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Martial Peak Chapter 3226

“Let’s go.” After collecting the token, Gao Xueting turned around and walked out, her back facing Yang Kai as a faint smile appeared on her face.

Yang Kai stood in place for a while, letting out a long sigh before chasing after her.

To so readily admit that the Spirit Array was his work, firstly, the other party had already discovered it, so there was no point in continuing to act ambiguously. Secondly, he had come here to borrow some people to go to High Heaven Palace. When the time came, and he brought some people to pass through here, he would be exposed. Instead of trying to conceal himself, he might as well reveal himself now.

As for whether Gao Xueting would go to the North Region to ask him to refine pills in the future was no longer a concern. In any case, with Ji Ying around, if she wanted him to refine pills, he could just throw them to Ji Ying.

Spirit Jade Peak is where Azure Sun Temple’s Vice Temple Master Qiu Ran cultivated.

When Yang Kai and Gao Xueting arrived, Qiu Ran meditated and cultivated. After receiving the notice, he walked out of his room and saw the two of them in the hall.

Yang Kai stood up and bowed, “Greetings, Senior Brother Qiu.”

Gao Xueting, on the other hand, sat still. They were all family, so there was no need to be polite.

“What a rare guest, when did Junior Brother Yang return?” Qiu Ran looked at him expressionlessly before stretching out his hand and sitting down on the main seat.

Yang Kai chuckled, “I’ve just returned, but I’ve already rushed over to pay my respects to Senior Brother Qiu. It’s been many years since we last met, but Senior Brother’s demeanor is still the same. Congratulations.” Saying so, he also sat down.

Qiu Ran raised his brow and said, “You flatter me, Junior Brother Yang is a rare talent who is rarely seen. If you don’t return soon, this old master will probably forget that our Temple has you.”

These words were the same as Gao Xueting’s. Yang Kai really wanted to roll his eyes, but he still wore an apologetic smile on his face, “Senior Brother is too serious, the Temple is my benefactor. I have always been thinking about the Temple and my Senior Brothers and Sisters.”

Qiu Ran didn’t comment and simply glanced at Gao Xueting. Gao Xueting calmly nodded as if she was secretly transmitting her voice to him. Qiu Ran’s expression relaxed slightly, and he nodded, “It’s good that Junior Brother is thoughtful. When you’re out, you should be careful. You’re an Elder of the Divine Temple, after all. You represent the face of the Divine Temple, so no matter what, you can’t sully its prestige.”

“I’ll remember,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Qiu Ran replied, “En, if there’s nothing else you need to do, you may leave. This old master has some matters to attend to.”

What was the meaning of this? This was an order for him to leave, and he hadn’t even finished talking about his business. Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock as he quickly turned to look at Gao Xueting, only to see her sitting there with her sleeves folded, seemingly indifferent.

You’re ruthless! Do you dare to burn the bridge after crossing it? If I had known, I wouldn’t have given you that token.

Gao Xueting didn’t speak up for him, so Yang Kai could only come over himself and cupped his fists, “Senior Brother, Junior Brother has something to report.”

“What is it?” Qiu Ran looked up at him.

Yang Kai said, “When I left that year, I took away a lot of Spirit Flowers and herbs from the Divine Temple. Senior Sister Gao told me to refine them into Spirit Pills for the Divine Temple to use, but now Junior Brother has lived up to her expectations and has returned.”

“Oh?” Qiu Ran raised his brow, “So you’ve already refined the Spirit Pill?”


“Let me see.”

Gao Xueting then said, “They’re all with me.” She took the Space Ring from her jade finger and handed it to Qiu Ran.

Qiu Ran received it and scanned it with his Divine Sense, his face filled with shock. So many? All of them were Emperor Pills, and their quality seemed quite good. He knew that Yang Kai was an Emperor Alchemist, and he was the one who had agreed to take a lot of Spirit Flowers and herbs back then, but he had never thought that Yang Kai would be able to return such a large amount of Emperor Pills ten years later. It was indeed good to have an Emperor Alchemist in the family. Qiu Ran was already thinking about giving Yang Kai more spirit medicines. As long as he could refine Emperor Pills, what harm was there in waiting a dozen years?

“En, not bad,” Qiu Ran said lightly. He couldn’t praise him too harshly otherwise, it would be difficult to ask him to refine pills again.

Yang Kai said, “It is Junior Brother’s duty to serve the Temple.” Pausing for a moment, he rubbed his nose and asked, “Senior Brother, how many Elder Contribution Points can I exchange for?”

Qiu Ran said, “We still need to calculate carefully.”

“Then I ask Senior Brother to quickly calculate.”

Qiu Ran blinked at him, “Are you in a hurry?”

“It’s not that urgent,” Yang Kai coughed dryly, “Of course, if Senior Brother can calculate things clearly, that would be best.”

Qiu Ran looked at him with a frown, not knowing what he was up to, but thinking about how he still had to rely on others to continue refining pills in the future, he decided to give them some motivation. Nodding, he said, “Fine, this old master will calculate for you.”

“Many thanks, Senior Brother,” Yang Kai said happily.

Qiu Ran didn’t say anything and took out the Emperor Pills from his Space Ring and placed them on the table in front of him.

Emperor Pills naturally couldn’t be stored directly. Each Emperor Pill was stored in a box with different attributes to ensure that its medicinal efficacy wouldn’t be lost in a short period. These boxes contained jade boxes, gold, silver, and wooden boxes of various kinds.

In an instant, the table was filled with boxes the size of osmanthus cakes. There were at least two or three hundred of them.

Gao Xueting also came over, mainly because she had never seen so many Emperor Pills put together in her life. It was quite a rare sight. In the past, if the Divine Temple wanted some Emperor Pills, they would have to ask someone to refine them. Not only did they have to accumulate materials themselves, but they also had to offer a large sum of money as compensation. When the Alchemist was busy, they even had to line up.

To put it bluntly, the Emperor Pills Yang Kai took out were almost equivalent to the sum of all the Emperor Pills the Divine Temple had obtained in the past five hundred years. Qiu Ran and Gao Xueting were both overjoyed, but they didn’t show it on their faces.

“There has never been such a precedent before, but Emperor Pills are rare. Today, this old master will exchange them for your Elder Contribution Points,” Qiu Ran said as he casually opened a wooden box and carefully examined a Spirit Pill inside before nodding, “This pill can be considered a mid-grade pill. After deducting the materials, this old master will give eight hundred contribution points from it. Do you agree?”

Yang Kai quickly calculated.

Previously, he had heard from Gao Xueting, You Kun, and the others that the contribution points of Azure Sun Temple’s Elders were quite difficult to obtain. Each of them had accumulated five or six thousand contribution points each year and at most two or three thousand. Entering the Divine Movement Mirror World would consume two thousand contribution points.

An Elder’s contribution points could be exchanged for Source Crystals, but they could only be exchanged for two thousand points each year, which was just enough to allow one to enter the Divine Movement Mirror. The exchange rate was one to one thousand, which meant that one thousand High-Rank Source Crystals could only be exchanged for one Elder’s contribution point. If one wanted more Elder’s contribution points, they could only do things for the Divine Temple. For example, when Gao Xueting led her team to the Four Seasons Land, she could obtain some Elder’s contribution points.

If eight hundred contribution points were converted into high-grade Source Crystals, that would be eight hundred thousand Source Crystals. This was even after deducting the cost of materials. After all, the materials for Pill Refining were taken from the Divine Temple, so it was cheaper than buying them from the outside. However, Yang Kai was still a Divine Temple Elder, so it was only natural to be cheaper.

Although he reluctantly agreed, Yang Kai still shamelessly asked, “Can’t I have more?”

Qiu Ran said, “This old master is the Vice Temple Master of the Divine Temple and is in charge of all matters related to the Divine Temple. I only ask for fairness. If you think it’s too little, you can ask Junior Sister Gao.”

There was no need to ask, Yang Kai was well aware of this and said, “How about a thousand points?”

“Eight hundred!” Qiu Ran completely ignored Yang Kai and stuffed the jade box into his Space Ring.

“Serves you right for not being able to find a Dual Cultivation partner,” Yang Kai muttered unhappily.

“What did you say?” Qiu Ran looked up at him.

“Nothing, nothing. Senior Brother Qiu, please continue.”

Qiu Ran snorted, picked up a jade box, opened it, and smiled, “High-Rank Emperor Pills, one thousand contribution points.” Storing it into his Space Ring, he picked up another.

Each jade box gave a simple evaluation before quickly calculating the contribution points. High-Rank pills were worth a thousand points, mid-Rank pills were worth eight hundred points, and low-Rank pills were worth only five hundred points. Yang Kai’s heart was filled with joy as he constantly talked about the benefits of these pills from the perspective of a professional Alchemist, the difficulty of refining them, and the time it would take to refine them, hoping that Qiu Ran would contribute more.

However, Qiu Ran’s selfish attitude and completely ignoring him made Yang Kai grit his teeth.

“Senior Brother, please wait a moment. Although this Spirit Pill is a Mid-Rank pill, the fragrance of the pill is very strong and the patterns on it are very clear. It’s obvious that it’s about to reach High-Rank. Isn’t it a bit too much to give it just eight hundred points?” Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand.

Qiu Ran asked, “How much do you think we should give?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Since it’s between Mid-Rank and High-Rank, I’ll give you a discount. Nine hundred points is enough, everyone won’t lose out, right?”

Qiu Ran chuckled and pushed the jade box in front of him towards Yang Kai, “Junior Brother’s words are reasonable. Why don’t you help me appraise it so this old master can have some free time?”

“I do want to, but what’s the point of using it after the appraisal? You’ll have to nod and admit to it,” Yang Kai smiled awkwardly, “Senior Brother, what are you saying? I’m just stating facts, I have no intention of overstepping.”

“Hmph!” Qiu Ran’s expression became cold as he put away the jade box, “Seven hundred points.”

“Wait!” Yang Kai was shocked, “How did it become seven hundred points? It was only eight hundred points just now!”

“Six hundred!”

Yang Kai immediately fell silent. He was afraid he would have to lower the price if he continued. Turning his head to look at Gao Xueting for help, hoping she would say something fair, he saw that this woman was looking up at the roof as if some kind of flower was growing there.

Yang Kai’s face twitched as he secretly gritted his teeth. ‘You’re really ruthless, I don’t even know who said the word fair just now, you’re simply going back on your word and acting recklessly.’

An hour later, Qiu Ran asked, “A total of 156,300 contribution points, did this old master make a mistake?”

“No!” Yang Kai lowered his head weakly, this number was the same as what he had calculated in his heart.

Gao Xueting expressionlessly said, “Congratulations, Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai snorted. What was there to congratulate about being suppressed by Qiu Ran, this iron rooster? However, if these 156,300 contribution points were worth a High-Rank Origin Crystal, it would be more than one and a half billion Source Crystals.

Among the many Azure Sun Temple Elders, no one had accumulated more than ten thousand contribution points so far. Compared to others, Yang Kai could be said to have become rich overnight.


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