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Overpowered Sword Chapter 135

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Level up with a sword (135)

Her real identity is Karen, a special assassin, <Guardian>, but all the achievements she accumulated until she became an A-rank adventurer were real.

Didn’t Area 13’s Guildmaster Ryan also say that?

Unless they jumped a few levels in rank due to ‘special circumstances’, those who rose from the bottom to A rank were all veterans who had gone through many hardships.

And the majority of requests were for adventurers who were more skilled than mercenaries, who were limited to interpersonal combat. Among them, rogue is a profession that specializes in reconnaissance and exploration, so there is no peer among the same class.

The synergy between the two occupations also played a role.

The result of combining the senses trained as an assassin and the experience as a rogue was beyond imagination.

“Desert areas can be broadly divided into two types.”

Karen continued her explanation fluidly.

“The area around the border of Artium that we passed once before is a rocky desert, and the place we are crossing now is a sandy desert.”

While a rocky desert is just a little sand sprinkled on a surface made of pebbles and rocks, a sandy desert is literally a place where soft, fine sand covers the entire surface.

If you look purely at the difficulty of passage, the rocky desert is a little more difficult. The ground is so irregular that if there is even a storm, you will be hit by hundreds or thousands of bullets.

But Karen said that’s not all.

“The rocky desert is a land where survival is difficult not only for humans but also for monsters. So, as long as you endure the inconveniences of the road itself, it is not a very dangerous terrain.”

“Are you saying the sand desert isn’t like that?”


“Yes, it’s completely different.”

She nodded once at Leon’s gesture and held up three fingers.

“There are roughly three factors to watch out for in the sandy desert. One is the change in geographical features! “The shape changes so easily that drawing a map is meaningless, so there’s no point in remembering anything other than the direction.”

There was no need to go into a storm.

Even if the wind blows a little strong, the tall sand dunes move a few steps. It has become common to wake up from a night’s sleep and see a horizon that is far removed from yesterday.

If you distinguish the location by geographical features like you do in the forest or mountains, you will end up lost in less than half a day.

“The other is the movement of the ground, including Quicksand and Barchan.”

“If it’s quicksand… do you mean the phenomenon of being sucked into the ground?”

“yes. To be precise, the air in the ground escapes and surrounding objects are drawn into the void. If the scale is small, it may not be able to absorb even a single person, but there are cases where it swirls like a vortex for a radius of hundreds of meters. “If you do something wrong, you will be buried alive.”

In addition, ‘Barhan’ refers to the crescent-shaped sand dunes that exist throughout the desert, and their shape was the result of the surface of the sand desert being undulated according to the wind direction.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

If you stay on top or beyond the hill without knowing anything, you could be crushed to death by hundreds of tons of sand.

If you don’t know, you die.

There are few lands more suitable for that expression than a desert.

“What are you expecting?”

Karen looked at the two people back and forth and raised her palm as if to ask them to pause for a moment.


When Leon and Ellahan stopped following the gesture, the sand split apart like a wave of water due to the sudden braking.

The surrounding scenery was not much different from when we departed. Except that the walls of Area 12 behind us are no longer visible, and the horizon in all directions has turned into sand dunes.

The speed of the three people’s movement was so great that they had already traveled farther than a half-day’s camel ride.

“Every type of monster in the sand desert has a protective coloring. “The same applies to scorpions and snakes, as well as the amorphous monster Sandman.”

“You mean it’s difficult to track down?”

“Yes, not only is it invisible to the eye, but it is also difficult to find by smell or hearing. On the other hand, they can sense their surroundings even with weak vibrations.”

The monsters living in swamps and forest caves were also tricky, but they were no more secretive and dangerous than those in the desert.

Desert monsters are poor in weight due to lack of food, but they contain poison to make up for their meager size. It uses the characteristics of the desert to hide itself, and when its prey reveals an opening, it does not miss that moment and bites it.

They were truly like assassins of nature.

“How to deal with it?”

Ellahan asked.

“It’s not like you can fly in the sky or anything, right?”

“oh? “That’s a good idea too.”

Karen was like, ‘Wow!’ I was amazed.

From daotranslate dot com

I didn’t think of it before taking the airship, but after hearing about it, it was a perfect means of crossing the desert. The sky is bright all day long without a single cloud, and sand storms do not reach the height of the airship.

Still, since the adventurers couldn’t take the airship individually, there were separate ways to deal with monsters.

“Let me show you a demonstration.”

Karen stepped in front of the two and caught her breath. Then he focused his mind on one point and

got shivers.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It fired sharp, deadly bullets in all directions.

Even though the target is not specified, the bloody smell of a person who has built a career as an assassin with tingling skin touches the tip of one’s nose.

The momentum was enough to make even Ellahan take half a step back.

That deadly force sweeps a radius of several tens of meters like a concentric



It made the monsters that were quietly hiding in the sand come out.

A scorpion sandstalker about 2 meters long.

A poison centipede that is thick and long like a snake.

In addition to them, monsters of indistinguishable species were shaking noisily as if they were having a seizure.

From daotranslate dot com

Pew pew pew pew pew!

In the end, the monsters’ seizures subsided only after a dagger was inserted into their heads.

Karen retrieved the daggers with a thread attached to the end of the handle, looked back at the two people, and said.

“how is it? “You can do it, right?”

“Are you taking advantage of life?”

“Yes, most of those hiding have heightened senses. “If you shoot a deadly weapon like I did, they will panic because they think their location has been discovered.”

Leon, convinced that this was true, closed his eyes.

The feeling of wielding the blade of mental power. Even if it’s not as sharp as Karen, it’s at least enough to intimidate monsters…


With a rush of energy, Leon’s mental power struck the sandy field.

At the same time, several more monsters jumped out.

“Oh, this is what it feels like.”

“Isn’t it easy? Besides, desert monsters are not very strong, except for their stealth and poison. Even if you use it on assassins instead of monsters, if it’s second-rate or lower, you’ll easily get caught.”

They were also ambiguous guys whose danger level dropped to less than half when their existence was revealed. Below-level adventurers were bound to suffer quite a bit, but Leon and his group were outside the standard in many ways.

But Ellahan seemed to be having a bit of trouble.

When the two people turned to look at her, Ellahan smiled and scratched his cheek.

“Hehe, it’s difficult.”

Karen said with a puzzled expression.

“Ella, you can’t control your life properly with your skills?”

“Ah, I’ve never been conscious of living that way.”

“If you look at the weapons they use, they are overflowing with vitality…”

The complexions of the two people turned a little pale when they remembered Seongcheolsae.

However, Ellahan still didn’t have a good sense of it, and Leon, who couldn’t see it, interfered.

“How about thinking that you are dealing with heretics rather than monsters? “People like the evil cult.”

“This… Dan?”

It was that moment.


Leon and Karen jumped back almost at the same time, securing a distance of nearly 20 meters from Ellahan.

Otherwise, I might have brandished the weapon.

The two people who reflexively retreated broke into a cold sweat.

It had to be that way.


The deadly vortex centered around Ellahan was spreading out without any end.

An intimidating feeling as if gravity had multiplied several times.

Master-level thoughts run wild and exert their strength to survive without any physical power at all. As the wind grew stronger, it pulled the sand upward and shook the calm atmosphere, creating an unseasonable sandstorm.

“Elahan! stop!”


When Leon, aware of the seriousness of the situation, raised his voice, Ellahan woke up from his immersion with a gasp.

Only then did the wind subside and the blowing sand settled.

It wasn’t just sand.


A bald eagle flying through the sky lost consciousness and fell onto the sand. The monsters that entered the range like that either had no time to convulse, their hearts stopped or they simply fainted.

Murder by spirit.

It was a technique to subdue life with mental power that could only be handled by taking a step into ‘telekinesis’.

“I’m sorry! I was so excited! The hero said those monsters were heretics, so I took that seriously…”

“No, I’m more sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, hero! It’s all my fault! Even the priests said that you had very strong emotions since you were young…”

That was back then.

Ellahan, who was feeling sorry for Leon’s words, became silent first, and the two immediately amplified their five senses.

Something was coming.

If there is nothing visible up to the horizon, the approaching direction is -.

“It’s underground! “It’s underground!”

Leon, who detected the enemy using Wave Echo, shouted.

It was right after that.

A figure approaching at a faster speed than that of a courser rose upward and leapt out of the ground as if surrounding them.


It was a terribly gross and large earthworm.


Its body length ranges from tens to a hundred meters, and it is one of the monsters that are considered the scourge of desert travelers.

Risk level is A-rank.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The skin, which is as tough and strong as thick rubber, is difficult to pierce even with cold weapons, and has strong magic resistance other than cold. The stomach acid and sand shooting out from its huge snout were like depleted breath, and a direct hit could cause serious injury.

“It’s not just one…! “At least five!”

Because it was a sandy field, the accuracy of Wave Echo was low, so even Leon could not understand all of the signs.

Ellahan panicked with a very embarrassed expression on his face.

“Uh oh, is this also because of me? “I spread my life so widely that these monsters?!”

“Maybe so, maybe not! “For now, let’s fight!”

“Ah yes! “According to the warrior’s will!”

After coming to her senses after hearing Leon’s words, she summoned Seongcheolsae and swung the huge golden hammer sideways.

Then the dust cloud that was about to hit the three people dispersed.

This is ridiculous wind pressure.

‘No matter how many times I look at it, it looks like a bloody weapon…’

I was really fortunate that Ellahan was an ally. Leon heaved a sigh of relief again and drew his sword.


Although its skin is tough, it cannot block the Holy Sword’s blade, which is blazing with expert-level aura. None of the group had the skills to challenge the sandworm.

Karen rushed at the first guy that appeared.

“Okay, enjoy my new technology!”

The shadow surrounding her body grew darker and soon turned into an alter ego with the same silhouette as Karen.

A collection of aurors that possess physical power just like the main body.

The sandworm opened its mouth towards the pitch-black clone

and gasped.

I swallowed <Shadow Clone> without any hesitation.


Leon was momentarily taken aback by the ending, but when he saw Karen’s smiling face, he realized that she had done it on purpose.

That was actually the case.

〈Shadow Clone〉 is ultimately a mass of aurors.

It was fully possible to manipulate it into a human form and change from a human form to another shape. It was as if the sandworm had swallowed a large amount of explosives.

Jet Black Dance (漆黑舞蹈)

Type 1 (操影一式)

Lion God Jungchung (獅子身中蟲)

A secret technique that explodes auras in the opponent’s body like a bug that tears away the flesh inside the body of a lion.

From daotranslate dot com

Exactly two seconds later, the clone that penetrated into the heart of the sandworm exploded at that point.


Parts of the sandworm’s tough body broke into pieces, spewing out blood and internal organs. Even a bug-type monster with extremely strong vitality cannot avoid instant death if it is attacked like that.

Leon looked away, inwardly admiring the wisdom.

The guy he had to deal with had just come out of the basement and there was still some time left before he came into range.

‘What about Ellahan?’

As a warrior, I was eager to see how her fearsome hammer would work.

So Leon looked towards her.

No, I was trying to look at it accurately.


Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared around Leon’s body, completely blocking the sunlight that was burning his flesh.

What kind of shadow is there in the sky without a single cloud?

Leon naturally looked up into the sky and saw it.


A sandworm with a body length of 50 meters and weighing at least several tens of tons was seen floating in the sky.

It was truly an unrealistic sight.

When his thoughts were interrupted by a strong shock,

he said, POOOOOO!

The sandworm flying in the sky burst like a water-filled balloon, scattering its blood and flesh like a shower.

Of course, Leon, who was standing underneath, got covered in it all.

Not only the smell but also the feel is terrible.


Leon, drenched in dark green liquid, looked at Ellahan with a blank expression. A holy woman from the Holy Order who knocked the sandworm away like a ball with just one blow.

Ellahan was almost in tears and ran away.

“sorry! sorry! It really wasn’t intentional! “I didn’t know it was that big and could fly this far!”


“I’ll wash it for you! Even the cow underwear!”

Leon just laughed, leaving her struggling.

The strongest being of the Holy Church.

A strategic weapon that has been designated as the No. 1 alert target by the evil sect over hundreds of years and causes the withdrawal of all members from the area at the same time as its location is revealed.

The 8th saint, Ellahan, proved herself with one blow.

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