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Overpowered Sword Chapter 143

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Leveling up with a sword (143)

was an instant.

The shadow that spewed out without any time to react swallowed up the surrounding area at once, turning the ground with a radius of about 30 meters into pitch-black darkness.

The shadow where the Bastet tribe was hiding was no exception.

The darkness swallowed up by Karen’s shadow began to struggle, and soon pale-faced beasts emerged from within.

They had faces that looked like they had experienced a nightmare.

“Hee hee hee!”


The one who looked like the leader was a little calmer, but he also had the same blue complexion. The man opened his eyes wide, his gray-white ears and tail erect.

‘What nonsense…!?’

The special ability of the Bastet tribe, <Spiritual Art>.

From birth, they were able to move in and out of their own shadows and move while assimilating with the shadows. Unless you have high-level magic and expert level skills, you cannot even read the presence, and even if you could read the presence, the Bastet tribe in the shadow state were semi-invincible.

Even though you cannot attack while turning into a shadow, you will not be attacked either. Its strength was enough to make the Bastet the number one spy and infiltration assassin.

But now that absolute advantage has been unilaterally shattered!

“It’s boring.”


Karen said with a completely unimpressed expression.

“What would you do if you could treat your shadow like your own body? All I know is how to hide inside and show off. You guys are not unmanned. Without understanding, without investigation, without consideration. “They are kids who wield the power they have in their hands without any effort.”


“Even a dog eats half of his food in my house, and in a siege, the Suseong side has an overwhelming advantage. But you couldn’t even last a few seconds and were taken over by me. “Regardless of the difference in level, this is proof that even the basics are not mastered.”

To compare it, it was like a castle being taken by a single cavalry force. Even if the castle gate had been properly closed, and only the archers had been stationed on the castle wall, it would not have been a big deal to waste time.

However, the Bastet tribe lost control of the shadows, which they had treated like their own hands and feet, in a matter of seconds and was thrown to the ground.

This means there wasn’t even a fight.

“You understand, right? “If I had tried to kill you, not even half of you would have come out alive.”

“…Are you planning to humiliate me?”

“Are you going to show off your pride by calling yourself an assassin? These guys really don’t even know the basics. “I guess I never learned it somewhere.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Karen sighed involuntarily.

For an assassin, pride is a luxury.

In situations other than battle, you should not think about killing or killing when it is not enough. If you lacked skills, assassination meant hiding in a poop bucket in a toilet for a few days, waiting for an opportunity to apply poison and take a hostage.

At this point, only his special ability is threatening, and his status as an assassin is second-rate or lower.

“Oh, it’s okay. It was my fault for expecting it. “I was wondering if there was something I could use as a reference since they use the same amount of power.”

Karen slumped her shoulders and muttered in a voice that sounded like she was exhausted rather than fighting.

“But the cat likes it, so I’ll play with it one more time. Come on.”

He looked down at the Bastet tribe with dull eyes.

“-Don’t look down on me or us!”

The Bastets, led by the leader beastman, cried out in unison, as if the wounds of pride had surpassed the fear engraved on their bodies.

Even if you are an opponent you cannot beat, you cannot back down if you are insulted.

Although he is not a warrior, he has the pride he has built up as a prisoner.

Like a cat, bend your upper body deeply and lift your waist high to tense your body. The body, curved like a bow, was like an arrow that could be fired at any time.

It was right after that.


The Bastet tribe rushed in from all directions with a scream that was more like a scream than a full-on scream.

There were various types of weapons in hand.

Scimitar Jamadar Knuckles Chainscythe Dagger etc.

The movement was not a systematic martial art, but the fast speed and wild swing of the blade were sufficiently threatening.


From daotranslate dot com

Karen, counting the number of Bastet people, scoffed.

twenty three.

Even if three ships came, they were no match for her. Capturing one Hati would be more than enough, but if the calculation includes their group, even ten times as many would be no match for them.

She was pulling out several daggers in her hands to teach the cheeky cats up and down.

“Karen! “Don’t kill me!”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Karen, with a bitter smile, untied the strap that tied her thighs instead of the dagger. The twine made from twisted drake tendons is tougher and stronger than mithril of the same thickness.

The length is roughly about 3 meters.

Karen, holding the end with her left hand, immediately began swinging the rope towards the attacking prisoners.


As the rope striking the ground made a sharp sound, the leader who was running in front flinched reflexively.

The sound of a whip evokes fear of pain rather than its power.

Anyone who has ever been whipped to the body will flinch just by hearing the sound. The battle-experienced leader knew this, but unfortunately the rest of the group did not.


The prisoner, who had been hit on the thigh, fell to the ground and struggled.

From daotranslate dot com

The prisoner’s body is strong, so a single whipping will not kill him or make him unable to move, but the pain is so terrible and great that it bleaches his mind, putting even his burning fighting spirit to rest.

That’s not all.

The scary thing about the whip was its long range, speed, and unpredictable trajectory.


The twine, which was writhing like a poisonous snake, was wrapped around the wrist of the prisoner who was trying to cut Karen in two. Due to an unexpected disturbance, the sword’s trajectory is deviated in the wrong direction and he loses his balance.

A long hit that precisely penetrates the gap.

When Karen’s palm hit his chin, the prisoner’s eyes became hazy and widened in place.

“Two of these.”

For the Bastet tribe, whose special abilities have been blocked, the only abilities left are the agility of a cat and the combat skills gained from experience.

Any decent martial artist would be able to win just by that level.

It has physical capabilities that are several times superior to those of humans, as well as night eyes that can clearly see through the darkness. If it had been an ‘ordinary opponent’, they might have been able to suppress the numerical advantage.



With my free hand, I grabbed the man’s lower jaw from the side, stood on one foot, and kicked him in the stomach with a sharp kick.

Knock them down wherever they come, regardless of front, back, left, or right.

Before I knew it, there were more than ten of the Bastet tribe.

It’s literally a different level. Physical ability, reflexes, skills, experience, and even the ability to penetrate the darkness. If Karen had actively used ‘shadow’, it would have ended long ago.

Even though less than half of the force was used, the fight was one-sided.

“Oh, I see. “It feels like this.”

She even went so far as to practice the parts she didn’t understand while learning ‘Run Dance of the Dusk’.

For the Bastet people, it was the first humiliation they had ever experienced.

Not only do you not treat them seriously, but you treat them as scarecrows and use them as practice for your skills? Even though I was angry at him, I fell down without even getting a scratch, so I was robbed of even the right to be angry.

Beyond helplessness and self-destruction, I felt despair.

“Look at me——!”

In the end, all of the subordinates fell and the leader, Bastet, with gray-white fur, was left alone and attacked in a desperate manner.

It doesn’t matter if I die.

If only I could wash away this humiliation, if only I could make a single scratch on that arrogant face. Regardless of whether the mission is successful or not, you can give up your life!

“So you have the constitution of a warrior rather than an assassin? “It’s a little better than before.”

Still can’t reach it.

The presence or absence of determination is meaningless in the face of absolute disparity.

Just as no cat would fall down when a cornered rat bites it, his stabbing was nothing more than a struggle.

The speed that even leaves an afterimage and the ever-changing movements.

Nothing worked for Karen.


The blade that I desperately lashed out broke into two and flew away.


Consciousness becomes blurred due to a long shot coming through the counter.

It’s over.

Although he felt the ending through long experience, the man could not understand it. How could the Bastet tribe, who should reign in the night of the prairie, fall so cruelly to a single human?

I didn’t lose in a fight for my life, but I was completely manipulated.

It shouldn’t be like that.

Even if you lose, you have to give back one shot.

It’s okay to mess around. I told you to let go of your pride and I will follow your teachings. If I can’t win with skill, I will achieve my goal even if it means using cowardice!


He lifts his face from the ground and just runs.

There is no chance against this monstrous woman.

If so, target someone else.

It’s a hostage situation.

If you care about your colleagues, you can save at least a few hours for a few days.

‘No, Miss Hathi, you can’t win on your own. That human male looks pretty strong too….’

There is only one option left with the method of elimination.

Only half of the remaining blade flashed towards Ellahan, who stood neatly wrapped in a black habit.



Ellahan’s two fingers stopped the tip of his sword.

I didn’t use auras or let go of power. The sword’s advance was halted with pure grip strength.

At that moment, Chief Bastet faced true fear.


Ellahan smiled brightly and kindly.

“Did I look that weak?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


“Let me cool off.”

Before I could reply, the heavens and earth turned upside down.

No, Ellahan turned over the blade he was holding with his finger and threw the leader to the ground.

The leader, who was thrown headfirst into the ground, was momentarily dazed.

1 second maybe less.

He witnessed death while standing upside down.


The moment a fist slammed into the side of Chief Bastet’s head, birds flew up from the distant horizon.

The ground that fell due to the impact formed a crater tens of meters in size, and the shock waves that penetrated deep into the ground made the innocent insects tremble in fear.

I only hit my fist once.

It was a truly terrifying sight for an angry outburst for something so cute as being belittled in front of a warrior.


The leader, who was hit by a shock wave from close range, passed out with foam in his mouth.

Ellahan said as he pulled out his arm that was stuck in the ground.

“I guess it was cool? “I see you’re already asleep.”

Leon felt like his spine was trembling at those words, but he quickly realized that the trembling was not his own.

It was a tremor coming from someone clinging to his side.

Of course, it was Hathi.

“It’s scary. Sisters are so scary. “I want to see my father.”


Hathi with her fluffy ponytail between her legs was quite cute, but there was something that bothered Leon more than that.

“Are you younger than Hathi Ellahan?”

“In the grassland, the strong people are the older sister and older brother. Actual age is not that important.”

“is it.”

It was then.

“It’s important.”

Before they knew it, Ellahan came to their side and spoke seriously.

“Miss Hathi, your actual age is important. Do you understand?”

“Oh, I understand. So don’t be angry.”

From daotranslate dot com

“Oh my goodness? “I wasn’t angry.”


“But if I call you sister one more time, will you get angry?”


These two seemed to have been ranked in order for some reason.

As Hathi, who was hiding behind Leon’s back, was trembling, Karen, who had tied the twine around her thighs, approached her.

She laughed as she looked at the foamy leader.

“It would have been easier for your body and mind to just fall on me.”

After being treated like that by Ellahan, I might have developed a fear of punching. You may have hallucinated your head exploding. Even if your body is fine, the mental shock will be enormous.

“Well, I guess it’s good.”

Soon Karen said, pointing behind herself.

“I’ve roughly tied up the rest, but what should I do? “It would be troublesome if you got seriously injured and ended up being attacked by monsters for no reason.”

“You don’t have to go that far.”

Leon answered while shaking his head.

“Even if they come after us again, we don’t have enough strength to pose a threat, and just taking the leader is enough to serve as a witness to this attack. “After being treated like this by Karen, I won’t follow you again.”

The reason for suppressing the Bastet tribe was simple.

I came here to prevent war, but by causing bloodshed, I was betraying the truth. It also included the calculation that the blood of a prisoner should not be buried before even meeting the tribal leaders.

Everyone had their arms bent inward.

Even if the tribes are in different factions, there will definitely be people who take the side of beastmen over humans.

“Let’s keep him locked up until we leave, then let him go. “We can get there before they report the failure.”

More than anything, Leon learned something from this attack.

The location of Hathi’s twin brother, Squall, is unclear.

It was clear that she judged that the position of the next chief would be uncertain if she returned after completing this mission. Otherwise, there was no reason to mobilize the Bastet elite to hold her back.

For Squall, the card he had taken a considerable risk with had collapsed in vain.

Perhaps he will have to pay a high price for this failure.

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