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Overpowered Sword Chapter 158

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Level up with swords (158)

Unlike humans, the decision-making of the beastmen was quick and simple. Pros and cons are immediately decided by majority vote, and if opinions are divided in half, a duel is held and one side’s position is eliminated.

That simple yet brutal solution sometimes had bad results, but one advantage was certain.

After the decision to dispatch troops was made, everything went smoothly.

Starting with Huracan, who decided to participate in the war before anyone else, elites spread throughout the steppes gathered after hearing the news.

Not only the four tribes of the main battle faction, famous for their fighting prowess, but also the four tribes of the neutral faction, who weighed the gains and losses between the two sides, took a step forward to avoid the stigma of being cowards.

The representative was the Naga chieftain Nagini, who had a reputation that was second only to the Beast King Barg and Hurakan.

Varg gave instructions as he distinguished the roles of each tribe.

“The Renard people, please work hard to supply supplies and negotiate with humans. “Your charm skills won’t mean much against monsters.”

“If you don’t try, you won’t know, right?”

Chief Chepei of Renard spoke in a tickling voice.

Okeum (玉音) that melts sorrow.

If you are not strong in mind and body, your legs will give out in one word and your waist will give out in two words, and you will collapse.

But Barg didn’t show any signs of shaking.

“Chefei, you probably have no experience fighting ‘Outer Law’ or beings from outer space yet. “Their mental system is completely different from that of life forms in this world, so unless it is a technique that directly cuts out the mind, it cannot be used.”


“…all right. “If only our King says so.”

Chepei didn’t seem to be offended by those words, but smiled softly and stepped back.

She also stepped forward because her pride was hurt in her role as rear support, and she had no intention of causing harm to the Renard people by standing on the front line. If what Barg said is correct, the monsters called ‘Foreign Law’ were no less than Renard’s natural enemies.

In reality, it was just as he said.

Neither illusions that play with the five senses nor charms that manipulate good or evil will work on creatures from other dimensions.

This was because their sense organs and mental systems were completely different.

‘Did I say that pure violence is the most effective?’

Varg recalled the words of one of the warrior’s companions, a woman who identified herself as a saint.

―The most effective power in <Outer Law> is holy power, but there are no temples or priests in the grassland. If it is a tangible being, you can hit it with physical force. If it is an intangible being, you can hit it with Aura <Speculation>. Monsters from outer dimensions are ultimately just unauthorized invaders, so they are vulnerable to the natural power of native creatures.

Excluding the evil cult, it was the Sacred Cult’s Sacred Iron Cultist who was better than anyone else in dealing with 〈Extraterrestrial Law〉 and extradimensional creatures.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

To destroy your enemy, you must know your enemy.

Therefore, when the Seongcheolsaegi Knights discovered foreign magicians, they first killed or captured them, and thoroughly researched and discovered how to crush their power effectively.

How about trying it with fire?

How about soaking it in water?

What if you cut it with a knife? What if you crush it with a hammer?

The ‘research’ of the Seongcheolsae Knights took place over hundreds of years.

-On the other hand, magic or witchcraft won’t work very well. Since it is not based on the laws of this world, the power to distort the laws itself is inefficient. It works to some extent for secondary physical phenomena, but it does not work for those who have no substance.

Therefore, foreign magicians tended to be treated as two levels above wizards or shamans of the same level. Even if the skill level is the same, the match is markedly different, so the match is decided unilaterally.

Renard, who was biased toward mental attacks, as well as Naga, who used primitive magic, were not compatible.

“Tigris Urs Taurus stands at the forefront of the punitive force. After that, the Centaur Lepus Capri Harpy. “The Naga family should focus as much as possible on the back of the front line troops.”

Tribes armed with physical power and fighting spirit are placed in the vanguard, and tribes that are one step lower than them are placed in the second line. And shamans and wizards focus on protecting and assisting their allies rather than attacking their opponents directly.

There were some who were dissatisfied with the layout, but no one dared to disobey Varg’s instructions.


“Yes, father.”

Hati stood up at his call and answered politely.

“With Felice’s absence, there is no one to lead the Bastet tribe right now.”


“Don’t leave it up to you.”

Hati immediately froze as a result of a decision that was beyond imagination.

The eyes of the tribal leaders widened at the shocking statement, but he turned to a corner of the conference room and spoke.

From daotranslate dot com

It was meant to be this way from the beginning.

“Even so, it would be difficult for my daughter to do it alone. “Can you help me?”

“They’re from the Bastet tribe…”

Karen, the woman sitting next to Hati, nodded with an inexplicable smile.

“Well, I like it. “I already wanted to try something different.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A special ability to manipulate shadows.

It was a power that the Bastet tribe was proud of, but in Karen’s eyes, it was nothing more than a rough stone that still needed some polishing. Also, Chief Felice’s son and elite had been destroyed by her once, so it would not be difficult to control the hierarchy.

Leon didn’t leave Karen alone for no reason.

Then, one question remains.

Where did Leon and Ellahan go after they left the prairie? The answer was very simple.

* * *


A golden meteor crosses the sky with a roar that seems to violently tear the wind.

Golden flames erupt from behind, leaving behind two trails and accelerating at a speed that not even a wyvern can chase after. The output of “Icarus Wing,” which was used for the first flight, was beyond imagination.

Leon managed to shake off the pressure and speak.

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“It’s a lot faster than I thought?!”

[It’s about subsonic. If you break the sound barrier, the impact will be significant, so don’t accelerate any further now.]


I straighten my body while listening to El Cid’s advice.


A human being born without wings flies freely in the sky. The feeling of liberation delighted Leon with a pleasure that was even exhilarating.

From top to bottom, from bottom to top.

Unlike on the ground, where there are limitations in changing direction, in the air you can run wild in three dimensions. It was only after Leon tried to fly himself that he realized why flying monsters were so powerful. The gap in the ability to fly, from mobility to tactical options, was truly enormous.

‘If I could swing the sword in this state or fire the <Seven Star Sword> while slamming it into the ground…!’

It will exert a different level of power than when used on the ground.

Even though it was my first demonstration, inspiration continued to come to me. To that extent, the uses of the elemental <Icarus Wing> were endless.

Not only did it have the ability to fly, but the attack power of the wings themselves was considerable, so when I swung it lightly, a cloud split apart. Heat and shock waves. At the same time, since it was an insubstantial attack, it was difficult to defend against.

I also liked the fact that it appeared behind his back.

This is because the swordsman’s position, which was bound to be a blind spot, was assisted by a force more powerful than most sword strikes.

[By the way, that girl is also really disgusting. I don’t know what the Holy Church did while I was gone, since they can chase down a flying guy just by running.]

Leon looked down as if guided by El Cid’s words.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo!!

There was Ellahan running in the same direction, raising a large cloud of dust.

Obstacles are shattered before they reach her body, and both uphill and downhill slopes are crushed equally and turn into plain ground. The power to flatten terrain without the need to use separate walking techniques!

Leon stuck his tongue out at the terrifying sight.

“…I was worried at first whether I could keep up.”

It was said that if you were branded as a heretic by the Holy Knight, they would chase you to the end of the continent and cut off your head. It made you wonder if that rumor was probably created after seeing the saints of the past.

The two were moving quickly toward the Great Desert.

So that we can convey the matters discussed by the Beast People as quickly as possible.

If a large army moves without any consultation, the nomads may perceive it as a declaration of war. To prevent that unfortunate accident, they left the prairie, leaving only Karen behind.

“Even though I’m a gold-plated adventurer, my remarks alone don’t have enough weight. But if Ellahan is added, it’s a different story.”

There was nothing to reveal even the status of a saint.

If, as a Seongcheolsae Knight, you issue a summons to the church headquarters, the guild will have no choice but to take that action seriously. Because it was the same as an expression that the Holy Church would support his remarks.

If the two great powers, the Holy Church and the Guild, move like that, even the Bedouin people will not be able to touch the beast people carelessly.


It was then.

Ellahan, who was running on the ground, seemed to have noticed his gaze and waved his hand at Leon.

Leon lowered his altitude as if responding to the hand signal.

Because it was still a grassland area, there were few obstacles that would hinder flight, so I was able to fly right next to her.

“Elahan? “Did you call me?”

“Oh, I didn’t have anything special to do.”

Ellahan smiled brightly when he saw him approaching.

“Sacred and brilliant wings of light. It’s a power that suits a warrior well. “Can I touch it?”

“huh? “Oh, I hope you’re okay.”

“Excuse me.”

After receiving his permission, Ellahan stretched out his hand.

Since I was running at the same speed as Leon, it was easy to dip my hand into the flames flickering behind my back.


Ellahan trembled with a deeply moved expression.

Unlike auras or magical flames, ‘Icarus Wing’ is Leon’s mental image jumping out of his body.

People who are perceived as not being enemies will not be hurt.

So Ellahan was able to touch the essence of the golden wings without scorching a single fluff. A yearning for a dream that will never come true, an indomitable determination to never give up, and a goodness to embrace even one’s weaknesses and be reborn as a better person.

The mindset of a warrior, which she ideally dreamed of as a saint, flowed into her through the medium of stigmata.


Is it because I became dizzy from the ecstasy?

Ellahan lost his footing for the first time and fell headlong to the ground with the same momentum as he had been running. In an instant, her vision was covered with grass and dirt, but she didn’t panic.

Without even needing to use “Sacred Barrier,” her natural defense power wouldn’t budge from this level of shock.

‘Ah, what a disgraceful act in front of the hero…!’

I was just sad about being covered in dirt in front of Leon.

Ellahan had a premonition of the shock that would come in a moment, so he moved his body so that he could stand up immediately.



She didn’t fall to the ground.

Before she knew it, Leon had grabbed her hand and was naturally embracing her as she was flying away.

Ellahan’s face became blank as he couldn’t understand the situation for a moment.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I remember seeing this posture somewhere.

I think it was when a princess was rescued from a high tower in a fairy tale I read when I was young.

“Yo yo yo hero!?”

“Sorry, are you surprised? “It was about to fall, so I caught it without realizing it.”

“Oh no, thank you. “I’m so thankful, but that’s not it…”

Ellahan’s mental strength was truly amazing.

The spirit of steel, which completely completed all 128 types of special training of the Holy Church, helped him regain his composure.

She calmed down in an instant and immediately shook her head.

What should I say now?

Is this posture a little embarrassing? So you want me to take it down?

No, that couldn’t have been possible.

“I’m sorry, warrior. “I guess I was a little tired.”

When Ellahan lowered his voice while pretending to wipe the sweat from his forehead, Leon answered without doubting what he said.

“okay? Just take a break like this. “It won’t take that long to reach Nuwas City anyway, so I’ll take you there.”

“How can I be so sorry….”

“Because it’s really okay.”

When Leon said it was okay no matter how many times he declined, Ellahan finally relaxed and went limp. The fact that he buried his head in Leon’s arms so as not to see his face was a bonus.

It was the monumental ‘talent’ that Elahan, who always pushed forward with honesty, showed for the first time.


Instead of being exhausted, her mind and body felt more than full.

My rough breathing has become more calm than that of a whale, and I mobilize all my sensitive senses to listen to the heartbeat of the bodies touching and beyond.

As if the strategies and tactics she learned as a saint were not for nothing, she did not overlook the opportunity to be alone with Leon.

Karen probably didn’t expect this development.

‘I’m sorry, sister. Still, you’ve been with the warrior much longer than me, right?’

It takes about 2 hours to arrive at Nuwas City.

Ellahan had a more fulfilling time than ever.

Leon, who had been flapping his wings for the fun of flying without knowing what she was thinking, opened his mouth.

“I think Ellahan has arrived soon.”


Two hours passed like two minutes.

From daotranslate dot com

With a regretful expression on her face, she slipped out of his arms and jumped towards the surface with Leon.

The landing point was exactly in front of the guild in Nuwas City.

Coo thump!

Even though the ground is made of sand, it sinks and dust rises.

With a wave of his hand, he kicked up the dust and Leon and Ellahan entered the guild before there was any further commotion.

Then a familiar face greeted the two at the window.

It was Hans.

“Lord Le Leon! Are you back already?”

For some reason, Hans looked very embarrassed, and I could immediately understand why.

Because I felt an unusual presence behind him.

The owner of that presence appeared without notice.

“It’s been a while, guild initiate.”


Leon called his name with his eyes wide open at the appearance of an unexpected person.

“Musa Jahar of the Bedouin?”

The opponent of the duel who was narrowly defeated by Hati.

One of the great warriors of the Bedouin tribe was facing him with a body that had not yet completely healed.

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