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Overpowered Sword Chapter 233

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Level up with swords (233)


There was no sound.

There was no shock wave.

When the cross of light engulfed the golem, a flash of light that could not be seen even by the master’s eyesight swept all around.

White heat.

Guardian No. 2’s body seemed to turn white, but soon lost its shape and collapsed. It was a special metal that could only be melted by heating it for a long time even in the special blacksmith shop of the Kingdom of Jugend. Even with the added defense of the magic circle, it could not withstand the heat.

The guardian, which turned into a pile of porridge, pooled like a puddle and boiled as it melted all the way to the floor of the palace. Even if restoration magic was great, it was impossible to restore this state to its original state.

“…Destroying the Imperial Guardian with one blow.”

Lian, who knew its power better than anyone else, muttered with an expression that could not hide his astonishment.

The Imperial Guardian is something that even a million-strong army cannot do as long as it has enough power. An ancient weapon made from tens of tons of special metal and combining 20 types of high-level magic.

I heard that based on blueprints found in old ruins, modern magic engineering has reached a level that cannot be surpassed.

Of course, it was not a leisurely situation for Leon.

‘I’m going to die…! It’s harder than when I wrote ‘The Constellation of Bright Angels’. It feels like my muscles and bones are being crushed.’

El Cid chuckled after hearing that.


[Of course you idiot. I liked the idea of supporting abilities outside the body like an exoskeleton, but after all, you’re an Auror, right? To some extent, the reaction is bound to come back. If you can completely eliminate it, you will become invincible just by recklessly increasing your aura.]

‘Ugh, I won’t use <Corona> if I can afford it. If you can do this with just one use of the <Polar Cross>, if you use the <Bright Angel Constellation>…’

[Your bones will really be crushed. The muscles will become like minced meat.]

It was a story that Leon could not help but be horrified by.

It was then.


With an ear-splitting sound, Guardian No. 4 lost sight of the halberd. The halberd flew away spinning like a boomerang and soon landed somewhere on the ceiling, bursting into laughter.


Ellahan rushed forward with even greater force against the empty-handed Guardian. As if inspired by Leon’s performance, the space where Seongcheolsae had hit felt like it was shaking greatly.

“It sucks! “Get down now!”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

When Seong Cheol-soe slammed down on the guy’s head, even the brainless guardian couldn’t keep his balance and stumbled. It wasn’t that I lost my sense of balance, it was just that the amount of impact was ridiculously large.

As soon as Elahan realized that hitting the head was meaningless, he changed the point of impact.

Ankle Knee Waist.

By thoroughly destroying the joints of the lower body, which can be said to be the starting point of the movement.

Quang! Kwaaaang! Boom!

The knees, crushed like dough, swell again and the sprained ankles fit back into place.

A battle between restoration magic and continuous destruction.

If Ellahan is defeated without taking a single breath, the restoration magic supplied with the palace’s magic power regenerates the guardian’s body. The answer to the question of who goes out first has already been found.


Ellahan, who had hit more than a hundred attacks, suddenly took a breath. Even though he continued to recover his stamina with divine power, he was ultimately unable to keep up with the rhythm.

The cooling function of the holy magic weapon <Sacred Barrier> cools the sweat that flows out as hot as lava and emits white steam.

Guardian No. 4’s fuselage was dented in various places, as if the restoration magic had not caught up with all of it, but there were no problems with its function.

If things continued like this, Ellahan would have started to fall behind.

Unless he intervened.


A ray of white flash passed by.

Leon appeared behind Guardian No. 4, crossing dozens of meters in one go, and cut down its neck.

<Corona> still remained.

The holy sword, which was stronger than the special metal that slashed with enormous power, simply dug into the guy’s torso. The waist was too thick to cut, but the knees weren’t that difficult.

[Injury to the shin of the thigh. [Patellar joint damaged.]

From daotranslate dot com

The guardian, whose left knee was cut off, fell down and supported his body at an angle with one hand on the floor.

Leon immediately struck the left leg that was still on the ground, blowing it away so that the restoration magic could not reattach it. Restoration is only about repairing damage, not creating missing parts.

If it was disassembled in this way, the restoration magic circle was useless.

[The people who made it probably never thought of it as a drawback. Because it makes no sense to cut this hard and thick body into pieces.]

‘It’s worth it.’

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Agreeing with El Cid, Leon took a step back.

At the same time, Ellahan jumped up.


At the point where he lost a leg, the Guardian had no way to escape. Ellahan tried to guard by raising both arms, but with all his might, his attack power was like a small meteorite.

As divine power and aura mix, a long tail remains like a comet’s tail.

The world’s most powerful sacred law was struck.


As Unit 4’s arms bend, they press down on its head and its body sinks on its only remaining foot.

The impact force was such that the otherwise intact floor could not withstand even tens of tons of speed!

Ellahan, riding on top of the Imperial Guardian, raised the Seongcheolsae again as if that single blow was not enough. Once the balance is broken, it never comes back. Restoration magic tried to restore the crushed arm, but a follow-up attack came in faster than that.

From daotranslate dot com

One room, two rooms, three rooms, four rooms.

Every time the mace struck, the ground shook from the impact.

[…It’s a terrible sight. I feel sorry for all the scrap metal.]

It didn’t take long until Unit 4 fell silent.

It was because he lacked strength in the process of blocking and dodging, but if he only attacked one-sidedly, there was no reason for Ellahan to lose.

With her win, the score is now 4-2.

If the two of you support Cedric and Gilbert, then soon—


Unit 1’s body was cut in half with a sharp sound.

There was neither left nor right arm.

The halberd was already rolling on the ground with several pieces in it, and the scabbards all over its body were tangled like a spider’s web as the speed of restoration could not keep up.

It was a scene that clearly revealed the superiority and inferiority of both <All Crushing> and the Imperial Guardian.

‘I thought it would be a good match, but it was completely torn to pieces.’

[I could have finished it faster. It looks like they played around with the taste of cutting.]

The strength of the Imperial Guardian is its ridiculous durability and the magic power supplied through the magic channel inside the White Palace to maintain the high-level magic circle indefinitely.

However, Cedric’s sword can cut through special metals like water.

Even though the magic circle has added several layers of defense, <Auror Blade> is a power that exists on one level above the 7th level magic.

They said that if they were going to properly block <All Crushing>, they would need an 8th rank defense magic circle.

“Wow, it tastes pretty good. “It’s been a while since I enjoyed it.”

Cedric kicked the dismembered golem and sneered at Walter, who was struggling alone.

“You’re like an old man who doesn’t deserve his age. Aren’t you embarrassed? “It would be better for that young lady to fight instead.”

“this guy! “If you still have the strength to make fun of your snout, at least help!”

“I don’t like it.”

“Then just shut up!”

Leon and Ellahan watched it and let out a long sigh.

Even though I am older than them, what kind of obscenity is that?

The two men, regardless of who was first, moved forward and rushed towards Unit 3, pointing their halberds at Walter.

Even if <Corona> disappears, the three of us are still full.

Unit 3 soon fell silent.

It was the annihilation of the White Palace’s strongest protective weapon, the Imperial Guardian.

* * *

Although they had exhausted quite a bit of time in the battle with the Imperial Guardian, the time given to them was not very leisurely.

The infiltration unit hurriedly headed forward.

As soon as I left the hall, another long hallway appeared.

“Oh, it’s hard. “You worked hard in a place where no one was watching?”

Karen, who had rejoined the group at the rear, grumbled.

Unlike Leon, who fought the Guardians, she stopped the Royal Guards who approached from the rear. In the end, it was defeated without any major injuries, but the Imperial Guardian was strong and it could have become dangerous if variables such as the Royal Guard intervened.

So, Karen controlled the clones several kilometers apart and grabbed the guards by their ankles.

“I have a few pages to fill in my autobiography, but I’ve missed a place where I can be active. “Are there any executives I can take down alone?”

“Even if you can defeat it on your own, it’s better not to try. People like ‘Exorcist’ stick around like water ghosts even when they die.”

“Ah, I really hate the evil cult.”

Karen, who became even more depressed at Leon’s words, grumbled.

There was nothing more terrifying than not being killed by an assassin. Enemies that could move even when dead were the next worst.

Fortunately, there was no one blocking the infiltration team’s path until they moved from the first hall to the second.

Lian said as they reached the door of the second hall.

“wait a minute. “This door is clearly…”

Rian closed his eyes for a moment, as if reminiscing about old memories, and then opened them. In fact, it was amazing that I could recall something that happened more than 10 years ago.

He explained that he found the answer not long after.

“The second hole is probably full of magic circles.”

“A magic circle?”

“Yes, at least the 6th to 7th rank attack magic is pouring in more than a hundred times. Once you enter, the door closes and seals off the surrounding space so you cannot escape. In that case, it is highly likely that escaping through the wall would be impossible.”

The 7th level magic, the symbol of the Great Wizard, has the destructive power to cause thousands of casualties once manifested.

Still, the Aura Master is not afraid of 7th level magic.

The range of <Auror Blade> is not as wide as magic, but its density greatly exceeds even the 7th rank. By concentrating the auror, wide-area attacks such as <Fire Storm> and <Blizzard> could be easily blocked.

Even with “Arcane Ray” and “Vortex Spear” designed for anti-personnel use, it was enough to avoid them.


“…Is it necessary to receive such powerful magic attacks more than a hundred times in a crowded space?”

“It’s dangerous. “Even if you die or not, it’s still a serious injury.”

“Can’t we cut down the magic circle equivalent to a battery or block the magic path like when dealing with the Royal Guard?”

Karen, who was swayed by Cedric’s opinion, turned into a shadow and looked through the door, but no matter what tricks she tried, she was unable to break in even as a shadow.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Once you enter the room, it will be too late to intervene.

Blocking the magic path required at least a few minutes of concentration, and if there was another security system inside, it might take longer.

If that happens, the infiltration unit will have to be completely annihilated.

“It’s not good to rely on just one Karen. “I wonder if Ellahan’s sacred method is not effective against magic that is not a foreign method.”

When Ellahan agreed to Leon’s words, Walter made a somber voice and fiddled with the hilt of his sword.

“It must be difficult to fight back. Even if it were my <Dragon Shaped Sword>, the scale of its power itself would be canceled out by a few 7th level magic. “This side needs to rest once it is released, but the other side will continue to pour out.”

“Can’t we take a detour and take a different route?”

“It is difficult. Turning back isn’t enough, you have to take a completely different route. “It will take a few more hours.”

Even though there are as many as six masters gathered, we are in a situation where we have no choice but to consider whether to advance or retreat.

It was said to be the strongest defensive fortress on the continent, and it was indeed not an illusion.

And Leon thought hard.

An amulet with legendary performance, an artifact given by Grania, was enough to give it a try. By slowing down the magic circle with <Deceleration>, you could buy time for Karen or give the party some room to increase their power.

The problem was that the value of this artifact was not light enough to be abused just to pass a hole.

Wouldn’t it be more useful when dealing with Morse or the Light Emperor?

That regret prevented Leon from reaching out.

“…I will stop it.”

At that time, an unexpected person raised his hand.

It was Gilbert.

The old knight, who had been concentrating on guarding Rian by his side until now, expressed his will with a tightly clenched fist.

Then Cedric spoke mockingly at him.

“How can you? Are you excited about becoming a master? You are not even half a penny yet. “Are you going to make us all die because you are not enough?”

Gilbert responded without blushing despite the mockery.

“no. “My ‘Auror Blade’ will be enough.”


When Cedric asked back with a shocked expression on his face, Gilbert quietly explained about his Auror Blade.

The others also quietly listened.

It was a few minutes later.

“…Let’s try. “It seems like there’s a lot of potential.”

When Leon said yes, Cedric shook his head and said.

“If that is true, then yes. “I still find it hard to believe.”

From daotranslate dot com

“For Rian’s sake, he is someone who can deceive all of us, but he is not someone who can deceive even Rian. “If that is a lie, Ryan will die first.”

“It’s not a cause, it’s loyalty, ha! “It’s boring.”

Even though I laughed, I couldn’t deny those words.

This was because he had personally seen the loyalty he gave to Ryan while serving as the leader of the revolutionary army.

A loyalist who would commit suicide on the spot if it meant giving up his life.

If it were Gilbert, there was no way he would gamble with Ryan’s life.

“It’s decided.”

After reaching a conclusion, the infiltration unit immediately reorganized its formation.

A circle centered around Gilbert.

His “Auror Blade” was not broad in scope. It was a power built for only one purpose, so it was only natural.


As soon as the group approaches, the door opens.

Unlike the first hall, the main auditorium is empty. The magical energy that had slightly overflowed in the room surged in to a frightening degree.

If you go in, you die.

Suppressing their instinctive fear, they took a step forward.

It was right after that.


As soon as the last person crossed the threshold, the door closed and an uncountable number of layers of sealing magic were formed, covering the entire door and wall.

It is so dense that not even <All Crushing> can be cut down with a single blow.



Without realizing it, I looked up at the ceiling and saw magic circles shining brightly like a cluster of stars in the night sky.

Even though there is a gap of several hundred meters, it gives me goosebumps.

It felt like I was facing a falling meteorite.

A feast of strategic magic that can devastate an army with each shot.

There was only one person who could stand against it.


Gilbert drew his beloved sword and concentrated all his strength.

Even if you gather all the auras in your body, it’s not enough.

I had to make up for the rest, even if it meant sacrificing my life.

The old knight opened his wrinkled eyelids and shouted with all his might.

“Gilbert, a knight of the Clyde Empire, is here!”

The aura that rose up like a flame swirled around the sword, overlapping several times and overlapping again to build a circular wall.

The shape is like.

“Sword, become a shield! Become a wall that can protect you from the world!”

It’s like a giant’s shield.

If what was falling from the sky was a cluster of stars, what was rising from the ground was like Mount Tai.

〈Auror Blade〉 specializes only in ‘protection’.

Gilbert’s five senses showed their power for the first time.

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