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Overpowered Sword Chapter 221

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Level up with the sword (221)

‘Fight back with all my might!’

The golden aura combines with pure white divine power.

As all four stigmata glowed brilliantly, Leon’s whole body glowed and a cluster of stars gathered around the sword.

The guardian’s stigmata recognizes the ‘enemy of the world’ and adds strength.

The stigmata of the purifier faces the ‘foreign body’ and raises the flame.

The stigmata of the originator strengthened the ‘flame’, and the stigmata of the beholder glared at the enemy staying on the other side of the fierce darkness.

Even if you gather all the power of

the Sun Sword (太陽劍),

Crimson Eclipse (紅蓮一式), and Stigmata, it is not enough.

The “Prominence” that emanates from the blade increases in density as it shrinks to a length of less than 2 meters.

It was the first time I had compressed power to this degree.

The physical strength, which was far less than the power output, tore muscle fibers and capillaries several times, making the bones creak.


Letting out a roar like a scream, Leon pulled his forearm, which had already lost more than half of its sensation.


Before he knew it, ‘The Five Strikes of Destruction’ had arrived right in front of his eyes.

<Light Angel Constellation> cannot be used at this distance. Because the skill level is still insufficient, the activation speed is one beat late.

So Leon was only allowed three times. The brilliant platinum-colored starlight

of the Hocheon

Samyeonseong (壺天三連星), the five-tiered rite (連式奧義),

came out.

‘Success… was it…?’

Leon, who barely managed to not fall, blinked his eyes.

The starlight burning with the power of Prominence was several times more intense than usual, making it difficult to control.

If it were a situation that had to be handled delicately, it would have been a handshake instead.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

However, it was effective in this phase.

Kwaaaaaaaaah not?

Literally light and darkness.

Platinum and jet black intertwine and devour each other. Anyone who saw it would have thought it was a clash between good and evil.

There was no noise.

The air in that area had already evaporated a long time ago.

Anna and Dominic were behind Leon’s back, and Karen was in the shadows, watching the match between <Annihilation Five Strikes> and <Hocheon Samyeonseong>. The balance will be greatly tilted depending on who wins this competition.

‘I wasn’t good enough. If we don’t use the artifact to stop it—’

Leon had an idea of the outcome. As I take a few deep breaths, my vision becomes clearer.

The power of <Surawan> was beyond imagination.

I had expected it to be five times as much as before, but when I actually encountered it and calculated it, it was more than seven times more. A destructive force that was impossible to even offset, even if one was prepared to suffer exhaustion.


Was that why?


When the two powers were completely offset, it was Leon who was more shocked than Necator.

The fight, which should have been a decisive defeat, suddenly ended in a draw.

This was despite the fact that it was not a destructive force worthy of being discussed as an offset by 〈Hocheonsamyeonseong〉, not 〈Gwangcheonsa Constellation〉. The incomprehensible ending immediately created a pause and the two paused for a moment.


“Now! “A gap has been revealed!”

“How dare you withstand such a brutal attack…!”

From daotranslate dot com

For Anna and Dominic Karen, that gap was an opportunity they had been waiting for with bated breath.

The three ‘Auror Blades’ appeared at once.

Cardinal Anna lunged first and stretched out her staff.

Then, from the edge, the space became strangely curved.

“It’s been a long time since I used this skill! Anna from ‘The Shepherdess’!”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

As the curved space gripped Necator like a giant’s grip, Necator grinned when he finally saw Anna.

A restraining ability that cannot be immediately released even with 〈Surawan〉.

This is the manipulation of space that Cardinal Anna, nicknamed “Shepherd,” specializes in. Any phenomenon that has a flow can change its direction, so even space was no exception.

And before he could shake off Anna’s restraints, the barrier created by Dominic and Karen’s shadow chain wrapped around him.

“If things continue like this, we can hold him for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, let’s all three regroup.”

“Leon! are you okay?! “If I had used more power like before…!”

Before Dominic finished speaking, Karen ran to Leon and checked his condition.

Fortunately, there were no major injuries or aftereffects.

The strength that had been lost to the bottom was also recovering quickly.

It was then.

From daotranslate dot com


Leon let out an exclamation without realizing it.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. About how 〈Hocheon Samyeonseong〉, which was a few moves lower than Necator, was able to offset 〈Muljin Five Strikes〉.

The answer was very simple.

El Cid also acknowledged that his answer was correct.

[The transplanted arm of the Asura tribe became poisonous. When fighting as a warrior, there was not much compatibility, but now, like beings from other dimensions, he has become extremely vulnerable to divine power and holy laws.]

‘The output has increased significantly, but it seems that one weakness has also appeared.’

[One win, one win. Since the power was not obtained in a legitimate way, there is no choice but to pay the price.]

A breakthrough was seen.

A lightning-like realization passed through Leon’s mind.

The reason they had not been able to overwhelm Necator until now was because he had no weaknesses.

Even though the attack and defense of Destruction was not enough, it focused on attacking with extreme physical ability, but it also has martial arts that have reached the level of natural ability. Even though they were fighting 4 to 1, they had no choice but to wage a war of attrition.

‘By accepting the power of foreign powers, I gained the destructive power of a Grand Master, but did I lose my innocence as a warrior?’

If so, there is a chance of winning.

Leon’s Holy Sword would have even more lethal killing power, and the two cardinals were experts in more effective holy techniques than Auror Blades.

The three people quickly agreed after hearing his explanation.

“It certainly makes sense.”

“If you follow what the hero said, it would be a good idea to prepare some anti-personnel holy techniques.”

“Then I will focus on assisting the warrior. My attacks barely worked from earlier. “Ha, this is why I don’t like foreign magicians.”

Anna and Dominic discussed with each other and prepared the sacred method, while Karen grumbled that her performance was not good enough.

The five-minute grace period passed quickly.


The distortion of the restrained space created by the three types of <Auror Blades> is distorted. The space, which had been bulging and distorted like a wolf trapped in a leather pouch running wild, soon ruptured.

What suddenly stuck out was a jet black arm.

〈Surawan〉 eventually tore apart the space and sent its owner back to this world.

“Have you finished the strategy meeting? “Is it okay to have some expectations?”

Necator walked forward with a calm expression, his eyes shining as he looked at the four people in turn.

That was enough.

The two cardinals cast the sacred magic they had prepared at almost the same time.

The red Mozetta flutters and emits divine light.

“「The two eyes of the goddess who look down on all things, the sun and the moon.」 “

“Looking away from sin is evil, but looking straight at it is good. Don’t be afraid of its ugliness. “Even in the shade where the sun does not shine, the love given by the Goddess reaches us.” “

Nowhere in the world can sin be hidden, and nowhere in the world will there be mercy left. “Only those who have walked the right path will be proud before him.”

“Do not deceive others about yourself. “A lie made to escape a moment will come back as a bloody sword in the future.”

The sonorous yet clear voice rang like a chord.

Necator, who belatedly realized his intention, stretched out his hand, but Leon, who had gone one step ahead, swung his sword.


〈Surawan〉 bounces.

The jet-black arm that was in direct contact with the holy sword shook unsteadily for a moment, causing Necator’s eyebrows to twitch.

He probably didn’t know either.

That his body, which he thought was flawless, had developed a fatal weakness.

“Tch, I didn’t like it either.”

The light of the holy law that the two cardinals had perfected exploded upon Necator, who was grumbling like that.

High-level sacred law.

〈Sanctuary〉 and 〈Purity〉 hit him hard.

“Keu—Ugh geaaaa!!”

Five arms burning in unison.

The burning of the icon was not a material thing, but a sin and a part of the soul. Even though he was physically strong in pain, he had little tolerance for soul-torn pain.

As the darkness of 〈Surawan〉 fades, power leaks out.

Although he was not completely incapacitated, he could feel that he was weaker than before.


Leon, with his eyes wide open, charged explosively.

His sword strike, which pushed his body forward with the momentum of 〈Icarus Wing〉, ignoring even the sound for a moment, cut Necator diagonally.



It bounced back from the reflexively thrown fist. Even the soul-burning pain could not suppress all of his instincts.

“K-ah ah ah ah!!”

No, it seemed to have become even more ferocious.

The monster, which had swallowed up all reason clouded by pain and left only its fighting instincts, raised three pairs of arms.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Leon, who sensed its destructive power, immediately countered.

Destruction Technique,

Type 3

, Five Strikes of Destruction,

Grand Chariot, Five

Swords, and

Three Stars of Heaven

The moment light and darkness collide once again, heaven and earth turn upside down. The clouds in the distant sky were shaken and scattered.

The ground that was cut out by the shock wave has already turned into a crater.

The six-armed demon and the warrior carrying the holy sword rushed towards each other at the center of the explosion.


With one missed fist, a thunderclap erupts.

Even though he knew that even a single blow to his body would kill him instantly, Leon did not hesitate at all. On the contrary, he went one step further and carved several knife marks on Necator’s body.

The defense power of areas not encroached upon by <Surawan> is at a similar level as before. Understanding that, Leon’s attack was strictly aimed at only the parts connected to the five arms.

‘It feels like dancing on a blade…!’

Before I knew it, blood and tears were flowing from both eyes.

Extreme concentration erases color from sight.

Each punch fired from beyond the black-and-white world at a speed that is barely visible is dodged without even grazing a blow that could blow up a castle.

[Have you entered selflessness? In this situation? Anyway, he pretends not to be like that and says he has a swollen liver.]

El Cid chuckled.

Pushing the laughter to the other side of his consciousness, Leon glared at the enemy who was getting closer and closer.

The same was true for Necator.

Bloodshot eyes followed him. This was because I had a hunch that the person who could pose the greatest threat here was Leon. He soon got used to the pain that seared his soul.


As reason is regained, the attack regains its sophistication.

That’s how a proper martial arts fight goes. Just like when playing chess, one move determines the hundreds of moves that follow.

As the destruction technique (破滅技)

type 1,

Cheonbung Five Strike (天崩五擊)

〈Surawan〉 unfolds, five rounds of darkness pour out.

From daotranslate dot com

Although the concentration of power is slightly lower than Type 3, there is no better technique than this to wipe out a wide area with one blow.

Moreover, Leon did not have the option of ‘avoidance’.

“To be cunning…!”

Despite being weakened, the two cardinals were unable to stop Necator’s attack. If you withdraw your body to avoid it, you will be out of the range of effect of the Holy Law that is currently being deployed.

So he has no choice but to stop it somehow.

The Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Transplant

(Flare) appears and floats in front of Leon.

〈Flare〉, which became a sacred flame thanks to the stigmata, emitted a brilliant light, blocking even the advance of 〈Heavenly Strike〉.

But Necator observed it several times.

For those with genius talent, repeated experiences are the same as exposing weaknesses. The moment Leon stopped for a few seconds after using a great technique, Necator was caught off guard. Necator’s presence was blurred due to

the 4th type of

destruction technique

, <Surawan>, but Necator had a total of six arms. It was not <Surawan>, but the right arm that was attached to the original body rather than being cut off was left behind.

From there, a single blow extends like a flash of light.

The Destroyer,

condensed into a single strand of deadly force, aims at Leon’s ship –


Suddenly, the ground beneath his feet collapsed and his aim went astray.

The power that pierced the <Flare> passed through the air as it was, and Necator looked down at his feet without any thought.

The shadow was sucking his ankles like a swamp.

“It’s the same!”

The shadow shatters with a voice filled with anger.

As soon as the <Destruction Device> was wrapped around her body, she became unable to interfere, making her almost like a natural enemy to Karen.

So, don’t fight head-on.

If you forget about it, it comes back to catch you off guard.

“I have no intention of becoming more suitable to Jan Jae-ju. “I will end it once and for all.”

Necator’s momentum swells even further.

As the size of the power, which was already like a mountain, expanded even further, the four people looked at him with distrustful eyes.

‘Destruction’ swirls in six arms.

Leon realized the intention before anyone else.

“The decisive battle is coming!”

Kill with one blow.

The ferocity of the power gathered by that will is incomparable to before. 〈Five Strikes of Heaven〉 and 〈Five Strikes of Destruction〉 are nothing more than fireflies in front of the moon compared to that overwhelming power.

Leon and his party moved quickly as discussed earlier.


“Let everything fly away–!!”

Necator, the second-ranking member of the Evil Church, unleashed his special moves.

Destruction Technique,

Type 6,

Six Paths Heavenly Emperor

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