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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3212 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3212

With his eyesight, he could naturally tell that Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation was only at the 3rd order Origin King Realm, but at this moment, she had taken out a Origin King Grade medicinal herb, indicating that she wanted to refine a Origin King Grade Spirit Pill. For a cultivator from the Lower Planes Star Field, this should be the limit. In other words, Yang Kai’s wife was a Origin King Grade Alchemist.

Perhaps… he could still look forward to it for a while, Ji Ying thought to himself as he nodded silently.

Xia Ning Chang gently picked up a medicinal herb and her aura suddenly underwent a huge change. She became extremely focused, as if the entire world was only left with the herbs in front of her and nothing else.

Pill Refining required one to be completely focused and not be distracted for a long time. This was an essential quality for every Alchemist.

Ji Ying nodded again, thinking that no matter how good her Pill Refining aptitude was, just this performance was commendable.

However, in the next moment, he frowned because Xia Ning Chang had actually circulated her Saint Qi to wrap up the medicinal herb in her hand. The Saint Qi was not constant, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing, sometimes becoming stronger and sometimes weak, forming a strange fluctuation. Under this fluctuation, the medicinal herb quickly released a faint green aura, obviously the medicinal liquid.

Not using a pill furnace? A strange light flashed across Ji Ying’s eyes.

An outstanding Alchemist may be able to refine pills in the air without the help of a pill furnace, but this required an extremely high level of skill for an Alchemist, and the quality of the pills they refined couldn’t be too high. For example, Ji Ying himself, as an Emperor Alchemist, could refine Dao Source Grade pills without the help of a pill furnace, but even if he could refine pills, the quality and quantity of the pills would be affected.

Pill furnaces were the lives of Alchemists, and this was not a joke. Regardless of whether a pill furnace was good or bad, it was necessary to assist Alchemists in Pill Refining.

Xia Ning Chang was a Origin King Realm master, so refining Origin King Grade Spirit Pills was already her limit. Now that she wanted to refine pills in the air without the help of a pill furnace, Ji Ying couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy. He felt that even if she wanted to show off a little in front of him, she shouldn’t act so arrogantly. This was not a good thing for an Alchemist, and if one were to look at a leopard from the shadows, it was likely that she wouldn’t be able to go far.

If anyone else were to do this in front of him, he would definitely reprimand them, but considering that Xia Ning Chang was Yang Kai’s wife, he could only bear with it. However, his initial hope had disappeared.

The next moment, he was stunned.

Because he felt that Xia Ning Chang’s Saint Qi was not of the fire attribute.

What was going on? Not using a pill furnace to refine pills in the air was one thing, but not even using Pill Flame? How was she supposed to refine pills? Did she really think Pill Refining was a child’s play?

Unable to bear it any longer, he turned to look at Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai simply smiled and said meaningfully, “Brother Ji, you’ll understand after watching.”

Ji Ying frowned, but he could only let nature take its course. In his mind, he was thinking about how to politely decline Yang Kai’s previous proposal, not damaging his face and their friendship, but this was a difficult matter to handle. If Yang Kai brought someone else here, he could easily refuse, but this woman in front of him was his wife, and if things went wrong, it was likely they would develop a grudge between them.

As her Saint Qi surged and the spirit grass churned, the Origin King Realm pill began to glow with a green light before gradually condensing into a pearl-sized drop of dark green liquid.

Ji Ying’s eyes bulged as he exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

The first step to refining a Spirit Pill was to condense a medicinal liquid. Ordinary Alchemists naturally had to rely on pill furnaces and Pill Flames, but not only did Yang Kai’s wife not use a Pill Furnace, she didn’t even have a Pill Flame, yet she was able to magically condense the medicinal liquid from that herb.

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai in shock, he saw that Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent, as if he had already expected this.

What was going on? Without the help of a pill furnace and without using Pill Flame, how did this Miss Xia manage to condense the medicinal liquid? Unwilling to believe this, He released his Divine Sense and his eyes widened.

It was indeed a medicinal liquid, and… and it was extremely pure. The pearl-sized dark green liquid was not mixed with any impurities, it was pure and flawless, and its medicinal properties were perfectly preserved without the slightest damage. Ji Ying’s shock could not be any greater as he felt that what he was seeing was beyond his understanding.

With his ability, if he were to obtain a similar Origin King Grade medicinal herb, he would naturally be able to achieve the same level as Xia Ning Chang, but he had to rely on his Pill Furnace and Pill Flame. Moreover, he was an Emperor Grade Alchemist while Xia Ning Chang was only a Origin King Grade Alchemist, so the gap between them was naturally incomparable.

He had never thought that a Origin King Grade Alchemist would be able to condense the medicinal liquid to such a degree. At the very least, when he was a Origin King Grade Alchemist, he was unable to do so.

The purity of the medicinal liquid was directly related to the quality of the final pill. The higher the purity of the medicinal liquid, the less impurities it contained, and the more helpful it would be in the later stages of refinement. Xia Ning Chang had undoubtedly achieved perfection in this step.

Looking back at the Origin King Grade herb in Xia Ning Chang’s hand, he saw that it had completely withered and the medicinal efficacies contained within it had been condensed and tossed aside by Xia Ning Chang.

This surprised Ji Ying again.

Without the help of a pill furnace or Pill Flame, condensing such a pure medicinal liquid was already astonishing, and she was even able to squeeze the medicinal efficacy of a single herb to its limit.

It could be said that Ji Ying had never seen such an Alchemist before, and even the few disciples he had placed high hopes on were likely inferior to her. If the Medicine Liquid condensing process was worth ten points, then Ji Ying would definitely give Xia Ning Chang nine points while he deduct one for fear she would become arrogant.

No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out how she did it, because it was contrary to the common sense he knew. Calming his mind, he continued to study the herbs as Xia Ning Chang skillfully condensed a large amount of herbal liquid. Not long after, all the herbs had been condensed.

Seeing this, Ji Ying couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. He discovered that the perfect medicinal liquid she had condensed at the beginning wasn’t just a fluke, because the later herbs had all been completely condensed by her without the slightest bit of waste.

The dissatisfaction and contempt in his heart disappeared, and Ji Ying’s expression became extremely focused as he stared fixedly at Xia Ning Chang’s movements, afraid to miss even the slightest detail. Although he still couldn’t understand how she had done it, this visual and sensory impact was undoubtedly a kind of shock and enjoyment for an experienced Alchemist.

After condensing the medicinal liquid, it was naturally time to draw a Spirit Array and allow the medicinal liquid to fuse together.

Ji Ying thought to himself, ‘At this point, you should at least use the Pill Furnace, right?’ That move just now was enough to prove her ability.

Unexpectedly, Xia Ning Chang still had no intention of taking out the pill furnace. Instead, she simply stretched out her hands and placed them in front of her, causing a pearl-sized liquid to float between her palms.

As her Saint Qi surged, a large amount of medicinal liquid began to swirl around Xia Ning Chang’s palms.

As they spun, they merged together and underwent some miraculous changes.

Ji Ying was at a complete loss for words, only feeling that this Madam Yang’s Pill Refining method was completely different from what he knew about Pill Refining, far beyond his imagination.

His Divine Sense had been paying attention to the changes in the medicinal liquid all this time, and Ji Ying’s expression was also filled with surprise, shock, admiration, and many other expressions.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn passed, the medicinal liquid that had been swirling between Xia Ning Chang’s palms suddenly slowed down, but under Ji Ying’s perception, he could clearly feel that the medicinal liquid had completely fused together and was now at its peak.

Xia Ning Chang held the semi-finished pill in one hand, tilted her head and thought for a moment before suddenly changing her hand to form a series of hand seals and urge her Saint Qi.

“This is…” Ji Ying suddenly stood up.

The technique Xia Ning Chang was executing at this moment was actually the latest pill collection method he had developed!

He had discussed with Yang Kai for five days and used this method to collect no less than twenty cauldrons of Spirit Pills, but that was all. He had never thought that Xia Ning Chang would be able to completely master it after watching for five days.

Not only had she learned it, she had even used it!

Ji Ying was inexplicably excited and instinctively felt that he had picked up a treasure. Having such an outstanding and special Pill Refining skill could be explained as Xia Ning Chang’s proficiency in Pill Refinng. She had immersed herself in the Dao of Pill Refining for a long time, but learning his Pill Receiving Technique and using it within five days was enough to show her aptitude and comprehension.

Of course, in Ji Ying’s opinion, Xia Ning Chang’s Pill Condensing Technique was not perfect, and some of the twists and turns along the way were quite stiff, she didn’t seem to be able to use it freely.

However, this flaw was not to be underestimated. In these five days, he had not taught her anything and she had only watched from the sidelines, yet she was able to accomplish this. If he were to teach her, wouldn’t there be more room for improvement?

Compared to her, the disciples he had placed high hopes on were simply rotten wood that couldn’t be carved, the walls of manure couldn’t be stained anymore!

As the last spell was cast, the medicinal liquid in Xia Ning Chang’s hand suddenly split into seven, but they were still under her control. The seven drops of medicinal liquid continued to rotate, gradually solidifying and drying up.

When the dust settled, Xia Ning Chang had seven round, snow-white pills in her hands.

“Grandmaster, please take a look,” Xia Ning Chang said softly before placing the seven pills on the table and retreating behind Yang Kai.

Ji Ying’s eyes immediately widened as he grabbed the seven pills and examined them carefully.

Yang Kai had been observing Ji Ying’s expression all this time, so how could he not know that Ji Ying’s mentality had changed? Raising his eyes, he smiled at Xia Ning Chang and signaled her to settle everything.

“Pill Veins!” Ji Ying called out.

Among the seven Spirit Pills, there were actually two with Pill Veins!

What kind of shocking ratio was this? Even Ji Ying was stunned.

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