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Novel Reincarnation of the Murim Clan’s Former Ranker Chapter 335

335. Side Story Episode 13

A boy looking at himself with unwavering eyes like a calmly sunken lake.

Yoo Shin-woon looked at Illang with a strange look.

First of all, it was surprising to realize that he existed here.

Yu Shin-woon’s eyes, filled with the spirit of harmony, could see Jinmagi quietly immersed around Illang’s body lying on the bed.

‘I just blew some energy into it to make it easier to use.’

Like the harmonious god, the pure magic was an energy with will.

An unqualified owner would have gone outside and disappeared without even looking back.


‘I don’t know how to operate the energy, but I’m just controlling it instinctively.’

It was carefully collected in his danjeon so that the jinmagi absorbed through the sky would not escape.



When Yoo Shin-woon lightly flicked his finger, the surrounding space turned white and froze at once.

Even with such a phenomenon, Ilang was not greatly surprised.

I was just getting up from the bed and talking.

“You’re the one who saved me, right?”

“That way, the life saver has no quirks.”

“… … Thank you for helping me, but strangely, I don’t want to use honorifics for you.”

Yoo Shin-woon laughed at Ylang’s confident attitude.

‘I think it’s the old man, but he has the same face, but his personality is the same.’

If he had heard Moorim’s screams, he would have hit him in the back, but this is his world.

Soon after, Yu Shin-woon’s expression cooled.


It was the reason why he remembered the last image of him sacrificing himself to save himself.

Yoo Shin-woon’s eyes looking at Ylang contained complicated emotions.

Ilang, who had been quietly watching the scene, spoke cautiously.

“By the way, are you my distant relative?”

“Why do you think so?”

“well. I don’t know either. I have to say that I get a strange feeling when I look at it strangely.”

“… … That would be roughly it.”


Ylang answered lightly, then closed his mouth for a moment and was lost in thought.

Then, Shinwoon Yu carefully raised his spirits.

The spirit of harmony that spread in an instant permeated Ylang’s whole body.

The pure horse, which would normally have attacked the intruder, was silent.

At first glance, it was natural.

The pure horse that slept in Ylang’s body originally belonged to Shinwoon Yu.

Yoo Shin-woon, who confirmed all of his heart and body with the harmony spirit that permeated Ylang’s body, completely grasped the identity.

‘As expected. The old man is definitely not.’

The one in front of me was not Moorim’s only one.

The body and energy were the same, but the soul was completely different.

It wasn’t the reincarnation of Murim’s Yuilang, as he first suspected, but Yuilang of this world.

The existence in front of my eyes meant that I was a complete stranger.


‘It’s not easy after.’

Yoo Shin-woon felt complicated when he saw Ylang.

Even though he knew that he was obviously a different person, he couldn’t help but feel upset because of Moorim’s Yoo Il-rang.

At that time, Illang, who seemed to be somewhat organized in his head, opened his mouth again.

“Are my friends and teachers okay?”

Yoo Shin-woon paused for a moment at Ylang’s words.

The moment Ilang was puzzled by the sudden silence.

Yoo Shin-woon brought out shocking news.

“They are all dead.


“You are the only one who survived that airport.”

Illang’s eyes shook as if an earthquake had occurred at the shocking news that came out of Shinwoon Yu’s mouth.

“What is it? You must have killed all the monsters, right?”

“As the monster died, the venom scattered into the air poisoned all survivors. They were all taken to the hospital, but within a few hours they all died.

‘ …

“… … That is the official government position, but the truth is different.”

A light of anger flashed in Ylang’s eyes, which were filled with guilt at Shinwoon Yu’s words.

Yoo Shin-woon, who had been quietly watching the scene, said.

“Once you hear it, there is no going back. Will you still listen?”

Ylang nodded without the slightest hesitation.

As if he knew that, Shinwoon Yoo began to tell the truth.

“Forcibly opening the gate requires an extremely large amount of energy. The medium that triggered the heterogeneous gates opened at the airport was the vitality of the people trapped inside.”

“… … !

“Everyone who was trapped in that space became a scapegoat. And as the gate closed, everyone died in the aftermath.”


Illang closed his mouth again at Shinwoon Yu’s words.



As he quietly stared into the void, pure horse spirit was seething in his whole body.

Ilang said in a voice filled with unbearable anger.

“What if I forced it open?

Illang had already grasped the true intentions of Yu Shin-wun’s words.

Although young, the spirit was not young.

“Yes, there is a background. And they will do more of these things in the future.”

“You’re in a position to fight the guys who opened that gate.”


“And you’re trying to use me to fight them, right?”

Ylang spoke directly.

Yoo Shin-woon quietly met his eyes and then nodded.

Then Ylang got up and warmed up.

“Good, then. Let’s go right away.”

There was no such thing as denial.

In response to the unexpected response, Shinwoon Yoo spoke quietly.

“If it’s because of a sense of justice that’s not the same, stop it.”

“It’s not like that.”

Ylang shook his head resolutely.

“I don’t have any thoughts that I have to save the next victims. just… …

Ylang lowered his gaze quietly and clenched his fists as if they were about to explode.

“I feel like this beggarly feeling will go away if you take revenge.”

Then, he made eye contact with Yoo Shin-woon again and spoke up.

“Please feel free to use it. I will use you to kill them too.”

Yoo Shin-woon finally laughed at his resolute attitude.

just right

It was as if I could hear the bones of someone I missed.

However, even after a while, Shinwoon Yoo soon returned to his cold appearance.

“Then the story will be easy.


Shinwoon Yoo flipped his finger again, and their new model disappeared from space.

At the same time, the stopped time started flowing again.


“Dinner is here, Ylang-kun. uh huh Where did you go?”

The nurse who brought dinner to the VIP ward was startled by the disappearance of Ylang.

* * *

Ylang, who had closed his eyes in the sudden bright light, carefully opened his eyes.


The original hospital room had disappeared, and a white space where nothing existed was spread out.

Ylang looked around with surprised eyes.

‘… … I heard it was a poison hunter, but did you use an artifact?’

It was because he knew that creating such a magical space would never be easy even for an S-class hunter.


At that time, a crack occurred in the space and someone entered inside.

Of course, it was Yushin luck.

A strangeness flashed in Ylang’s eyes.

It was because there was a familiar object in Yu Shin-woon’s hand.


“Take it.”

Yoo Shin-woon threw an abyss.

Ylang was accidentally handed over.


Did he recognize his owner? A pleasant echo was transmitted along the hand.

Ylang did not know, but it was a sword.

“It is the sword of that time.”

“It is your sword now.”

“Thank you for the gift, I’ll do it by defeating the enemies.”



As Ylang lightly wielded the sword, the pure horse blazed like a black flame along the trail.

It was a swordsman, no swordsman, infinitely close to swordsmanship.

‘That’s nonsense. With a bit of refinement, I’ll be able to use the sword straight away.’

It was truly an overwhelming talent.

No matter how much he absorbed some of his power in the other world through annihilation… … I don’t think it would be like this.

‘It’s not like the old man was frustrated with me for nothing.’

Shinwoon Yu remembered how he always felt cramped when Yuilang trained him at Moorim.

I thought my expectations were too high, but they weren’t.

I was able to do it at the same age at the time, but I couldn’t understand why Shinwoon Yu couldn’t.

‘It’s not the right time… … ’

Yoo Shin-woon’s eyes as he looked at Ilang began to grow fiercer.

One by one, he recalled the hard days he had learned from being beaten and beaten to the point of being crushed by Yoo Il-rang in Moorim.

‘I’ll roll like a dog… … Rather, it fills my heart to train faithfully.’

Let Yoo Shin-woon become the eyes of a beast that found its prey.


For some reason, Ylang felt goosebumps all over his body.

Yoo Shin-woon, who approached slowly, spoke quietly.

“You don’t need a separate name.”


“Then, let me first tell you about my enemies.”

Ylang changed to a serious expression.

“Our enemy is the Griffin.”

“… … !

Ylang’s eyes widened.

I would do just that.

For those who have lived their entire lives in this world, Griffin was unquestionably the best guild in the world.

“Are you afraid?”

“A little bit.”

“There is no need to be intimidated by such insignificant guys.”

Illang was taken aback by Shinwoon Yu’s remark about treating Griffin as an insect.


When Yoo Shin-woon stretched out his hand into the air, a sword was lifted before he knew it.

“It is a sword you will learn.”

After saying that, Yu Shin-woon turned around and lightly lowered his sword.


Quagga go!


With a huge roar, huge sword strikes that destroyed the space itself came pouring down.

‘What is this… … !’

Illang could not hide his surprised expression at the sword that surpassed common sense.

The Twelve Swords of Thunder Cloud, which had reached the end of enlightenment, had been transformed into absolute power with only basic herbivores.

“Your body is protected in a safe place. But I won’t be able to get out of this dream unless I become as strong as my goal.”

Shinwoon Yoo further strengthened the power of dreams and unfolded them before he knew it.

It further amplified his abilities by setting a terrible restriction that he could not escape from the dream forever if he could not grow stronger than a certain limit.

“Don’t worry, then teach me right away… …

“First of all, let’s check your fighting ability.”

Cutting Ylang’s words like a knife, Yu Shin-un spat out a word.



At the same time, dozens of summoning circles began to unfold in the space.

That’s it!

Tadak! right!

Numerous skeletons and summoned beasts appeared in the space full of life.

‘This can’t be… … ’

Looking at himself and seeing the summoned beasts ready to rush at him, Ylang had a terrible feeling.

Let’s turn our head slightly and look at Shinwoon Yoo.

He was smiling brightly.

“Kill him.”

with that one word.



Numerous summoned beasts were rushing at Ylang at the same time.

* * *


Headquarters of Dandy Lion, the largest guild in Gyeongsang-do.

The exterior of the building was decorated so splendidly that it was no different from Griffin’s headquarters.

Because of the guild leader’s strong desire to show off, it was decorated so splendidly that it became a new landmark in Busan.

Numerous tourists looked up at the building and admired the status of the Dandy Lion.


Inside the headquarters today, something was happening that never seemed to happen.

“Cool! Knock off!”

“Turn it off! Buy it and save it.”

There were bloody bodies everywhere.

The guild members were screaming to get out of the headquarters, but the semi-member barrier surrounding the headquarters did not allow any escapers.

“Why are you all… … . Knock off!”

The deputy guild leader was terrified when he saw a man.

The man in the jet-black robe hiding in the shadows lightly swung the purple jewel-encrusted staff without answering.



At the same time, the deputy guild leader’s body shattered in the air and exploded.

“When are you going to come back, the king of poison?”

Second Order of the Seven Constellations.

Beopseong (法星) was carrying out a slaughter play.

Reincarnation of the Murim Clan’s Former Ranker

Reincarnation of the Murim Clan’s Former Ranker

The Previous Life Murim Ranker, 무림세가 전생랭커
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: Korean
MTL [The Strongest Guild, Griffin! SSS Ranker Gang Tae Ha challenges them alone! But he meets his death after a fierce battle. However… “…I am this pig?” I open my eyes, and it’s Murim? I am Yu Shin Un, the ruffian of Baek Un Clan? A chaotic situation with no time to rest. In the midst of incoming death! “You guys have no idea who I am?” Necromancy from former life. Martial arts from current life. He who wields both power! Now shakes the destiny of the World!]


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