devour in the future. Unfortunately, he had encountered Yang Kai, a cultivator from the Lower Planes Star Field, so he was completely uninterested in the Heavens Devourer Battle Law reputation and had resisted the temptation.

If it had been a native Star Boundary cultivator, they would have immediately cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law and would have ended up in tragedy.

After Wu Kuang, even though many people had cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, none of them had been able to break through to the Emperor Realm, causing many people to have the misconception that the cultivation technique was wrong and Wu Kuang had not passed down the true Heavens Devourer Battle Law, so the true cultivation technique had long since been buried with him in the Star Fragments Sea. As time passed, the Heavens Devourer Battle Law was gradually lost and no one cultivated it anymore.

Suddenly, Yang Yan thought of something else. Since the Heavens Devourer Battle Law was so strange, who did Wu Kuang devour back then to allow his cultivation technique to break through? There must be another existence who also cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law. Perhaps… there was some kind of unknown grudge between them, but it was too old to be traced back.

She looked up at Gun Gun again and asked hesitantly, “Is this the… Artifact Spirit of the Mysterious Boundary Bead?” She was naturally familiar with the Mysterious Boundary Bead. It was something she had brought from the Star Boundary to this Star Field many years ago, and after Yang Kai obtained it, she had given it to him. However, when they met again, the Mysterious Boundary Bead had not only developed an Artifact Spirit, it had also become extremely devouring.

“Yes!” Yang Kai laughed proudly.

The Mysterious Boundary Bead had been in Yang Kai’s hands for many years and had helped him escape many dangers. On top of that, its internal space was greatly beneficial to his Space Divine Ability, so Yang Kai naturally regarded it highly. Now that it had given birth to an Artifact Spirit, it was like giving birth to a son.

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Stunned for a moment, he scratched his head and asked, “Are you going to take it back?”

“If I really want to take it back, what will you do?” Yang Yan looked at him.

Yang Kai waved his hand, “Then take it.” It was hers to begin with.

Yang Yan was stunned, not expecting Yang Kai to agree so readily.

“However, there is one thing you must promise me, you must not destroy its spirituality. Although I used it as a carrier to perform the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, allowing it to give birth to an Artifact Spirit, it has never done anything wrong. If you agree to this, I can return the Mysterious Boundary Bead to you.”

After exploring the Great Desolate Star Field and swallowing as much as he could, Yang Kai’s comprehension of the Space Laws had become more profound.

He had a feeling that his current self could also refine a world and condense it into a Mysterious Boundary Bead, so if Yang Yan really wanted to take back the Mysterious Boundary Bead, there was nothing he couldn’t give up. At worst, he could just refine one and transfer the Eternal Tree and Azure Tree from the Mysterious Small Boundary to him.

Yang Yan couldn’t help laughing, “It’s just a joke, there’s no need to take it seriously.” This thing was a world of its own, and if one wasn’t proficient in the Space Laws, even if they held it in their hands, it wouldn’t be of much use. It would only cause a pearl to be covered in dust, otherwise, she wouldn’t have left this treasure to Yang Kai. With a solemn expression, she said, “Use it carefully!”

“I understand.”

“There’s also this Star Field, don’t devour it anymore. If this matter really blows up, everyone’s face won’t be good,” Yang Yan pointed towards the endless darkness.


“In addition, when you return to the Star Boundary in the future, don’t let the Heavens Devourer Battle Law be exposed to the world, otherwise you’ll suffer a great disaster,” Yang Yan warned solemnly. She was willing to believe in Yang Kai and his Embodiment, but that didn’t mean others were willing to believe in them as well. Not to mention the Iron Blood Great Emperor, if he were to learn that there were still people in this world who cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, he would probably be the first to act. Yang Kai was probably still unable to bear the wrath of the Great Emperor.

“I’ll remember,” Yang Kai nodded and secretly sighed. Yang Yan had finally passed this stage, so after hesitating for a moment, he said, “I have something to ask you.”


“What was that guy’s cultivation just now?”

Instead of answering, Yang Yan asked, “What do you think?”

“Great Emperor!” Yang Kai said in a low voice. This was not an illusion. The feeling the man gave him was that he was facing a Great Emperor, but because he was being suppressed and had underestimated Yang Kai, he had suffered a loss. If he had fought with this man in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai estimated that he would not have been able to fight back.

The reason he was able to rampage freely on Dragon Island was because of his bloodline suppression. Without the suppression of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, he was no match for any Dragon Clan Elder.

Yang Yan smiled and shook her head.

“How is this possible?” Yang Kai was shocked, “He’s not a Great Emperor? Could he be a 3rd order Emperor Realm master? No, no, how could a 3rd order Emperor Realm master possess such strength?”

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“It’s not the 3rd order Emperor Realm either.”

Yang Kai was flabbergasted, “Don’t tell me that between the 3rd order Emperor Realm and the Great Emperor, there is still a realm!”

“No, but that person… is a Great Emperor, and not a Great Emperor!”

Yang Kai was confused, “What do you mean?”

“How should I put it…” Yang Yan pondered for a moment. If an ordinary 1st order Emperor Realm were to ask this question, Yang Yan would definitely not answer. Sometimes, before one’s strength reached a certain level, they would know too much and it was highly likely that it would be a hindrance to one’s cultivation. However, Yang Kai was clearly not an ordinary 1st order Emperor Realm, so with the strength he had just displayed, he had the qualifications to come into contact with such things.

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“If the entire world is compared to a bottle, then the amount of sand, stone, and mud in that bottle is limited to us cultivators.”

The corresponding scene appeared in Yang Kai’s mind and he nodded slightly, indicating for her to continue.

“All living beings are like water in a bottle, each of them extremely small, able to fill the entire world. The larger the size, the stronger it is, and the Great Emperor is nothing more than a stone in this bottle!”

“Ten stones?” Yang Kai showed a strange expression.

Yang Yan smiled and said, “That’s exactly what I mean. Although the World Bottle is large, it can only hold ten stones, not even one more, so since ancient times there have been ten Great Emperors. Regardless of the passage of time, this number is always been small. However, this doesn’t mean that there are only ten stones in the World Bottle. There are also some other powerful existences who have surpassed the Emperor Realm but have yet to obtain the recognition of the world. These people are Great Emperor, and not Great Emperor at the same time. In terms of cultivation, they have reached the Great Emperor Realm, but because of the World Bottle’s restrictions, they are unable to become true Great Emperors.”

“Like him?”

Yang Yan nodded.

“Like you?”

Yang Yan smiled without saying anything.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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