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Overpowered Sword Chapter 199

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Level up with swords (199)


The light of the <Light Angel Constellation> slowly faded.

However, the heat contained in the triangular pyramid did not dissipate quickly, and the lava pooled in the deep and sharp cut out of the ground began to slosh around.

It looked like the crater of an active volcano.

Cloudy steam rose from within the crater.

Because of <Winter Snake>, the ground and air that were covered in frost quickly heat up. The frost wasn’t the only thing that collapsed in the heat. Leon’s body, convinced that it was over, began to sway precariously, and Ellahan and Karen supported him almost simultaneously.



If you think about it, it was natural.

Unlike Ellahan, who was protected by the special holy magic technique <Sacred Barrier>, or Karen, who focused on mid-range combat while assimilated into the shadow, Leon maintained close range with <Winter Serpent> from the beginning to the end.

Even though his body was protected with aura, he was constantly losing heat and the ‘Guardian’s Stigmata’ was being consumed to a point that it could not handle it.

It was almost a wonder that I hadn’t fainted until now.

“…are you okay. “It’s not like I’m going to pass out right away.”

However, Leon held on to his fading consciousness and straightened himself up after comforting Karen and Ellahan.


Recover your lost stamina with a few deep breaths.

Even if you can’t fight, it’s not difficult to move. Leon, whose legs stopped shaking, turned his back on the crater. There was no more business left here.

It’s Viscount Rado, whose front yard was devastated in the middle of the night. Of course he’ll be shocked, but since we killed the guys who tried to devour the territory, we can pass on this problem.


Karen, who must have guessed why Leon was calling her, looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

“…are you going there?”

“huh. “There’s nothing more we can say about going, but I feel like we have a responsibility to at least see to the end.”

“Really, Leon is so stubborn.”

So, are you a warrior? Karen muttered and turned around.

When Leon was conducting a decoy operation for the <Winter Serpent>, the mission assigned to her was to find Dayton’s son.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

If his life can be saved with the help of Ellahan or the church, he will be able to avoid a meaningless battle. There was also a possibility of capturing a master-level force.


“This way.”

Following Karen’s lead, Leon and Ellahan took increasingly heavy steps.

It felt like my feet were sinking into the mud with every step.

It had to be that way.

The person waiting in front of this is


With the light movements of a cat, he climbs up the wall and opens the window of a mansion without a nameplate. A creaking sound came from the unoiled window frame, but it seemed that no guard was sensitive enough to come after hearing the sound.

Soon, three people entered someone’s room.

As soon as I entered the room, the first thing that tickled my nose was a fishy smell.

A damp smell that can be smelled at a fish market or near a murky water. It was a foul odor that would come from fish that was not fresh.

“Oh Goddess…”

Seeing the person lying on the bed, Ellahan said nothing and put his hands together and prayed.

It was the same for both of them.

David L. Blanc, son of Dayton L. Blanc.

The appearance of a boy who was only 10 years old was truly terrible.

The skin that had been covered in scales had rotted away, and there were dozens of wounds with pus and blood flowing out. All of the hair had fallen out, and the skull was protruding in a shape that looked more like a snake than a human.

“…was he mutating into a ‘snake person’?”

Leon, guessing his condition, muttered.

From daotranslate dot com

A serpent human from <Winter Serpent>.

Because his body was incapable of living as a human, he probably wanted to save his life even if it meant giving up being a human. All living beings based on external law have such extreme vitality that they would have been able to withstand diseases and injuries that humans could not survive.

Ellahan breathed the sacred law into David’s body and then nodded and answered.

“yes. However, when <Winter Serpent> was reverse summoned, the mutation stopped and it seems to have stopped at the boundary between the two races. If things continue like this, I won’t be able to last much longer. There is little chance of regaining consciousness.”

Leon closed his eyes at the pessimistic conclusion, then opened them and asked a question.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Can you turn me back into a human?”

“It’s impossible. Surviving in this condition is also…”

“I see.”

Ellahan wiped the sweat and blood from his forehead with a wet towel prepared near the bed and looked down at him with pitiful eyes.

“I think this child has been dangerous since he was in his mother’s womb. “His father, Lord Dayton, simply prolonged his life through some means.”

If an ordinary family had had this child, she would have miscarried less than half a year later. David’s condition, according to Ellahan, was literally at its worst.

Bone density is poor, blood vessels and the nervous system are broken to the point where no one can find them, and there is even atrophy in the muscles.

If you count the problems with internal organs, the number of fingers was not enough.

Ellahan let out a long sigh and declared.

“As a saint, I will assert this. There is no way to fix this child. “The best we can do is to let you go comfortably without causing more pain.”

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“I can do it.”

Ellahan smiled sadly, asking me to leave it to him.

In front of the two people, she placed her hand on David’s forehead, who was breathing thinly and irregularly.

A seemingly inextinguishable vitality flickers beyond the skin.


A soft light floods out of Ellahan’s body.

Surrounded by divine power, she recited prayers in a calm voice. It was a different kind of chant from what was chanted at mass and worship.

When mourning or remembering someone at a funeral.

It was a congratulatory message recited when praying for the soul of the dead.


Karen moaned when she saw David’s face.

The eyes, which had been distorted from pain, had suddenly relaxed gently and tears were flowing.

How many minutes have passed?

When Ellahan’s mouth closed, David’s pain stopped.

* * *

Forest near Golden Whale.

Except for three main roads, there were no proper roads, and most of the area was covered with dense trees.

A place that was treated as the home of herbalists and woodcutters until just a few months ago. The forest, which was once peaceful because there were no wild animals, was covered with the pungent smell of blood in just a few days.

Take a look.

Several heads floated up with an inexplicable expression and soon rolled on the ground like trash.

The cut was so clean that blood spurted out a beat later.

It was an absurd level of swordsmanship.

It is the sword skill of someone who challenges the ultimate level, refined to the point where it can cut even mithril with non-Auror skills. Armor, shield, sword, and spear were all cut like straw, spattering bright red blood.

“Good. “Even if you overwork it like this, your teeth won’t fall out?”

Cedric, the swordsman who was driving the bloody wind, looked at the magic sword in his hand and smiled coldly.

Even if it was a well-made sword, if you swung it without using aura, the teeth would fall out and the blade would become dull. However, this demonic sword <Dainslife> became sharper as it ate the blood and flesh on its body.

It is a sword well suited for a murderer.

“Swordmaster Cedric, enemy of Hispania! “Don’t be a coward and take my spear from here!”


The destructive power of a horsemanship trained to a level close to that of a human horse and a lance thrown out with all his might was considerable.

Lance charging, where an expert-level knight risks his life!

Even an ogre could be killed with a single blow.


“I will praise you for your spirit. “Good for a Hispana guy.”

The moment Cedric’s blade flashed once, the knight was torn in two, left and right, along with his horse.

Both sides of the work.

From the crown of the head to the groin.

It was a slash that went exactly across the midline of the body. What’s worse is that the body cut in half ran with Cedric in between, and only after passing him did it collapse.


Cedric habitually shaved his sword once, but the body of Dainslife, which ate blood and flesh, was always clean. As soon as he realized his master’s habits, he developed the habit of eating quickly.

A blade that is even transparent.

Even though he had already cut down nearly a thousand people, Cedric’s calm appearance made those who opposed him feel nothing but fear.

“Monster! “How can you overcome something like that!”

“He’s the one who annihilated three knights single-handedly! How can three people handle a thousand people!? “Where on earth are the spies, what are they doing…!”

“Split up and run away! Tell this news to the main university! “Swordmaster Cedric has joined the Clyde Empire!”

The 3,000 elite troops drawn from Hispania were routed in such a disorganized manner. It’s not that they were immature or sloppy. It was because Cedric, the person standing in front of him, was too strong.

He did not call a storm or create a flame.

I just cut it with a single sword.

Soldiers, knights, horses, hundreds of thousands of people.

He walked leisurely as if he were out for a walk, cutting down all the enemy soldiers in his path like scarecrows.

“Is this the end? “Well, it took longer than I thought.”

Cedric muttered with an unimpressed expression as he watched the Hispanese army retreating without even looking back.

This outcome was determined from the beginning.

The only power that can stop a master level is a master level.

And there was only one master-level person in the Kingdom of Hispania, and he was unable to cross the border. If Cedric’s existence had been known in advance, Hispania would have defeated the military even if it meant breaking its alliance with the Merrill Maritime Alliance.


The demon sword <Dyneslife> vibrated violently in his grasp.

It was a signal that he wanted to eat more and asked for more.

But Cedric ignored it and pushed it into the sheath. Where does a sword give instructions to its owner?

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘Still, I think I’ve already grown it two levels, and it’s much more usable than I expected. It deserves to be called the Demon Sword.’

It is sharp enough to cut a full plate even without infusing an aura, and every time it cuts an enemy, it heals the user and increases its strength. An Aura Master would not be greatly swayed by its power, but for a warrior below Expert, it was no different from a new soldier.

If an expert-level drone holds the <Dyneslife>, it would be able to gain the upper hand even against ten drones of the same class.

“Congratulations on your victory, Sir Cedric.”

At that time, someone spoke to Cedric from behind his back.

A young man with blond hair.

His name, with his extraordinary spirit, was naturally Lian.

“Even though I’m being congratulated like this, I don’t feel any emotion. “Maybe after killing about 10,000 people.”

“Is that so? Well, it probably wasn’t even a fight to begin with.”

A fight exists when both sides can win and lose. If one side had no choice but to win unilaterally, it would be no different from execution. The confrontation between Cedric and the Hispanese Army 3000 was of that kind.

Lian looked around at the thousands of corpses scattered everywhere with incomprehensible eyes.

It’s truly a trial and error.

If you pile it up, it will be about the size of a small hill.



Cedric said.

“Who is your teacher? Judging by your skills, it seems like the teacher is also quite skilled.”

“I have never studied with anyone in particular, but…”

It was Lian who escaped from Emperor Guang’s purge at a young age.

They brought books containing the secret martial arts of the imperial family, but there was no one to teach them. Gilbert helped with the interpretation, but that doesn’t mean he was a teacher.

Cedric chuckled as he recognized the sincerity of those words.

“That’s interesting. Did he reach the peak of expert level through self-study at that age? You are a genius just like me. “I feel like I’m meeting a lot of useful people these days.”

“Is there anyone else besides me that you’ve noticed?”

Lian asked with a monarch’s typical greed. If he was around here, I was planning to recruit him at any price.

But the answer Cedric gave bleached his mind.

“He was a better guy than you. That’s the name. Was it Leon?”


“I only clashed swords once at Jugend, but he was a skilled person who could threaten me depending on the situation. “He may be a bit inexperienced as a swordsman, but he was not below me in terms of his overall level of martial arts. He was someone I wanted to risk my life and death in a fight with at some point.”

It seemed like he didn’t know that Leon was a hero, so Rian struggled to swallow the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

Cedric is a hedonist to his core.

From daotranslate dot com

If you give it something interesting and then leave it somewhere far away, you will lose one of the master-level forces that came with it.

‘Brother Leon has already become a sword master?’

Losing at the Academy was not a battle of the sword.

The heart that was so comforted is broken once again.

The inferiority complex buried somewhere in my heart comes out.

Was that why?

“…Lord Cedric.”

Lian opened his mouth without realizing it.

“What must I do to reach the level of master?”

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