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Overpowered Sword Chapter 177

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It was right after

leveling up with the sword (177) .

Karen opened her eyes and shouted before Leon.

“Wait a minute, you’re Cedric the Swordmaster!?”

Because she has a long career as an adventurer and once worked as an assassin, there is information she cannot help but know.

Assassins are said to be able to defeat even those whose skills are greater than their own, but even for top assassins, their success rate drops to less than half once they reach expert level.

There was nothing more to say about master level.

If you reach the level of an Assassin Master like Karen, even if you try a hundred times, you will only be killed a hundred times.

So the assassins created their own blacklist.

A list of people who should never be touched.

There were times when the list changed slightly in each region, but the ten or so names from the top were always constant.

Among them, Cedric the Swordmaster was always ranked in the top three.

“You’re a human butcher who enjoys cutting people to death more than eating three meals a day, you’re a nobleman, you’re royalty, and you called a sword ghost who can cut people to death as a judge?! “Are you sane now?”

Lugo, startled by Karen’s shouting, began to hiccup.

“Hi, that’s not it…”


“No! If you do a little research, you can find out all the stories related to that author! “In the Kingdom of Hispania, that human portrait is still plastered everywhere!”


Leon was very angry and grabbed her arm.

I didn’t really know who Cedric was, but I heard that S-rank personnel were difficult for even guild masters to control. In that case, it was highly likely that this review was also Cedric’s will rather than Lugo’s.

As if Karen thought there was some truth to what he said, Lugo quickly intervened while Karen was calming down for a moment.

“It’s just as you said, Leon! Cedric said he would review it himself, and it was difficult to find anyone other than him who could serve as an examiner within half a year. “Please understand.”

Karen couldn’t get any more angry in front of Lugo, who had his back bent at a right angle. The guild master of Jugend Area 1 is a fairly high position, but if you spit in the face of someone who bends you this far, you will only make one enemy.

Still, Leon opened his mouth to divert attention from Karen, who was fuming because her anger wasn’t all gone.

“So who on earth is this Cedric? “A person of that level of notoriety is active in the guild?”

“Basically, S-Ranks are either weirdos or people with broken personalities.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was truly an extreme generalization.

However, Lugo also watched the two people’s conversation with a bitter smile on his face, as if he agreed with the verbal abuse.

Even in guilds spread across the entire continent, S-rank adventurers or mercenaries that numbered no more than ten people were ultimately heretics. Those with master-level skills are welcomed with both hands and feet, no matter where they are on the continent.

Nevertheless, the reason they remained in the guild was because their nature was reluctant to be tied to a family or kingdom monarch.

“People who want to live a life of freedom and doing only what they want rather than wealth and fame can’t possibly care about what others think, right? “Even though they are not evil, they are self-indulgent. However, their skills are so outstanding that it is difficult to suppress their tyranny, which is the S-rank level of the guild.”

Karen added an easy-to-understand explanation.

“Didn’t Guildmaster Ryan say something like that last time? The youngest person to reach A rank. “A person who completed the subjugation of a mutant ogre at the age of 16.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I didn’t know about that record until I heard it, but when I heard that it was the most dangerous among the active S-ranks, I got a sense of it.”

S-rank adventurer <Sword Demon> Cedric.

A genius who became a sword master on his own without a teacher.

He was the protagonist of that saga.

A person who stalks the continent holding a single sword, cutting down all kinds of monsters and those who challenge his reputation like fallen leaves. People revered him and called him the Sword Demon because he judged those who stood in front of his sword regardless of their status or background.

“In one word, he’s crazy. “There are quite a few people behind my back who call me Gwanggeom (狂劍).”

Karen’s words were harsh, but true.

The incident in the Kingdom of Hispania mentioned earlier further solidified that assessment.

When Cedric was not yet a sword master, he was walking along the main road of the kingdom when he encountered a group of noble children. It was nothing special. Who would get out of the way first? The nobles naturally thought that the lowly adventurer Nabulaengi should fall flat on his face.

A master bravely stepped forward to discuss Cedric’s upbringing, and his kindness was rewarded with a sword.

In a matter of seconds, five or six noble children were turned into pieces of meat.

“The nobles were massacred in the middle of the highway, so the kingdom had to kill Cedric to regain its prestige. So, including the families of those who were slaughtered, nearly half of the Knights of the Guard were released.”

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“…I couldn’t kill you.”

“I’d be lucky if I couldn’t kill him. Cedric became a sword master while being chased by the Kingdom of Hispania.”

From then on, it was a literal catastrophe.

Cedric, who became a sword master, cut down every single one of those who chased him to enjoy his new status.

In this way, five noble families fell and half of the Knights Guard disappeared. Because the damage was too great to pay for messing with one adventurer, the Kingdom of Hispania belatedly expressed its apology to Cedric and lifted the extermination order.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was after this anecdote spread throughout the continent that Cedric began to be called the ‘Sword Demon’.

“Some people evaluate him as someone who defeated the oppression of vested interests with a single sword, but that is nonsense from someone who doesn’t know much. 〈Sword Demon〉 is just a murderer who, if he sees something unpleasant, cuts it in two.”

“No, I guess that would make him more suited to being a bounty criminal than an adventurer?”

“Because I didn’t kill an innocent person.”

He could be said to be the type of person who walks the line.

The upper echelons of the guild also had a lot of trouble because of it, but it was the reason they couldn’t let it go.

Except when he went on a rampage like that, Cedric was an adventurer who was good at carrying out requests, and an ascetic who went to magical places that others avoided on his own and subdued monsters with a level of S rank or higher.

It’s forgivable as long as you don’t cause a very serious accident.

“I can’t help it. “If I don’t have a choice, I have no choice but to get reviewed by that person.”

“Leon but!”

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“Besides, given Cedric’s personality, I don’t think he’ll step down kindly if I refuse the review.”

“…I can’t deny that.”

Above all, it would be a waste to waste half a year.

Even if you get slightly injured by the <Sword Demon>, you will be cured quickly with the recovery power of the stigmata, so it wouldn’t be a bad experience to take this opportunity to properly confront the Sword Master.

When Leon made that decision, Lugo sighed with a puzzled look on his face.

As he said, would Cedric have gone back the way he came because he refused the review? There was no doubt that he would say all sorts of things to make him pay for making a mistake.

‘Regardless of the review results, I hope the work ends well.’

After seeing off Leon and Karen as they returned to their lodgings, Lug put his hands together while looking at the church in the distance.

The crown of my head, which was already bare, felt even more throbbing due to an incident that might start tomorrow. 〈Sword Demon〉 Cedric’s visit was enough to make him harbor a faith that he had never had before.

But Lugo was one step late.

That disaster would come sooner than he could pray.

* * *


A sharp sound rang out once.

At the same time, the circular wall collapses, creating a hole through which people can pass. Beyond the rising dust, a shadow calmly passed through the hole.

A sword in his right hand.

The blade was a dull metal with no fancy decorations, giving it a cold glow.

“As expected of Jugentro. It can’t be compared to things like Hispania. “I didn’t know it would take three swings to penetrate the castle wall.”

The man who sheathed the sword smiled in satisfaction.

Even though it would cost hundreds of gold to repair the wall that collapsed as a result of this act, and the guild would be responsible for all of the costs, his face showed no pricking of conscience at all.

〈Sword Demon〉 Cedric.

He was the owner of a distorted mind from birth, unable to realize life unless he was cutting something.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so wouldn’t it be nice to take a look around the blacksmith shop and have another fight with that monster cardinal? “I don’t think I can win yet.”

When I visited before, I tried to buy a sword and leave, but I couldn’t resist the presence of Irexana, who stimulated my warrior spirit, and I attacked and was defeated.

It was the first wall I had felt since becoming a sword master. I saw such an overwhelming skill gap that I couldn’t win no matter how many times I tried.

A little over 10 years had passed since that day, but I still wasn’t sure I could beat him.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll lose as easily as we did then.”

Nevertheless, Cedric was able to fight.

There is no need for assurance of victory.

Do you want it or not? That’s it.

He has always been guided by his own impulses. I cut down what I wanted to cut and fought who I wanted to fight. After living like that for decades, I somehow got to where I am now.

He closed his eyes as he walked from the outskirts through the hole into the city center.

To an Auror Master, the five senses are secondary.

For a being who can change the world based on ‘self’, sense organs that rely on one body are of little significance. If you are used to sensitizing salt, it may be wiser to block out all five senses.

Outsiders say that if you can just close your eyes and move, you have the mind’s eye, but the mind’s eye in the true sense of the word can be seen as what Cedric is doing now.


we see weeded out from Cedric’s body in all directions. If one skein of thread were woven to that thickness, it would be enough to wrap around one area a few times.

Moreover, each and every solid line was Cedric’s eyes and ears.

In an instant, the flame thread spread throughout Area 1 and grasped the ins and outs of the entire city.

Geographical features.

Magic circle.

Location of classified facility.

Although the salt sand could not penetrate into the facility, just being able to know its location was impressive enough. Of course, Cedric was okay with things like that.


Ten minutes later, Cedric opened his eyes and smiled with an excited face. Should I say it was a happy miscalculation? I felt like I had received an unexpected gift.

My blood boils like a furnace.

Cedric stared at the center of Area 1 with his fierce, raised eyes.

“One is that monster cardinal and who is the other? “I can’t keep up with the scale of its power.”

It had a presence that made you wonder if the legendary dragon that appeared would be like that.

That’s not all.

Two signs moving in real time. Each one of them is a master-level person who can threaten him.

Cedric, who had come to compete for S-Rank, lost his composure as soon as he sensed the presence of the four people. It is difficult for someone with that level of skill to compete properly even once. It was difficult to meet members of the guild separately, and the rest were either masters of a family or working as someone’s vassals.

‘If you exclude the monster cardinal, there are three. Even if you exclude the guy near the cardinal, there are two! It’s truly a feast!’

Anyone among them is eligible for review.

Deal with him first and then fight with the other guys as well.

The judging principles given by the guild had long since disappeared from Cedric’s mind, and only the weight of the sword hanging from his waist remained.

I look at the pocket watch on my wrist.

The thin hour hand has not yet passed midnight. They said the review date starts tomorrow, so you shouldn’t fight today.

“-The next three hours?”

Cedric’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at his watch.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

In the dictionary sense, tomorrow starts at midnight. So you just have to wait for three more hours.

Like an animal chasing the scent of blood.

The Sword Master, clutching the hilt of the sword at his waist, began to advance down the path to Area 1.

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