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Overpowered Sword Chapter 189

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Level up with the sword (189)

[The first attack is the most important.]

El Cid said a while ago.

In Yeonsikoh’s new technology that uses four sword flashes, the first attack is the starting point and the axis of all connections.

Alkaid’s deepening period.

Gwan(貫) meant ‘piercing through’.

[In martial arts, the expression ‘pierce through’ is used in quite a few situations. Penetrating the enemy’s defense, penetrating their movement line, or outsmarting them. It is an expression that can be applied to all situations, including the ability to see through attacks and suppress them.]

So, what is the meaning of the expression ‘penetrate’ in this example?

Leon was taught that part thoroughly.

Alkaid is the only stabbing technique in <Seven Star Sword>.

If you add salt to a thrust that focuses your power on one point, you can break through the wall more easily than other techniques.

[what? What is that wall?]

El Cid said something absurd.


When he first heard it, Leon thought it was a joke.


As I continued to practice rigorously, I realized that it wasn’t a joke, but it didn’t help much with my achievements.

It’s the same as fixing a bug to the ground with a toothpick.

Except that the bug is the target and the ground is the space.

[So, it’s the official month. It’s a stab that pierces a point in the sky like the moon in the sky.]

How many times did you succeed?

I clearly remember it exceeding three digits.

After thinking about that, Leon pushed away the memories that kept coming to his mind.

If it was successful, wouldn’t it be okay? If it was successful.

‘It worked well.’

It’s not that it wasn’t, it was just as he said.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The Hivewalker that was pierced by Leon’s sword light <Alkaid> stopped in its tracks. Even the interference of gravity temporarily stopped due to the wound piercing through space.

Even so, it only lasts a few seconds.

The ability to restore space on its own was not something that could be achieved by drilling a single hole.



Once again, the holy sword absorbs light.

A few seconds.

For an ordinary person, it would be enough time to blink an eyelid once or twice, but for a master-level swordsman, a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

At the time of hitting <Alkaid>, Leon was already in the process of making the next move.

Seven Star Sword (Grand Chariot)

The <Alkaid> fired earlier is difficult, but the three slashes that must be linked immediately after are equally difficult.

How many times did you exhaust yourself until the timing was right?

It was to the point where I couldn’t even remember.

Leon let out a bitter smile without realizing it and turned his body around.

The principle was very simple.

‘Pinning the enemy to one point with a stab and wrapping around them tightly with three slashes to destroy them.’

If the form of a slash is expressed as a triangular pyramid, Leon corresponds to a face rather than a point in the structural diagram.

A sword to completely annihilate a single enemy.

Unlike dots, the three cuts must intersect at a timing that is consistent enough to be considered simultaneous. Otherwise, all the power will leak out and the destructive power of this sword will be reduced to less than half.

Nevertheless, Leon did not hesitate or hesitate.

From daotranslate dot com

Just take one step forward.

He quickly turned the slashing sword

of Dubhe,

a heavenly eclipse, to the horizontal, and

finally cast the third slash,

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Merak, a heavenly ray of eclipse

. As if connecting the starting point of

Megrez <Dube>

and the ending point of <Merak> in the Heavenly Fist Four format, the sword light swung diagonally once stretched out for a long time.

Then, the two rays of sword light, which departed almost at the same time, formed a triangle-like surface together with 〈Megrez〉.

That is the light wave that completes the new Yeonsik Oui.

As it moves forward, it gathers its power, condenses, and turns into a wave that erases everything in its path.


Gwangcheonsa Constellation (壙天四四座)

Yeonsik-Oh’s Gwangcheonsa Constellation reappeared in this world after 300 years and violently tore up the night sky.

From daotranslate dot com

A sword shaped like a triangular pyramid.

The hivewalker fixed at the edge seemed to have felt something as well, shaking its abdomen as it struggled to escape. Even if the knowledge of the warlock Nigel and the intuition of the seven royal knights say it is meaningless.


Despite his desperate struggle, a light wave containing enormous power struck the Hivewalker.


That was the end of it.

The moment it came into contact with the light of the Light Angel Constellation, the Hivewalker evaporated without leaving even a single piece of meat behind. There was no flesh melting, bones burning, or blood boiling.

Only the empty space, shattered by intense heat, remained unnatural, as if it had never been there from the beginning.

“…Whew, it worked.”

Only after confirming its disappearance until the very end did Leon relax his posture. 〈Light Angel Constellation〉 was so difficult and the power consumption was greater than swinging it three times, so I felt dizzy.

Fortunately, I recovered quickly thanks to the moonlight.

El Cid, who was watching, said.

[It was close. If Megrez’s connection had been delayed by just a few comma seconds, the face would not have been formed.]

‘Geun, I guess that’s the case.’

[I understand that Megrez’s difficulty level is high, but it is an issue that must not be overlooked if you want to advance to the next level. Even if you have to take some time, try to correct any shortcomings.]

Leon accepted his advice honestly.

The true value of the fourth Swordsman Megrez was not its destructive power, but its ability to be used as a link to the rest of the moves.

Just as 〈Dube〉 and 〈Merak〉 are connected on one side.

This means that it is an important part when using other soft armor in the future.

“Leon are you okay?”

Karen, who must have seen him stumbling, came to his side and supported his body.

“Thank you Karen. “I think I used a little too much strength because it was my first time using this technique in real life.”

“It was definitely a bit brutal.”

This is Karen, who already had a hard time due to the immortality of the Hive Walkers.

In her standards, <Light Angel Constellation> was a technique that should never be blocked or passed by.

Are you going to destroy that monster by skipping all the intermediate steps?

The destructive power per unit area might have been greater than that of dragon breath.

It was then.


Ellahan, who joined a beat late, called out to him.

This was because the man who appeared from the side of the mansion, the Margrave Alger, was approaching Leon and his group.

If you think about it, it was quite a brave attitude.

You must have been watching the entire battle with the Hivewalkers, but you approached them without even guaranteeing your own safety?

“What are you going to do?”

Karen whispered that, but Leon didn’t really think about this situation either. Running away would have been an option, but that would only make it look more suspicious.

Before the three could come to a conclusion, Margrave Alger approached them in close range and greeted them in a polite manner.

“Nice to meet you, distinguished guests from abroad.”

Even though he was bent down to his waist, his face did not look servile at all.

“Thanks to your help, my territory and the people of my mansion were saved from being brutally trampled. “Before discussing the circumstances and compensation, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.”


“Before being a lord and a nobleman, I was truly amazed by your bravery and courage as a warrior.”

Margrave Alger continued speaking honestly and confidently.

“I will not ask about your identities. If you want to return the favor, I will repay the favor even if it means giving up all of my personal belongings. but.”

Three people listened attentively to the unusual ending.

I won’t ask any questions even though unidentified strongmen secretly entered my territory and fought loudly with an unknown monster. The generosity of the Margrave of Alger was so great that even Leon, who had little understanding of nobles, was puzzled.

But his story wasn’t over.

“I would like to ask you one thing. So, please answer that question honestly.”

“What is that question?”

As Leon questioned, Margrave Alger’s eyes narrowed.

“The incident that just happened in my territory.”

He spoke in a voice closer to certainty than question.

“Are they directly related to the current emperor?”

Even though he was a lord near the border of the farthest land in the ecliptic, there was no way he would not know anything. Even the imperial family’s move seems to be aimed at exterminating the purged nobles for unknown reasons.

Rather than suppressing the rebellion, a small force was dispatched to the border and a notice of suspicious orders was issued.


The Margrave of Alger smelled a foul smell that made his nose run dry from Nigel, who had died a little while ago.

“…Would you believe me if I said that?”

Leon asked back as if he was deliberately testing him.

Even if he was greatly disappointed by the imperial family, whether or not he would reach out to someone from a foreign country was another matter.

Margrave Alger smiled bitterly at him and said,

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Of course. You saved my life, you saved my castle, and you even have the power to kill me at any time. “How can you distrust people who still don’t lose their manners?”

At those words, Leon and the others looked at each other.

Surprisingly, he was someone I could talk to.

* * *

Unlike the yard that was devastated, there was no significant damage to the Margrave’s mansion. It also meant that Leon and his party had completely blocked the guy and completely controlled the pulse of the battle.

Even if a Hive Walker is a 7th rank undead, it is still 7th rank.

However, three Aura Masters were not enough, and since they were dealing with a combination of a saint and a warrior, it was natural that they would be destroyed.

The three were ushered into the drawing room together with the Margrave.

“Right. “I pretty much knew what was going on.”

Margrave Alger said as he gracefully set down his teacup.

“The Holy Church has already judged that there must have been collusion between the Clyde Imperial Family and the Evil Church years, perhaps even decades ago.”

“Yes that’s right.”

Ellahan answered.

“Not only the madness of the Light Emperor Nex, but also the evil practices and vicious acts whose purpose is unknown. “The typical methods of an evil cult can be seen everywhere in his behavior.”


“Expanding the war by neutralizing the border area is also a typical tactic. If I remember correctly, it follows the incident that destroyed the Kingdom of Kon 48 years ago.”

Elahan, who had memorized the entire history at the church headquarters, calmly laid out the facts. There are times when listing objective reality is more scary than clumsy persuasion.

The same was true in the case of the Margrave of Alger.

If the Clyde Imperial Family was truly attached to the evil cult, there was no reason to be loyal to the emperor.

What idiot would be loyal to a warlock who tried to sacrifice his territory?

“And Jugend’s army will be moving within two weeks?”


“Hehe, what a dilemma. Not only was it not enough to receive the reward for my family’s loyalty for generations, but I also had to face Jugend with a traitor behind my back…” The

only country that the Clyde Empire did not touch was Jugend. It was literally a beehive as it was a place where the cardinals of the Holy Church, who were several levels more advanced in metallurgy and military technology than other countries due to the combination of large ore deposits and dwarves, were intertwined.

Although Aljeo Castle’s defense power is great, there is no way to stop it even if just one master-level knight jumps into it.

If an all-out war began like this, his defeat was certain.

“I can’t help it.”

So the Margrave of Alger decided to seize this opportunity.

“Sir Leon, there is something I would like to ask you.”

“yes? “Oh, you say it.”

From daotranslate dot com

“Could you write me a letter of recommendation?”

Before Leon could ask what he meant, the Margrave grinned.

“I would like to ask you to provide content that proves the credibility of this statement that the nationality of the County of Alger will be changed to Jugend.”

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