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Martial Peak Chapter 3229

“Murong Xiaoxiao!”


“Yang Kai!” Qiu Ran turned to look at him, and the others also turned to look at him. Yang Kai froze in place and pointed at himself, “Me too?”

Qiu Ran’s face darkened, “Didn’t you hear the discussion just now?”

Yang Kai didn’t hear any of this and simply focused on chatting with Murong Xiaoxiao. The Divine Temple had sent Xiao Baiyi and Murong Xiaoxiao along with them, probably to allow them to gain more experience. Although they had also participated in that Martial Meeting before, they had participated as disciples. Now that they were promoted to Elders, their situation was different. If they went out more often, they would be able to accumulate some experience and get to know more people. In the future, if they needed to lead a team out, they wouldn’t have to be so blind.

But what about him? The people Qiu Ran had just ordered, including himself, numbered five. Did he really need five Emperor Realm masters to lead a group of people below the Emperor Realm? Wasn’t this making a big deal out of nothing?

What’s more, High Heaven Palace had a lot of miscellaneous matters to attend to and the hundreds of thousands of disciples had yet to settle down, so Yang Kai wasn’t willing to participate in the Southern Domain Martial Meeting. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Senior Brother, please forgive me, but Junior Brother still has some matters to attend to…”

Gao Xueting said, “No matter what, you’re still Azure Sun Temple’s Elder. It’s fine if you don’t show your face for so many years, but if you can go this time, you should. Otherwise, others might forget that there is an Elder like you in Azure Sun Temple.”

Every Emperor Realm master was the cornerstone of the Sect, the stabilizing force of the Sect. The number of Emperor Realm was directly related to the Sect’s status, so having one more or one less was completely different.

Qiu Ran obviously wanted Yang Kai to show his face and let others know that the Divine Temple had such an Emperor Realm.

At this point, Yang Kai could only nod and say, “Good, then Junior Brother will go.”

You Kun laughed out loud, “Junior Brother, don’t look so unhappy. Every Martial Meeting is a gathering of Emperor Realm from all over the world. There will be large and small exchanges and auctions. If you go there, you might be able to obtain some good things. Otherwise, why do you think the Temple would send so many Elders?”

Yang Kai’s family was quite wealthy now and could afford more than a hundred thousand people, so there was no need for him to purchase anything good. He simply smiled and nodded, “Senior Brother You is right.”

“Then this matter is settled. Everyone, go back and make your preparations. In a month, prepare to depart.”

After many matters were settled, everyone dispersed.

Yang Kai pulled Di Rong back and told him that he was going to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion to copy some Secret Techniques. Di Rong naturally agreed and personally led Yang Kai there.

After busying himself for half a day and paying some Elder Contribution Points, Yang Kai walked out of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion with a satisfied look on his face. Not in a hurry to leave, he called a few of the Elders he was familiar with to host a banquet on his Spirit Sword Peak.

Gao Xueting wasn’t invited, not because he didn’t want to give her face, but because what happened after Gao Xueting drank the last time had scared Yang Kai. This woman usually looked generous, but once she drank, she seemed like a completely different person, almost unbearable to look at.

The last time something had happened, Qiu Ran had punished a group of Elders for their contributions. Only Yang Kai has not been punished since it was his first offense, so how could he dare call her this time?

However, she had come alone and sat down at the table, causing everyone to look at each other and collect their wine jugs in unison.

Yang Kai stayed in the Azure Sun Temple for two days, and by the third day, the hundred Dao Source Stage and 300 Origin King Realm cultivators had all arrived at Spirit Sword Peak. [TL: don’t know why it suddenly back to 300 origin kings.]

When Yang Kai appeared, a voice rang out, “Greetings, Elder Yang.”

Sweeping his Divine Sense over everyone, Yang Kai put his hands behind his back and nodded in satisfaction. The four hundred people’s spiritual auras were quite good, and their cultivation wasn’t sloppy at all. Regardless of whether they were male or female, they were all elites. In fact, those who could enter Azure Sun Temple weren’t too poor, and if they were too weak, the Temple wouldn’t accept them.

Qiu Ran and Gao Xueting stood to the side, and after bowing to them, he turned to the four hundred disciples and said, “You’ve probably heard about this from the Vice Temple Master. This time, I’ve invited you to the North Region’s High Heaven Palace so that you can assume the role of an instructor. I hope everyone will do their best, and this Elder will not mistreat you.”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed.

Yang Kai tilted his head and asked, “Does Senior Brother Qiu and Senior Sister Gao have anything to say?”

Qiu Ran stepped forward and said, “No matter what you see later, keep it in your stomach. Even if you’re fellow disciples, don’t leak it out. If found, this old master will not let you off easily.”

“As you command!” The group of disciples were all suspicious, not knowing why Qiu Ran had such a warning.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, knew that it was definitely related to the cross domain Space Array. It seemed that the Divine Temple was paying more attention to this Space Array than he had imagined and was trying their best to keep it a secret. Yang Kai didn’t care, since he had already been exposed. If he didn’t personally activate this thing or if people didn’t have the token, no one could control it.

“Let’s go!” Qiu Ran waved his sleeve and led the way, everyone following closely behind.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the cave behind the mountain. Yang Kai let these four hundred people enter in groups of ten and stood atop the Spirit Array.

It couldn’t be helped. The space inside the cave was too small, and the scale of the Spirit Arrays arranged here wasn’t large. Ten people in a group was the limit.

Qiu Ran and Gao Xueting watched from the side, obviously wanting to see more clearly.

Yang Kai felt it was quite funny and didn’t try to hide it. Instead, he asked Gao Xueting to take out the token and teach her how to use it.

Four hundred people wasn’t a lot, but in less than an hour, all of them had been sent away.

By the time Yang Kai and the last group of people arrived at High Heaven Palace, the main hall was already filled with people. Gao Xueting also came over. Not everyone had the opportunity to escape from the Southern Domain to the Northern Domain in an instant, and she was also very curious about Yang Kai’s High Heaven Palace, so she naturally wanted to come and take a look.

Hua Qingsi, who had received the news, quickly rushed over and met Gao Xueting with Bian Yuqing. The two of them chatted for a long time before Hua Qingsi led the several hundred people away. Presumably, it wouldn’t be long before they were assigned to the various peaks. At that time, the pressure on the instructors from Fire Dragon Palace would be greatly reduced.

Gao Xueting didn’t leave. Since she was already here, she naturally wanted to take a look around. Yang Kai personally accompanied her to High Heaven Palace.

Although she didn’t show it on the surface, Gao Xueting’s heart was still filled with shock. Firstly, the number of High Heaven Palace disciples was just as Yang Kai had said; there were more than a hundred thousand of them, and each and every Spirit Peak was filled with people. It was hard to imagine where they had recruited so many people.

The second point was the number of High Heaven Palace masters. Gao Xueting clearly sensed the auras of many Emperor Realm masters, two or three of them even having 3rd order Emperor Realm masters aura, but their auras were different from ordinary human race. Monster Qi filled the air, indicating they were Monster Kings.

She knew that Yang Kai had a Monster King under his command. In the past, Yang Kai had flown to the Southern Domain with Ying Fei and had caused quite a stir, but she hadn’t expected that there would be more than one. Besides the Monster King, the Chief Manager and Second Chief Manager she had just seen were also Emperor Realms, so it was obvious that there were other hidden ones on the other peaks.

Such a foundation was obviously not something a newly established Sect could possess. If these hundreds of thousands of disciples were allowed to grow, who in the world could compare to them other than Great Emperor Sects?

There were also many Natural Spirit Arrays. Although Gao Xueting wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Formation, she still had an eye for them. The Spirit Arrays covering the various Spirit Peaks were extremely profound, obviously the work of a master.

After asking around out of curiosity, she learned that Yang Kai had an Emperor Formation Master under his command! Gao Xueting’s jaw dropped.

If she knew that there was an Emperor Artifact Refiner Master and Emperor Alchemist here, especially the Disciple of the Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, it’s unknown what she will think.

Gao Xueting stayed in High Heaven Palace for two days before departing. It had to be said that these two days had given her a great shock. When Yang Kai established the Sect, she thought he was simply messing around and had even tried to persuade him to stay in the Azure Sun Temple, but now it seemed she was overthinking things.

High Heaven Palace was in no way inferior to Azure Sun Temple. As an Elder of Azure Sun Temple, how could it compare to High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master?

After Yang Kai sent her to the Space Array, Gao Xueting turned around and said, “Junior Brother, I thought about it for a moment. Since your High Heaven Palace and Azure Sun Temple are connected by a Spirit Array, it will be convenient for us to travel between them. Can we exchange resources? If we can deliver the specialties from the Northern Domain to the Southern Domain and then deliver the specialties from the Southern Domain to the Northern Domain, we can definitely earn a huge profit.”

Yang Kai sneered in his heart. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so why would I need you to remind me? However, now that I’ve exposed the existence of the Space Array, I can cooperate with the Azure Sun Temple.

Although Violet Source Chamber of Commerce was not bad, Azure Sun Temple wasn’t weak either. With Azure Sun Temple’s strength, collecting resources wouldn’t be too bad.

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I wanted to discuss this matter with Senior Brother Qiu. When Senior Sister returns, you can briefly explain it to Senior Brother. If the Azure Sun Temple is interested, Junior Brother will also agree.”

“Senior Brother Qiu should agree.” Qiu Ran had no reason to refuse such a good deal, “After you finish your business here, go back to the Azure Sun Temple and discuss it with Senior Brother personally.”

“I’ll remember.”

Gao Xueting reminded, “Don’t be late, don’t forget about the Martial Meeting.”

“I know, I know.”

Gao Xueting glared at him before activating the Space Array and leaving.

After watching her leave, Yang Kai turned around.

Unexpectedly, he felt the fluctuations of a Space Array behind him and turned around to see a figure appear on the Formation.

“Brother Li,” Yang Kai grinned.

It was none other than Li Jiao.

It was probably a teleportation from the Spirit Array near Fire Dragon Palace, so there were no side effects. Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Brother Yang.”

“How did it go?” Yang Kai asked.

Li Jiao sighed, “Mi Qi didn’t want to take such a heavy burden.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “If he don’t want to, it’s fine.”

Li Jiao couldn’t help smiling wryly. How could he not know what Yang Kai was thinking? He had wanted to persuade Mi Qi before so as not to give Yang Kai an excuse to establish his dominance, but even if he did, what use was there in trying to persuade him? If he said too much, he was afraid he would fall out with him on the spot. Inwardly, Li Jiao could only sigh that Mi Qi was about to suffer. He could only hope that Yang Kai wouldn’t go too far.


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