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Novel The Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 596

Episode 596: Scene of that day (1)

Gariel opened her mouth wide at the word manual therapy.

Manual therapy. Isn’t it like a massage you get when you’re not feeling well?

‘No, why does a wizard know about manual therapy in the first place? Besides, washing away poison isn’t manual therapy.’

Relaxing your muscles or joints and expelling toxins and waste from your body are completely different.

Even people who didn’t know the context could see how absurd Hwiron’s answer was.

“Why is everyone looking at me like that? If you’re at my level, you’ll naturally learn this kind of magic. So, you have reached the level of Lexus.”

is it?

Cravat and Gariel looked back at Loteron with puzzled faces.

Aren’t there other 6th rank wizards here who can prove it?

“…Why are you looking at me like that? “Anyone can see that there is something strange over there.”

As expected, everyone nodded with relief at Loteron’s words.

cancer. Well then. Even if you are a 6th rank wizard, does it make sense to learn something like that for granted?

Hwiron countered as if the reaction was a little unfair.

“No, to begin with, you are learning more unique magic than me. “It’s a bit unfair for me to hear something like that, isn’t it?”

“What I have learned is a unique type of magic.”

“Then you can say that my magic is also of a special type! Unique muscle magic! “Isn’t that nice to hear?”

Whiron explained the simple principles of his magic.

“I’m not talking about manual therapy, but I just named it that way because it was a magic I came up with while looking after the bodies of school members.”

“Is that kind of magic coming from taking care of the school members?”

Cravat asked with a look of complete incomprehension.

What on earth does the master of the school do to take care of the members of the school?

“Well, because the kids in our school are scolding every day.”


The magic school led by Whiron was so unique that it was almost considered a heresy even among wizards.

Those who are wizards but train their bodies more rigorously than knights.

Perhaps because of this, it was easy to tell which school members led by Hwiron belonged to even without identification cards.

This is because everyone knows where they belong just by looking at the muscles that look like they are about to tear off the clothes and pop out.

“But if you use too much metal, there are times when your muscles get damaged or your joints go out. The goal of our school is not simply to build muscles. “The key is how well you use your body.”

It is said that the rugged muscles were not developed simply for aesthetic purposes.

Muscles are muscles, but joint flexibility, muscle coordination, and cardiorespiratory endurance were also considered important.

“If you always eat protein-centered meals, you will often get gout or suffer from headaches. Every time that happens, I personally help, but suddenly I think, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I could wash this away with magical power?’ “I was thinking about it.”

The magic created in this way was the manual therapy magic used on Gariel.

“Manual therapy helps relax muscles, remove lactic acid, and prevent gout. “It also cleanses away toxins and waste from the body.”

“…Why on earth is it practical?”

Despite the name, the performance was amazing.

It was also questionable as to why the muscle mass wizard was learning it, but since it was said to be preparation for more strength training, it made sense.

“Why are you asking that? “Were you that curious about that while you were dying?”

“That magic. Although the explanation is simple, the actual operating principle is very complex and difficult. Right?”

“Well, that’s true. Each person has a different constitution, and the amount of magical power must be carefully controlled accordingly. So it took a lot of time to make. “But why?”

“Then… isn’t it possible that it can help improve Linne’s physical condition?”

The first to react to Gariel’s words was Ludger.

“indeed. “I know what you mean.”

Washing away the bad toxins and wastes that exist in a person’s body meant making the person’s body clean.

Currently, Line’s body is in a state where spatial magic and divine power are fighting and intertwined.

Even if the divine power is removed from there, the runaway spatial magic still remains a threat to the body.

However, with Hwiron’s magic, he could calm the spatial magic and stabilize his body.

The possibilities were abundant.

“Hmm. Well, I guess I’ll have to see the girl’s physical condition first to find out. “It’s probably not impossible.”

As Hwiron stroked his chin with his hand, his rough beard made a rustling sound.

“I need to check.”

As soon as the word came out, I decided to go see it.

Line was sleeping quietly in her room.

A special automaton was changing the wet towel on Line’s forehead.

The automaton checked the people who entered the room and quietly moved to the side.

Loteron and Hyron were curious about the automaton’s human-like appearance, but that wasn’t what was important right now.

“It’s this kid.”

Loteron stared at Linne from behind the iron mask.

Magical energy appeared in the eyes of the man behind the mask, and he calmly looked at Linne’s condition.

“My soul is unstable.”


Gariel asked in surprise.

“The energy that runs rampant within the body is energy, but this pure and intense power is not simply innate. It’s like a spell that comes from a place imprinted deep in one’s veins. “We call it the soul, and this girl is bound by that soul.”

Loteron was from the beast people and was once a promising warrior.

The beast people have used the power of spirit to assimilate with Mother Nature for generations, and Loteron was also able to do that.

Just as the special series [Root Magic] he uses was created with the help of Spirit.

“Well, he’s sleeping and I can’t understand it, but I’m confident about my body.”

Huiron was also the one who carefully observed Liné’s condition.

“for a moment.”

After asking for understanding, Huiron held out a palm the size of a pot lid towards Rine.

Magical energy appeared on the palm of my hand, which was about 10cm from the solar plexus.

The magical power spread widely like ink spreading on water and swept through Linne’s entire body.

After completing the confirmation, Hwiron gathered his magic power and opened his mouth.

“My physical condition is not good. It’s literally to the point where you feel the pain of your entire body’s muscles being torn. “It’s a shame that he’s alive and well like this.”

“Is it that much?”

“This is my first time experiencing such an unusual constitution. But if you look a little closer, it seems like you might be able to find a way out.”

But it wasn’t enough on my own.

Loteron and Hyron’s heads turned to Ludger at the same time.

“Is it possible?”

“Would it be okay to be a teacher?”

I don’t know why. I don’t know why.

It felt like Ludger could somehow pioneer this path called possibility.

“It is possible if everyone helps.”

Ludger asked Roteron and Hyron with earnest heart.

“So please help me.”

* * *

Loteron and Hyron did not refuse Ludger’s request.

Loteron was already caught up in the political battle of the New Magic Tower, so he had no choice but to join hands with Ludger.

Hwiron volunteered to help with a just heart.

His sense of justice did not allow him to not do anything he could for a girl whose life was in danger.

“I will first check the status of the New Magic Tower. “If we can ask for help from our faction, there is no harm in falling behind.”

“Then I will first check the girl’s condition in more detail.”

Loteron left the hideout with those words, and Huiron began to look at Rine’s condition more closely.

The sight of Huiron, a large man, carefully examining Liné gave a sense of disconnect.

However, Hwiron did not rise to the 6th rank simply through strength alone.

Of course, the theoretical part is important if you want to learn the magic to get to the 6th rank.

Even though he looked like that on the outside, Hwiron was a very smart person in terms of magical knowledge.

“I can’t believe two 6th rank wizards are helping me. “If you do this, it’s more reassuring than you think.”

Two Rexerer-level wizards were added to the still-uneasy team.

Moreover, these two people had the skills to perfectly compensate for the weaknesses that Ludger and Cravat Gariel lacked.

‘If we do well, we can definitely save Rine’s life.’

It was natural to have such hopes.

Gariel recalled what Ludger showed a moment ago.

‘That guy. I desperately asked those two people for help.’

It didn’t look like Ludger.

If Gariel knew Ludger, even in this situation, he would have stiffened his neck and ordered help or asked for a deal.

‘no. Is it really what I knew? ‘Didn’t I just want to believe that?’

Gariel recalled Ludger’s appearance.

Despite his cold exterior, the man had altruism and compassion for others.

So, you can do something like that for someone else, Line.

‘What am I on the other hand?’

Gariel’s mission in this operation was simple.

All I had to do was bring a few designated items with me to a world that had stopped.

But what was the result?

I was attacked out of nowhere and almost died.

No, it would have been better to die. If Hyron had not helped him at that time, he would have been taken to the secret laboratory of the New Magic Tower and dissected alive.

‘I’m too weak to be of any help.’

As the poison spread throughout my body and my breathing became difficult, the emotion I felt was not fear of death but a sense of self-destruction.

This feeling of helplessness, of being unable to do anything because of the poison, and all you could do was run away.

Although he had mastered great magic to control time, he felt so insignificant that the only thing he knew how to do was steal or run away.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

Gariel grabbed her hair with both hands and roughly shook it out.

Cravat, who entered the room at that time, saw the scene and held out a glass to Gariel.

“Why are you trembling alone? “Drink this.”

“What is this?”

“It’s a detox juice. I heard you were hit by a paralyzing poison? Even if the poison is washed away with emergency treatment, some traces of the poison may remain in the body. “If you drink this, you’ll feel better.”

“…thank you.”

Gariel politely accepted the glass with both hands and drank its contents.

Cravat watched quietly.

Looking at Gariel’s sunken eyes, it was easy to tell that he was struggling with something alone.

It has nothing to do with me anyway.

Cravat tried to ignore it, but the story Gariel had told him before remained in his mind.

I heard you had something in the past with Ludger Chelsea.

‘Oh, I’m so annoyed. It would be better if I hadn’t listened to it from the beginning. If I’ve come this far, there’s no need to just let it go.’

Cravat scratched his head and opened his mouth, mocking himself for having taken on the role of a counselor that he had no business with.

“So what happened again this time?”

Gariel’s hand trembled as she finished the detox juice and put down the empty glass.

“…I just felt so helpless.”

But it wasn’t hidden like before.

Rather, he might have been waiting for Cravat to ask him this.

“What makes you helpless?”

“I was almost the only one who got hit. They run away because they are poisoned, but they are so weak that they cannot fight. “I don’t know if I can really be of help to Rine like this.”

“Well, that magic definitely won’t help in battle. But isn’t that enough to mock oneself? “If you were to stop time, there would be infinite other directions.”

“Maybe so. “But I’m afraid of my magic.”

“You’re scared?”

“Do you know what it feels like to grow old alone in a world where everyone has stopped?”

The worries that had been kept inside for a long time came out of Gariel’s mouth.

“Every time I use this, I move further ahead than others. 1 minute 1 second. “As it continues to accumulate, it will turn into days, then months, and eventually years.”

“Because that’s what time magic is.”

“That’s why I’m scared. One day, I will go too far ahead of others and become nothing. “I’m afraid my end will be like my teacher.”

Gariel still remembers her teacher’s last days.

At the age of 40, he had the body of an 80-year-old, but his brain was damaged, dementia developed, and he died miserably.

The idealist who said time magic was cool and always said to use it for righteous causes had a tragic end.

Gariel was there to watch everything from the process to the results.

“He tricked an innocent boy who knew nothing into learning this magic, and said it was the best magic of all, but then he walked away in an ugly way. How would I feel when I see that?”

Instead of respect, it was only a primal instinct that I didn’t want to live like that.

So Gariel did not use time magic to help anyone.

He used it for his own advancement, and his methods were limited to gambling and petty theft.

That was his rebellion to ruin the magic at this time.

“But what’s even more terrible is that this magic prevented me from protecting my loved ones.”

Gariel stared quietly at her palm.

“I had no choice but to watch in silence as she died.”

Gariel was thinking about the past of that day.

The day Ludger killed Line’s mother.

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