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Overpowered Sword Chapter 181

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Level up with swords (181)

Jugend, a kingdom of dwarves famous for their blacksmith race.

Dwarves prefer metal over milk from birth and have resistance to heat and strong physical abilities.

Although he had very outstanding qualities as a warrior, if there were ten dwarves, ten dwarves would become blacksmiths, and if there were a hundred dwarves, ninety-nine would become blacksmiths.

Just as elves instinctively seek out forests and talk to spirits, dwarves’ instincts were focused on finding hidden mineral veins and shaping metal to their will.

Talent and aptitude.

It was natural that the metallurgy of the Dwarven Jugends, who possessed both, was superior to that of other races. There was no need to say more as even the blacksmiths who were commonly seen in Jugend could hear the sound of their masters if they went outside.

So, in order to be heard as a master at Jugend, several conditions had to be met, and if I were to sum them up in one word, they were simple.

Have your own blacksmith shop in area 1.

The ‘Heart of Steel’, the center of Jugend, was an area where only a few hundred of the hundreds of thousands of dwarves could run a blacksmith shop. Every year there was a competition for that position, so it was extremely difficult to maintain that position.

Therefore, a blacksmith who maintained his blacksmith shop in Area 1 for several years or even decades had no choice but to excel.

Otherwise, the position would have been taken away long ago.

“It’s been 10 years in this city and nothing has changed. “It looks like a few signs have changed, but everything they do is the same, so I don’t see any difference.”

Sword Master Cedric, who had been invited as Leon’s judge, muttered this as he passed through an alley.

The sound of iron striking.


Heat tickling the skin.

Bright lights flash throughout the city as if setting the dark night sky on fire, and the harsh breathing of blacksmiths who do not distinguish between day and night dissipates the chilly night air.

Cedric didn’t like that noisy atmosphere.

“There is nothing more rewarding in life than being crazy about something you love. Dwarves would be great. “Because the entire race shares the same ideals and provides the foundation for them.”

Humans are the majority of people who do not know their talents and aptitudes even after they are born and live for decades. Even twins who grew up under the same parents, without having to go to the nation, country or city, often had their paths diverge.

Some people praised humans as a ‘race of potential’ because of their diversity, but it was an undeniable fact that because of this, their average level fell significantly compared to other races.

“Well, it would be a problem to just gather people like me.”

Cedric had been imagining the mess without realizing it, but the only thing that came to mind was the sight of people killing each other, so he burst out laughing.

Even though he was never enlightened by others, he knew it himself. He said he was a race that was far from normal and that was why he was able to live the way he did now.

I can’t forget the moment I first held a sword in my hand.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The straight and sharp blade he saw for the first time in his life was so beautiful that it made him throw away his life.

The blade is for cutting.

In that case, the value of the blade would be judged by what and how far it can cut.

At that time, Cedric’s goal was decided.

‘I want to wield a blade that can cut through anything with my own hands!’

I lived with that desire alone.

Without anyone to teach and without seeking guidance.

I was completely absorbed in the act of swinging the sword.

Cut faster than before, easier than before, and harder than before. Every time he found an improvement, he became stronger and cut down enemies as he pleased.

No friends, no colleagues.

Still, I was able to save one person who understood.

“…I think it’s gotten darker here than it was 10 years ago.”

Cedric blinked his eyes as he arrived at his destination.

In front of it stood a poorly cleaned blacksmith shop in an unlit yard. That’s not all. There were no signs, so it was hard to tell who was making what.

It was unusual for a dwarf with a strong desire to show off for a master craftsman who opened a blacksmith shop in Area 1 to not even put up a sign.

“Dyne! I, Cedric, have come to visit! “Open the door!”

Whether the lights were off or not, Cedric found something inside and shouted without hesitation.

At a sound that could be heard from a hundred meters away, the iron door of the unlit blacksmith shop burst open and a dwarf jumped out.

“Shut up! You knife bastard! “You came to me in the middle of the night and started yelling at me, where did you lose your manners?!”

Surprisingly, a dwarf with a four-braided black beard called ‘Dain’ hurled harsh curses at Cedric.

From daotranslate dot com

Is it not a waste of one’s life to be scolded by <Sword Demon>, who is famous for ruining one’s character?

But Cedric’s reaction was surprising again.

“I don’t know. “It’s been quite a while since I lost it.”

“How dare you say that? That’s something to be proud of! “Just come in!”

“Excuse me.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Cedric, ignoring the other person’s insults without any hesitation, entered the blacksmith shop and looked around the inside.

Even though there was no light, his vision was clear.

There was only a sword inside.

Dozens, possibly over a hundred types of swords were strewn everywhere. Bastard Claymore Saber Scimitar Rapier Spata Flamberge etc.

Even within Area 1, the blacksmith shop of Dain, who single-mindedly sells only one sword, was located here.

“Not bad.”

“what! not bad? “Did this damned swordsman even turn a blind eye!?”

Dain, enraged by Cedric’s words, huffed.

“You’re a lot better than the guy you took 10 years ago, but you haven’t become so brave that you don’t know that!”

“no way.”

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Instead of denying Dain’s rant, Cedric took out the sword that now had only the hilt left. When I showed it to Dain, her eyes widened and her lips closed.

How many minutes have passed?

A husky voice came out as if it had become hoarse.

“…Is it broken even though you cut it with your ‘Auror Blade’?”


“Even if you swing a copper sword, you can cut adamantium into pieces, but my sword broke? “What about the other person’s weapon?”

“It was a two-handed sword. “The appearance was of a commonly seen shape.”

“Jugendstil…it can’t be.”

Dain, who was raising one possibility, swallowed his words.

Jugendstil is clearly powerful, but each and every one of its abilities is revealed to the entire kingdom. If he has the ability to handle Cedric’s Auror Blade, there is no way he will not know it when it is revealed.

That this was not the case simply means that the original durability of the sword was simply overwhelming.

“I want to see it in person, but I don’t have to see it to understand. It would be impossible to defeat that two-handed sword with my work. Over the past 10 years, we have increased our remaining talents in many ways, but the work to improve pure functionality has already reached its limit. “If your ‘Auror Blade’ doesn’t work, it won’t matter much if I create a masterpiece.”

“…is it.”


Dain twisted his grim face and grinned.

“If it’s a possibility, I can show it.”

“miss you.”

“Follow me.”

The two moved into a space that could never be shared between partners inside the blacksmith shop. Just like the outside, this is a place where hundreds of failures and successes are mixed together.

Go beyond that and open the secret room.

Soon Cedric could see.

“…that sword?”

A Zweihender emitting dark red light, tightly sealed with a silver chain.

Dain explained as if he had been waiting for those words.

“It’s a magic sword.”


“Originally, this guy would have been sent to the Jugendsteel contest, but it couldn’t be done because contaminated minerals were mixed in. However, it would be a waste to break something that was well made, so I sealed it like that.”

Even Cedric was speechless and finally spoke.

“If the Holy Church found out, you would be burned at the stake?”

“It’s enough to just hang on. “He’s a dwarf, so he probably won’t be able to ride it well.”


It was not for nothing that I did not understand Cedric. Because Dain was also a blacksmith and was tinged with madness, the two were able to become close through intersections while pursuing different paths.

Dain said.

“You will have to take care of everything. “You probably won’t be swayed by demonic powers or anything like that, but the pod will be caught.”

“It doesn’t matter, so just explain the sword.”

“Crazy guy. What do you like? As you can see, it is a Zweihender and weighs about 5kg. Maybe it’s because it’s a magic sword, or maybe I made it well, but its durability and sharpness are three times greater than the one you cut apart. And the original function of the magic sword is even more fearsome.”

“The magic sword’s original function?”

Dain nodded and chuckled.

“The magic sword grows by consuming blood and life. He’s a good match for you. “If you cut down a thousand or ten thousand people, one day you might be able to deal with a sword that you couldn’t cut.”

“In the end, it’s a story of possibility again.”

“I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, so it’s hard to give a definite answer.”

As soon as Cedric finished his explanation, he took a step forward. Without hesitating even for a moment, he goes to the place where the sword is sealed and extends his right hand.

He lightly loosened the chain with the anti-horse engraving on it and immediately grabbed the handle of the Zweichender.

It was that moment.


A faint, dark red light exploded out, opening its mouth wide as if to devour Cedric’s entire body –

“Shut up.”


With one quiet warning, it disappeared like fog.


The literal translation is: master of the sword. Even if it was a magic sword, there was no way that an unfinished product that had not even properly sucked blood could invade Cedric’s mentality steeped in madness.

The sword that had been suppressed by Ilgal was quietly drawn into the scabbard.

“It’s okay.”

Cedric smiled a rare deep smile.

I’ve never had any particular attachment or feelings to a single sword, but I was thinking of raising this one like a pet.

Demon sword.

It was the moment when the evil cult’s previous attempt and failure was unexpectedly caught in Cedric’s hands.

* * *


With a tingling sound that even reached his eardrums, Leon’s body was thrown several meters and he barely regained his center of gravity.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Even if it is blocked properly, its power is enormous.

While tightly gripping the hilt of his sword, Leon looked at the opponent who had lightly sent him flying. A girl with silver hair and golden eyes was shining as she was spinning a 2-meter long pole like a whirlpool above her head.

It was Ellahan, the strongest saint in the history of the Holy Church.

“Well done, warrior! “I thought the timing would have been right, but you turned over with the momentum of your wings!”

“…Even after doing that, it was still close.”

“You’ll be able to do it better next time! “Now let’s try again!”

At the same time as he said those words, Ellahan aimed the tip of the pole downward and raised his arms and shoulders to assume a downward posture.

Unlike swords, the bottom edge of batons and spears is more threatening.

This was because it was possible to block the opponent’s bottom attack, it was difficult to estimate the interval, and it was possible to attempt an irregular attack from the middle and top.

Leon opened his mouth to catch his rough breath.

“I didn’t know Ellahan was good at batting, but his skills are amazing.”


Elahan, who had lost his composure at his praise, fainted.

“Hehe, is that so? “My mother said that in order to handle Seongcheolswae well, I need to learn batting skills.”

“Bongjutsu on Seongcheolsae?”

“If you think about it, the handle of Seongcheolsae is a bit long, right? It looks like there is a hammer head attached to one side of the pole. “Maybe that’s why practicing baton techniques was quite helpful.”

The chat between the two ended there.

As Leon, who recovered his stamina in a few breaths thanks to the stigmata, raised his sword, Ellahan also opened his eyes and waved the end of his baton.

This is a move to confuse the RBI.

It was right after that.

The moment Leon took half a step forward, Ellahan’s pole stretched out in a straight line. Like a spear, the advantage of a pole is its spacing. This is an advantageous range if you just wait for the enemy to come in and counterattack.


When Leon, who had shed the baton with the sword’s face, dug into the gap, Ellahan quickly rotated the baton and shook off the sword.

Although it does not bend as flexibly as the Lanna Chal (攔拿扎) of Touhou Spear Jutsu, if the aura wrapped around the surface of the iron window swirls in a spiral, it creates an even greater repulsive force.

Two steps.

The distance between the spears that the swordsman must suppress is too far.


It stabs, hits, pushes, wraps, and bounces.

There are many people who look down on batons because they have no blades, but since they have no blades, a freer form of baton arts exists.

If you hold it at a short interval, you can hit it at close range, and if you hold it at a long interval, you can use it like a spear. When struck hard with the tip, it exerts the same destructive power as a blunt weapon, and its length and center of gravity were constant, making it advantageous for strength competitions.

From daotranslate dot com

‘But once I dig in, I have the advantage!’

One step.

Leon bought a moment by bouncing off the side of the stick, and used the gap to spray “Icarus Wing” at full power.

The heat wave erupting from behind pushes him away.

As the shock wave of breaking the speed of sound swept forward, the sword and baton collided, pressing down on Ellahan at an oblique angle. If I just bounced it off, the distance would only widen, so I swung my sword down with the intention of smashing my legs into the ground.

It was then.


The force that had been tightly fighting tilted in one direction, breaking the pole Ellahan was holding in two, causing Leon’s body to stumble.

I immediately regained my body’s balance, but in an instant.

Ellahan’s fist, which had come in at close range, struck his solar plexus.


Leon, who made an ugly sound, bounced like a water swallow and returned to where he had first taken a step.

This time, the sparring between the two ended with Ellahan’s victory.

“You certainly have a tendency to rely on power struggles. Please also consider the case where your opponent does not accept the match. Otherwise, we could be hit back in the same way we are now.”

“Keuung I didn’t know you were going to let go of the stick.”

“There may be spare armaments, and there are people who use boxing as their trump card. It is also basic for Seongcheolsaegi Knights to handle at least three types of weapons.”

One Ace is enough, but you should not fight with just an Ace. Even Leon, who used the holy sword as his main weapon, might need to use his fists and feet or spare weapons.

Of course, if you actively use the <Auror Blade> sun sword, most of these shortcomings could be overcome.

Range with 〈Prominence〉.

Concentrate your firepower with 〈Eclipse〉.

High-speed maneuver with <Icarus Wing>.


‘If that’s the case, there will be no fundamental solution. If you have an Aura Blade or an ability that ignores the scale of power like Cedric, even if you increase your size, you will only be able to pierce the vital area with one blow.’

If it was an ‘unblockable’ ability like Cedric’s Sword Gang, it had to be possible to avoid it, and on the contrary, if it was an ‘unavoidable’ ability, it had to be possible to block it.

Martial arts has always developed in a difficult situation.

To overcome an unbeatable opponent, to overcome a situation in which there is no way to survive.

If you ignore your own weaknesses, you will pay the price one day.

Leon was not foolish enough to throw his future away.


“Oh Cardinal! “Have you finished your work already?”

Ellahan spoke openly to Irexana, who had already entered the training hall, with a regretful expression.

But Irexana nodded mercilessly.

“Yes, Saint, it is your turn to work.”


Ellahan, with his cheeks puffed out, bowed once to Leon and then left the training hall.

Even while looking at that scene, Leon couldn’t help but smile.

It had to be that way.

“It looks like you trained with the saint with a baton.”

The next opponent was a large man who was rummaging through the weapons warehouse while wearing a military uniform instead of a priest’s uniform.


A cardinal of the Holy Order and Grand Meister of Jugend.

A strong man who even killed the bishop of an evil church with two axes.

After several days of training, Leon learned one new thing about him.

“Then, shall we use the trident and chain scythe throwing axe today?”

Irexana smiled after choosing three types of weapons.

When Leon saw that, he trembled involuntarily.

Jugend’s best blacksmith.

Irexana’s skills hidden behind it were beyond even his imagination.


If you hold a spear, you are a Spear Master.

If you hold a sword, you are a sword master.

If you hold an axe, you are an Ax Master.

Basically, he is an Auror Master who specializes in one type of weapon, but there was someone who shattered that common sense. As a blacksmith, he was someone who had delved into how to use weapons for more than a hundred years.

There was a person who was born with only the strengths of both races and awakened his potential to the limit with overwhelming talent and effort.

“Let’s rest for 5 more minutes before we begin, warrior.”

In front of this mountain-like presence, Leon let out a long sigh that he could not hold back.

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