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Overpowered Sword Chapter 130

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Level up with swords (130)


This refers to a person born on this earth with the staff of the goddess.

There were only a few people who actually realized the weight of that title. Most of them ‘pretend’ to respect the saint because they want to establish the authority of the Holy Order or are wary of their power and influence.

Even though everyone bowed politely in front of the church, they turned around and started talking about what the girl knew.

But few people knew.

The saint is the most dangerous and powerful person in the church, and the one who can embody the power of God more perfectly than anyone else.

His silver-haired, golden-eyed appearance was the proof of that.

Hair turned white by holy power and eyes colored gold. Both of these characteristics were tantamount to congenital stigmata.

Among them, Golden Eye was able to see something special.

‘Ah, warrior…’

Ellahan looked at him with a lost expression.

It wasn’t that I was in love with Leon’s appearance or anything.

Priests are basically not deceived by appearances, and there is no one more thorough in that regard than Ellahan.

Because I was raised in a temple from childhood? no.


Because she was strictly educated as a saint? Absolutely not.

Ellahan had ‘eyes’ from birth. The ability to see with the naked eye the heart that would otherwise be hidden by skin and flesh, penetrating the inside rather than the outside.

‘Little sun.’

The warrior Leon she saw was the sun.

Although its brilliance is still weak, it is a burning light that never goes out. A person who is able to rise again even if he sinks into the depths of darkness, regardless of the flames that burn him.

Unyielding and indomitable.

A spark of determination so beautiful that it dazzles your eyes.

‘This is the warrior I must serve!’

Ellahan’s hazy eyes soon came back into focus, and only then did Leon’s surprised features come into view.

Dark brown hair and brown eyes.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It had an ordinary yet respectable appearance in its own way.

If you had to find one flaw, would it be the stiff expression on your face? Even though she was not yet 20 years old and had been through some hardships, she had almost no youthful appearance from her eyebrows to her lips.

But for Ellahan, it was a different feeling.


His awkwardly stiff face seemed to indicate that he was facing life seriously, and other than his jet-black armor, his clothes were unsightly and he seemed to be practicing frugality. In reality, I just insisted on wearing comfortable clothes because it was a hassle to choose clothes.

They say there is no medicine if you have a pod in your eye, and that’s exactly what Ellahan is like now.

Ellahan said without hesitation, taking a few steps closer.

“Nice to meet you, warrior. This is the 8th saint, Ellahan, the goddess’s eighth staff. “Please forgive me for being rude.”

Leon was taken aback by that low posture for a moment, then held out his hand.

“It is my first time meeting you. I am Leon, the hero of this generation.”

Ellahan’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw the outstretched hand.

“Are you shaking my hand?”


“thank you!”

Ellahan didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he stretched out both hands and quickly grabbed his right hand. And before Leon could react, he started twitching his ten fingers.

Fiddle with it.

Press your palm firmly with your thumb or trace the joints of your fingers with your index finger.

Leon’s face turned red at the blatant hand movements. The warmth and feel of his right hand and the sight of Ellahan’s face right in front of him confused him.

Who am I here? Where am I?

It was Karen who saved Leon, who was at a loss.

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“Now wait! “What on earth are you doing, popping out so suddenly in the morning?”

Karen, who separated the two, shouted at Ellahan.

Then Ellahan looked back with an expressionless face.

“Who are you?”

“This is Karen, the warrior’s first companion.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Oh you? “I’ve heard the story a few times.”

Ellahan took his eyes off Leon and finally looked at Karen.

A person who met the warrior before her, defeated evil together with her many times, and overcame adversity.

A faint twinge of jealousy flashed in my eyes.

Afterwards, Ellahan had to harden his face.

‘Strong. Still, I can hardly feel any presence. ‘Is he an assassin?’

Assassins are ultimately murderers driven by money and grudges who kill people. Unlike mercenaries or adventurers, humans caught in the mud of the underworld are difficult to trust.

The golden eyes flashed once as if they were looking right through Karen.

And Ellahan could see.

―A tattered girl covered in blood.

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―A lotus flower blooming in the middle of a swamp where a corpse is buried.

Just looking at it felt like my heart was pounding, and Ellahan’s round eyes became moist.

This is one of the drawbacks of the golden eye.

Because they look so deeply into the other person, the deeper the joys and sorrows of their life, the more the person they see is swept away by their emotions. If Ellahan had not grown up at the church headquarters since childhood, his character might have been broken after encountering the darkness of humanity countless times.

Only Karen, who was looking into those eyes, panicked and panicked.

“No, I even cried for saying something so harsh-.”

I couldn’t even finish my sentence.

Ellahan came to Karen’s eyes and hugged her.

It was not a formal hug, with both arms wrapped around the sides and clasped behind the waist, but it looked like a sincere hug. I could feel the strong, well-trained body behind the monastic robes.

In the arms of Karen, who was frozen by the sudden incident, Ellahan whispered softly in a gentle voice.

“It’s been a difficult time, right?”

“Uh huh?”

“are you okay. Because you are doing great. Even in the shadows, sunlight shines, and even the long nights come to an end. “The goddess is always looking down on us.”

A sincere voice moves people’s hearts even without words. Because she can understand other people’s lives better than anyone else, Saint Ellahan’s words simply touched my heart.

Karen, who had a puzzled expression on her face, also closed her eyes for a moment at the words and warmth, then pushed Ellahan away with a gentle hand.

“Thank you for comforting me. This is the first time I’ve heard someone say something like that. “It was just a little bit, but I was touched.”

Karen was never weak.

He wasn’t the type to talk about his past in detail and get drunk and hope for someone’s comfort or sympathy.

Reminiscing about things that have already passed only adds to the pain.

Still, Ellahan’s words clearly made the scars fade.

I felt like I knew a little bit about why she was called a saint.


Two years ago, I could have pulled out a knife and shouted, “Do you pity me?” He might have shouted, “How can you, who were born and lived in a gutter, know that I was born a saint?”

Not now.

By chance meeting Leon and accompanying him on his journey, she found a way to live in the world of light.

“I don’t want anyone to compensate me for my life and suffering.”

Karen spoke in a voice that did not waver at all.

“If there is a reward, I want to grab it with my own hands.”

“Is that so?”


Karen looked at Ellahan, who smiled at those words, then glanced behind her and whispered mischievously.

There was only one topic that could be the saint’s weakness.

“Actually, it looks like I’m holding it halfway.”


Ellahan followed Karen’s gaze and smiled with a face that was several degrees cooler than before.

The saint who had been merciful just a moment ago was nowhere to be found.

The two people, naturally keeping the distance apart, held hands.

They smiled without any hesitation.

“I think I can become closer to my sister.”

“okay? What a coincidence. “I was thinking that too.”

At that moment, for some reason, Leon’s back felt a shiver.


When he looked to the side with an inexplicable chill, Irexana, with a wry smile on her face, patted his shoulder a few times.

Leon rolled his eyes and asked why, but he said,

“You will understand better from now on.”

All I heard was an incomprehensible answer.

Anyway, the two seemed to have become quite close. Because they were still chatting with their hands held together.

“But why do you call me sister?”

“Because I’m younger. “You must learn to respect your elders.”

“Hahaha, I see. How old are you this year? “You don’t look over 30.”

“Ahaha, the coming-of-age ceremony was this year?”

“really? You’re more mature than I thought. “My sharp eyesight isn’t that bad.”



Leon swallowed dryly at the conversation that was somehow out of focus.

Are we really friends?

El Cid chuckled as if to spice up the thought.

[Well, there won’t be any boring days from now on due to lack of things to see.]

It’s normal to feel reassured because a trustworthy colleague has joined, but Leon trembled with an unknown anxiety.

Whether you know how he feels or not.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Karen and Ellahan’s joined hands have not yet separated.

* * *

From then on, it was a breeze.

Through Irexana, the joining of Saint Ellahan was relayed to the church headquarters, and the party received details from her about wiping out the remnants of <Chaos>.

It seemed safe to say that all the magic swords produced due to the contaminated mineral veins had been captured.

Thanks to the hoarding of <Chaos>, everything was easily wiped out.

“But why do you need a disguise?”

Ellahan asked with his eyes wide open.

The three people had now left the temple and were going to the guild located on the outskirts of Area 1.

Their purpose was twofold.

One was because of the news that Leon’s gold plate had already been issued, and the other was to register Ellahan, a new party member, as an adventurer.

“Yes, I think it’s still too early to reveal that I am a hero.”

Leon, who had become a regular at Ellahan’s earnest request, spoke.

“This incident further solidified that thought. If the evil church had known of my existence, it wouldn’t have ended with just one bishop. “They must have prepared a more elaborate and dangerous trap.”

“It may be true, but…”

“I can see what they are plotting, but they don’t even know I exist. “I don’t want to give up that advantage.”

Karen nodded as if agreeing with his argument.

“It’s a reasonable decision. I know and the enemy does not know. “There is no better situation than that.”

“Is this really some kind of guerrilla unit?”

“Do you understand?”

“Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum. Strategy and tactics were a subject that accounted for nearly 30% of the curriculum for saints. “The saint is also the vice-captain of the Holy Iron Chain Knights.”

Ellahan said ‘ahem’ with a boastful look.

She was not equipped with a full plate or a Seongcheolsae, so she only looked like a girl of that age. Who could see this neat young lady as a saint who is synonymous with a human weapon?

Leon himself would not have been able to know if he had not guessed her martial skills through 〈Anbeop〉 and 〈Gongbeop〉.

‘If you fight ten times, you will lose ten times.’

Although it is a bit inferior to Irexana’s profound presence, the saint is far more overwhelming in terms of the scale of her output.

Same goes for Karen and Ellahan.

Leon was a little disappointed in his accomplishments.

[What is this guy who can’t even be a master is here?]

Instead of comforting him, El Cid was busy teasing him.

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‘Is that what a guy called a teacher would say to his student?’

[what? I can’t hear it because I didn’t even film the master?]


Leon swallowed the screams he couldn’t bring himself to let out and let out a few deep sighs as if he was letting that person go.

It was clear that if you reacted violently, they would get more excited and tease you.

And while he was focused on his inner battle, Karen pointed out a problem they hadn’t even thought about.

“uh? Now that I think about it, can a priest join a guild?”


Leon was also taken aback by those words and looked at Ellahan.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a matter of using the sacred law, but strict discipline is applied to clergy belonging to the religious headquarters.

Fortunately, Ellahan nodded right away.

“yes I’m okay.”

“Aren’t priests supposed to belong to a specific faction?”

“The guild is an organization that has no concept of borders. Even a nomination request can be rejected. “There is no problem because I can bear the penalty of rejecting a request.”

After all, I wasn’t registering to succeed as an adventurer, so it was just as Ellahan said.

“Perhaps there is a cardinal who is registered as an adventurer?”

“The Cardinal?!”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it.”

Ellahan giggled and shook his shoulders, wondering if the nickname was “Drifting.”

Leon and Karen were dazed by a story they had never heard before, but soon came to their senses when the guild building in Area 1 appeared. The group had now grown to three people.

The beginning of a full-fledged journey.

While contemplating where to go next, Leon forcefully opened the door to the Area 1 guild.

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