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Otherworld TRPG Game Master Chapter 70

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“Hey, Loray. Did anything special happen outside?”

“Lord Magic Tower. Didn’t I tell you the color of the beastman thief’s underwear?”

“More than that. Something… something else.”


For the sake of the purple magic tower owner who was trying to extract all information about his junior, Loray, the so-called ‘face scar senior’, had the nth flashback of the season.

I think I mentioned that my adventurer friend was hit by an ogre fire bat and flew away because of my junior. I really want to do some personal research, but can I go out? Was there anything you didn’t talk about?


Lorey snapped his fingers.

“My junior didn’t know how scary golems are, so I thought it would be a good opportunity, so I arranged a fight with the cleaning golem.”

“Ugh…! Why did you do that, Loray? What if it leaves trauma on the child…?!”

“An illusion wizard must have suffered some trauma from the golem. Anyway, as everyone expected, the battle ended in junior’s defeat…”

Junior’s last chant.

It was cut off by the duster’s attack, but the junior was trying to do something to the golem. Since it was my first time hearing this order, I vaguely asked about it on the way back. What kind of magic were you trying to use?

My junior said it was magic created on the spot.


“So old-fashioned golems don’t have egos, so illusion magic doesn’t work on them?”

“Most of them, right?”

“So, I said I would create an ego, put it in, and beat it… my junior.”


The magic tower became stiff as if it had been struck by lightning. It couldn’t have been an attack by the Blue Magic Tower, so it must have been a lightning bolt of inspiration that pierced the magic tower’s main tower. What on earth did this little genius come up with?

It is difficult to read a person’s inner thoughts, but it is easy to read the inner thoughts of a magic tower. If you carefully observe the fantasies swirling around you, you can figure out what they are thinking.

Various illusions rose and swirled around the magic tower master, who was obsessed with inspiration. My junior’s deformed appearance is a spaghetti monster flying through space.

Opening your junior’s head, taking something out and putting it into the spaghetti monster…?

“I’m going to do research now, so please leave.”

Lorey decided to keep it clean and pretend he didn’t see it. Because it was best not to get involved in anything annoying or suspicious. He dragged the demon tower owner out, kicked him out, and slammed the door. I feel safe with this.

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Lorey got his own time back.

================================================================================= =============

Mtapju muttered while frantically pacing around his office.

“Yes… yes. That’s right. If you can’t hit someone because you don’t have a body, if you make one…”

An idea I’ve never thought of before. There was a clue here.

『It』 that settled in his mind was a very complex magical-mental body. There was no way to erase a person’s memory, change their personality drastically, and exist conceptually rather than in substance, so there was no way to touch it.

Yuna didn’t know much about how she was born or what her exact identity was. After observing and collecting records for a long time, I could only find out fragments of it.

So, we had no choice but to slow down the rate of erosion and bide our time. The reason he was not told the identity of ‘something’ was because of the common characteristics of the mental body. It turns faith into power.

Yes, like the fantasy magic he created. The more you think about it and remember it, the more powerful you will gain.

A contradiction that must be dealt with at the same time while trying not to think about it as much as possible. The contradiction of not having substance. Because of its complexity, neither the Emperor of the Empire nor the Grand Wizard of the Magic Tower could solve it and just wandered around.

The magic tower lord Yuna also thought that she had no choice but to pull out her secret move at a critical moment, but…

“Make it… and hit it.”

Give ‘it’ substance and attack it.

Perhaps it could have been an effective means of preemptive attack. Even if it couldn’t be completely removed, it seemed like it might be possible to take away some of the power of ‘it’. So how and what is given?

The clue was in the session.

If you are inside a simulation that is closely connected to your mind, you will be able to deal with it while suppressing the phenomenon caused by “it” to a minimum.

================================================================================= =============

A simulation world implemented with fantasy magic. He was running a Cthulhu session for academy students. Yuna was hiding and observing the scene closely.

A world influenced by some evil evil spirit. There are fanatics who worship evil gods and the main character tries to save the world. It seemed to have this structure.

“…I was late again this time…”

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And the players were being destroyed in real time.

“The exhaustion is delicious. I lost someone precious to me. The motivation was well aligned. The reaction was more passionate than I expected, but since I included time travel as a session material, I could beat it a little more…”

He smiled warmly as he looked at the three suffering people. was building This is behavior that cannot be considered as someone who turned into an insect and crawled on the floor just because he failed to kiss the 2nd prince, Irid.

“But it’s still not enough. We’re not good enough yet. Should we approach the reporter NPC and build some rapport with him before proceeding with the event?”

I was even thinking of hitting him more. They say that the children’s mentality has already been shattered a long time ago, but only when they feel regret to the ceiling can a second chance to start from zero become a wonderful climax.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The ability to empathize seemed to be weakening significantly.

Saint Tara and Niore also enjoyed the sight. Still, he seemed unwilling to take action. It is said that happiness after poverty is more exciting, but it is not normal to try to give a person a bowl of ink and put a band-aid on it.

It can’t go on like this.

Yuna looked around the world.

If that were possible, it would be a good idea to give ‘it’ a weak NPC that can’t even move its limbs properly. And if you beat them up, getting rid of them will be easy.

However, it was not possible to give just any character. There had to be something in common with ‘it’. In various ways, including personality, ability, narrative, beliefs, and setting.

This is because the magic prepared by Yuna is essentially a spell that ‘mistakes’ ‘it’. I needed a bowl with high synchronization that could make people think it was their own body.

Capacity also had to be considered. The larger the capacity, the more “it” it can contain.

An NPC named Isaac caught my eye. It seemed like it was designed as a mid-boss. Should I transfer ‘it’ to her? No, it wasn’t a good idea. The capacity given to Isaac was not that great.

What about the religious leader? As an NPC designed as the final boss, the capacity was quite large. I felt like I could capture about 2% of ‘it’. The setting provided was also good for attracting ‘it’. He is a madman, worships evil spirits, and kills people without hesitation for his own purposes.

From daotranslate dot com

But in order to have a meaningful effect, I want to capture at least 5%…


Yuna looked up at the sky.

It was a night sky filled with stars and the moon, but Yuna, who had game master authority, saw something different. A large cosmic monster made of countless bubbles. A fictional evil god borrowed from a fictional cosmic horror novel.

“…if this is it.”

If I were to include ‘it’ in the evil spirit, I felt like I could squeeze in 7%. The synchronization rate was also quite high. An incomprehensible evil god who manipulates time and space and treats humans like ants or dust. 『It』 was an avatar worth coveting.

Using an evil spirit as a vessel had many additional effects.

It was his memory that was erased, but it also affected the memories of those who knew him. The changes brought about by 『It』 spread throughout the world. Even Yuna didn’t know the exact mechanism, but she knew that such a phenomenon occurred.

The reason I wanted to work in the simulation world was because I was concerned about that phenomenon. Because it was a virtual world. I thought it would be difficult to exert influence outside of it.

But because there is always what if in the world. If the cult leader’s avatar was used as a vessel, an accident might suddenly occur with someone who resembles the cult leader in the real world.

That’s why evil spirits.

If you use as a vessel a completely fictional entity that does not exist and no one seriously believes in it. If we just get rid of it, we can end this matter cleanly.

The only problem with this method is.

“To the secret safehouse the investigator mentioned… we’ll be leaving in 10 minutes.”

“I can’t believe I’m finally getting to go now.”

The point was that the three people who were already working hard would have a harder time. The session difficulty will soar. Rather than being an empty lump of data, it will be an evil spirit equipped with “it” and actually trying to harass people.


My conscience pricked me.

But this time, we needed the help of poor students. This is because the most powerful way to inflict damage on the mental body was through the power of the mind. Just as a dream demon would not dare invade a priest who has honed his spiritual training.

A person’s will-filled emotions such as courage, friendship, love, anger, etc… are a great help in defeating the mental body.


Rather than him being completely consumed and going crazy, and unleashing terrible illusionary magic on the entire world, causing the empire to collapse and society to collapse… Wouldn’t it be better to have three people at the helm…!

“I’m sorry, Bennett. I’m sorry, Tara, and I’m sorry, Niore… But I’ll work hard too…!”

It was planned to demonstrate the power of the sub-game master to its full extent.

Still, it will be a difficult journey. It is clearly immoral to impose additional suffering on those who entered the adventure with good intentions. Yuna closed her eyes tightly. however.

The purple magic tower could cut off something less precious in order to save something more precious.

Yuna pushed ahead with her plan while fully feeling her throbbing conscience.

For the process of extracting ‘it’ from it and injecting it into foreign media. He had to stay in the simulation world. Yuna appeared in front of him at the end of the session.

“…Uh, Magic Tower Lord?”

“Oh yes. It’s me…”

“How long has it been since this?”

His eyes widened in surprise and then he smiled. It was full of joy. The feeling of pure happiness at being able to see each other for the first time in a while was conveyed directly. Even though she was being consumed by ‘it’, she seemed to cherish Yuna.

“Did you come here secretly? No, that’s not important. What happened to me at the Academy?”

Yuna raised one hand to stop him from spilling out his words. Then he picked up the brim of his hat and lowered it slightly to cover his eyes and asked.

“I know. Do you still… trust me?”

“Of course. Do you want to do something?”

“I’m going to put you to sleep for… about two weeks.”

“Useup… It’s not Kangho’s duty to destroy the session schedule due to personal reasons.”

He said he was going to let me sleep for two weeks, but he was worried about the schedule for the next session instead of why I was letting him sleep or how I was going to let him sleep. Was it a lot of fun?

“I…! I’ll take over as GM. The session will continue.”

“You’re stealing the delicious food that someone else carefully prepared…!”

“That’s not my intention…! Because I like love, not despair and pain in the first place!”

He muttered for a long time. I was looking forward to it a lot, but it was a shame that he left without being able to direct until the end. I was wondering if I would be able to keep the players’ spirits up properly, and I was wondering if I should suddenly suppress them.

When Yuna asked him if he could be gentle as it was a once-in-a-lifetime favor, he broke his stubbornness on the condition that Yuna transfer one of his wish rights.

“It’s going to be a long vacation. Well… please tell Pingvalez that he won’t be attending this week’s debate. And this is where the future developments are written. There’s a lot planned, so even if I leave it alone, the session will run on its own. But there are so many unexpected actions. And what I was planning to do in the next lecture. This time, I guess it was the tentacle labyrinth….”

He talked about all the things he was preparing and said, ‘Even a novice master can do it! After giving Yuna a booklet titled ‘11 ways to induce unexpected behavior in players’.

“I removed the mental barrier.”

Everything was left to Yuna. Although it was a bit long, seeing him trust me so much touched my heart. Yuna stretched out her hand, crying a little.

“…Thank you. Yes. Then, I’ll see you later…”

“Please make sure to get the log.”

“…If someone is feeling moved, can’t we keep their mood…?”

With a single wave of her hand, Yuna clouded his consciousness and made him sink into the depths. So as not to wake up even from external shocks. And after applying the defensive magic.

I made up my mind. I will make this plan a success.

Afterwards, Yuna changed her appearance using illusion magic and appeared in front of the three people.


Yuri Lanster was lying on the bed, tapping his toes, and then spit out at the crazy wizard who was wandering around today.

“Aren’t you ready?”

“Uh… Huh? Huh? Ready for something?”

“I must have given you an official document. Don’t you think we’re about to go on a dungeon exploration exercise?”

“Ah haha. Is that so?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Yuri Lanster’s eyes narrowed. Then he walked up to the crazy wizard and sniffed his nose. It wasn’t the usual smell, but a soft floral scent.

Although he didn’t get closer than usual, the crazy wizard was extremely hesitant for some reason. He even lightly put his hands together, placed them on his chin, and shrugged his shoulders.

The female’s scent was so strong that it could be identified from 10 meters away. Yuri Lanster raised his glasses and asked seriously.

“Crazy wizard. Are you flirting with me?”

“…What what?!”

“It’s like begging me to eat you. I should have told you clearly that I like passive women.”

“Ugh huh…!”

“That voice. If you know enough to know, there’s no way you wouldn’t know what that kind of teaching means…”

Is it a provocation?

Exchanging deals with each other was routine, but it was done in a gentlemanly manner without crossing the line. Yuri Lanster did not release the seal called the suit jacket. Because that was a stimulus that crossed the line.

That was the reason why the crazy wizard sealed the TS magic. Because that was a stimulus that crossed the line.

However, the crazy wizard suddenly started throwing fireballs at the battlefield where only cold weapons were allowed. The agreement was violated. If you crossed the line first on the other side, you will have to cross the line on this side as well and move into an attack posture.

Shall we unseal it? Shall I seduce you?

You can even throw away the slaughter without even being able to open your mouth.

The moment Yuri Lanster roughly took off his tie and reached up to unbutton the dress shirt that was fastened all the way to his neck. The crazy wizard disappeared into thin air as if erased from the world.


Crossing the line even though it’s going to be scary.

However, it is a long-standing tradition to return a slap if one is hit. Yuri Lanster loaded a nuclear bomb called ‘Sneak into bed in thin clothing in the middle of the night.’ I will kill you crazy wizard.

After putting my tie back on and adjusting my clothes. Yuri Lanster drew up a new official document for cooperation. Dungeon exploration practice that students attending the academy experience sequentially. The request was to participate as a surveillance officer there.

The dungeon that students will use has been confirmed safe by several adventurers, but the faculty will follow them in preparation for any unexpected situation.

The schedule is two days later. The first batch of students departs the academy.

I glanced at the list written on the official document. Bennett Hilton Niore Restman Saint Tara was included.

Since they have traveled through a harsh world filled with fanatics, a dungeon would be more like a walk. Last time I looked at his expression, he looked bad…

It was only a short delay before the second session started.

Yuri Lanster hoped that this dungeon exploration would be a change of mood for them.

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