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Overpowered Sword Chapter 230

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Level up with swords (230)

After returning from the meeting place with Lian, Leon immediately gathered his colleagues and started a meeting.

A situation of dilemma where every minute and every second is precious.

There seemed to be a breakthrough that could solve the situation.

“It’s an infiltration operation comprised of a small group of elites. Well, it’s not bad. “It would have been much better if there were more people.”

Adela, who heard the whole situation, nodded.

If it was true that there was a limit to the number of people, there was no other option than to attack the barrier center. Also, the infiltration unit naturally had to be composed of the strongest masters from each faction.

Because it was necessary to overcome all the foreign magicians and royal guard monsters lurking inside the White Palace.

Even Walter, who harbors bad feelings toward Lian, would find it difficult to refuse this offer. First of all, Fermat’s army has the smallest number of people to be drafted, but if you insist that you can’t even do that, your reputation will not only be lost, you will be buried in the dirt.

“But is it really okay with 6 or 7 people? “The White Palace is famous for being the strongest defensive fortress on the continent, and even if half of the rumors were true, it would need 10 masters.”

Ellahan’s concerns had some validity.

Unlike Marquis Walter, Leon was trustworthy, and Ryan explained the entire security system that existed inside the White Palace.

A detection magic circle that determines the location of intruders in real time.

A weakening magic circle that reduces the target’s physical abilities and aura.

A space magic circle that freely increases or decreases the area inside the palace.


A charging magic circle that supplies aura to the Royal Guard and golems.

After telling everyone about the dozens of magic circles, Adela cursed before anyone else.

“Fuck you! Isn’t this really crazy!? “Does that mean that if we were to maintain all of those magic circles, we would consume close to 70% of the magic stones produced every year in the empire’s territory?”

“I heard it’s actually that much? It is said that almost all of the magic stones received as tribute from the Kingdom of Fermat go to the White Palace.”

“You guys are worse than dogs! “What a waste of wealth that could feed millions of people on a magic circle that has never been properly used!”

It must have literally cost astronomical amounts of money.

Resources that could have enriched a nation if used in a sound direction were wasted on maintaining a palace that had never been experienced by a single intruder.

As the cardinals gnashed their teeth at the waste, Karen Mann tilted her head with an incomprehensible expression.

“…Is it possible? huh. “Maybe it’s possible?”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“ah! I’m sorry, warrior. Something suddenly occurred to me. “If it works properly, it will be of great help to this operation.”

Karen, who asked Leon for a word of understanding, fell into deep thought while the others continued the strategy meeting.

Cardinal Anna opened her mouth in a cautious voice.

“That warrior? “If what you said a little while ago is true, I think it’s impossible to conquer the White Palace?”

“Yes, if the White Palace’s security system is fully activated.”

“What if you say everyone…?”

Adela, who became frustrated with the two people’s conversation, intervened.

“Don’t hesitate and explain. “You know I’m impatient, right?”

Leon smiled bitterly at Adela’s urging and answered.

“Most of the security systems I explained earlier are of the type that act on ‘intruders.’ “If we enter as a ‘guest’ with Lian, the weakening and binding magic circle will not harm us.”

“I guess we can’t completely neutralize it?”

“huh. They say they can’t stop them from strengthening the royal guard or manipulating the inside of the palace. “I won’t be forcibly moved or anything like that.”

Even the emperor did not have the authority to directly interfere with the royal family in the White Palace. At best, it was limited to specifying places that could not be reached by spatial movement or adjusting the priority of commands.

Therefore, Rian chose the barrier center as his first target.

As long as the barrier directly protecting the White Palace was destroyed, external troops could be mobilized to launch a massive offensive.

However, since he could not stop the barrier with the authority he possessed, he had to enter the nearest area and destroy the power device.

“Still, it will be difficult.”

Adela glared at the White Palace and spat.

“If it were Morse, he would be reading that option as well. “He is the one who ruined the Emperor Gwang with his foolish behavior, so he must have figured out the structure and vulnerabilities of the White Palace a long time ago.”

“They must have set a trap.”

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Leon, who understood what she meant, quickly agreed.

“Most traps can be broken through with just strength, but I don’t think Mors would overlook that.”

“What is the possibility of summoning the same monster you two faced again?”

“…I can’t say it doesn’t exist. However, I don’t think there will be any more power left to summon a transcendental species from an outer dimension. “If they had stayed, they would have called everyone in and tried to deal with me and Irexana.”

“That too.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was truly an ambiguous situation.

Although the evil cult occupying the White Palace has a slight advantage, the Allied Forces are overwhelming in all areas other than its location.

If Lian’s infiltration operation is successful, the scales will immediately flip.

‘It’s not that Morse doesn’t have any cards left, but it’s also not something that can significantly influence the outcome of the battle. However, if you go in blindly and are counterattacked properly, there is a possibility that the operation will fail.’

It was a watershed.

Depending on who wins this fight, the flow of the battlefield completely changes. The evil cult can secure its victory simply by defeating them without even killing them, and the infiltration unit can win only by neutralizing the White Palace’s barrier.

It was truly a fight between spears and shields.

A battle of power between an infiltration unit made up of multiple masters and the White Palace, famous for being the strongest fortress on the continent.

“I understand that I didn’t reveal my presence just in case something happened, but is that really okay? For the commander of Seongcheolsoe, it would have been enough to leave just one Anna behind. I am stronger than <Sword Demon> or Valther. “It’s not a situation where we can spare any effort.”

“Even if the barrier center is destroyed, the defense power of the castle itself remains. “We need Cardinal Adela to overcome that in a short period of time.”

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“Well, if the hero made that judgment, I should believe it. good! “Leave it to me!”

As Leon praised her without saying a word, Adela pounded her chest with an excited expression.

If she were a giant like Irexana, she would have been very dependable, but since she was a girl who looked less than ten years old, I was just happy.

That was the end of the strategy meeting that night.

Only Karen, who had no idea what she was thinking, squatted quietly and continued to think, but the rest of the group did not hear the answer.

* * *

It was the very next day.

As soon as the sky turned black, Lian’s summons arrived.

Rian, who had already sent an envoy to the Fermat army, looked around at the people gathered in front of him and opened his mouth.

“Thank you for coming. “I have already told you about this operation, so I will skip the details and move on to the main topic.”

Then he took out several pendants with red gems from his arms and had Gilbert give them one to each person.

Leon looked at the pendant closely and soon realized something.

The reason it looked like a red gem was because of the blood inside the transparent glass. And there was no need to even think about who the donor of this blood was.

Other people’s expressions also looked similar.

“I think everyone understands, but the blood in that pendant is mine. You don’t have to wear it around your neck, just holding it will be effective. “Please do not lose it even after entering the White Palace.”

Marquis Walter suddenly intervened with a disapproving expression.

“Wouldn’t it be a big problem if I lost this?”

“The security system will immediately detect the person and dozens of types of magic will be poured out. “If you say you really want to experience that, I don’t have anything more to say.”


As Walter remained silent in response to the frightening warning, Lian turned around after seeing that the rest of the group also understood.

Standing facing each other like that was the White Palace.

A pure white castle that was freely accessible until a dozen years ago.

‘I thought I’d come back someday.’

I never thought I would take this step as an invader.

Lian smiled bitterly at that sentiment, but quickly shook it off and returned with a dull face.

It is the match of a lifetime.

There was absolutely no time to hold onto unnecessary emotions.

“From now on, we will enter the White Palace.”

Rian, who announced the departure with one sentence and stood at the front of the infiltration unit, began walking towards the White Palace.

Even though it was already within the archers’ shooting range, the bow string did not tremble. Even if it were not just one or two, but six masters, firing salvos thousands of times, it would be a meaningless waste.

So seven people, including Lian, were able to reach the gates of the White Palace without any restraint.

A gate that is larger and more ornate than the gates of Portroy.

Destroying it by force would have been difficult even if all seven people put in their full power, but if they just passed through it, it was a different story.


The insignia that Lian held high in his arms, the emblem of the imperial family clearly engraved on it, flashed.

As if responding to the flash of light, the barrier of the White Palace reacted.


A bluish-blue magical power road appears on a wall so white that it appears white even in the middle of the night, revealing the circulation of tremendous power.

A sealing ceremony that has not worn out at all even though it was carved hundreds of years ago.

It was the result of Clyde in his prime wasting his national power without hesitation.

Cedric, who had no interest in magic, let alone the slightest interest, stiffened his face, and even Walter forgot his hostility for a moment and his eyes widened in awe.

“White devil, show us the way! Calum, the rightful prince of Clyde, commands! Lead the way with proper rites!”

As soon as Lian gave the command, the barrier of the White Palace scattered brilliant light and drew a map, perhaps using the name ‘Kalem’, which only direct royal family members could inherit, as the starting word.

A map of the inside of the palace, which is complicated and twisted like a maze.


“The gates of the White Palace are neither opened nor closed except when the emperor is making an official visit. Normally, we enter and exit through space transfer, which is one of the functions of the barrier.”

In response to Cedric’s muttering, Lian stretched out her finger.

“As expected, most of the core areas are blocked. If I can’t move even with my authority, the emperor himself must have set up a restricted area. “Those routes will have no choice but to travel directly.”

“In which room is the barrier center installed?”

“It’s blocked. “If you set the shortest route… the fastest way would be to go through three halls in this hallway.”

Leon, who was following Lian’s index finger with his gaze, asked a question.

“Can’t you move by tearing down the wall?”

“The internal defense is also relatively high, and if you touch the magic furnace incorrectly, a huge explosion will occur immediately. Considering the amount of magical energy contained in that barrier, even if you were a master, it would be difficult to guarantee your safety.”

It seemed like there would be no way to break through it using expedient methods.

There was no way that the strongest defense fortress on the continent would not have thought of such a trick. Even Karen, who was well-versed in infiltration and infiltration, was fiddling with her earlobes with a troubled expression, as if she couldn’t find a place to dig in on the map.

The estimated distance on the map is about 3 kilometers.

However, considering the spatial magic that manipulates the area inside the palace, it could not be said that it was as it seemed.

Lian looked back and asked a question.

“Are you ready?”

As if answering that question, the spirit of the six people swelled.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The immense magical power of the White Palace was enough to push them back for an instant. Some are here because of fighting spirit, some are determined, and some are just out of interest.

To overthrow the hated empire.

To destroy the conspiracy of the evil sect.

To get back the lost throne.

Masters with fatally different affiliations and purposes face the same enemy, only now on the same side.

“Calem commands!”

Lian said as he turned back to face the front.

A starting word for spatial movement that only direct royal family members can use.

“Open the door, White!”

At the same time, the light emitted from the magic furnace enveloped them.

Not only Lian, but six other people resonate with the pendants they carry somewhere on their bodies, distorting space to a point in the White Palace.

The five senses are mixed.

I open my eyes, but I can’t see anything, and even if I amplify my senses several times, I can’t hear any sound. Even my sense of time became a mess, so I didn’t know how many minutes or seconds had passed.



An uncontrollable laugh escaped from someone’s mouth.

It had to be that way.

Cedric, who had already drawn his sword, said while giggling.

“It’s a very grand welcome ceremony. “I really like it.”

The infiltration unit arrived at the exact center of the vast hallway.

It was a passageway that was over a hundred meters wide from side to side, and the height to the ceiling was comparable.

No matter how extravagant the White Palace was, there was no area that wasted space to this extent. Therefore, this unnatural area can be seen as a phenomenon caused by the intervention of a spatial magic circle.

So why did one hallway become so wide?

Clap! Clap!

The metal wall rippled as if answering that question.

Royal Guard.

These are warriors whose loyalty to the Clyde Imperial Family reaches the level of fanaticism, to the point where they are willing to throw their lives away. The face is not visible, and the eyes visible through the hole in the middle of the faceplate are out of focus.

He must have been caught up in foreign laws, just like the soldiers stationed on the walls of Karelum.

However, their combat ability was at a level that could not be compared to that of soldiers.

“…It’s absurd. “You’re making it so that people who aren’t even expert level can produce output equivalent to master level?”

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It was just as Walter said.

The power that emanated from the White Palace through the magic channel flowed into the armor of all members of the Royal Guard, amplifying their physical abilities and auras.

The aura swirling over the weapons and armor burns like a flame.


Even though he had not reached the level of expert, he realized the phenomenon with tremendous power. The power consumption is enormous and the power output can be maintained throughout the entire weapon and armor at all times for skills that are not often used due to inefficiency!

“They say it’s limited to inside the palace, but it’s the same as foul play.”

“Is the operating method closer to that of a golem than that of a human? Even if the burden was reduced with artifacts, they would not be able to last long, but they are the ones who gave up their path as warriors and pledged loyalty.”

“It’s annoying. Both attack and defense power are high. “It might take some time.”

After exchanging a few words with each other, the group also entered a fighting stance.

Leon and Ellahan, who are excellent at breaking through, stand at the front, with Walter and Cedric following behind, playing the role of the two wings.


Leon took his first step towards the enemy crouching in front like an iron fortress.

And then a pair of golden wings shoot out.

The explosive pressure of the <Icarus Wing> pushed him forward, accelerating past the speed of sound by one step. With the holy sword outstretched like a lance charging, Leon charged in a straight line.

The Sun Sword (太陽劍)

Red Lotus Eclipse (紅蓮一式)

A dragon made of flame attacked the formation of the Imperial Guard.

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