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Overpowered Sword Chapter 186

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Level up with black teeth (186)


A deep sense of disgust came out of El Cid’s voice.

It had to be that way.

The sight of the brain, blood, and flesh mixed together like clay and squirming was so scary that it would appear again in my dreams.

Even Leon almost felt nauseous for a moment.

There was something about that ugly slime that aroused an instinctive repulsion that irritated the creature’s natural instincts.

[It is the most vicious type of summoned creature that can be summoned through external magic. You could say it’s a parasitic variant of the Abomination you saw before.]

‘If it’s a parasitic type…?!’

[okay. As it is, it cannot exist alone in this world, so it maintains its existence by attaching itself to the bodies of local creatures. However, I didn’t know that he would use that trait for brainwashing, but it looks like his remaining talents have increased a lot while I was away.]

Leon’s eyes widened at the word brainwashing.

I couldn’t bear the disgust and cut it down, but the knight’s mental state was clearly strange. If I had engaged in this evil act out of loyalty, I would have kept my mouth shut until the end.

But the guy was talking as if everyone should listen.

It’s a sacrifice for His Majesty the Emperor, and the lives of a thousand things are worth less than firewood.

As if intending to make the listener harbor hostility toward the emperor.


‘Maybe Emperor Guang isn’t really behind this incident.’

Leon intuitively got to the point.

Emperor of the Clyde Empire.

Although he was the most influential figure as a collaborator of the evil cult, he may also be nothing more than a puppet. He may simply be sitting on the throne as a shield to block the gathering of external forces, including the Holy Church.

Although there was still not enough evidence to call it evidence, Leon’s intuition told him that this guess was close to the truth.

“El Cid.”

To answer one last question, Leon hesitated for a few seconds before opening his mouth.

“Was there a way to save that person? If you did something like this because of Brainsucker, just get rid of it—”

[That’s impossible.]

El Cid answered immediately.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[Brainsuckers simply eat the brain, take its place, and imitate the host’s behavior. Even if you subdue the host without damaging it and eliminate it, there is no way that a human who has lost his brain will recover completely. Life activity continues, but they are the same as undead.]

“…I see.”

[You can save him before his brain is eaten, but if he becomes like that, he can’t even save the country. Don’t be caught up in the same sense of guilt and just focus on what you have to do.] It

was a blunt tone, but Leon brightened up his slightly dark complexion and laughed at the consideration he felt in it.

Then he immediately erased his smile and raised his sword.


This was because the thing that escaped from the dead knight’s head had already crawled to his feet. Parasites that lose their hosts do not last long before dying out.

Before that, the holy sword plunged into the body of the creature, which was glowing in an attempt to find a new host.


Kieeeeek! The thing writhed with a scream.

Within a few seconds, the core melted away like shattered slime, leaving behind only a cup of blood.

Leon ignited holy fire on the surface of the sword, burned the blood and the headless corpse cleanly, and walked into the warehouse the knight was guarding.

The inside of the warehouse was as expected.

The dilapidated building was all just a camouflage, and the stairs leading down to the basement were hidden by magic.


Leon, who found the location with the ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’, destroyed the wall with a single blow and walked down to the basement without hesitation.

There are more than 100 stairs.

It was deeper than expected.

Only after going down dozens of meters was Leon able to see part of the magic circle that was about to swallow this Alzer whole. And the object corresponding to the core also looked at Leon.

“Is that…black crystal?”

From daotranslate dot com

The black crystal floating in the air at the center of the magic circle caught Leon’s eye. It had the same appearance as the special black crystal without any impurities used by the warlock Andrei in Rubena.

Even something wriggling inside was the same.

As Leon looked at the stigmata and felt a sense of repulsion, it seemed that the black crystal was not a proper product.

El Cid, who shares his vision, recognized his identity.

[Is it a ghost stone?]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“A ghost stone?”

[Negative emotions such as regret and hatred were extracted from the dead and sealed. I think they tried to use it to activate the ‘Curse of Madness’ after performing the human sacrifice.]

It was a horribly efficient move.

It is used as a catalyst for the ‘Curse of Madness’, which gathers more vengeful spirits from the death of those who are sacrificed for human sacrifice, robs them of reason, and maximizes violence.

Leon could not even guess the extent of the poison that would emanate from the unjust deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Even if we gather all the cardinals, will we be able to stop them?

“…Just destroy it before that happens.”

Infusing strength into his grip on the holy sword, Leon took a step towards the black crystal surrounded by ominous power.

If it’s a magic circle that hasn’t even been activated, one hit is enough.

It was that moment.

From daotranslate dot com


An unknown wavelength emanated from the floating black crystal. It wasn’t an auror or magical power. A type of energy that could not be physically defended passed by Leon.

At the same time, the ‘Stigmata of the Originator’ shone.

That was the end of it.


Leon reflexively raised his sword and tilted his head.

He didn’t know.

The malice that overflowed from the black crystal tried to devour him, but was unable to overcome the light of the stigmata and burned up. It was the power of the stigmata ‘Prayer’ that was virtually invincible in terms of mental defense.

On the contrary, Black Crystal, which was unable to subdue the enemy, trembled at the abnormal situation, but there was no further resistance.

The Vengeance Stone is a crystal of black magic that completely interferes with the mind.

There was no way for him to defeat Leon when the mental attack was neutralized.


The black crystal was split in two by the holy sword that fell vertically, and even the malice that had accumulated inside was burned in golden flames.

Literally, the opponent was not good.

Leon broke the black crystal, carefully erased the magic circle, and even destroyed the warehouse building to prevent it from being restored.

It was the moment when one of the axes of the inverted pentagram lost its power.

“Do you think Ellahan and Karen are doing well?”

Considering the two people’s skills, this was nothing special.

Even if the warlock who confirmed the collapse of the magic circle came running, not one of the three would be able to overcome it.

So Leon turned his back with peace of mind.

* * *


The knight, who had been thrown back faster than an arrow, was thrown against the wall and his lungs were crushed, so he couldn’t even scream and stumbled.

If he hadn’t reached expert level, he would have died instantly.

That’s how fearsome Ellahan’s fist was.

It leaves some room for those who can repent, but does not show even an inch of mercy to those who step out of line.

Ellahan looked at the struggling knight with an expressionless face.

“You are already late.”

When it comes to knowledge of external methods, she is more knowledgeable than Leon.


There was no way he was unaware of the existence of a swindler controlled by an evil cult that eats the brains of living things and imitates their behavior.

It looks alive, but it’s already dead.

Ellahan closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them and stretched out his fist.


Brainsucker crushes his head without any time to escape.

When the knight’s body stopped moving, buried in the wall, Ellahan, who had briefly mourned the dead, turned around.

Basement stairs.

Beyond that, a stimulating energy was flowing. It may be an incentive, but it’s probably a good thing.


Ellahan lifted his right fist as hard as he could and hit the ground.


It was the skill of Holy Iron Knight Angela, ‘Holyfist’.

The enormous holy power and aura turned into a flash of light and exploded in the direction of the fire.

It was more powerful than a 6th tier attack magic.

The flash of light that crushed the underground bedrock eventually reached the magic circle centered on the black crystal and pulverized it without leaving a trace. Even the warlock who set up the magic circle could not have guessed that there would be someone attacking in this way.

Ellahan soon felt the tremors subside and realized that the malice flowing from deep underground had disappeared.

“My role ends here.”

I would like to destroy the remaining two magic circles, but if they are all destroyed, there will be no reason for the warlock to step forward.

I could have gotten scared and backed away.

A manor house visible in the distance.

There must have been a warlock there who planned this evil plan, but it was frustrating that he couldn’t kill it right away.

“…I will let you go for now, as the hero wishes.”

Ellahan slowly disappeared into the night with a cold look in his eyes, unlike usual.

Behind them, only the collapsed building scattered whitish dust.


I only hit him once with my fist, and the ground collapsed and the empty ground that had been left behind by the stairs sank down. The body of the knight who lost his head was also covered in the debris.

“I’ll see you soon Ethan.”

The saint declared without needing to write “Wisdom.”

* * *

Karen thought.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

They said it went smoothly.

Even when he suppressed several guards and piled them up at the edge of an alley, and then when he infiltrated inside the building and suppressed an expert-level knight.

If this guy is presumed to be an expert-level royal guard, wouldn’t he have some information worth torturing?

-Thinking like that was the biggest mistake.


Karen, who widened the distance with a few tumbles, pretended to gag. It was just a pretense.

Assassins’ training is meticulous.

Diving in a sewer was not an easy task, and we also trained to cut open the stomach of a corpse and hide inside it to survive for a week.

So, I don’t vomit or throw up like this.

In other words, I didn’t throw up because I trained to that extent.

“It’s so fucking disgusting.”

It feels like I’m in a dream right now.

The genre of the dream is of course a nightmare, and every time you think of that snail, your appetite will drop.

The figure writhing before Karen’s eyes was so terrible that it was difficult to describe it in words. If you turned a living human upside down, internally first, would it look like that?

No, that doesn’t work.

It’s not enough.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have killed him as soon as I saw him.”

Karen let out a curse and opened her eyes wide.

I’ve mastered the human anatomy diagram to the point where I can draw it with my eyes closed, but I have no idea what that monster’s body structure is.

Is he even alive despite his shortcomings?

I never imagined that something like this would happen until the crystal that came out of the underground stuck to the body of the knight who knocked him out.

Gurgling, gurgling.

Muscles and veins writhing on protruding bones, gastric juice and blood jumping out like bugs on a hot pot.

The boils swelling all over the disgusting shell resembled human faces. It may not be a resemblance, but it may be real. The mouths muttering incomprehensible curses and the painful screams each had different voices.

It seemed as if countless people were crammed into one body and clamoring to somehow escape.

“…I should try killing him once.”

Karen calmed down her emotions and ten daggers flew from her fingertips.

It was so frighteningly fast that it looked like a thunderbolt.

The turquoise Aurorfire left ten tails in the air and crashed into the monster’s body, ignoring even the sound.


From daotranslate dot com

Flesh bursts and blood scatters.

Three shots to the head, five to major organs, and one shot each to the spine and cervical vertebrae. It was a throw aimed precisely at the vital spot.

If you are a human being, even one shot will kill or maim you.

The monster was hit by all of its throwing attacks.


Gurgling, gurgling, gurgling.

In an instant, I regained my body, which had collapsed like mud on a rainy day, and took a step closer to Karen.

There is no blow.

It was a phenomenon I had experienced a few times with immortal undead.

In order for Karen, who has no divine power, to defeat him, she needs the destructive power to evaporate him without leaving a single piece of flesh behind. If the situation arises, I think I can pull it into the shadow and throw it into imaginary space, but I

can’t do that. ‘I don’t think that will work.’

Karen ruled out that option.

For some reason, my body was rejecting it.

That was right. The shadow controlled by Auror Blade is closely connected to her spirit. But what if a monster filled with tens of thousands of vengeful spirits is placed inside it?

There was a high possibility that even the Aura Master’s mind would be damaged.


At that time, she thought of an unusual option.

If you call Ellahan or Leon, you can easily kill him, but it may bring better results than that method.

Karen jumped onto the building to avoid the lump of flesh that was attacking her like an animal, and looked in the direction to guide it.

The building is clearly visible even in the dark of night.

There was a mansion there where the lord of Alger Castle stayed.

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