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Overpowered Sword Chapter 204

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Level up with black teeth (204)

“An old bastard who made a fuss about retiring more than a decade ago and made it worse by becoming a voyeur!”

This time, Grania wiggled her eyebrows loudly.

“under! Speaking of voyeurism, since when did you become so interested in my sex walls? If you have feelings for me, please let them go. “It’s absolutely impossible to be a little boy who doesn’t know how to mature even after hundreds of years.”

“Did you just call me a little bastard?”

“Isn’t that correct? “It seems like the thesis was quite accurate: gnomes don’t go beyond 1 meter until they die.”

Some of the strongest men on the entire continent were engaged in an argument that could only be seen between third-rate mercenaries.

Cardinal Adela and former Mage Tower lord Grania.

Some people might tremble just hearing that name, but the skit taking place in front of their eyes was nothing more than an emotional battle between a brazen kid and an old man worth his age.

The argument between the two became more and more ugly.

“The bastard who attacked the elf and got scolded for smelling! “You idiot got your arm cut off because you chewed your tongue while chanting!”

“What!? When did you come with a story?! And it wasn’t the smell, it was the spice of the Empire at the time-”

“Huh? Can’t you hear it? They criticized me for smelling, right? “I told you not to come within a 10-meter radius, right?”


Grania, who was exposed to the dark history of decades ago, grabbed the back of her neck and staggered for a moment, but managed to overcome the pain with the mental strength of an archmage. As Adela said, my left arm, which had been cut off and reattached, also felt throbbing for no reason.


Before he knew it, he was getting closer to becoming the oldest person in the empire.

Because he was so old, he lived quietly like a plant from day to day without anyone he interacted with closely.


It was as if he was denying himself that, putting aside the discomfort of having his dark history revealed, he somehow found this argument enjoyable.

Grania erased the expression from her face and opened her mouth.

“I guess the past is good. “Why did you sneak into Port Roy, wild boar?”

“I came in secretly. Are you going to teach me that, you idiot?”

“This rotten bitch…!”

While Grania was trembling, Adela suddenly spoke.

“I didn’t even use a disguise artifact to avoid getting caught by you, but I didn’t expect you to scan the entire territory with detection magic. “Aren’t you really a voyeur or something?”

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“no! “What on earth are you looking at me for?”

“A virgin old man who was rejected by the elf who was his first love and locked himself in a magic tower and couldn’t get married?”

“…Please stop doing that.”

When Grania, who was dead, begged, Adela didn’t want to touch that part again, so she changed her stance.

“What happened? I don’t think he came here to fight, but why is this guy who said he’s retired in the gateway city? “He’s not so loyal that he comes back because the emperor called him.”

Grania’s face hardened at those words, and then she glanced at Leon and the others standing behind Adela.

Then he let out a long sigh and stretched out his staff.

“I have no reason to answer either. If you are planning to go to the ecliptic, get out of there quickly. “I’m getting old and I don’t want to fight to my bones.”

“The Archmage wants to step out of my territory?”

“Stop making trivial provocations. “They brought three people who were like the church’s secret weapons.”

Even if Leon and the others try to suppress their presence, if they meet at close range, their disguise will be quickly revealed. This was because the Archmage’s insight functioned in a different area than that of the Aura Master.

There was nothing to say if even Karen, hiding in the shadows, could not avoid those eyes.

Adela noticed that his attitude was firm and spoke.

“You’re not staying here of your own volition, are you? “Have you been taken hostage like Dayton?”


Grania’s expression, which had always been somber, turned into one of astonishment.

“That Dayton guy was taken hostage?”

“So, maybe he was a late-born son?”

When Adela, who didn’t know the details of the situation, turned around, Leon took a step forward and said.

“I heard he said he would fix your son’s death sentence. “It was an external method that transformed us into a non-human species.”

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“You’re speaking in the past tense. “What happened to that friend?”

“I was eaten by a monster summoned by a foreign wizard. The monster was defeated, but Lord Dayton and his son…”

“I see.”

Grania closed her eyes once, as if mourning the death of a close friend, then opened them and bowed once to Leon.

“Thank you for protecting my friend’s honor. Even if that attempt was successful, I wouldn’t have been able to live proudly. “He was a stubborn guy from a young age, so he might have hung himself to save his son.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Next, he looked back at the watchtower standing in the distance and took out a small pocket watch from inside his robe.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t say more here. “I only left a hallucination of myself in the watchtower, so let’s meet again somewhere they can’t see.”

“This pocket watch…?”

“After the sun goes down, the hour hand on your pocket watch will move like a compass. “Come find me there when the hour and minute hands point in exactly the same direction.”

Before Leon could reply, Grania’s body dissolved into thin air.

It is not transparency. The magic of space movement. It is a flower of spatial magic that requires at least the 6th level to be able to use it properly from the beginning, and to fully master the 7th level, you must reach the 8th level.

Adela looked at the place where he had disappeared for a moment, then opened her mouth with a sneer.

“Hmph, I heard wizards always like to explain things in vague terms. “Just tell me where and by what time.”

Leon’s eyes naturally turned to his pocket watch.

* * *

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It was a few hours later.

Leon and the others walked around the alleys, following the lead of the pocket watch that Grania gave them.

The gateway city of the Marquis of Portroy.

In terms of area, it is a large territory that can be counted among the top three within the empire. Of course, the alley was long and complicated, so the four of them had to wander around here and there before they could reach their destination.

Adela stopped in front of the door and gritted her teeth.

“They must have guided you this way on purpose to get you into trouble. As soon as I return to the church headquarters, I will immediately print out the ‘Diary of the dark history of Grania, the lord of the Imperial Magic Tower’ and distribute it all over the continent…” It

was a truly vicious promise.

Anyway, when Leon reached out and grabbed the doorknob, the pocket watch in his other hand began to glow.


As the light emitted from the pocket watch drew a magic circle on the shabby door, the ‘original shape’ was revealed to the four people.


The air was distorted like a summer haze.

No, it is completely different from haze.

The haze that was just the air being distorted by the heat and the space itself being distorted were dozens of levels removed from the level of the phenomenon. A distortion of the laws of physics that cannot occur naturally.

It was a phenomenon within the realm of ‘Great Magic’.

“I guess the pocket watch was the key to this door.”

As Leon muttered that, Adela put her foot in the space door with a dissatisfied expression.

I didn’t feel any discomfort or pain at all.

“I don’t think it’s a trap. Shall we go in like this?”

“Okay, let’s go.”

With his decision, four people entered the space door.


It was a strange feeling. As if falling from a high place, as if rising from a low place. I felt an inertia that cannot be described with human senses. Even though my eyes were open, I couldn’t see anything and all I could hear was complete silence.

When I regained my senses after a few seconds,

I said, “Welcome. “It was faster than I thought.”

Grania, sitting in an armchair and sipping coffee, was facing them.

Leon looked around without realizing it.

It was a room with an old-fashioned feel.

From furniture including bookshelf chairs to books with antique covers. It was a space that looked closer to a famous scholar’s study than a wizard’s workshop.

“It’s too shabby for a workshop, isn’t it? “What would you do if we tried to kill you?”

“Even with my best effort, I can’t handle four masters at the same time. “I don’t want to spend too much time just struggling.”

Grania took an elegant sip of coffee, then immediately put down her tea cup and lifted her index finger twice.

Then the four teacups on the tray flew out and were placed in front of the group. Four cups of coffee with a hint of hazy steam rising. Rather than being dishonest, it is as warm as if it had just been burned.

“It would have been nice if there were scones or cookies to snack on, but they were all gone. “I’m sorry for not treating you well as a guest.”

“it’s okay. “I didn’t come here for tea time.”

Grania smiled at his blatant attitude of politely but quickly getting to the point.

The young man’s energetic appearance made the old man reminisce about the old days. It reminds me of myself in my prime, when I was overflowing with ambition and seemed like I could do anything.

Grania nodded once and opened her mouth.

“I guess I guess what you’re going to say. “If the reason why I decided to overturn my retirement and stay in this territory was due to someone else’s will, then I would like to ask who is behind it.”

“Yes, can you answer?”

“It’s nothing difficult.”

Grania opened her mouth, saying she wasn’t silenced in any way, and confessed her situation.

It wasn’t that long of a story.

As soon as his disciple ascended to the 7th rank, Grania, the previous magic tower lord, passed on the title of tower lord and went to a distant place. Not only was he fed up with the political squabbles that had nothing to do with magic, but he also felt an inexplicable sense of anxiety even before the usurpation of the ‘Light Emperor’.

Even after Emperor Guang ascended the throne, he lived peacefully.

On the contrary, as the spirit of the nobles was greatly weakened by the great purge, the number of people who bothered Grania decreased.


“…The evil church played a trick on my disciple.”

“If it’s a masterpiece, how?”

“My student Edgar is a young man with outstanding talent, but he is a bit weak-hearted. “To the point where I felt burdened by my position as the lord of the magic tower and the responsibility of following in my footsteps hurt me.”

The evil cult dug into exactly that gap.

While Magic Tower lord Edgar was away, the evil church forged Grania’s handwriting and placed a book in the Magic Tower’s study. If you look at the beginning, it was a well-decorated book that seemed to describe the 〈Great Magic〉 of the 7th level or higher.

An incident occurred when Edgar, who lived under pressure every day, came across the book by chance.

“What was described in the book was not magic, but foreign magic.”

Edgar, who thought it was a trace of his respected teacher, activated the external method and fell into a coma as he was contaminated by the power of an external dimension.

The evil church made an offer to Grania on the condition that he be recruited.

Take on the role of gatekeeper in this gateway city. It’s something I’ve heard many times somewhere, saying that once the period has elapsed, the student will be returned in full.

“That sounds unbelievable.”

Grania declared.

“I made a pact, but the evil church may have a way to break the restraints, and if possible, I want to save my disciple before their goal is achieved…” It’s

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

something they’ve probably tried several times already.

Grania spoke in a voice filled with deep helplessness.

“Even with my magic, there was no way to lift the foreign spell that had captured that child. Since it is a method of capturing the target at the soul level, there is absolutely no way to use space magic.”

“Isn’t it something that can be solved with sacred law?”

“It’s impossible.”

Grania immediately shook her head at Adela’s point.

“According to my calculations, it takes more than five cardinal sacred powers to cancel this secret spell. The Holy Church cannot move for Edgar, and even if they did, they would not be able to hide the movement. In the end, maintaining the status quo is the best.”

It was absurd.

Each cardinal is like a strategic weapon, and they are capable of turning the tide of the battlefield with a single sacred method.

The same goes for Adela here. He was a superman who, if he pushed himself just a little, could break through a fortress like Alger Castle on his own.

But five cardinals are dispatched to treat one person, even the lord of the Empire’s Magic Tower? It was an assumption that could never be established politically or strategically.


Adela, who was about to dismiss this as nonsense, suddenly stopped.

It wasn’t just her.

Leon and Karen.

The eyes of the three people naturally turned to one person.

Grania, who had expected their strong reaction, was also drawn in that direction when all three of them looked in the same direction.

Soon, four pairs of eyes looked at her.


As if she realized it only then, Ellahan opened her eyes wide and clasped her hands.

The strongest saint of all time.

A being born with greater and pure divine power than the ten cardinals put together. She could have the divine power of more than the five cardinals that Grania mentioned.

[Disciple, am I there too?]

‘Oh, come to think of it.’

The sword of the goddess that nullifies low-level foreign magic and reduces even high-level foreign magic by just touching it.

The holy sword El Cid clucked from Leon’s waist.

So Leon spoke without hesitation.



The wizard, resigned to the wall of reality, looked back at him.

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Resignation is familiar to the elderly.

So Grania did not expect that backstory.

“If you can meet that condition, can you fully cooperate with us?”

The archmage’s eyes widened.

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