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Overpowered Sword Chapter 217

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Level up with swords (217)

Great Archer Silphid.

It is a treasure that is said to be available only to archers who inherit Stendhal’s lineage. The 2.5 meter long pole is sturdy yet extremely elastic, and the string, which is tougher and thinner than Arachne’s spider web, requires grip strength at a superhuman level.

There were countless mysteries related to the bow, which is presumed to be one of the relics of the ancient times, but if I were to pick one of the most famous facts, it would be the only one.

Gigigigigi… When

Robin pulled the string with his right hand, a colorless and transparent arrow appeared in the space where there was nothing.

I didn’t borrow the name of the Spirit King for nothing.

〈Sylphid〉 was able to create a more powerful destructive power than 〈Aura Arrow〉 by gathering the atmosphere around it and forming it into an arrow. It was a bonus that by injecting an aura into it, it became even more powerful.

The surrounding atmosphere distorts, opening the path in front of the bow.

Pungryushi (風流矢)

Jajinmori’s Dan (段)

Nodae Wind Arrow

The bow that even reduced air resistance to 0 shot out a storm.

There is an expression called ‘a gale and fury’. It means extremely fast winds and violently swirling waves.

The arrow Robin shot was exactly the same.


As soon as it leaves the bow, it turns into a storm and rushes through, cutting everything in its path. Even if he was a master, it was so powerful that a direct hit would result in minor injuries.

“It is interesting! “You get out!”

Cedric, intoxicated by the power and speed of the bow master he encountered for the first time, boldly took three steps.

There was no time for Walter to stop him.

Before he knew it, the ‘Nodae Wind Arrow’ had reached 20 meters away and howled as if to rip out his heart.


Cedric lowered his blade with a voice full of joy.

A sword stands against the storm.

His hair fluttered from side to side like a wolf’s mane, and blue-gray sword light burst out, cutting through the whirlpool. Even the arrow at the center of the storm was no exception.

With a single slash from the top, the ‘Nodae Wind Arrow’ was literally split cleanly in two.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Despite being cut in two, the storm passed by Cedric with all its might, creating two deep furrows on his back.

It looked like a snake the size of a house had passed by.

“…Good. “It tastes good.”

Cedric’s wrist also felt numb from the repulsion, but instead of frowning, he smiled faintly.

Robin on the castle wall also looked down at him and laughed cruelly.

Something like ‘with all your heart’.

The two masters’ intense fighting skills clashed at the midpoint.

Pungryushi (風流矢)

Hwimori’s Dan (段)

Flying Wind Arrow

This time, it was not a single shot, but multiple shots.

Robin’s right hand seemed to blur and he began flicking the bow string at an almost invisible speed.

A rain of arrows comes down from one person.

“Do your best!”

“Don’t try to deal with it alone! “That bastard becomes more than three times stronger when he can’t close the distance!”

Cedric and Walter advanced while clearing the heavy rain.

However, there was no time to leap over the castle wall.

Robin, who began shooting a bow in earnest, fired dozens of arrows in the space of a few comma seconds and nearly 500 arrows in 10 seconds. Even each shot is ridiculously fast and sharp.

If you just focus on defense, you can easily block it, but if you go on the offensive, you have to be prepared to get hit a few times.

From daotranslate dot com

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hhu huh huh――…

And while the two sword masters were being held by Robin’s ankles, the once broken force field barrier was slowly being restored.

Even though it was destroyed by <Auror Blade>, the source of its power lies in the magic circle that exists within the castle walls. Even if you crush the superficial barrier, if the power itself cannot be erased, it will be revived again and again.

Above all, the power of the force field barrier accelerates even the arrows Robin shoots. If the barrier revives, you may not be able to take even one step closer.

“Whoa, this old man is making a move again.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A few kilometers away from the castle walls, Grania, who had not yet completely recovered, raised her staff.

As soon as the magic power was amplified, dizziness occurred, but the master’s concentration did not waver that much. The Grand Wizard’s high-speed thinking completed hundreds of calculations in a matter of seconds and unleashed the magic.

The name of that strategic magic is.

“Meteoric Burst.”

Although it is a spell that is several levels inferior to <Meteo Strike>, which is a 9th level magic, its destructive power is outstanding.

The principle itself was simple and clear.

The minerals mixed in the soil are compressed in large quantities, transported to a distant sky, and accurately driven down into a specific orbit. A strategic magic that adds magic to the maximum level of gravitational acceleration and explodes a cannonball weighing tens of tons at its destination.

An artificial meteor fell on the castle from a distant sky.


Robin, who noticed the approach before anyone else, fired an arrow, but even with the Nodae Wind Arrow, slowing it down was limited.

From daotranslate dot com

The enormous mass is coupled with incredible acceleration, so even an Aura Master’s output cannot compete with it. <Meteoric Burst> tore down the walls of Karellum before I could even blink.

At the same time, it exploded.


A loud noise erupted along with an enormous shock wave.

The eardrums of the soldiers who had retreated nearly a kilometer were ruptured, and even the well-trained horses were frantic and ran wild.

It is literally a meteorite itself.

The phenomenon created by the Archmage was no different from a natural disaster.

“Look over there!”

One of the knight commanders of Fermat, who had good hearing thanks to reflexively raising his aura, shouted urgently.

He was pointing at the landing spot of the Meteoric Burst.

The walls of Karelum were thought to be impregnable.

Part of it collapsed horribly!

The force field barrier that was being restored was once again shattered.

“Now! “If it’s not now, we can’t get over that damn wall!”

When the captain of the knights, drunk on good fortune, charged without fear, the knights under his command also urged their horses as if responding to his fighting spirit.

No matter how well trained the cavalry is, in the end, it is just an ordinary soldier.

It cannot be compared to the knights who each have the power of a hundred Auror users. As the <Meteoric Burst> exploded, the impact swept over a radius of several kilometers, but the knights had already shaken off all their dizziness a long time ago.

“Throw the spear!”

The knights took out javelins from behind their saddles, put one javelin on the tip, loaded it with Aurors, and threw it with all their might.

A javelin using a javelin is more than three times more powerful than with bare hands.

Hundreds of javelins were scattered throughout the cracked castle walls in a Meteoric Burst, turning them into stepping stones on which to jump. Although it was only the size of the palm of one’s hand compared to the total area, the castle wall, with its spears sticking out like hedgehogs, no longer felt hopeless.

“Follow me! “I will occupy the walls like this!”

The knight commander stepped on the spear pole stuck in the castle wall, jumped up, and covered the 70-meter wall in just a few seconds.

If it’s a flat surface with nothing, it might be fine, but if there are irregularities, the driver can run like a flat surface. The knights followed him up the wall and finally set foot on the walls of Carellum.

Of course, the defenders came and surrounded them, but how could the knights be afraid of the defenders?

“go away! “Mayflies of the Empire!”

The knight commander swung his sword once, and several bullets flew out.

Even if it is only an ‘Aura Sword’ and not an ‘Aura Blade’, it can easily cut armor made of steel into two. There was no way an ordinary soldier could buy time in front of a knight.

That was common sense.

Obviously that couldn’t have been the case.


The soldiers whose heads were blown off did not fall. He thrust his spear and stabbed the knight commander as he lost his head.

Although he was embarrassed, the fighting skills imprinted on his body responded.

The knight commander, who cut off all the spear poles with a horizontal slash, took a few steps back. The fear that an incomprehensible situation was happening right in front of my eyes made me forget about the obvious skill gap.

“Uh, undead?! No, I don’t feel any morale at all to call them undead…?”

“Captain! Even if you destroy the brain and heart, it still moves!”

“Blow off all my limbs! “First of all, our top priority is to take control of the castle walls!”

Nevertheless, the knight commander’s judgment was indeed accurate.

The 70-meter wall that had barely been climbed could not be surrendered again for fear of undead soldiers.

However, the soldiers who could wriggle even with all their limbs cut off were indeed the best way to buy time. Even knights with a clear difference in skill could advance only by consuming several times more power.

“Is it Fermat after all? “They are brave people.”

Robin looked at the scene and then turned back to face the front.

As a bowman, it was a mistake to not be able to stop the enemy from breaking through, but he had ample excuses.

Because there were two sword masters in front of me.

“It’s the last time! Surrender, Robin!”

Walter, who had arrow marks all over his body, shouted.

Several hits were allowed in order to narrow the 70-meter altitude difference, but there were no fatal injuries.

It was a 1v2 fight.

This ending was decided from the beginning.

“I refuse again. “I cannot surrender.”

When Robin lifted the sylphid again, Cedric laughed at him with an expression that seemed to have lost all interest.

“Are you going to face two sword masters in this distance?”

“Discussing pros and cons is not the job of a warrior. “I assume you know it well, right?”

“It’s funny that people like bowmen discuss radishes.”

“If close combat is not the entirety of martial arts, then you are narrow-minded.”

Cedric did not respond verbally to the provocation.

With an expressionless face, he took a step forward and swung his sword down with the intention of splitting the top of Robin’s head.


the wind and lightning

arrow of Jajinmori,

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

also fired back with the fastest shot.

The arrows that left the bowstring rushed like lightning, blocking Cedric’s path and baring their fangs.

The art of archery is truly divine!

“―It’s the same!”

However, Cedric was not affected by a technique he had already seen several times, and cut down the stream of repeated fire with a single blow.

〈All Purposes〉.

The Auror Blade, which can cut through anything, was even capable of cutting off the flow of power. The Stendhal family’s non-military style, Pungryu poetry, could be said to be their natural enemies.

With one next step, Robin’s head will fall off.



A battle hammer flew from somewhere and struck the spot where Cedric was about to take a step, crushing him in a miserable manner.

Cedric instinctively took a step back.

It was master level.

“How long did you think I would fight two-on-one?”

Robin’s voice rang out ominously from beyond the dust cloud.

Meanwhile, Walter approached and whispered to Cedric.

“I don’t know if you know, but there are a total of three Masters remaining in the Empire. “There are three of us including Robin, so there are two more people.”

If it were not for Dayton and Edgar’s death and Grania’s conversion, there would have been a total of six people.

The personal details of the remaining masters were as follows.

Robin of the Shrine.

Garbaldi of the crusher.

Granger with dual swords.

Then, there was only one person who owned this battle hammer.


Unlike Robin, Garbaldi of the Shredder revealed himself with a look in his eyes that did not exist.

A physique over 2 meters tall with muscles that protrude like mountains.

He had a strong body, as rumored to have inherited the blood of a giant.

That’s not all.

A mysterious woman with two swords strapped to her waist was also standing behind her, with bleary eyes shining.

“Is it 3 to 2? “It must be dangerous.”

From daotranslate dot com

Walter foresaw a crisis based on his long combat experience.

What if each and every one of them was no less capable than them, but that wasn’t enough and they even accepted the strengthening of the ‘Foreign Law’?

You may be killed without even a chance to escape.

Unlike him, Cedric, who did not use his full power, was now thinking about using 〈Dainslife〉, but said,

“No, we have the advantage.”

“What? “Are you crazy?”

“You idiot. “Have you thrown your feelings into a dumpster?”

Just as Walter, who had been beaten by verbal abuse, was about to convulse at those words, he felt a presence approaching one step too late and froze.

Cedric was right.

They still had the advantage.

Soon, three shadows landed side by side on the castle wall.


I jumped so high that as soon as I landed, the floor caved in and I let out a loud bang.

Adela stood up from the center and grumbled.

“Ah, it’s annoying! “I’m already so full of myself that I hate places that are unnecessarily high.”

“You can’t always do fun things.”

“You’re noisy, you old man! Don’t preach, just empathize!”

As Irexana walked out holding two axes, the masters who had lost their sense of self took a few steps back without realizing it.

I found out about it even though I didn’t show off any energy.

Their inferiority.

Regardless of the numerical inferiority, the enemy is very strong.

As if to put an end to that conclusion, Ellahan raised the iron chain in his hand above his shoulder.

“It is a time of condemnation.”

“…is it. “It’s the Holy Order.”

Robin, who realized the situation, smiled helplessly.

Adela, who saw that, tilted her head and said.

“I guess everyone but one guy is crazy. Should I just kill half of that bowman?”

“As a result, the work to do does not change.”

Irexana raised her momentum and glared at her enemy.

“Even if there are unavoidable circumstances, participating in evil is a sin, so we can only relieve a little of the karma before the Goddess in heaven judges us.”

Then Robin grinned and sarcastically.

“I’m so thankful for that, it brings tears to my eyes. “Wouldn’t it have been better if we had helped earlier?”

“If you really wanted that, you would have found the church before the situation turned out like this.”

“Well, this is familiar. It’s always been like that. “I was too late.”

Robin pulled his bowstring while mocking himself.

As if responding, Garbaldi Granger aimed his weapon and deployed his Auror Blade.

As the pressure of space increases, the atmosphere becomes distorted.

Robin came to an end in that hell-like space.

“I will neither make excuses nor beg! come!”

The battle changed from 1 to 2 to 3 to 2 and then to 3 to 5.

Even though we have created a structure in which we have no choice but to win, we must not let down our guard.

The power of those who hit Bae Su-jin is terrifying. Moreover, if it were a master who wielded that power, there was a possibility that he would even risk his life to overcome the limits of <Auror Blade>.

So Irexana and Adela jumped towards the approaching enemies without even a moment’s hesitation.

Ellahan thought as he followed it two steps behind.

‘I hope the goddess’s guidance will be with the warrior!’

The two additional forces that were not exposed to the evil order, the cardinal and the Holy Knights, were not here right now.

The same was true for Leon and Karen.

They had separate roles.

Before the reminiscence was over, a shock wave swept through, causing Ellahan to shake off all distracting thoughts and swing the Seongcheolsae.


It was the full-fledged start of the imperial battle.

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