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Overpowered Sword Chapter 119

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Level up with swords (119)

Daegwang Vein (大鑛脈).

It is the lifeline and spine of the Kingdom of Jugend and the world’s best mining area. Inside, an immeasurable amount of general minerals, including iron, copper, gold, and silver, and special minerals, including mithril, orichalcon, and adamantium, are buried.

It was 350 years ago that the dwarves, who recognized the true nature of the land, began to work with humans to find a foundation and dig it out.

What was just a small village quickly expanded into a territory, so it didn’t take long to reach a kingdom. The combination of the inexhaustible veins of minerals and the dwarves is literally like a tiger with wings, and the neighboring countries have no time to keep them in check, as they intrude into the ranks of powerful countries.

The mine was so enormous that even Jugend had not yet measured its full extent.

There are 84 industrially useful iron mines alone.

If you just look for one place, you can find 17 mithril mines that are rich in money, as well as 5 to 6 rare oriharcon and adamantium mines.

Accordingly, the tunnels and mines for mining it were also expanded.

The underground space is so vast that it cannot be fully expressed in words such as ‘wide’ or ‘big’.


But there was a man standing in front of entrance number 3 of the Great Mine.

He was an impressive person with a height and body so tall that you felt intimidated just by meeting him, but on the contrary, he had a gentle expression and a modestly dressed formal attire.


He was the most powerful of the Jugends, holding both the positions of Grand Meister and Cardinal.


‘You’re a little late.’

It has already been four days since Leon was given permission to enter the B38-5 mining area and a short-term training along with preliminary investigation began.

As the days passed, dark shadows appeared under the eyes of the two people, but he could tell. I could see that the power that had been overflowing outside my body was gradually being absorbed into my body.

It was proof that they were properly learning how to fight in the mine.



Irexana’s sensory sphere felt two people approaching from hundreds of meters away. Constant stride length, constant center of gravity. Just looking at their gait, their skills were extraordinary.

Leon and Karen.

They crossed the horizon and arrived in front of Irexana, looking different from when I saw them the day before yesterday.

“I’m sorry, Cardinal.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Leon, who looked embarrassed, apologized first.

“Last night, I couldn’t even say hello to you properly because I was so upset as soon as I got back.”

“no. Proper rest is much more important.”

Irexana looked at the two people in turn with a smile.

“You have refined your spiritual energy beyond what I expected. “I see you’ve gone a few steps further than you were five days ago.”

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was just as he said.

In Leon’s case, the power that had been overflowing due to the four stigmata calmed down, making him feel a little less powerful, but gaining more depth. It was the same principle that when you reach a high level, you seem rather ordinary.

Karen’s case was a bit different. The mere presence of a faint person has become clearer and is now naturally assimilating into the landscape like a shadow. It sneaks in without the slightest sense of discomfort, to the point where even Irexana misses its movements if she is not careful.

‘As expected, this is a comrade chosen by the warrior himself.’

Irexana smiled inwardly and turned her back.

“Now, please follow me. “The other members of the expedition are already gathered in the square.”

* * *

Leon and Karen quietly followed him and walked into the third entrance of the Great Mine. Since it is a place connected by hundreds or thousands of tunnels, the space was spacious, unlike a mine.

If you even shout, there will be a loud echo.

“This way.”

Eventually, Irexana, who had crossed several doors and reached the square, let the group in first.

This was to avoid anyone associating them.

Karen took the lead and took the first step.

As an advance team, the Rogue’s role is to look ahead. It was a behavior I had become accustomed to while living in the mine for a few days.

And when Leon followed behind him and entered the square.

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The whirling presence of power pressed down on the two people.

It’s not just one or two people.

Dozens, maybe more than a hundred. People who could be recognized as strong anywhere in the world were gathered in one place.

A-rank adventurers and mercenaries, Dwarf Warriors who can be said to be the best of Jugend, and Holy Iron Knights wearing full-plate mail of silver, as befits the Holy Church.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘Every single one of them is A rank or higher…!’

With so many powerful players gathered in one place, you can feel the weight just by their presence. It was not at a level where each person could not be defeated, but it was also not at a level where they could easily be defeated.

Depending on the time and place, veterans may be at a disadvantage. These were aspects that made me feel fortunate to have encountered them as colleagues rather than enemies.

“hmm? “What are these faces I haven’t seen before?”

“So, are they new?”

Those gathered in the square also saw the two people and commented on the level of their skills from their own perspectives.

“If you look at their faces, they look like babies, but they’re doing quite a bit, right?”

“No, I don’t think she is a pure human being. “It has a bit of a ‘mixed’ smell.”

“Wechsler, can you please get away from me? “You look like a pervert.”

“What! No, that’s not what I meant…”

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It was a noisy atmosphere.

But behind it all, there was composure and moderation. It was on a different level from a ragtag group of people talking loudly.

Dasu elite.

Originally, it would have sounded incoherent, but somehow it worked out as we gathered strength from all over Jugend. Even if we just mobilize the people gathered here, we could take down the capital of a small or medium-sized kingdom in less than half a day.


It was then.

At the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere, everyone who was talking in the square turned their eyes in one direction.

The ground is shaking.

The air trembles.

Silence in one step and overpower in two steps. Irexana, the man who took three steps up to the stage, opened his mouth while facing the gazes looking at him.

“Everyone, first of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for responding to my sudden call.”

As a deep voice echoed throughout the square, the audience’s attention was drawn to one place.

A voice without a trace of hostility or malice overwhelms the space.

A presence that directly makes you feel the difference in level.

The gap is even more apparent because the people gathered are outstanding.

“Everyone gathered here will hunt down and subdue an unidentified entity believed to have escaped from the monster <Mirror Canyon> that has been hiding inside the Great Mine. “Entering through a total of six mines centered on the place assumed to be its hideout…” The

operational briefing was not long.

Informing the entry route and sharing goals and action plans.

Since the identity of the monster has not yet been revealed, there are too many variables and detailed instructions are only a hindrance.

So, on an ad hoc basis, only those sufficiently strong were summoned.

Those who can fulfill their role in any situation and can be subdued with their own strength if the circumstances arise.

“Depending on the size of the mine, we will form a team of four people and deploy from a minimum of three to a maximum of five groups for each mining area.”

In a calm voice, Irexana created 27 articles according to the table she had researched in advance. Because it was a combination of appropriately distributing the front line and rear guard, no one objected.

Among them, Leon and Karen belonged to Group 8 and were responsible for attacking the M13-2 mine.

As we formed a group of four, two people joined the group.

“We meet again.”

A-rank mercenary Gallond of Galond grinned while stroking his neatly shaved chin.

It seems that his beard, which was burnt like rat hair, could not be restored.

“Are your wounds completely healed?”

“There is no problem in fighting. Does the affected area feel a little sore? Still, I should be able to rest quietly in bed as I defeat the culprit of the magic sword that controlled me.”

Garlond said he had bought a new sword using the gold plate as collateral and patted the sword belt on the right side of his waist.

As expected from a new product, the smooth hilt of the sword caught my eye.

“It looks like the three of you are already familiar with each other.”

At that time, the remaining member of Group 8 approached with an expressionless face.

The forearms and palms visible through the sleeves of the robe, which were loose but made of luxurious fabric, were soft and without any calluses.

It was clear that the occupation was not very familiar with hand-to-hand combat.

“I’m Hazel, the A-rank adventurer <Witch>. Please take care of me.”

Holding her cone hat in her hand, she bowed politely and greeted the three people.

Red hair and brown eyes.

She was a beauty with exotic colors.

“I am the A-rank mercenary Galond. “Please take care of me too.”

“Karen, A-rank adventurer. I don’t have tinnitus. Because I was working on a personal level, it wasn’t something people talked about. Nice to meet you!”

Finally, Leon cautiously opened his mouth.

“I am Leon, a B-rank adventurer. i look forward to.”

“…B rank? you?”

Hazel tilted her head with her eyes wide open, as if puzzled by his introduction.

The eyes were full of questions.

However, there was no question as to why B rank was called.

“That’s strange. “I don’t know Miss Karen, but you are stronger than Mr. Garlond or me, so why are you staying at B rank?”

Surprisingly, Hazel was able to accurately see the strength of Group 8 members and even differentiated their ranks.

It is a different kind of strength than combat power.


Is this a power she possessed as a witch, or did she acquire it in another way? I don’t know what the principle was, but being able to recognize someone stronger than oneself was a very good ability.

“Oh, I just registered as an adventurer.”

If you try to gloss over it, you will only end up distrusting it.

Leon answered the question truthfully. The objective truth is that it is still B rank due to lack of performance.

Fortunately, Hazel seemed to just understand.

“I see? It was a matter of time. “With Leon’s skills, you will receive a gold plaque in no time, so regardless of whether you are a senior or a junior, I will ask you to treat me well as a member of the same group.”

“thank you.”

“Hehe, that’s all you need to say.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

As with Article 8, the atmosphere in the square was quite peaceful.

If you’re stupid enough to start a fight the first time you meet, you can’t become A-rank, and above all, none of the people gathered in this square are easy. As we know each other’s capabilities well, a relationship of trust arises instantly.

The human warrior who was paired with the dwarf warrior was laughing and making plans for a beer, and the people who were paired with the castle knight were politely putting their hands together and saying hello.

‘The group that goes into the M13 tunnel with us…?’

There are three groups designated as M13’s attack group.

Articles 8 and 11, Article 14.

Leon looked around the people in the plaza with his Eyes and distinguished each group by the identification tags they wore around their necks.

11 groups consisting of Seongcheolsae Knight and Spirit Knight.

Group 14 is a group of small mercenaries.

Either way, it didn’t seem to be lacking in its role. Although the entry route is different, we can meet several times at the end or along the way, so it was advantageous to adjust the speed of progress to some extent.

‘Because we can share consumer goods or technologies that each other lacks.’

Even if the combination was as balanced as possible, it was not perfect.

There are groups that lack offensive power and there are groups that lack defensive power.

There was a group that had great scouting ability but lacked recovery ability, and a group that had excellent combat ability but lacked adaptability.

Therefore, it was good to establish a system of mutual assistance.

“Hey, Captain?”

“Say yes.”

When a mercenary who was looking at the attack point spoke cautiously, Irexana, who answered the call, asked back.

The mercenary looked at the instructions several times and asked again.

“If this is true, the captain is supposed to enter the largest mine shaft of A5 alone. Is that correct?”

“That’s right. Is there some problem?”

It was a lineup that even veterans could doubt their eyes.

The danger of ore-type monsters increases in proportion to the power of the minerals buried in their habitat. The mithril mine is more dangerous than the iron mine and the mithril mine is more dangerous than the iron mine, and powerful monsters appear.

Orichalcon, which has a high mana accumulation and conductivity, appears to be able to use magic, and adamantium, famous as the metal with the strongest elasticity and strength, was not only agile in its movements, but also had high magic resistance.

The estimated risk is S+ rank or higher. It was said that he would go alone into a place where it would be difficult to guarantee a strategy even if five groups were pushed in.

“There is no need for additional personnel. “It’s a place I’ve been to alone several times before.”



“I guess there are no more questions. Then, we will slowly begin to enter the interior of the Great Mine. Commanders of each group, please check the operation of the communication artifact once more.”

Leon, the man who unintentionally became the unanimous leader, put the artifact placed in his palm into his ear.

From daotranslate dot com

Because there are distance restrictions, communication with other mines is not possible.

In the case of Article 8, talking about Articles 11 and 14 would be the limit.

《Hey, can you hear me well? Bergerda of Article 14! Please call me Ger.》

《This is Leon from Group 8. Thank you, Mr. Ger.》

《This is Article 11 Geoff. I wish you both good luck.》

《Gahahaha! Is it because Knight Seongcheolsae is praying for you? If that’s the case, it’s something to look forward to!》

Leon checked the artifact through communication with the two leaders and began to move towards M13.

It was that moment.


A voice arrived from Irexana, who was more than a hundred meters away.

―Please listen without answering.

How can you accurately convey words through an Auror from this distance?

While amazed at the unexpected technology, Leon listened to the information flowing into his ears.

Irexana said.

―For the past five days, I have been ordering blacksmiths across the kingdom to test weapons for blood, but I received some bad news.

Leon was about to frown, wondering if more demon swords had appeared.

―It is said that there are people who bought weapons before us after putting blood on them. A pursuit team was immediately dispatched, but this information points to only one truth.

‘no way.’

―Even the spread of demonic contaminated minerals and demonic swords that have infiltrated the great mineral vein. There is a very high possibility that there is a dark side that deliberately led that series of events. And I believe that dark side…

Irexana hesitated for a moment and then continued.

―I think it’s “Chaos.”

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