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Overpowered Sword Chapter 214

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Level up with swords (214)

It was a few days later.

Leon, Ryan Portroy, and the revolutionary army achieved temporary peace without a single conflict between them.

Of course, except for the leaders, that peace was like thin ice.

Portroy lost more than half of its standing forces due to Necator, and the rhythm of the revolutionary army, which had covered hundreds of kilometers in the spirit of fighting at any moment, naturally had no choice but to create a discordant sound.

Nevertheless, there was no problem because there were five masters at Port Roy.

An asymmetrical force where each person is on par with an army.

Moreover, even if he is not in good physical condition, there is the Archmage Grania, who is powerful in large-arms battles.

The Archmage was feared during siege warfare, but he was truly fearsome during siege warfare. If they used the castle walls and defenders as their shields and used strategic magic repeatedly, they would not be able to withstand the siege.

“It’s difficult. “It’s very difficult.”

Viscount Redmond, who had taken up a staff position in Ryan’s private army, the Vultures, was fiddling with his beard.

“If all went according to plan, I was planning to enter the gateway city, comfort the army’s fatigue, and strengthen the castle’s defenses until the late troops arrived.”

“I can’t help it, Viscount.”

Gilbert said.

“If only Lord Grania had it, there is nowhere else that can handle four masters. Even after the late troops arrive and the battle line is reorganized, we won’t be able to win.”


“I feel like I’m seeing all the masters I’ve seen at least once or twice in my life here. “Am I lucky or bad?”

“It might depend on our position.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Rian’s one word.

You can’t get lucky when you can’t conquer the land you should have conquered and four masters you’ve never heard of block your path.

However, Ryan did not retract his remarks.

“They are not our enemies yet. “These are the people who will leave the empire soon after the goal of overthrowing the Emperor of the Imperial Capital is achieved.”

“Do you know their identities?”

“Yes, I know.”

Then the executives of ‘Vultures’ murmured in unison.

The result of a talented person’s lifetime of training and seeing a ray of light through talent and experience was a master. Even if you count it by continent, it might be thirty or not, but four masters suddenly fell in front of them.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Since there was no one like Dayton or Grania who had experienced the old war firsthand, they did not even recognize Adella.

“I can’t tell you all, but I’m sure of two.”

“Who is it?”

“This is Cardinal Adela and Saint Ellahan of the Holy Order.”

The air in the conference room was shaken by the remark that seemed like a bolt from the blue.

“A cardinal!?”

“Saint Lady Seo?!”

Just because they were nobles did not mean there were no believers in the church.

Several executives who worship the goddess put their hands together without realizing it, and some people froze at the unexpected variable.

Holy Church.

It is an enormous group that is not confined by borders and exerts influence across the entire continent, leaving several lines in history books every time it moves on a large scale.

Among them, saints and cardinals were naturally key figures.

“…It’s a situation where you shouldn’t touch it.”

Redmond, who spoke earlier, let out a long sigh.

“The Holy Church is absolutely neutral in disputes between countries. That principle has been followed for over hundreds of years. But that means that the cardinal and the saint are staying together in Port Roy.”

“It probably means that there is an evil cult behind the <Light Emperor>.”

“Yes that’s right.”

He nodded once at Rian’s words and said.

“The Holy Church will not turn into enemies unless we oppose them first. However, without their cooperation, it would be impossible to attack the Emperor Gwang and the Imperial Capital Karelum, who are accompanied

by ‘Exorcists’—” Redmond, being a subject, could not bear to say those words. However, Rian anticipated his remark and agreed.

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“It’s impossible. “Collaboration with the Holy Church is inevitable.”

There was no time to discuss whether to cooperate or not.

We must cooperate.

It was an area of necessity, not necessity. 〈Exorcist Bishop〉 It was unlikely that all of them were staying in the imperial capital, but if the information received from Leon was correct, there were at least two people.

Morse from “Chaos” and Necator from “Destruction.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Moreover, Necator was a monster whose odds of victory could only be measured by the combined efforts of three or four masters, so the revolutionary army’s strength was beyond his power.

“Fortunately, Sir Gilbert has recently shown signs of rising to the level of a master…”

Even including Cedric, there are only two master level players.

Even if Lian himself reaches Master, three.

Considering the imperial capital’s defensive forces, the defense of the castle itself, and the environmental disadvantages in the enemy territory, the odds of victory were less than 10%.

It is the gambler who goes all in on the odds, not the commander.

The Vultures conference hall fell into silence for a moment.


It was then.

A knight who rushed in from outside the barracks immediately bowed down.

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“It’s the enemy! “An army numbering 20,000 people is approaching!”

“20,000!? No way!”

“There is no way a rebel group could demonstrate that level of organizational power!”

“Now everyone, please calm down.”

Lian, who silenced the executives with a single wave of his hand, asked a question.

“What is the level of uniformity and type of military of the approaching army? “If anyone has seen the flag, please tell them to describe it in detail.”

“I, Luas, will tell you that.”

The knight who called himself Luas opened his mouth in a slightly trembling voice.

“The level of ritual was flawless, and the cavalry was led by four knights, followed by chariot drivers and cavalry. Additionally, the legion’s banner depicted two swords guarding the crown.”

“…no way.”

Luas put an end to that ominous premonition.

“Yes, it was the army of the Kingdom of Fermat.”

* * *

Leon and his party’s reaction was quick.

Just as the revolutionary army approached, Grania noticed its approach and the four men immediately left the castle.

Even though they moved so quickly, the Revolutionary Army and the Fermat Army were in a position where they could run and clash in just a few minutes, and were holding weapons so that they could stab each other at any time.

“This way.”

Gilbert, who was staying around the castle, probably knew they would come, and led Leon and his group.

Also, his steps had no choice but to become urgent.

Kingdom of Permat.

It was a nation that had been exploited as a vassal state of the Clyde Empire for several centuries and had strengthened its power through resentment and anger. In short, what they were hostile to was Clyde himself, and they had no idea who was sitting on the throne.

Whether it is the <Light Emperor> or Lian, if he is a member of the royal family of the Clyde Empire, he will draw his sword without hesitation even a moment.




It was exactly as I thought.

When the group arrived in front of the barracks, they heard several voices clashing violently with murderous intent.

It felt like a knife fight was about to occur at any moment.

“This thousand things! “Do you really want to die?”

The first thing that caught Leon’s eyes when he entered the barracks was the sight of a middle-aged man glaring at Cedric and threatening him.


The air was distorted as if responding to his anger. Willpower is the power of those who have reached the level of masters who distort reality. Even when facing the <Sword Demon>, it was worth noting to back down.

“kill? you me? under! Hahahahaha! If you were going to kill me with laughter, you said it well! “It’s so funny I can’t breathe!”


“Okay, give it a try! I do not care!”

Two sword masters face off with terrifying force.

All of the people gathered in the barracks were pale and trembling, but no one cared.

Just like that, the two men reach out to their waists.

It was just as a catastrophe that would inevitably lead to bloodshed on either side was about to begin.


The two masters were struck by the force coming from a third direction.

If his momentum had been mediocre, he might have ignited the fuse, but his presence is not inferior to them at all. It was that of a proper master.

Marquis Walter, the sword of the Kingdom of Fermat, asked with an expression that could not hide his absurd feelings.

“No, who are you again?”

It’s an empire in chaos due to a civil war, but how many master-level strongmen show up with unknown affiliations?

Even when I tried to turn my head, the identity of the young man in front of me was unknown.

Those with knowledgeable information may have recalled the personal details of Leon, an adventurer who was recently promoted to S rank, but Walter was a model of nobleman who was even honest.

There was no way he would listen to something like that when the war with Clyde was just around the corner.

At that time, Adela jumped out from behind Leon.

“Are these guys called Masters gathering the kids and fighting? “You don’t even know what’s going on right now, do you?”

“…you are?”

Walter was about to ask, “What is this wild little boy?”, but changed his words when he saw an unusual presence. Even though Master wasn’t even my dog’s name, I couldn’t even handle it when several people came out at the same time.

Ellahan took a step forward and answered his question.

“This is the Holy Order.”


“The 4th Cardinal Adela and the 8th Saint Ellahan, we would like to proceed with mediation. “What about you?”

“Walter, Marquis of Fermat.”

Everyone seemed to have guessed the answer, and no one seemed surprised. This is because there were only two masters recognized externally in the Kingdom of Fermat.

Sword Master Walter.

Archmage Chehalis.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

So, if it was a master who was not a wizard, it had to be Walter.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot accept that arbitration.”

Walter politely rejected Ellahan’s offer with a firm voice.

“As for the negotiation plan, it was mentioned several times before you came, but all of them were rejected. “We came to cut off Clyde’s line, not with the intention of taking down the ‘Light Emperor’ and returning.”

“Is this… retaliation?”

“Just like you said. “To appease the souls of those who died in sorrow, the head of a mad emperor is simply not enough.”

Lian insinuatingly intervened in the two people’s conversation.

“I will cede eight territories near the borders of Permat and the Empire. “And I can promise you that we will pay reasonable compensation over the next 20 years.”

“I’ll say it again. “I refuse, Prince Lian.”

Walter turned his twitching eyes with a ray of murderous intent and glared at the face he remembered seeing in the imperial palace a long time ago.

“For us, the punishment of ‘Emperor Guang’ is just a process. How much more so that the next emperor can be enthroned with the power of Fermat? “It’s a joke that isn’t even funny.”

“Can you please reconsider?”

“No. “I will definitely deny even that possibility.”

It was Walter who did not back down even an inch from Ellahan’s words.

“I will respect the authority and power of the Holy Order, but their principles will be absolute neutrality in disputes between countries. “I hope you will refrain from interference that goes too far.”

Adela grunted with a dissatisfied face at those words.

“Don’t you think you are the ones who are crossing the line?”


“why? Are you picking it because the kid speaks informally? The principles of the church are not for people like you to discuss them, but rather for not abusing the power of the Goddess for personal gain. “If it is an issue that is deemed ‘not personal,’ you can break it as much as you want.”

“…Even so, it’s the same. “We will not back down.”

He is stubborn.

Leon judged that he would not change his position under any circumstances. As time passes, emotions fade, but resentment becomes more intense and intense.

If this continues, a conflict between the revolutionary army and the Fermat army is inevitable.

No matter who wins, there will be a huge number of casualties, and the evil cult operating in secret in the ecliptic Karelum will watch the devastation and give the foolish people a standing ovation.

‘The problem is that it is difficult for us to intervene in earnest.’

Marquis Walter’s words and Adela’s words were also correct.

The principle of absolute neutrality in disputes between countries is a discipline that the Holy Church has never broken. As for Leon and Karen, it is difficult to show off their strength.

Unless it’s a way to intervene but remain neutral—


It was that moment.

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Leon literally came up with an absurd idea and whispered it into Adela’s ear.


Even Adella rounded her eyes and mouth at that remark and then said,

“Ahaha! Ahahahaha! good! This is a suggestion that I like! “It’s worth following our cutie because he’s in love with it!”

His idea was acknowledged with laughter that was close to laughter.

At the same time, the atmosphere changed.

Walter noticed the change and opened his eyes.

“Cardinal Adela! “Are you planning on breaking the church’s laws?”

“As you mentioned, the principle is absolute neutrality. “If you don’t side with either side, it doesn’t really matter if you intervene, right?”


“I’ll beat them both up and make them cooperate with the church’s work!”

“…Are you crazy!”

Even Lian was embarrassed and at a loss for words, but Cedric stretched out his hand to his waist as if everything had gone well.

The smile on my lips becomes even more chilling.

The killing intent overflowing from his body proved to be sincere.

“Good. “I wanted to compete with you one more time.”

Adela looked back at him and sneered.

“Wasn’t it enough to get smashed once?”

“It’s a poor excuse, but I wasn’t at my best that day.”

“That’s a really poor excuse.”

But Cedric’s words were not a joke.

Adela seemed to have sensed it too, as she glanced sideways at the sword hanging at his waist. An unknown ominous feeling was leaking from the scabbard.

I couldn’t reveal the reason last time, but this time I will find out what he is hiding.

The air inside the barracks becomes increasingly tense.

It happens at a moment’s notice.

It was like a rope that had been pulled as if it would break with one sheath.

Even if only two people faced each other, there were as many as six fearsome masters in one space, wary of each other.

But no battle took place.

“…I guess it’s my decision approved?”

Sensing something approaching from outside the barracks, Adela stretched out her fists and grinned.

Cedric and Walter frowned almost simultaneously.

Because I could feel it through their vibes.

Leon and the others looked towards him with happy expressions. There were many unfamiliar signs, but the familiar ones were the strongest among them.

“Cardinal Irexana!”

The third cardinal of the Grandmeister Holy Order of Jugend.

He summoned the Seongcheolsae Knights and arrived with the late troops.

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