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Overpowered Sword Chapter 247

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Level up with swords (247)

Since when?

I remembered the man who came to the villa where I couldn’t escape even one step and seduced me by saying he would change this reality.

—Don’t you want to be Emperor of the Clyde?

Prime Minister Morse.

He is one of the three most dangerous people among the evil cult’s executives, the “Exorcist Bishops,” and is a madman whose principles of action cannot be understood. Even Nex as a child understood that he was someone who should not be trusted.

Nevertheless, NEX accepted his offer.

Because there was no separate option.

There was not a single ally anywhere, and there were only two powers on the entire continent that could point a sword at the absolute ruler of the Clyde Empire.

Holy Church and Evil Church.

However, the Holy Church were people who would not lend their power to his personal revenge, let alone his existence. Since there was not a single temple in the imperial capital of Karelum, there was no way for Nex to contact them.

—Aren’t you resentful of the world that caused your mother’s death? Don’t you want to change a world dominated by irrationality?

Nex did not even receive a proper education and only had tragic memories from around the age of three forming his personality.

Every single word of Morse’s sweet words invaded his mental world, staining his holy vessel with filth and penetrating deep into the bottom of his soul.

Unfortunately, Nex was very bright.


He perfected his language skills just from the books left in the villa and the sounds of conversation around him, and even had the ability to think logically about where his unhappy childhood came from.

A determination to break down the caste system.

A mindset to build a fair and fair world.

When Nex took it all in and grabbed Morse’s outstretched hand, he realized that something was fatally wrong.

‘I went down the wrong path from the beginning, so no matter how hard I tried, there was no way to get out of that mud. ‘I was literally like a blind person with my eyes opened.’

It was like saying you didn’t know your clothes were getting wet in a light rain.

The evil cult slowly polluted his spirituality.

Morse, who saw through Nex’s ideals, fostered aversion to nobility and the class system through his rhetoric, and even led him to ruthlessly destroy obstacles that could have been resolved smoothly.

In the name of redistribution of wealth, numerous noble families were burned and even those whose crimes were not clear were also exterminated, claiming that they had benefited from it.

The meritorious subjects who had supported the former emperor were completely subdued through collaboration with the evil cult and ruled by holding their families hostage.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

—It is best to cut out the rotten flesh. Do not show mercy to those who have enjoyed nothing in return.

The rationality that was supposed to be cool-headed was shattered by childhood trauma and Morse’s teachings, and was overlaid with hatred.

Goodness buried in oneself is self-righteousness, and self-righteousness will eventually become evil.

It was just as Morse had said before.

As each day passes, the spirit of the Nex <Light Emperor> continues to be distorted, reaching a point where it is difficult to even find its original form. In the end, he crossed the final line from the moment he became the ‘Death King’ by Morse, who took him to the underground space of the White Palace.

‘If slaves, commoners, and nobles are all swallowed up and become part of ‘I’, it is absolute equality. ‘This is absurd sophistry.’

Even though it was his own doing, Nex laughed at the foolishness.

Only after shaking off the madness did my eyes open.

Even the soul was once melted and rebuilt, and even the madness that had built up over decades was completely gone.

So Nex suffered even more.

If he had remained crazy, he could have turned away, but after regaining his humanity, he could feel the sin overflowing into his grasp.

‘…It would have been better to just disappear into the hero’s sword.’

Is it the goddess’s arrangement or is it a punishment of causal retribution?

The moment it was hit directly by the <Five-Star Wheeler>, the ectoplasm was shattered and the personalities of Morse and Nex were separated.

Of course, the damage was fatal.

Because thousands of souls shared the blow, Nex’s body had not yet expired, but his body was collapsing in real time. At best, it wouldn’t take more than an hour.

Beyond my blurred senses, I could feel people approaching.

‘A hero…?’

I have memories as the “Light Emperor” and also as the “Death King.”

Nex pushed up his eyelids as he remembered the face of the young man who had plunged the platinum sword into his body.

From daotranslate dot com

The view was clear with the starry night sky. There were also people standing around him looking down at him.

Nex found one of them and smiled bitterly.

“Did you come to see me off for the last time, little brother?”

Ryan Calem Gladius von Clyde.

Nex Imperium Gladius von Clyde.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The gazes of the legitimate heir to the throne and the one who usurped the throne met each other with their eyes turned upside down.

* * *

Leaving the shattered remains of Morse behind, Leon followed the gaze of others and was astonished when he saw Nex.

It had to be that way.

‘How did you survive in that situation?!’

The reason I found out its identity was simple.

This was because the blond hair and chiseled facial features were very similar to Rihanna. It was also because I saw his face in his gigantic form when he transformed into the ‘Death King’.

El Cid answered his question.

[Even if it borrows the power of external dharma, it is a vessel that can handle hundreds of thousands of souls. As we separated from Morse, that deep consciousness must have surfaced again.]

‘So you’re saying you’ve returned to <The Light Emperor>?’

From daotranslate dot com

[well? Perhaps your strike may have shaken off his madness. Ectoplasm is a materialized form of the soul. Because what is experienced in that state directly degenerates the other person’s soul.]

In short, Nex’s soul was as if it had been purified by the Holy Sword from close range.

If his personality had gone crazy due to someone’s manipulations, the chances of him coming back to his senses were quite high. Leon agreed with El Cid’s words and gathered the others.

Rian, who could only be called an official, was also called.


“…Did you come to see me off for the last time, little brother?”

As soon as he opened his eyes and saw Rian, Nex sneered like that, and Leon recognized that what El Cid had said was right.

I don’t feel the lunatic’s unique reluctance.

There was not a single trace of madness in his bitter smile as if he was mocking his situation and the blueness of his helplessly raised eyes. I don’t know what Nex’s true nature is, but what is left here now is neither the ‘Light Emperor’ nor the ‘Death King’.

“Brother Leon.”

He had more to say to Nex than anyone else, but Rian, who couldn’t even participate in the final battle, shouldn’t take the initiative.

Even though his eyes were bloodshot with anger, Lian calmly passed the conversation over to Leon. Nex’s condition was clear to anyone. Limited time limit. The sight of the translucent body slowly collapsing made me confident that I would soon die even if I left it like this.

So Leon immediately got to the point.

“I think Nex remembers who he is.”

“Are you a hero?”

Nex recognized him and spoke honestly.

“Of course. I remember everything. “There are a lot of things I’d rather forget, but I won’t lie to you.”

“Do you regret it?”

“It sounds obvious. I do not regret killing the former emperor and rising to this position. However, the intention to eradicate the irrationality of this land was tainted by evil, and it is a sin that cannot be forgiven even if one dies a hundred times.”

Even if he fell victim to the evil sect’s trick, he was the one who held his hand in the first place. There was no other choice but Nex was not so petty as to use that as an excuse.

Leon looked down at him and let out a long sigh.

Even though we only exchanged a few words, I felt something.

If his fate had not been twisted by Morse, he was a man who might have made a great contribution to the world rather than facing an enemy.

But his ending has already been decided as a tragedy.

“I will now ask you a few questions. “If Nex feels responsible for his own evil deeds, answer without a single lie.”


Leon, who soon shed all his personal emotions and had an expressionless face, pointed out the parts that a warrior could not ignore.

When did you start colluding with the evil cult?

What did Morse do to him?

Where else is the base of the evil cult that remains within the empire?

What is the way to send back Apophis, who is still wandering underground in the ecliptic?

Nex answered the question without the slightest hesitation.

“…Power devices that maintain the summoning ritual are installed in four locations on the outskirts of the ecliptic. “If we destroy it all, the person who lost his basis for existence will be reverse-summoned within a few minutes.”


“Yes, I will send the Seongcheolsak Knights.”

The Seongcheolsae Knights, which did not directly participate in the fight, still had some strength left. Following Senior Knight Sir Geoff, about 10 Holy Knights flew in unison.

Perhaps because of Morse’s death, almost all of the evil spirits that had been flooding the ecliptic had disappeared, so there was nothing left that could stand in their way.

Leon looked at it and then turned his eyes to Nex.

“The information you needed to hear ended with what was just a moment ago. “If you have more to say, I’ll listen.”

“Then let me give you one piece of advice.”


The unpleasant tone brought a sharp light to the eyes of Ellahan and the two cardinals, and Nex, who felt the pressure even as he was dying, flinched.

Nevertheless, he soon regained his composure and smiled.

“Okay, that’s advice. “I was a puppet played by Morse’s tricks, but maybe that’s why he didn’t refrain from speaking in front of me.”

This means that it is information that only the Emperor Guang could hear.

The ears of people, including Leon, naturally perked up, and Lian, who took a step back, was no exception.

Nex, who had everyone’s attention, opened his mouth.

“Mors said. The evil sect is a group founded by one archbishop and used as he pleases. The atrocities committed in Clyde this time were nothing more than an aberration on one’s own part. “They said it was a ‘very minor’ disturbance to attract the archbishop, who does not know how to move in his own territory.”

“It’s trivial…?”

“It seemed like he really thought that way. “Maybe he was deifying the archbishop.”

Nex, who made a shocking statement, continued speaking.

“The Archbishop of Exorcism is nothing more than a chess piece left unrelated to the Archbishop’s will or plan. “Hero, you might be planning something while you are fighting the ‘Exorcists’.”

“It’s too abstract, but is there any more concrete information?”

“There is one thing.”


Nex didn’t answer right away, but looked up at the night sky for a moment and licked his lips, which were hard to separate.

He was consumed by madness and did not feel much emotion, but when he thought about it again, it was an absolutely unbelievable story.

“…The Archbishop of the Evil Church, he is not human.”

This is not a discussion of character or behavior.

This was information that even Morse, who was confident that Nex would never escape his control, only leaked it once.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The Archbishop is not human.

He has been active since the time Saint King Roderick was alive and has been involved in numerous disasters. Even if one’s lifespan is increased through external magic or black magic, the period of activity is strangely long.

However, if that person is a long-lived race like the elves, the question is easily resolved.

[Interesting words. I’ve never seen that face either. Who would have thought that it would take centuries before we would know his personal information?]

Even El Cid muttered, unable to suppress his interest.

It was the same with Leon.

“If he is not human, is the Archbishop an elf? Or dwarf? “It could be a different race or a highly evolved monster?”

“It’s nothing else.”

Nex categorically denied this.

He took out words that he had tried to say a few times before swallowing them in an attitude that seemed to be more than whatever he had assumed.

“Mors said. “The Archbishop has the ability to freely open or close the ‘Devil’.”


“They said it was not a foreign law or black magic, but an ability that the Archbishop was born with as a species. “They say it was the Archbishop who confined the Titans inside the Titan Mountains.”

It was a shocking fact.

‘Magic’ is a crack that leads directly to the outer dimension that exists in this world.

Even the goddess could not stop it with all her power, so she had to use her minions, including the Titans, to stop it.

But is it possible to freely open and close that ‘magic mirror’?

Even for a transcendental person who reached grandmaster level, it was impossible.

[…No, one possibility remains. If, as that guy said, that power is a ‘racial ability’.]

As if responding to El Cid’s serious voice.

Nex came to a conclusion with timing that was a few beats off.

“He is the Archbishop of the Evil Church -”

A race that has disappeared and is inactive in the present era, but a race that was powerful even in the era when gods and demons were active.

A coordinator who values the balance and order of all things.

People still haven’t forgotten.

The name of the transcendent species that looks down on all things from the high sky.

“It’s a dragon.”

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