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Martial Peak Chapter 3217

At the lowest level of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, the woman in palace dress who had addressed Ji Yao as Martial Aunt looked up with a worried expression. Just now, she seemed to have vaguely heard a quarrel.

The Cultivation Technique Pavilion had already been cleared and now, apart from her, only Ji Yao and Yang Kai were left. The quarrel must have been caused by the two of them, but she couldn’t figure out what had caused them to quarrel so loudly that even she could hear it.

Could something have happened to her? Palace Master Yang was a great benefactor to Ice Heart Valley, and she had also heard that Martial Aunt Ji had a good relationship with Palace Master Yang. Martial Aunt Ji had disappeared for so many years, and it was Palace Master Yang who had brought her back safely. Since that was the case, how could there be a dispute?

She wanted to investigate, but she was afraid of encountering something she shouldn’t, so she hesitated.

Fortunately, the quarrels came and went quickly, so there was no movement at all, allowing her to relax quite a bit. Listening carefully, she couldn’t find any clues, so she could only shake her head and sigh before continuing to guard the door, secretly praying that nothing bad would happen.

What she didn’t know was that something had really happened on the eighth floor of the Technique Pavilion.

How could an inexperienced woman like Ji Yao be Yang Kai’s opponent?

Before she could do anything, Yang Kai wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her red lips for a while. Ji Yao’s entire body went limp and she lost all strength. If it weren’t for Yang Kai holding her waist with one hand, she would have collapsed immediately.

Her breathing was rapid, her chest heaving up and down, her cheeks burning.

Yang Kai was no longer satisfied with just a little taste. Instead, he opened Ji Yao’s mouth and grabbed her soft tongue, tasting it wantonly.

Ji Yao let out a soft cry and was startled, never having expected herself to make such a strange sound. This sound also woke her up from her daze, her eyes widening as she exerted all her strength to push Yang Kai away. Turning around, she left Yang Kai’s embrace and leaned against the wall, gasping for breath like a fish that had just jumped onto the shore.

Yang Kai smacked his lips as he reminisced about the feeling he had just experienced before grinning at her, “I already said something bad would happen!”

Ji Yao covered her chest with one hand, as if her heart would jump out if she didn’t do this. The redness on her face had yet to dissipate and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears as she sneered, “What else do you have to say now?”

“What?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“What a waste, a woman throwing herself at you and you can’t resist!” Ji Yao said hatefully.

“Are you blaming me?” Yang Kai was speechless, thinking to himself, Is this not your fault? If you weren’t like that, why would I be like this? I’m a man after all.

Ji Yao said coldly, “The truth is right in front of you still want to deny it!”

Yang Kai’s eyes drooped as a few strands of black hair fell from his forehead, concealing his expression as he lightly asked, “Junior Sister Yao, are you trying to prove your point?”

Ji Yao replied, “Yes!”

Yang Kai looked up and grinned maliciously, “Junior Sister Yao, you’re quite bold, aren’t you afraid you’ll be eaten to the point where not even your bones will be left?” Saying so, he walked towards her step by step. She was already leaning against the wall, but now that Yang Kai was approaching her, she had nowhere to run, her long eyelashes violently trembling as she exclaimed, “What are you trying to do!”

Yang Kai supported himself against the wall with one hand while lifting her jade white chin with the other, like a demon that had been completely released, and looked at her with a faint smile, “What do you think I want?”

Without waiting for her to react, he leaned over and kissed her again.

This time, he didn’t show any mercy to the fairer sex, instead directly breaking through the layers of barriers and taking what he wanted.

Ji Yao immediately gasped for breath, almost suffocating as she finally understood that men were not to be trifled with.

After experiencing this for the second time, at least her performance was better than before and she was able to feel some things, but it was also because of this that she felt more unbearable. It was as if something was stirring inside her body and the blood flow in her body was many times faster than usual. Her entire body was emitting a shocking heat, as if she was about to burn her clothes to ashes.

When a large hand reached her chest, Ji Yao grabbed Yang Kai’s wrist and opened her eyes, shaking her head pleadingly.

Yang Kai had been paying attention to her reaction, so seeing this, he simply smiled and didn’t force her.

After a long time, their lips separated and a crystal clear thread connected with each other. Ji Yao stared at this thread absentmindedly, her already red face becoming even more embarrassed.

With a short movement, she jumped out from under Yang Kai’s arm and rushed towards the staircase. Stopping, she turned around and glared fiercely at Yang Kai, “Absolutely! Absolutely! Don’t tell Little Junior Sister!”

After that, she hurriedly ran downstairs.

“You still dare to be so fierce!” Yang Kai looked in the direction she had disappeared and sneered. His hand was filled with fragrance as he placed it to his nose and sniffed it, his face filled with lust.

But then again, he had only come here today to obtain some cultivation techniques and Secret Techniques from Ice Heart Valley, so how did things develop to this point with Ji Yao? Thinking back to everything that had just happened, he actually felt like he was dreaming.

However, he had already done everything he could, so there was no point thinking about it now. He just didn’t know if meeting Ji Yao again would be awkward.

What bothered Yang Kai was that she actually didn’t want him to tell Su Yan. He had thought that Ji Yao was feeding a tiger with her own body and would definitely think she had something on him, but he didn’t expect her to be even more afraid of this matter being exposed than him. Rubbing his chin, Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before shaking his head. He really didn’t know what Ji Yao was up to today.

On the first floor of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, a middle-aged woman dressed in palace dress heard the sound and quickly greeted, “Martial Aunt Ji.”

Ji Yao stared straight ahead as if she had not heard anything, her mind still immersed in the sudden change just now. The impact of what had just happened was unimaginable, and she was definitely not as calm as she appeared.

The woman asked, “Disciple just heard some movements from above. Did Martial Aunt quarrel with Palace Master Yang?”

Ji Yao glanced at her and frowned, “Did you hear that?”

The woman said fearfully, “Disciple didn’t mean to, it’s just… your voice was a bit loud.”

Ji Yao’s eyes flashed, “What did you hear?”

The woman lowered her head, “I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Ji Yao didn’t know if what she said was true or not, so she could only remind her, “Don’t spread it out, I just had some disagreements with Senior Brother just now.”

“Oh,” The woman nodded and asked curiously, “Why is Martial Aunt’s face so red?”

Ji Yao said with an unnatural expression, “I was angered by him.”

The woman didn’t suspect anything, but those who cultivated ice-attribute cultivation techniques generally had a relatively calm state of mind, so she was quite curious about what Martial Aunt Ji and that Palace Master Yang were arguing about, to anger Martial Aunt Ji to such an extent. That Palace Master Yang was really too much, even such a good person like Martial Aunt Ji was actually angered, so it was definitely his fault.

Eighth layer. There weren’t many jade slips, so Yang Kai only needed to copy them for a moment before sorting them out. Looking up at the nine layers, he saw that they should contain the secrets of Ice Heart Valley.

The ninth layer was completely unguarded for him, so if he wanted to enter, he could naturally enter easily, but since Bing Yun didn’t allow him to do so, he naturally wouldn’t trespass. In the end, he had only come here to collect more Cultivation Technique and Secret Technique for his disciples to choose from, so he didn’t need anything too profound.

The harvest was quite good, but he didn’t know how Li Jiao was doing.

As Yang Kai walked down the stairs, the woman immediately stepped forward and bowed.

“You haven’t left yet?” Yang Kai stared at Ji Yao, who had her back to him, stunned. He had thought that after what had just happened, she would avoid him, but he hadn’t expected her to still be waiting here.

Ji Yao turned back and asked, “Why should I leave? I didn’t do anything shameful.”

How could you say something like that? Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he think of her targeting the man behind her Little Junior Sister. Wasn’t this shameful? However, since this matter had happened to him, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t say anything and simply nodded, “Now that this matter is settled, I should return.”

“I’ll send you off.”

Yang Kai didn’t refuse, but he didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but along the way, Yang Kai felt like she was intentionally keeping a distance from him. She seemed to have something to say, but she didn’t respond, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat bored.

He really wanted to ask Ji Yao what had happened just now. They were already in such a state, so why was she still putting on such a cold face as if she had some kind of deep grudge?

Could it be that she was angry? Thinking about this, Yang Kai’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. There really was such a possibility. He had been a bit too arrogant just now and had gone too far. It was inevitable that Ji Yao would be angry.

It was just that it took two hands to clap for this matter. If you weren’t willing, wouldn’t you have refused from the start? Why was your resistance so weak? Yang Kai thought she had acquiesced, so he was pushing his luck.

This was f*cking awkward, he didn’t even know how to interact with her in the future.

Soon, they arrived at the Ice Island Forbidden Zone. Yang Kai stepped onto the Space Array and glanced at Ji Yao, only to see her standing there quietly with a calm expression.

Yang Kai sighed in his heart and cupped his fists, “I’ll have to trouble Junior Sister Yao to take care of Su Yan.”

Ji Yao replied lightly, “Don’t worry, she won’t suffer any grievances here.”

Yang Kai nodded before activating the Space Array and disappearing in a flash.

After returning to High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai found Hua Qingsi and handed her the things he had obtained from this trip, allowing her to enter the Cultivation Technique Pavilion for the disciples to choose from.

Hua Qingsi took it and reported, “Earlier, Palace Master Li came over and gave me many cultivation techniques. I have already thanked him, but he seems to have something to ask of you.”

“Where is he?”

“In the Discussion Hall.”

“I’ll go take a look.”

Saying so, Yang Kai flew off into the sky. Inside the Discussion Hall, Li Jiao sat upright while Lu Sanniang accompanied him, the two of them whispering and laughing.

Suddenly realizing that someone had flashed by the door, all of them raised their heads and saluted.

“Is Brother Li looking for me for something?” Since they were no longer strangers, after sharing life and death several times, Yang Kai’s impression of Li Jiao had gradually changed, so there was no need to be polite.

Li Jiao smiled and said, “This Li wants my Fire Dragon Palace to form an alliance with Brother Yang’s High Heaven Palace so that we can help each other. What does Brother Yang think?”


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