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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3224 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3224
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Entering the hall, Yang Kai walked around and found that the place was quite tidy. He wiped his hands on the table, but there wasn’t a speck of dust on it. It was obvious that the two girls were very meticulous in their cleaning.

Turning around, he sat down on a chair and patted the back of it. Looking up, two young girls walked in and bowed again.

“Right, isn’t there another old man living here? Where did that old man go?” Yang Kai asked.

He was naturally referring to Tian Yan, who had reconstructed his body from the Divine Movement Mirror. In the past, with Yang Kai’s help, Tian Yan had used the Fresh Body Pill to reconstruct his body. Yang Kai had thought that he would be able to obtain a Great Emperor as his backer, but that was not the case. In the Divine Movement Mirror World, Tian Yan was indeed a powerhouse comparable to a Great Emperor, but that was only limited to the Divine Movement Mirror. Even after reconstructing his body, he had to start over again, almost like a newborn baby. Because the Heavenly Law could not be deceived, it was impossible for a new Great Emperor to appear out of nowhere.

At that time, Yang Kai didn’t really understand, but after talking with Yang Yan, he understood that the World Bottle couldn’t contain Tian Yan, so he had to start cultivating from scratch.

Wen Zishan originally wanted to choose another place for him to live, but Tian Yan instead chose to live on Spirit Sword Peak.

Later on, Yang Kai followed Zhu Lie to the Frozen Earth, entered the Wheel World, then went to the Western Regions, then Dragon Island, and returned to Heng Luo Star Field. In the blink of an eye, more than a decade had passed, but this time, when he returned to Spirit Sword Peak, he didn’t see Tian Yan. In the entire peak, there were only the two girls in front of him, so Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling suspicious.

“Senior has gone out to travel,” a clear voice suddenly called out.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a tall figure walking in. She wore a pure white dress and her hair was tied up in a jade hairpin, giving off a clean and heroic aura.

Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists with a smile, “Senior Sister Gao, it’s been many years since we last met, you’re still as elegant as ever.”

He was not surprised that Gao Xueting would appear here so quickly. Since the two young girls had been ordered by Gao Xueting to stay here, firstly to take care of Spirit Sword Peak and secondly to monitor him, once he returned, Gao Xueting would definitely receive news.

A crisp sound rang out as a cold light flashed and a long sword was unsheathed. Gao Xueting stepped forward and placed her sword on Yang Kai’s shoulder, sneering, “Speak, how do you want to die!”

The two young girls beside him cried out in surprise. They had never imagined that Elder Gao and this Elder Yang would become so hot-tempered upon meeting, how could she just point her sword at him? Could it be that there was some kind of deep grudge between the two of them? They were hesitating whether they should send a message to the other Elders, but with their low cultivation and low status, how could they have any way to contact the other Elders?

Yang Kai’s smile became stiff as he swallowed his saliva and pinched the edge of her sword with two fingers before gently removing it from his shoulder and smiling, “Senior Sister Gao, what are you doing!”

“You still have the face to come back!” Gao Xueting coldly snorted, unmoved.


Yang Kai’s expression twitched, “Junior Brother doesn’t understand, I hope Senior Sister can enlighten me.”

“Do you want to die knowing why?” Gao Xueting stared at him expressionlessly, “Fine, I’ll let you die knowing why. Let me ask you, are you still an Elder of Azure Sun Temple?”

“Of course!” Yang Kai quickly nodded and said in shock, “Could it be that someone has fire me?”

“Since you’re the Azure Sun Temple Elder, why haven’t you shown yourself for more than ten years?”

“It’s only been ten years, it’s not that long…” Yang Kai rubbed his nose weakly, “Besides, I’m just a Guest Elder, it doesn’t matter if I’m here or not.”

“A Guest Elder is also an Elder! The Azure Sun Temple just conferred a title and you ran away, never to be heard from again. Do you still have the Azure Sun Temple in your eyes?”

“No!” Yang Kai shook his head firmly.

Gao Xueting was stunned for a moment, seemingly not expecting such an answer from him. A look of disappointment flashed across her eyes as she slowly withdrew her sword.

Yang Kai grinned and said, “I place the Azure Sun Temple in my heart.” Saying so, he patted his chest.

Gao Xueting immediately glared at him, “Don’t be so glib-tongued. If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today, I’ll ask the Temple Master to expel you, a Guest Elder. In any case, it doesn’t matter if you’re here or not.”

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Yang Kai was speechless, but he could only smile and say, “Senior Sister Gao, you also know that I have High Heaven Palace in the Northern Domain. It’s quite troublesome there, so it’s not convenient for me to travel from there. The Northern and Southern Domains are separated by hundreds of millions of kilometers, so it will take me several years to travel back and forth. It’s not too much to travel back and forth for a dozen years.”

Gao Xueting snorted, “I told you a long time ago that there’s no need for the High Heaven Palace in the North Region. Just stay in the Azure Sun Temple, a force is not something a single person can support.” Her tone became much gentler.

Yang Kai naturally knew that a force couldn’t be supported by a single person. If it was in the past, he might have given up on High Heaven Palace, but now that he had brought over the people from the Star Field, with more than a hundred thousand people gathered together, how could he give up? Since he had brought them here, he had to take responsibility.

Giving the two young girls who were watching the show a meaningful look, Yang Kai sent them a sound transmission before nodding and bowing, “Senior Sister, please calm down and sit down.”

Gao Xueting turned around and sat down, putting away her long sword as well, allowing Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief.

Not long after, the two girls served steaming hot tea. Yang Kai stretched out his hand and said, “Senior Sister, please have some tea. This place is simple and crude, so there’s nothing to offer.”

Gao Xueting glanced at him and said, “Are you saying that Spirit Sword Peak is not good? This is a place you chose yourself. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can come to my Purple Bamboo Peak. After all, my place is quite empty.”

“This… isn’t appropriate,” Yang Kai really wanted to slap himself, so he quickly changed the subject, “I just heard from Senior Sister that Senior Tian Yan went out on a trip? What does that mean?”

“The literal meaning.”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Did the Azure Sun Temple send someone to protect the Senior? Is Senior in any danger?”

He was indeed a little worried. Although Tian Yan had the foundation of a Great Emperor, after reconstructing his body, he would have to start all over again. After more than a decade, his cultivation would definitely not be too high. The Star Boundary was not like the Star Field, where there were many masters. If Tian Yan encountered some kind of evil person, he would most likely fail miserably. If a Great Emperor was killed by a mere Origin Returning Stage master, that would be the biggest joke in the world.

“Who can dissuade Senior from doing so? As for the danger… you don’t need to worry. When Senior left three years ago, he had already reached the Saint Realm.”

“What?” Yang Kai was shocked, almost doubting his ears.

In the Dao of Cultivation, there were a total of seven major realms, from Yuan Opening, Qi Transformation, Separation and Reunion, True Qi, Divine Movement, Transcendence, and Saint. Before the Divine Movement, there were nine minor realms, while Trancendence and Saint had three minor realms, each of which required a large amount of time to accumulate. Even Yang Kai had spent thirty to forty years to reach this realm.

However, how long had it been since Tian Yan’s body was reconstructed? It had only been a dozen or so years, but he had already reached the Saint Realm three years ago. In other words, it had only taken him ten years to break through from poverty to the Saint Realm. Now that three years had passed, his cultivation was probably even higher.

Thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai felt that this was only natural. After all, Tian Yan wasn’t an ordinary person. With the foundation of a Great Emperor, it was only natural that his cultivation speed would be so fast. Ordinary cultivators might encounter bottlenecks in their cultivation, but not him.

“Although Senior’s cultivation isn’t too high, don’t forget what he’s best at, so even if he travels outside, it’s unlikely he will encounter any danger.”

Yang Kai nodded. Tian Yan was born in the Divine Movement Mirror World and was born with only a Soul Body. In terms of the study of Soul Force and Soul Secret Techniques, no one in this world could compare to him. In this regard, even the Serene Soul Great Emperor was probably inferior to him.

His physical cultivation was indeed not high, but if he were to supplement it with that strange Soul Secret Technique, he would definitely be able to fight across several realms.

“Senior is quite bold,” Yang Kai laughed.

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Gao Xueting said, “The outside world is a complete stranger to him, so he naturally doesn’t want to go behind closed doors. Going out for a walk is also beneficial to him.” Her eyes narrowed as her tone became colder, “As for you, why are you running around for no reason?”

Why did she suddenly change the subject to me? Yang Kai was somewhat speechless as he awkwardly said, “Reading ten thousand books is no better than travelling ten thousand kilometers, haha…”

“Don’t laugh!” Gao Xueting shouted.

Yang Kai straightened his back and sat upright.

“Pfft!” The two young girls next to him laughed out loud. Looking at Yang Kai’s resentful eyes, they immediately lowered their heads, not seeing or hearing anything.

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“Give me the thing!” Gao Xueting suddenly stretched out her hand, her five fingers like white jade.

Yang Kai asked blankly, “What is it?”

Gao Xueting sneered, “Don’t play dumb. Back then, you took away a lot of spirit flowers and grasses from the Temple. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what kind of mission you were assigned?”

“You’re talking about that?” Yang Kai suddenly understood and said confidently, “How could I forget? The task Senior Sister Gao gave me must be completed no matter what.”

Saying so, Yang Kai pushed a Space Ring over and while Gao Xueting was examining it, Yang Kai said, “The reason I was delayed in the Northern Domain for so long was mainly to refine these things and then cultivate in seclusion for a while.”

“So many!” A trace of shock flashed across Gao Xueting’s eyes. There was nothing else in the Space Ring, only Emperor Grade pills Yang Kai had obtained from Ji Ying.

Back then, he had indeed taken a lot of spirit flowers and herbs from the Azure Sun Temple. It was a task assigned to him by the Temple to refine some Emperor Pills. Naturally, he had not forgotten to make some preparations for this trip. Looking at Gao Xueting’s appearance, it seemed he had passed.

“After refining so many Spirit Pills, you still have the time to cultivate in seclusion?” Gao Xueting glanced at him in surprise, thinking that he was the one who had refined these Spirit Pills himself, but after a quick glance, she noticed something was wrong and asked suspiciously, “Your cultivation…”

Yang Kai grinned, “Senior Sister Gao’s eyes are like torches, nothing can hide from you.”

Activating his Emperor Qi slightly, the aura of his cultivation was clearly visible.

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Gao Xueting was truly shocked.

A 2nd order Emperor Realm! This guy was actually a 2nd order Emperor Realm!


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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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