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Novel The Greatest Estate Developer Chapter 408

Chapter 408. Epilogue

Kuoooooo… … !

The wings of the King of Hell ferociously stirred the space.

Wild flaps of wings shot rapidly through his body.

Whoa… … !

wide void.

Crossing the pure white space, the King of Hell raised his head.

With a field of vision that extended to hundreds of branches, he grasped the patterns of all beings moving in this place.

He commenced his dive.


folded six legs.

The wings roared more ferociously.

towards the target.

without mercy.


It landed like it was going down.


The King of Hell flicked his tongue in satisfaction.

Like a destructive being who occupied the entire space, he swept the surroundings wildly.

– … … !

Frail beings caught in his sight.

The rough mouth of the King of Hell swallowed the crumbs of the cookies all at once.

No, it was the moment I was about to swallow.

The fly swatter struck the King of Hell.


The fly swatter slammed the desk without hesitation.

The king of hell barely kicked off the floor and took off.

He escaped being crushed to death by a fly swatter.

It flew more ferociously and unstoppably.

The voices of huge human beings were heard around the king of hell.

“Oh sister? What if I miss that?”

“Then what do you grab? You can’t spray Fkilla at the hospital.”

“It’s done. Give it to me.”

“Yes, this. Let’s see if you catch it well.”

“You want to take a look?”

tidy desk.

The two nurses guarding the place chatted.

Seeing that, the King of Hell instinctively judged.

This place is extremely dangerous.

let’s run away

His busier flapping of his wings crossed the hospital hallway.

The sound of an old TV could be heard from a hospital room next to the hallway.

“Next is the news of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. Everyone still remembers sticking out the blades at the short track finish line two years ago. Short track speed skater Kim Ki-hun, who gave Korea the first gold medal in the Winter Olympics at the time, continued his golden run in the 1000m short speed track at this Olympics, bringing another precious gold medal to Korea. Then, we will connect you to the hot Winter Olympics.”


The sound of the old TV faded away beyond the powerful flapping of its wings.

Even after that, the flight of the king of hell did not end.

I went inside the elevator that just opened.

Climb up and down several floors.

I barely escaped the elevator.

I flew through the hospital corridors again, galloping like an outlaw.

Then, a man clapped his hands.

Damn! Take-!

The king of hell who once commanded hell.

Then, he fell into a reincarnation door and was born as a dung fly in another dimension, and thus ended his new life neatly.

“Oh, what is this? When I got to the hospital early, it was flying and chaos.”

A man in his mid-thirties grumbled and wiped his hands with a handkerchief.

He had no idea what feat(?) he had just accomplished.

A divine being who once managed the afterlife of the dimensional world.

After going through reincarnation and being born as an insignificant creature,

He had no way of knowing even in his dreams that he had been dealt with by a smashing queue with his hand claps.

The man just accelerated his busy pace.

One side of the hospital hallway toward his steps.

There was an old man there.

The man bowed to the old man.

“Craftsman, don’t push yourself too hard. It’s wrong and you get out.”

“no no. My grandkids are over there. Is it time for me to rest?”

“You should get some rest though. Do you call it Ujjal when you write it down?”

“Tsk tsk, I’m going to leave that thing behind and take a break, so I can’t get out of my way.”

“Still, I’m going to take a look at it. My baby is a bit short on weight, but the doctor said that she is good at self-breathing, so she’ll stay there for a day or two and then come out.”

“is it?”

“Yes craftsmanship.”

man and old artisan.

The two gazed at the glass on the hallway wall.

An indoor incubator was visible through the transparent glass.

There was a baby boy in the incubator.

I thought it was Lloyd Frontera, the madman who had just been reincarnated as a newborn baby.

‘That way of speaking is so strange. Why is your voice so loud? Anyway, am I that man’s son?’

He was born this morning.

I haven’t even opened my eyes yet.

So I couldn’t see anything.

Instead, I could hear the voices coming from outside.

It was because the voices of men and old men were so loud and loud.

‘It’s a noisy family.’

He could intuitively realize that they were his new family.

Crazy Lloyd grumbled inwardly.

I wanted to be born as a whale.

Are you human again?

Anyway, what kind of world is this?

On the one hand, he remembered what he had been through earlier.

‘The door of reincarnation was strange.’

He was the one who finally found rest after death.

the edge of hell.

on the platform there.

He said goodbye to Kim Soo-ho, the fake b*stard who robbed his body in the past.

I was able to enter the door of reincarnation thanks to his consideration and concession.

‘under. Should I be grateful for that? Or should I hate it?’

I was a little confused and laughed out loud.

I hate that you took my body away.

Thinking of how he became a specter and wandered between this world and the underworld, I want to punch him.

On the other hand, he hated it less when he thought of helping himself in the hell he met by chance.

No, to be honest… … .

‘Thank you Kim Soo-ho.’

Don’t forget the grace that reincarnated me.

I will live a new life with your consideration and concessions forever.

Crazy Lloyd made a promise in his heart.

On the other hand, I also pondered over my regrets about my previous life.

‘Father and mother Julien.’

My heart ached when I thought of my family.

What made them sad?

It didn’t even come to mind.

Only ugly memories of his misdeeds kept coming back to him.

I shouldn’t have yelled at my father at that time.

I should have listened to my mother’s advice back then.

At that time, I should have treated Julien a little more kindly.

‘And Xaviel Asrahan.’

A knight who escorted himself.

His cold eyes also came to mind.

‘Yes, you must have been contemptuous of me.’

Quite likely.

No, even if my father and mother Julien were like that, I have nothing to say.

no excuses.

Just worthless like garbage.

It was a life that was only a nuisance to others.

‘I’m sorry everyone.’

Suddenly, my nose crinkled.

belated regret and reflection.

I meditated on it and made a promise.

Let’s live this life faithfully.

Let’s not harm others and live a good life.

Live diligently and be helpful to those around you.

That’s how I will live a life like Kim Soo-ho.

I made up my mind, made a promise, and reiterated it.

I tried not to forget my current mindset and determination.

It was because it was a memory and a promise from a previous life that would soon be forgotten according to the law of reincarnation.

‘I heard the instructions while passing through the door of reincarnation. If you receive a new life and are reborn, you will have as much memories of your previous life as the intellectual abilities of your new body. But that memory won’t last long.’

I definitely heard that.

When you are born again and you are given a new name.

At that moment, he said that he forgot all the memories of his previous life.

Lloyd, a fool, recalled that law and repeated his desperate resolution over and over again.

But that was then.

outside the incubator.

In the hallway beyond the glass window.

I heard the story of my father and grandfather over here.

“By the way, have you thought of a name for the child?”


“Are you there yet?”

the old man’s voice.

The man’s awkward reply.

“Oh, actually, I have something in mind.”

“is it. Hmmm, but can you listen to what I’m talking about?”

“Yes, I am listening.”

“Thank you. Actually, it’s a horse. I got a really good and auspicious name from the naming artist I used earlier.”

“name… … From the naming artist?”

“yes. The naming artist said that since he was a child, this name was perfect for him, as if it was bestowed from heaven.”

“What is your name?”

“Palbong. Palbong Kim.”

“… … .”

“How is it? Do you like it too?”

“… … .”

the man was silent

Overhearing the conversation between the two, Lloyd, the madman, felt a sense of urgency.

‘Say no! hurry! That’s not enough!’

oh god

It’s Kim Palbong.

I don’t know what the naming conventions of this world are like.

Even so, it was a name that somehow made me shudder the moment I heard it.

‘That’s not right. Not really. I don’t know why, but not at all! So there you are, no daddy! refuse! please! It’s not really Kim Pal-bong!’

A sense of crisis bloomed.

I sincerely supported the man.

Fortunately, my sincerity(?) has reached me.

Soon the man’s puzzled answer came.

“Ummm… … A master craftsman over there.”

“hmm? Why but?”

“Can’t you think about it again?”

“why? Do you not like Palbong?”

“Uhm, I’m really sorry to say this, but he’s a bit… … .”

“Uh huh. Are you doing it because you’re clumsy? It’s okay. The boy’s name is a little clunky, and he has a goofy taste, and that’s how it should be. huh?”

“Ah, but… … .”

“Heh heh, this is the name I exchanged for 200,000 won.”

“… … .”

“Heh heh. I heard that if you use this as your child’s name, you will be happy and live happily for the rest of your life.”

“… … .”

The man with his mouth closed again.

Crazy Lloyd shouted even more urgently inwardly.

‘Hey old man? My mother’s father? Anyway, isn’t that a little bit over there? Did you receive a blessing from a priest with that name? No, no matter how you do it, you can’t cross the line with someone’s name!’

Could it be that that creepy naming will be decided as his new name?

He licked his lips in nervousness.

Fortunately, the situation he feared did not happen immediately.

“Umm, yes, you are a master craftsman. I’ll think about it for a bit.”

“Yes, yes. see yes Think of it as a good thing if you can. Even if you have a name in mind, wouldn’t it be better to come up with a name after listening to the words of a brave person? huh?”

“Yes. Think about it for a moment, sir.”

“okay. I see.”

The voices of the man and the old man faded away.

It seemed like they were walking somewhere while talking.

Rogue Lloyd, who had his ears perked up, felt a sharp drowsiness.

‘Huh, is it fortunate for now?’

That creepy name wasn’t decided right away.

Judging from her eyes, it seemed that the man who was her father was reluctant to use that name.

‘So let’s fight back and make a claim.’

please let the man do it

Crazy Lloyd wished and wished.

But in the meantime, my body became more tired.

Drowsiness came in an instant.

‘Oh, maybe it’s because I’m a baby… … .’

I couldn’t stand it.

Unknowingly, my consciousness was engulfed.

got away

it got far

got cozy

Crazy Lloyd quickly fell into a deep sleep.

How much time has passed?

During that time, how many times have you woken up in a daze?

And did you repeat the sound sleep again?

It took a long time before the crazy Lloyd regained consciousness.

‘… … What is it?’

He focused on the sensations around his body.

Somehow, it seemed that the seat I was lying on had changed from before.

The air has changed a little too.

Is someone holding you?

Unlike before, a warm feeling wrapped around my body. People’s voices were heard more clearly right next to me.

“Oh, I woke up.”

It was the man’s voice.

Unlike before, it was a whisper with the voice as low as possible.

Then a woman’s voice was heard.

“By the way, honey. Can I just use that name?”

“What should I do? How stubborn are craftsmen?”

“If you found out later, you would be sad. I heard you went to the naming office on purpose.”

“Gwaa hit. So, is it okay for you to be named Palbong?”

“… … no, that’s a bit.”

“Grue? me too git No matter what the craftsman says, he’s a bit… … .”

A conversation between a man and a woman.

A story between father and mother.

Hearing that, Lloyd was relieved.

It seemed that the couple with the terrible name, Palbong or something, were about to refuse.

‘Then what will my name be now?’

Soon that will be decided.

Then the memory of the crazy Lloyd he had would disappear.

You will walk on a new path with a whole new life.

‘Let’s live hard this time. I will definitely do that.’

Those who were sorry in their past lives.

family and everyone around.

I made a firm commitment to them.

I won’t forget the promise I made now.

Even if the memory disappears, I will always engrave it in my unconscious and keep it.

While I was making a promise, a large hand approached me.

He carefully stroked this side of his forehead.

“Ah, it’s small since you’re born.”

“stop. The child is crying.”

“You’re still pretty, kid. haha.”

“Oh, yes.”

“anyway. Is that the name you decided on?”

At the man’s question, the woman’s warm arms wrapped around him moved slightly.

He probably nodded.

Crazy Lloyd was nervous.

what name will you get?

what kind of life will i live

Between worry and anticipation.

The soft voice of the father-to-be came into my ears.

“Can you hear me? i am your father Nice to meet you.”

‘… … .’


I stopped without realizing it.

in between.

memories of a previous life.

one after another.

Slowly like a bubble.

started to disappear

Someday, the days when I was young, the Frontera estate.

Memories of family outings in the warm sunshine.

One day I ran away after making fun of Xaviel.

The happiest moments.

The most precious memories.

“Is that so, my son?”

one after another.

Slowly like a bubble.

“Nice to meet you, Suho. My son, Kim Suho.”

Dad’s warm touch.

Touching the forehead and caressing the cheeks.

Once a rogue Lloyd Frontera.

Now you are starting a new life as a baby.

Kim Soo-ho smiled brightly at his father for the first time.

– Completed the greatest manor designer ever

The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer

The greatest architect, The Greatest Estate Developer, The world’s best engineer, 역대급 영지 설계사, 역영설
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
The only son of a country side baron, who is called tr*sh and hated by his family, subordinates, and every citizen of the fief. One day, he suddenly loses consciousness, and when he opens his eyes… Inside his body was… a Korean civil engineer. [MTL]


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