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Martial Peak Chapter 3223

The next morning, Yang Kai slowly woke up and yawned. In each of his arms, there was a delicate body. A strange smell lingered in the room.

Last night was another crazy night!

Gently freeing himself from the two tender bodies, he opened the window and a cool breeze blew across the room, blowing away the strange smell.

This action also woke Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue up. Shan Qing Luo’s skin was thick as she straightened her body and stretched seductively, her exquisite figure clearly visible as she glared at Yang Kai and snorted, “Are you satisfied now?”

Yang Kai grinned and walked over to grab her chest, “You speak as if you’ve suffered a loss, I wonder who was so presumptuous last night.”

Shan Qing Luo snorted, “Don’t come looking for me these days, I’m going to enter secluded cultivation to break through to the Dao Source Stage. Big Sister is already a 2nd order Dao Source Stage master, if I don’t work harder, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with you.” Saying so, she reached out and pinched Xue Yue’s cheek, “Still pretending to sleep, hurry up and get up.”

After being exposed by her, Xue Yue’s face turned red and she could only crawl up, but she wasn’t as bold as Shan Qing Luo so she grab a blanket to cover her chest.

Shan Qing Luo reached out to scratch her, “What are you doing? It’s not like we haven’t seen it before, why are you so shy?”

“Luo’er, stop fooling around,” Xue Yue blushed. Although her personality wasn’t as easily embarrassed as Little Senior Sister’s, she wasn’t as bold and unrestrained as Shan Qing Luo. She stole a glance at Yang Kai and saw him standing there with a smile on his face, not showing any intention of stopping her, so she immediately said angrily, “Big Sister isn’t here, you’re all going to flip the heavens, I’ll go back and tell Big Sister.”

“Oh, how dare you snitch on me!” Shan Qing Luo grit her teeth and rushed forward to pull the blanket off Xue Yue’s body, scratching Xue Yue so hard that she couldn’t stop screaming. She even called out to Yang Kai, “Husband, if the harem isn’t fair, how can the world be peaceful? Little Sister Yue needs to be taught a lesson, what are you waiting for?”

Yang Kai thought about it seriously for a moment before nodding and saying, “Good point.” As he approached, he grinned maliciously and began trampling Xue Yue with Shan Qing Luo’s help.

Of course, Shan Qing Luo didn’t escape from the ‘Demon Claw’ in the end, and by the time things settled down, it was already noon.

The two women helped Yang Kai put on his clothes and let him sit in front of the mirror. One of them tidied his clothes while the other stood behind him and combed his hair.

While Xue Yue was busy with her work, she said, “Husband, Luo’er is going into seclusion, so I’m going into seclusion as well. In the next few days, don’t try to harm us. If our cultivation really can’t keep up with yours and Big Sister’s, it will be troublesome.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded. Although love was something one couldn’t bear to part with, the path of a cultivator still required constant climbing. Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue had just arrived from the Star Field, so this was a good time to accumulate experience. If they missed this opportunity, it might affect their entire lives, so Yang Kai instructed, “Cultivate well. If you have any questions, go ask someone. There are many Emperor Realm masters in the palace, so it won’t be a problem to teach you.”

“Understood,” Xue Yue nodded.

Shan Qing Luo suddenly pursed her lips and smiled, “Big Sister has gone to Ice Heart Valley, Ningchang has gone to Medicine Pill Valley, and Little Sister Yue and I are going into seclusion to cultivate. Husband, you’ll probably be alone for a while. Didn’t you say we have a sister who is also a member of the Dragon Clan? Why don’t you bring her over? When we’re not around, you can have someone to take care of you.”

“Her…” Yang Kai muttered, “We’ll talk about it later.”

Zhu Qing’s matter was not easy to deal with, as it concerned Dragon Island’s prestige, so the Dragon Race probably wouldn’t let her go so easily. Moreover, he had caused a big ruckus on Dragon Island last time and even implicated an Eighth-Order Giant Dragon to death. The Dragon Race being hostile was the expected outcome, so how could he let Zhu Qing come to High Heaven Palace?

If he wanted to bring Zhu Qing out, he would need to have the power to dominate Dragon Island.

After tidying up, Yang Kai left High Heaven Peak and saw Hua Qingsi waiting outside. She came up to him and grumbled, “It’s fine if you weren’t in the palace before, but now that you’ve returned, it’s difficult to even see you.”

“What is it?” Yang Kai asked.

“Take a look.” Hua Qingsi handed over a jade slip.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to receive it and sent his Divine Sense into it. He couldn’t help showing his teeth, “So many people are complaining?”

Hua Qingsi said, “There are too many monks and too little congee. The instructors who came from Fire Dragon Palace haven’t had a good time these past few days, almost all of them without rest, let alone cultivating.”

“Why is there no time to rest?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Hua Qingsi rolled her eyes, “I’ll bring you over and you’ll know.”

Saying so, she led Yang Kai to a nearby Spirit Peak.

There seemed to be more than a thousand cultivators living on this Spirit Peak. In front of a palace on the peak, there was a long dragon line with at least two or three hundred people waiting respectfully. From time to time, cultivators would walk out of the palace with enlightened looks on their faces. Every time someone walked out, the person in front would walk in and repeat the process.

The corner of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he pointed towards the palace below, “Is that where the Instructors live?”

“That’s right.” Hua Qingsi herself was a bit nervous, “The cultivators you brought here are new to the Star Boundary and are not used to it yet, so they will encounter all kinds of problems when it comes to cultivation. Once they encounter a problem, they will seek out the instructors of the various peaks to solve it, but each peak only has one instructor. Look at the lineup, how could the instructors have time to rest? This is only a Spirit Peak with a thousand people, but the situation on Spirit Peak with two or three thousand people is a bit more serious. Only a few hundred people have a better situation, but they are still busy. A few of the instructors have already come to find me and said that they can’t stand the life here, so even if they were to be punished, they would immediately return to Fire Dragon Palace and ask me to contact Palace Master Li.”

“Ignore them.”

Hua Qingsi said, “I’ve temporarily suppressed it, but with the attitude of these instructors, how can they properly teach the disciples how to cultivate? If they don’t teach properly, it will affect the lives of the disciples. Palace Master, we really need to find more instructors.”

“En, I have such plans.”

Hua Qingsi said, “Ice Heart Valley has a good relationship with us, can we borrow some people from Ice Heart Valley?”

“Forget about Ice Heart Valley, I’ve thought about it before, but Ice Heart Valley’s disciples all cultivate Ice Attribute cultivation methods, so they’re too dedicated and not suitable to be here as instructors.”

“Then what should we do?”

“I have my own plans,” Yang Kai replied, “However, before more instructors arrive, you must first find a way to appease these people. How about this, give them a monthly salary so they won’t work for nothing.”

“I think so too, I was just about to report to you.”

“You decide on this matter yourself. If you can’t, then Manager Bian can discuss it with you. You don’t need to ask me how much is suitable.”

“Fine,” Hua Qing Si said helplessly. She had never seen a Palace Master like this before, and she couldn’t wait to hand over all of her authority.

After separating from Hua Qingsi, Yang Kai went to Spirit Pill Peak to find Ji Ying and brought out many things.

Soon, he appeared in front of the Space Array.

“Palace Master!” Bian Yuqing, who was meditating nearby, flew over to greet him.

Yang Kai gently waved his hand and left her to her own devices before walking over to the Space Array and activating his Space Force, disappearing.

In the Southern Domain, Azure Sun Temple, in the back mountain of Spirit Sword Peak, Yang Kai appeared leisurely.

Sweeping his Divine Sense around to make sure no one was around, he flew straight towards Spirit Sword Peak.

He was a guest Elder of the Azure Sun Temple, and Spirit Sword Peak was the Spirit Peak where he lived. It was also a place Yang Kai had specially chosen, and it was quite far from the other main peaks so it was convenient for him to hide the Space Array.

Flying over to Spirit Sword Peak, Yang Kai took out the Elder Jade Plate, opened the Great Formation, and walked straight in.

Two young and beautiful maidservants were feeding the fish in front of a pond while the big red koi fish swam about, causing the two girls to giggle.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, but after taking a closer look, he realized he hadn’t made a mistake. This was his Spirit Sword Peak, when did it have two maidservants?

The two women’s cultivations weren’t high, so when Yang Kai got close enough, they suddenly discovered that someone had arrived, causing them to be startled. The woman in red on the left said, “Who is it!”

Yang Kai smiled and asked, “Who are you?”

“We are from Azure Sun Temple, who are you?” The woman in red looked at Yang Kai vigilantly.

On the other hand, a thoughtful look flashed across the eyes of the other woman in green as she tugged at the woman in red’s clothes and bowed, “This servant greets Elder Yang!”

Elder Yang?

The red-dressed little girl was stunned. In the entire Azure Sun Temple, there was only one Elder surnamed Yang, hse immediately came to her senses and bowed.

“No need to be so polite,” Yang Kai raised his hand and asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

The young girl in green said, “It was Elder Gao who ordered us to come here. He said that Elder Yang doesn’t live here all year round and wants us to stay here and take care of this place.”

“Senior Sister Gao…” Yang Kai nodded, “I see.”

The young girl in green said, “We didn’t act rashly on Spirit Sword Peak, we just cleaned the palace and fed the fish food. Please understand, Elder Yang.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Thank you for your trouble.”

The two young girls were both a bit overwhelmed by this unexpected favor. It had to be known that this person in front of them was an Elder-level master, an Emperor Realm master. Both of their statuses were low and their cultivations were low, so the difference between their statuses was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. For this Elder Yang to be so friendly to them, they couldn’t help feeling excited.

By the time they came back to their senses, Yang Kai had already walked into the hall.

“So this is that Elder Yang,” The red-clothed girl stared at Yang Kai’s disappearing figure with a look of admiration, “He seems so young.”

The young girl in green said, “I heard someone say that this Elder Yang may be the youngest Elder here. It is said that he has only cultivated for a hundred years.”

“Really?” The red-clothed girl was shocked. Although her cultivation wasn’t high, she knew how difficult it was to reach the Emperor Realm, but to reach such a realm in just a hundred years was simply unimaginable.

“It is said that this Elder Yang came from the Lower Planes Star Field,” The young girl in green obviously had more information, so after she finished speaking, she sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Elder Gao said that when Elder Yang returned, she wanted me to tell her. I almost forgot.” Saying so, she quickly took out a communication compass.


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