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Overpowered Sword Chapter 220

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Level up with the sword (220)

Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Crimson Eclipse (Red Lotus Eclipse)

Leon, who summoned 〈Icarus Wing〉 behind his back and 〈Prominence〉 on his blade, rushed forward with explosive momentum.

The atmosphere explodes.

He fires his sword at a speed that surpasses even sound!

“good! “I knew it would be you!”

Necator seemed to like the fact that he was approaching from the front, so he raised both fists and clashed with them.

A fist stained black with <Destruction> and a golden sword.

As light and darkness collided, the two bounced in opposite directions and immediately rushed at each other again. Their way of life had nothing in common, but their way of fighting was similar.

Destruction Technique

Type 1

Necator, who was once again hit and pushed away, stretched out his hand.

“Cheonbung (天崩).”

Waves of darkness pour out from both palms.


The darkness that devours all things.

It is the power of destruction that ignores the strength of the material and destroys everything that falls behind in output.

However, Leon is also not behind when it comes to output. While planning the decoy

for the sun sword (太陽劍)

red lotus transplant (red lotus type)

“Winter Snake”, the “Flare” of Wu, which he created himself, emerged as the top of the sword play.

Concentrate on one point.

A light flame that overwhelms the instantaneous output of three or four masters resided in Leon’s sword. Facing the encroaching darkness, he aims the tip of his sword and stabs in without a moment of hesitation!

Breaking through the black spot,

the spear of brilliance pierced through the waves of darkness.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was the result of finding the weakest part with the ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’ and concentrating enormous firepower on one point.

Still, there was no room left to hit Necator.

He was not alone now.

“It seems like the Destroyers are ignoring us too much?”

Anna appeared from behind Necator and waved her staff.

Shepherd’s staff.

The round, curved end wraps around Necator’s ankle and cuts off his balance like swinging a scythe.

When Necator stumbled for a moment, the other two followed suit. Dominic, who leapt into the air, threw down several layers of wall created from his palm, and Necator, who had no chance to dodge, was helplessly crushed by the wall.


However, he shattered Dominic’s Auror Blade like a glass and said,


Necator, his eyes bloodshot from excitement, jumped out.

There are no wounds that can be called damage.

“good! You guys will be enough! Hahahaha! Blood boils! “Now try killing me!”

A wedge rises from under the feet of the guy who is talking gibberish with excitement all the way to his head. The shadow that was cast without a sound or presence was truly a technique that reached the realm of first-sight killing.

Nevertheless, the guy reacted to the surprise attack as if it was natural.

He takes a half step back, stretches out his leg, and kicks the shadow wedge, shattering it. It was proof that the power of 〈Destruction〉 was several levels higher than 〈Jet Black Dance〉.


Here, the only force that can oppose him head-on is Leon.

Leon, who sensed this, rushed forward once again to attract Necator’s attention. Every time the two people’s swords and fists clashed, as if they were holding cannons rather than swords, an explosion and shock wave rang out.

From daotranslate dot com

A vortex of power so terrifying that not even the masters could carelessly intervene in it!

‘Crazy guy! ‘This bastard has no intention of blocking or avoiding anything!’

Leon, who hit more than a lily in an instant, realized once again what an outrageous monster Necator was.

Don’t block it.

Don’t avoid it.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

All incoming attacks are struck from the opposite direction, and all tactical options are fixed on the means of attack. It is also far from the meat and bone bones. It is a tactic similar to Donggwijin, which forces the opponent to bleed even if it means losing more money.

[Because the attack power is so strong, even if we fight like that, we have no choice but to win. Even if one person hits ten and the other hits one, the damage will be greater.]

‘Starting from <Destruction>, it is an ability that is close to foul play. An 〈Aura Blade〉 that erases everything it touches. It’s a power that’s like combining the strongest spear and shield into one.’

You cannot win in a contest of strength.

If it is Leon who surpasses him in output, he can at least fight against him, but that superiority will never lead to victory.

‘You must not use the decisive battle. Such a situation cannot be created.’

Leon’s conclusion was very simple.

Pushing people not to use big technologies. If it were 1 to 1, such a situation would not be possible, but now it is 4 to 1. Even if it was too much, it would have been easy to go further and block the space.

There was no need to even say it out loud.

When Leon, who was continuing to fight head-on, changed his movements, the three people who noticed his tactics responded in unison.

From daotranslate dot com

“Tch, you’re being so boring!”

Necator, who was about to take a step, got caught in the cane again when his ankle spun around, swearing.

Although she is not very strong, Anna’s specialty is reading the ‘flow’ and intervening. If you allow yourself to be weak, you will falter at a critical moment. Necator, who instinctively recognized this, aimed at Anna and took the <Thousand Tower>—

“There’s no way around it!”

The moment he was about to release it, the wall wave that Dominic spewed out hit Necator. Even though it wasn’t possible to crush <Cheonbung>, it gave Anna plenty of time to pull herself away.

When the darkness that had erased dozens of walls came out, the two people had disappeared from nowhere.

And even that chase was stopped by Karen’s surprise attack.

Peep pip pick!

Dozens of shadow needles are fired.

It was so thin and thin that it was hard to see with the naked eye, so Necator was a step late in reacting.

The power was not high.

Even if it hits directly, it will pierce through a layer of skin and may or may not touch the muscle layer. But what if there is poison at the tip? The situation is different if you have buried a special synthetic poison from the Titan Mountains.

“Is it poison? “You’re using something that doesn’t suit my taste.”

When Necator exerted strength into his forearm, all the needles that had been closely inserted were thrown out, and a few drops of blood formed.

Black-stained blood indicates symptoms of poisoning.

But it wasn’t the reaction Karen expected.

“…It’s a poison that can kill even an ogre in 10 seconds, but that’s the end of the reaction?”

“Oh, this is awful. “For some reason, I felt a little dizzy.”

Necator teasingly evaluated the poison in his body, saying that that was impressive enough.

Only El Cid could see through its resistance.

[The aura of the <Destruction> attribute erased the foreign matter inside the body. It’s amazing that the poison even worked. Even if it is driven directly into the bone marrow, it can be erased in less than 3 seconds.]

‘You can do it all with just one attribute? There are degrees of unfairness.’

[Because it is a singularity in a different sense than the Sun.]

Even as we talk like that, the sword does not stop.

Necator was the monster who could turn the situation around with just one breath. I had to maintain this flow from beginning to end and crush them with extremely boring fighting methods.

If things continued as they are now, they could be defeated within an hour if the people who were attacking the walls for three hours joined in.

“Oh, it’s not fun. “I don’t want to die like this.”

At that time, Necator did something unexpected.

It was a situation where four masters were determined and surrounded.

A wave-based offensive that leaves no time or space to increase output. Even if you use <Destruction> with minimal force, Leon will somehow offset it.

A siege from which you can never escape unless you are prepared to suffer fatal injuries.

To put it the other way around.


It also meant that you could escape if you were prepared to suffer fatal injuries.


Even Leon, who cut off Necator’s left arm, couldn’t help but be shocked.

For a martial arts fighter, losing one arm is a serious injury that causes him to lose nearly half of his fighting power. Instead of gaining an advantage by escaping the siege, they were at an incomparable disadvantage.

Thanks to that, Necator had time to regroup.

“Hey, it hurts! “This is the first time I’ve been hurt like this since I was beaten like a dog by Larc.”

Necator, regardless of the fact that he had become one-armed, grinned as he looked at the amputation of his left arm.

An innocent smile evokes a stronger sense of discomfort.

Are people afraid of the unknown and the incomprehensible? As he said, Leon and the others were shocked by Necator’s abnormality.

Was that why?

“4 to 1 is still at a disadvantage. Regardless of whether you win or lose, fighting becomes boring. So, I guess I should call a friend too. Are you fine?”

No one noticed that Necator’s blood was drawing an unknown shape on the ground.

It was right after that.

The darkness rising from the ground enveloped Necator.



The ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’ stung as if it had been burned.

Like the Eucharistic Apophis, a darkness that feels divine. I couldn’t even imagine how the being wearing it would change.

Leon thought about cutting with the holy sword, but

[Stop it.]

‘Why? ‘If I leave it alone, won’t it become more dangerous?’

[That darkness is the alter body of a foreign god brought out as a human sacrifice. If you leave it alone, it will only listen to the summoner’s request and return, but if you inflict an effective blow, it may turn into an enemy.] The

evil cult worships foreign gods, but foreign gods do not particularly look down on them. I just took what they offered and ate it, then gave away the remaining strength.

But what if you bite that finger so hard that it bleeds?

You may want to kill an insolent ant by slamming your fist, regardless of whether it is gain or loss.

[It’s too risky an action. And it’s already over.]

Before I knew it, the darkness surrounding Necator gradually cleared away and the figure inside began to be revealed.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A darkness that even ‘the stigmata of the beholder’ could not penetrate. Necator, who had received power from a foreign god, had changed into a form far removed from his previous form.

Necator also said while fumbling with his body.

“I feel more awkward than I expected? “It would have been enough just to attach the severed arm.”

Leon sarcastically pretended to be relaxed about the monologue.

“Why don’t you at least return it? “I can wait.”

“haha! I gave it to him after he died, but that was a bit of a waste! “Foreign media will never give back what they have received!”

“It’s not some kind of scarab. How can a human have six arms?”

It was just as he said.

The foreign media did not just regenerate Necator’s severed arm, so they attached an additional pair of arms to each shoulder and side.

An arm writhing in ominous darkness.

Even at first glance, it wasn’t something out of the ordinary.

[Is it six fat? I guess he was from Sura Island. It looks like he likes it enough to put on Asura arms.]

‘Do you even know what power those arms have?’

[I don’t even have the ability to call it that. Just—]

Before El Cid could continue speaking, Necator took a step forward as if trying out his new arms.



The shock wave that followed a beat later came as the fist stretched out at an invisible speed.

Leon reflexively raised his sword and struck back.

The golden sword light

of Dubhe

splits the shock wave into two and disappears.

Nevertheless, Leon’s face did not brighten at all.

It had to be that way.

[The abilities of the Asura arm are simple. Being strong. They are the transcendental species who can collapse mountains with a single thrust and crush space with their grip.]

Necator’s punch a moment ago was nothing more than a swing in the air without any goal.

I didn’t write ‘Destruction’ or raise my Auror.

The destructive power of the arm itself canceled out the strike of the <Seven Star Sword>. Even though he only swings one arm, it’s that much, but what if he uses all five Suraewan (修羅腕) at the same time to show his strength?


Cold sweat dripped down Leon’s forehead.

From daotranslate dot com

At this point, only Leon had insight into Necator’s newly acquired abilities. The other three people also seemed surprised by the shock wave just now, but that was only the tip of the iceberg.

The guy who received Asura’s arm from a foreign source may be on par with Cassim in terms of attack power.

Necator wiggled his five arms and looked back at them.

“It’s a pity that it seems like the taste has been lost so much, but I guess you guys will be able to hold on for a bit, right?”

Necator’s presence grows bigger and bigger, even pressing down on space.

Even the cardinals, who had gone through all the hardships, turned pale as their spirit became much stronger than a few minutes ago.

A monster that is infinitely close to the Grandmaster.

Leon let out a ray of aura and whispered to Karen.

“Karen, step into my shadow!”

“I’m not sure how strong I am right now. So please don’t kill me with one hit. “I signed a contract to enjoy the fight, but if it ends in a trivial way, it’s like being cheated.”

So, Necator finished speaking and smiled darkly.

“Try to struggle until the end.”

<Surawan> accepted the owner’s will and expanded.

It was a sight as if the fabric of a hot air balloon was inflating, many times more flexible and powerful than the swelling of muscles. The moment

Necator ‘s fists struck the air

five times


once, darkness swallowing up the light erupted. Attacks that would normally have been made only once are unleashed five times in a row, almost simultaneously.

Even if the human body reaches the level of an Auror Master, the overload is unbearable, but the Asura arm reduces even the backlash to the level of muscle pain.

It is not the body of a transcendent species for nothing.


Leon was astonished by the explosive power, but increased his strength.

Its power output, amplified by <Surawan>, is more than five times that of the previous one. Even if it is an Aura Master, if the scale of its power is insufficient, it will evaporate with a single blow!

Grand Chariot

The golden sword burned in the face of swirling darkness.

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